We Got BASS! 2017 Ford F250 Amp Rack + Six 6.5" Subs Under-Seat Box Wired & Fired Up! 4K

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meade916 - Month ago
4k will kick in soon i think...it's like a 4gig video so it might take time haha! thanks for watching! follow my IG at http://www.instagram.com/meade916 for daily live feeds at the shop!
Steve Peterson
Steve Peterson - 20 days ago
Still waiting on next video upload,,, DAMN
_Jadori _
_Jadori _ - 22 days ago
Awesome work as always. You do crack me up when you get excited about seeing the lights come on after you put the fuse in! I'm sure you know the lights will be on. It still makes me laugh though.
Joshua Robinson
Joshua Robinson - 24 days ago
What is the tuning of your box
meade916 - 26 days ago
@chris faub LOL! ok enjoy that 480i
chris faub
chris faub - 26 days ago
@meade916 damn right I'm not wasting my money.
Exodia - 4 days ago
It’s crazy how big you are I just got into car audio and I stay in sac... it seems like ur the biggest bass YouTuber and that’s so cool you’re just in Arden !
DJ WRAITH - 5 days ago
i was just wondering why hook alternator to power block when you have it hooked to battery what kind of difference in performance does that make in the power delivery or stability of the power deliverance?
PoliticalProperness - 6 days ago
Why only small guys?
Alejandro García
Alejandro García - 14 days ago
Si sacaras los videos en español estarian mucho mejor, me encanta tus videos amigo saludos desde españa✌️
Tom Perez
Tom Perez - 22 days ago
Hey bro who do u recommend for a system hook up in the Reno area?
Keenon Moore
Keenon Moore - 22 days ago
Hey man,, can you help me out? How do i know how long/ wide i need my ports for a tuning i want?
Bigvell02 - 23 days ago
@7:05 charging caps up its like opening a biscuit container lol :).
Taylor Calhoun
Taylor Calhoun - 23 days ago
4k looks damn good
Buddy Dodd
Buddy Dodd - 23 days ago
I need to come down there and see you man to do my installation the way it should be done💯💯📢
Walter White
Walter White - 23 days ago
There is a fellow in Facebook trying to tell me that ur dd1 doesn't have any effect on his amps I told him to just try to get a hold of u that if u didn't already make something to tune his tramps amps his name is chris Kyle now he's got 5 or 6 of them 100,000 k amps but I don't really understand what he's talking about by matching his amps but maybe he can reach out to u and come up with something to get him on the track he needs to be on I told him ur highly respected in the car audio community and I wasn't lying I might say some rude and dumbshit some times but I'm a asshole but I get away with it so sometimes I just need to stop and think before i speak but I don't mean any harm tho but ya hopefully u all can work something out or maybe you might get you another idea into another direction as far as tuning goes idk but have a super day there buddy ...
meade916 - 22 days ago
the only reason a DD-1 would not be beneficial or help would be if the amps being tested had something wrong with them or they are over 1% distortion out of the box. A few, not many, but a few of those high power Brazilian amps out there are way over 2%, probably closer to 5% distortion. The DD-1 detects up to 1%. You would probably have to use a scope if the amp is that dirty. Even then it would probably be ugly. If the amps are clean from the start (and everything in the chain before the amps too, the dd-1 absolutely would be beneficial for any system. As far as gain matching, the CC-1 (our crossover calibrator) has a mode that does just that. And more accurate than using a DMM. Anyhow, i don't need to contact your buddy, if he don't wanna see the light, no pun intended :D :D , there isn't much i can do about it. I know the product works, i have the worlds best engineers on my team and we hold a US Patent on it. You don't just get a patent, especially on electronics. Good day sir. :)
Carlos Codorniz
Carlos Codorniz - 24 days ago
Just purchased a Gately box for my 2018 sierra crewcab for 4. 8”s cant wait to wire it up and fire it up. 😎
BeeFred 00013
BeeFred 00013 - 24 days ago
What’s a better sound processor a pac or audio control lc7
BeeFred 00013
BeeFred 00013 - 20 days ago
Just an inline
meade916 - 20 days ago
the Pac isn't a processor.
