LaMelo Ball Is Paving His Own Wave 🌊 LEAGUE HIM | SLAM Day in the Life

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SLAM - 3 months ago
Will White
Will White - 2 months ago
Imma need those instrumentals!
XxRamaster Xx
XxRamaster Xx - 2 months ago
Lamelo look wayyy cooler when he had his old hair
Joseph Fraire
Joseph Fraire - 2 months ago
SLAM HOW THE FUCK YOU GOING TO HAVE ZION NAME IN LITTLE ASS FONT WTF LOL! Dayum if Zion could handle the ball like melo and shoot like curry That be a fucking insane player The future is not melo Is good as fuck But Zion is like 10 Melos combine size wise ahah!!!
Joseph Fraire
Joseph Fraire - 2 months ago
Melo ball running the show boutta turn pro, goin against his older bro. Who is Zo. Melo going to ball him up blind fold ! Drivein In on him like he in his Benzito With all da hoes, his shot is like fucked up ART, clean tho while I sit back an smoke This dro n wonder what team he goin pro for! #triplebs #BBB
JFields4 - Day ago
Name Of Beat?????? At Beginning
Terrin Brown
Terrin Brown - 2 days ago
Nobody came for lavar get out the video
Fi Olu
Fi Olu - 4 days ago
I respect them way more since watchin hello Newman's
Boned You
Boned You - 5 days ago
Hello Newman's hate this video
Wongindo TV
Wongindo TV - 9 days ago
Always lamelo vibe give the viral
Othniel Walcott
Othniel Walcott - 9 days ago
Soooo nobody can tell me what the beats r??
Ball Facts
Ball Facts - 10 days ago
Ana Sanchez
Ana Sanchez - 11 days ago
They should make another day in a life but with all 3 of the boys BBB
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams - 12 days ago
Melo gettin fine AF tho lol...he's matured & seems so sweet, confident & humble. I Wish nothing but the best for him & his family ❤️
Pj Turner jr
Pj Turner jr - 12 days ago
He got some spider legs other than he is the greatest
Ivan Peaches
Ivan Peaches - 14 days ago
Lmao 1:35
Cliff Evans
Cliff Evans - 14 days ago
I've never seen a wave
RedDirtGaming - 20 days ago
Idc what anyone says, u could have 500 kids and only 1 maybe 2 make it to the nba. Lavar has 3 in the same house. I'm sure gelo will come around eventually
Nikeboy 234
Nikeboy 234 - 23 days ago
CAn we get another episode damm
Nikeboy 234
Nikeboy 234 - 23 days ago
Why isn’t this longer 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Jed Hawkins
Jed Hawkins - 23 days ago
pass first my ass
Baseball Legend
Baseball Legend - 24 days ago
I can beat melo easy 1v1 he’s so bad easy dub I’m 100 percent better then this 🗑
Georgi Kirtley
Georgi Kirtley - 26 days ago
Melo has definitely changed and matured😎keep up the work ✌🏼
Brady 42
Brady 42 - 27 days ago
I used to hate lavar but the newmans dad makes him seem like a genius
A B - 27 days ago
I hated lavar till I saw this😂. I respect lavar now. Great guy, great pops.
Jonathan Paiz
Jonathan Paiz - 28 days ago
Your dad played football bro
Ashley St Surin
Ashley St Surin - Month ago
My Gee
My Gee - Month ago
I love how lavar is talking about hard work while sitting in an outdoor rocking chair.
My Gee
My Gee - Month ago
Kenneth Palaad it’s in chino hills which isn’t expensive plus he wastes his money on flexing cars and other stuff.
Kenneth Palaad
Kenneth Palaad - Month ago
My Gee look where the chair is tho, on his own property where he bought n lambos sit in tha garage 😂😂😂he done did all the work already
Eric CORNUTE - Month ago
LAVAR is a cold dude😂😂 he got game
Jonas Winningham
Jonas Winningham - Month ago
I mean Lavar sometimes says some dumb stuff but you gotta admit he does have some good morals
PunnyName - Month ago
We just gonna ignore that it says pave a wave?
Yusuf Redzovic
Yusuf Redzovic - Month ago
Julian Newman won’t make nba to short lamely will
Rodney Christensen
Rodney Christensen - Month ago
whats that song??????????????
Chelsea Allen
Chelsea Allen - Month ago
His voice reminds me of blue face
Like A Boss
Like A Boss - Month ago
Lavar Ball > Jamie Newman
eastern2western - Month ago
At least, this kid has the.height and.proper training. The julian Newman is simply too short.
noobmaster69 - Month ago
He’s the youngest the tallest and the best out of all of em
# Karin
# Karin - Month ago
"See, ya thats Dip" laughing way harder About it than I should
cooper binion
cooper binion - Month ago
a day in the life of lamelo in comes lavar stealing the show gettin the interviews
The Slim Reaper
The Slim Reaper - Month ago
Congrats Lavar. I now respect your family due to seeing what the people who want to be you act like *cough* Newman family *cough*
PapisN - Month ago
i wonder who lavar was talking to the entire time
lucas Rozmus
lucas Rozmus - Month ago
Pressure isn’t a thing. Fine. Call it fear then
Falcon 2850
Falcon 2850 - Month ago
JJ reminds me of dmo but he’s actually a hooper.
