Teens React To DM’ing 100 Celebrities To See How Many Would Reply

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FBE - Month ago
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Ibrahim Mattoo
Ibrahim Mattoo - 17 days ago
FBE 1:12
Gaming Hub
Gaming Hub - 24 days ago
Can you do a video featuring Christopher sabet and Sean schemel?????
SpottyDiceBau - Month ago
Hi, there are no complete subs in english here. :/
Good morning Bro YouTube Channel
🙈🙈 do people think these celebrities run their own accounts 😂
More TV
More TV - 5 hours ago
They should have done steph curry i sae him on there
GREENDAY FAN - 20 hours ago
I messaged billie joe armstrong and he didn't message back 😞
WinnieMyPoo - 2 days ago
Vedika Paryani
Vedika Paryani - 2 days ago
I like bananas
I like bananas - 2 days ago
Good day!
Bram Fisher
Bram Fisher - 2 days ago
Ariadna Vazquez
Ariadna Vazquez - 3 days ago
I tried DM'ing a few celebs (less than 10) and 4 of them replied! It was a great feeling!
Gamin_G - 18 hours ago
@Hsusu Ususu r/foundthemobileuser lol
Hsusu Ususu
Hsusu Ususu - Day ago
R/thathappened R/quityourbullshit
Eveo Airo
Eveo Airo - Day ago
Ariadna Vazquez who did you dm?
Jaylen Noerjaredja
Jaylen Noerjaredja - 4 days ago
@FezeRug 💪💪
ItsDarkNebula - 22 hours ago
You mean FaZe Rug?
Hsusu Ususu
Hsusu Ususu - Day ago
R/engrish R/youngpeopleyoutube
xd Refhaa
xd Refhaa - 3 days ago
feze? fucking idiot
Adela's funtastic World
Chris is Hybrid
Chris is Hybrid - 6 days ago
Only here for fazerug
ShibaFN - 6 days ago
Ha, I dmd Poki and got a response
Ali Raza
Ali Raza - 7 days ago
i often get response from celebs. specially on snapchat
Hsusu Ususu
Hsusu Ususu - 10 hours ago
Ali Raza r/quityourbullshit
Thanos Chungus
Thanos Chungus - 5 days ago
Ali Raza damn that’s cool af
Ali Raza
Ali Raza - 6 days ago
@Thanos Chungus few years ago i got a message from Ariana Grande, she posted something and i messaged her in response she said "Thank you ALi, you made my day", and i got snapchat messages from Pakistani celebrity Hania Amir and Sobia Khan as well. but message from Ariana Grande was so special for me... because i am 10000 miles away.
Thanos Chungus
Thanos Chungus - 6 days ago
Rlly? What kind of celebs
Doomsday 122104
Doomsday 122104 - 7 days ago
Willnee rip off
Donchanli11 - 7 days ago
He loves mad ox ???!!! Get out now
IlyasAb - 7 days ago
hahhah kylie is pretty hahha nice joke
Sarah Carrillo
Sarah Carrillo - 7 days ago
Ryan!! Yeeees 👏🏽
CHAZE BUTLER - 9 days ago
Oh Mikaela your so gorgeous
Just ASadGuy
Just ASadGuy - 7 days ago
Nah you just weird we leave it at that my brotha
CHAZE BUTLER - 7 days ago
@Just ASadGuy for a complement? Just stay sad guy
Just ASadGuy
Just ASadGuy - 7 days ago
You a weird type incel eh?