Michael Moore
Michael Moore - 24 days ago
Clutch and BLS in the background. I’m diggin your music choices.
Michael Moore
Michael Moore - 6 days ago
Yeah pretty sure. I’m thinking it was Temptations Wings
someonetht neverexisted
i noticed that too ever caught him listening to down before
Chris Stiff
Chris Stiff - 24 days ago
7:05..... No matter how many times, if you've done this it still makes ya twitch everytime!
Chris Stiff
Chris Stiff - 24 days ago
@meade916 I know how ya feel. I got the same reaction, whether it's a fuseble link or hooking the battery back up. 👍👍👍
meade916 - 24 days ago
every time bro haha! :D
Samuel Harris
Samuel Harris - 24 days ago
hello!! are you going too cage net too the speakers!!? with Protection!!...
meade916 - 24 days ago
probably not. They don't really need it.
Rumaldo Garcia
Rumaldo Garcia - 25 days ago
Im from texas im sure you heard of Spm make a demo on Broadway -Spm.it hits hard af! If you can ..thank you , p.s turn it up..lol
BeeFred 00013
BeeFred 00013 - 23 days ago
meade916 he is talking about South Park Mexican
Rumaldo Garcia
Rumaldo Garcia - 24 days ago
@meade916 its kool man thanks on replying back
meade916 - 24 days ago
nope never heard of it. Have no idea what you are talking about. Sorry.
meade916 - 25 days ago
Enrique Barrera
- put down your pom poms and pick up your camera. Post a walk around of your system. Lets see what saving all that money did for you. SMH
Louis Quintero
Louis Quintero - 25 days ago
That's a nice setup..
Kenbo - 27 days ago
Anyone that knows car audio like Steve I need some help please.( or from Steve if you get a chance to read this). I’ll give you the run down. 05 Escalade factory Bose... it sucks, don’t want to do huge subs in this, but I’m sure you’ve heard the factory ram trucks audio before. What would I need to make my Escalade have perfect clean and loud audio. With bass just not with subs. If that makes sense, I want the best sound I can get. But not break the bank..... yet. Kind of want to start with my components and what not to get the audio crystal clear and clean like you would heAr from a wake boat with those tower speakers you can hear crystal clear from across the lake. Still want a little bass to it but can’t I get a door speaker that will put out bass rather than having a big box built? Like just some door speakers and tweeters? I’m not sure what I will need and what the clearest speakers are and what to look for. I’m in Nashville Tennessee so if anyone is around the area I want to come show and explain what I mean. If it makes any sense. 🤷🏽‍♂️ not sure, just asking for some advice/help I need to hear various set ups in person to know that exact sound I’m looking for
Mike Casey
Mike Casey - 27 days ago
Question? I have 3 dvc speakers in a box, hooked to a monoblock amp. Is there any way to build the box or hook up the speakers in a way so that I can change the impedance from outside the box? Any pics or ideas? Or videos showing this
What it is What it was
What it is What it was - 27 days ago
@0:17 when you said "An hopefully here some sounds" I was like dafuq 😶😳👀👁👁 we better here some sounds because I know it will sound good LMAO
Dario Camacho
Dario Camacho - 27 days ago
I can definitely see them B2'S put'n in work hella slap action bro. That's one kick ass setup. I can only imagine the difference in person would be amazing 👊
Dario Camacho
Dario Camacho - 27 days ago
Fk yeah gotta love that Nirvana in the back bro 👊
Doug Hensley
Doug Hensley - 27 days ago
What would you recommend for a semi truck with a 72" sleeper? Space is limited but want to feel some hard hitting bass that you can hear from a distance. This would include the head unit being that it's stock and no rca outputs, can use double din. Use to have a 94 mercury sable station wagon pushing 500 watts into 4 subs that hit pretty hard. But obviously I don't have that kind of room being I'm over the road and have to live in it during the week.
Douglas Brown
Douglas Brown - 28 days ago
Very Cool!!!