Joel 2:27 KJV 1611
Joel 2:27 KJV 1611 - Month ago
Why is he so god damn pale
Tide Bleach
Tide Bleach - Month ago
Lavar means wash in Spanish.
W. T. Heck
W. T. Heck - Month ago
Paving his own Wave. Word
tmann yooo
tmann yooo - Month ago
“If I score 0 points I promise you nobody scoring on me” lol love that
Angel Garcia
Angel Garcia - Month ago
Bro Lots of people can beat the ball brother lmao acting like his sons are All undefeated 😂😂
Abhijith's Super Cool Food Reviews
I wanna see him 1v1 Bronny James
Δον Πουτσο
Δον Πουτσο - Month ago
Lamelo ball is the first person that i have ever seen to be white black
Andres Urena
Andres Urena - Month ago
Mello needs some bigger shots
Bbgfffdfffjj - Month ago
There's average ball players then theres the Ball Family.
Griffin Vranjes
Griffin Vranjes - Month ago
Ot is better
Mr. P
Mr. P - Month ago
Believe it or not lavar one of the best fuxkin dads out there the man got hes kids a great life and he got them they careers
Tay 3⃣
Tay 3⃣ - Month ago
The fact that they’re playing City Girls🤪🤯 @ 2:00
Ja'Kalian Herndon
Ja'Kalian Herndon - Month ago
He finally pay attention to the interview 😂😂
Jrev925 - Month ago
bruh that have that house... in california... think of what they could buy in ohio
john dave dacalos
john dave dacalos - Month ago
Lol that douggie tho, ayeeeee
john dave dacalos
john dave dacalos - Month ago
Idk man why Lonzo still sucks :/
OnThe Gang
OnThe Gang - Month ago
Lamelo is a ultimate fuck boy
Oscar Diaz
Oscar Diaz - Month ago
Lavar is a stud father respect
tim - Month ago
k idk “pass first” but okay
Στέλιος Στυλιανίδης
What is the name of that song playing in the gym from 3:14 to 3:18
Othniel Walcott
Othniel Walcott - Month ago
Instrumentals plz
Ja Teezy
Ja Teezy - Month ago
What short person shot this cuz wtffff
Kevin Tingzon
Kevin Tingzon - Month ago
good marketing by lavar, he needs more kids.
KeepsIt REAL
KeepsIt REAL - Month ago
He look like a young drizzy lol I think MeLo actually gonna be nice nice he can make it 😴🤫
Concrete Ninja
Concrete Ninja - Month ago
Time to brand baby ball
Fruit and vegetables
Fruit and vegetables - Month ago
You build them up
I tell my nephews what you want to be
He said a doctor so I
Program him the he is a doctor he listen to my heartbeat he looks at my eyes ears it kind of a joke to some but its real to me and him that's all that matters
leesly B
leesly B - Month ago
Its part of his cybernetics bc THIS has been with him since he was a baby
Drew Reed
Drew Reed - Month ago
you don't pave a wave, you pave a way, like a road. who wrote this title?
Christopher Sablan
Christopher Sablan - Month ago
What is the Name of the Beat in the Beginning?😅
niggas_ official
niggas_ official - 2 months ago
Who's better newmans or ball? Me i think its ball family because julians dad want to be famous so he push his son to be better
Kilwi Rivera
Kilwi Rivera - 2 months ago
Uncle West
Uncle West - 2 months ago
I fuxs wit lavar he the truth
miszeldmx - 2 months ago
music title?
Born2Win - 2 months ago
Lavar absolutely on point with his advice!
Manny T.M.T
Manny T.M.T - 2 months ago
Day life with a dumbass
Call Me Vacay
Call Me Vacay - 2 months ago
Lavar the OG.
Dee Prits
Dee Prits - 2 months ago
Melo is good but he was taught to play like James harden plays before James harden started playing like not...not style of play but tha mental...he ballhogs too much that shit becomes team draining which ends up in loses
Shaun Bang
Shaun Bang - 2 months ago
What I’ll never understand about Lamelo is unlike Lonzo, as he gets older his speech and vocabulary gets less and less proper. Melo went from talking like a normal Orange County California bred kid to talking like he wish he was 21 Savage from the hood of ATL when he was born and raised in the most safest bubble of Orange County possible
Mape - 2 months ago
The only thought i had throughout this whole video is: “He dont run it”
Shakam RaishLahab
Shakam RaishLahab - 2 months ago
Half breeds look weird to me now
Shakam RaishLahab
Shakam RaishLahab - 2 months ago
Why do he look gay
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