Keriese Franklyn
Keriese Franklyn - 10 days ago
My boy Ryan made ittt
Alaa Atari
Alaa Atari - 10 days ago
Wait the last time I had a channel youtube inbox was a thing😂
Atari Mcfly
Atari Mcfly - 9 days ago
Cool name mine is a atari
itsjessica - 10 days ago
yesss faze rug!!!💛
DONT MINE AT NIGHT - 11 days ago
Hsusu Ususu
Hsusu Ususu - 10 hours ago
Coastings - Day ago
México mapper
México mapper - 12 days ago
Girija Griffin
Girija Griffin - 12 days ago
Teens react to geothebio lol
Ring ShinBing
Ring ShinBing - 12 days ago
I would create a content Dm'ing 100 of my Crush
Mohamed Seddiq
Mohamed Seddiq - 12 days ago
Fs in the chat we already know the result 😔
Itzxpanse - 13 days ago
4:45 He earned my respect
weirdo for selena
weirdo for selena - 15 days ago
I dmed Selena Gomez like since forever and she never replied to me
weirdo for selena
weirdo for selena - 14 days ago
@lil meow meow yes ikr
lil meow meow
lil meow meow - 14 days ago
weirdo for selena act normal don’t be a weirdo maybe
Tayler Daye
Tayler Daye - 15 days ago
*CADEN* 🤭🤤🙉🥰
Afghanathlete Edit
Afghanathlete Edit - 16 days ago
Does ur account have to be private or no
Irene R
Irene R - 16 days ago
Rats - 3 days ago
k good4u
Riti Aggarwal
Riti Aggarwal - 7 days ago
Don’t most people?
Twadsity O
Twadsity O - 12 days ago
Irene R same
Khushi Srivastava
Khushi Srivastava - 16 days ago
11:41 to 11:47 same girl same lmao 😂😂😂
TLI1817 - 16 days ago
I love how everyones like Kylie Jenner would never respond to a youtuber like she hasn't done multiple collabs.
Fornite God!!!!!
Fornite God!!!!! - 17 days ago
Ok who else is like what the heck when she said daddy at 1:13
Pushp - 8 days ago
Thot alert
eduardo urrutia
eduardo urrutia - 15 days ago
Caitlin - 17 days ago
I dm’d Ansel Elgort back in 2014 😂😂
NightSTAR1 1
NightSTAR1 1 - Day ago
who is she
Arnav - 16 days ago
Sorry ☺☺
Tra'mayne Gaines
Tra'mayne Gaines - 17 days ago
Noor ul ain J
Noor ul ain J - 17 days ago
I did this challenge too and it worked I was so shocked go see my video on my channel
EpicStudios - 17 days ago
Who else tried to dm celebrities after this vid? 😂
Matt Kf
Matt Kf - 18 days ago
teen react to pyrocynical
Matt Kf
Matt Kf - 18 days ago
we're is Willen
Matt Kf
Matt Kf - 16 days ago
@Commando-_- in the back
Commando-_- - 18 days ago
Where's English
Lauren Jacobus
Lauren Jacobus - 18 days ago
8:17 why is this actually me if i dmed tom holland
Pølarized - 18 days ago
This is such an entertaining video and I loved what everyone was sending to their idols / inspirations x
Abbaz uddin
Abbaz uddin - 18 days ago
Girl in red, I love ya already😬
Abbaz uddin
Abbaz uddin - 10 days ago
@Haileen Animations you
Haileen Animations
Haileen Animations - 16 days ago
Abbaz uddin who???
Lintondof - 18 days ago
I dmed billie once and she didn't reply lol
ZShadow - 8 days ago
Seen ?
Ela Gunesdogdu
Ela Gunesdogdu - 18 days ago
Lintondof I dmd bil more than 100 times lmao and she never replied
Marley Upp
Marley Upp - 19 days ago
Someone needs to tell Ryan this vid exists!
Samantha - 19 days ago
Just Angel
Just Angel - 19 days ago
Selena Gomez responded to me once!
weirdo for selena
weirdo for selena - 15 days ago
omg lucky
magıcal - 19 days ago
y he so cute
Makayla Lee
Makayla Lee - 19 days ago
Me and Mikaela have the same name just mines spelled Makayla
Makayla Lee
Makayla Lee - 18 days ago
Mckailah Ramsey that’s really cool!
Mckailah Ramsey
Mckailah Ramsey - 18 days ago
Mines mckailah
BabiiGoat - 19 days ago
Always shoot your shots. I'm a nobody and I got Ray William Johnson and Phillip DeFranco to respond to me back when they were first megabig. Granted, I was criticising them, but still lmao.
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