John Dady
John Dady - 28 days ago
Hey Steve I have a 2004 f250 I am building in memory of my son. I have a pioneer 3300 with a 13 band EQ. Should I put a sound processer in the system. And you should see how I mounted my amps to the back of the seats left a little slack so you can let one seat at a time up and down. Turned out really nice
brian salas
brian salas - 28 days ago
How many watts should I use for 2 mtx thunder 4500 10”
Danny Herrera
Danny Herrera - 17 days ago
If you dont know then you shouldn’t be getting it... do research not that hard to go on google
brian salas
brian salas - 27 days ago
Jacob James so i would need a 450 watt amp for both of them?
brian salas
brian salas - 28 days ago
I was just asking because I wanted the rms rating and on the magnet it shows max power? (450watts) @meade916
meade916 - 28 days ago
brian salas whats it say on the box or usually right on the magnet? there is your answer 😎
Henry Recinos
Henry Recinos - 28 days ago
Bad ass bro
Scott B
Scott B - 28 days ago
Those 6.5 r already getting it with no gain adjustments. Nice!!!
captkurk357 - 29 days ago
Dude we need to get your subscribes past 666k.... Bad number and its showing with the luck lately. I know your blessed but the van the truck and the truck again (bad luck) Goodluck following for years hope them subscribers kick in.✌🏼️
meade916 - 28 days ago
captkurk357 666 is my favorite number. Its the number of the beast bro. Fuck ya...good luck. 😎
Cedrick Phillips
Cedrick Phillips - 29 days ago
Bru where here for the video..we don't care about the 4k lol
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels - 28 days ago
meade916 - 28 days ago
Cedrick Phillips some do
Ruben Medina Jr.
Ruben Medina Jr. - 29 days ago
that spark :/
captkurk357 - 29 days ago
It's normal I was actually waiting for it... Always happens supposedly you can slow it down with an (resistor) ohm circuit don't quote me on the name..but normal lot of juice energizing
Matthew Campbell
Matthew Campbell - 29 days ago
Steve what does that box run? For a person that don't have connections like you! What are you looking at for your highs?
Steve Peterson
Steve Peterson - 20 days ago
@meade916 are you saying I'm poor cause I dont waste my money on dumb shit? You are kind of a dick🤣🤣🤣
meade916 - 20 days ago
@Steve Peterson to some people $1,000 might as well be a million....so build your own. Nobody will complain trust me.
Steve Peterson
Steve Peterson - 21 day ago
@meade916 it's nice dont get me wrong but I dont see myself spending that kind of money on a box. No way
Steve Peterson
Steve Peterson - 21 day ago
@meade916 not for a thousand dollars I wont 🤣🤣🤣
meade916 - 26 days ago
@Steve Peterson why the sad face? seems like a good deal for what you get. Go build one yourself. After working on it for 2 weeks and it don't look or sound anything like this box, you will wish you spent the money.
AL KOSMO - 29 days ago
Steve, looking and sounding good. I can't believe they have 6" sub soaking up that much power these days. 🙉 Gotta love it
shawn whited
shawn whited - 29 days ago
Is this box laired like that box u built awhile back or is it that bertch they build all of his top quality box's out of and I wish there was a way to show the real quality of the system o well maybe someone will come up with some new tech for you guys to purely make the pure sound come throw YouTube like your really there but if u do like I do and ur running a android tv and it's going throw ur 5.1 surround sound then u are going to get more of the true sounds ur hearing for ur self but not everyone has got access to them options tho
Jaye Bass
Jaye Bass - 29 days ago
Would love to see some zapco products on your channel. I know you like quality.
meade916 - 28 days ago
Jaye Bass im one of the very few that actually have. Must be new here bro. 😎
Keenon Moore
Keenon Moore - 29 days ago
@meade916 the undercoating gun you have to spray sprectrum,, will any undercoating gun work to spray that stuff?
How do you keep alll that equipmemt cool in that small inviornment?
massive woofers
massive woofers - 29 days ago
Easy..run good wire, good battery and good power, u set ur gains, xovers, subsonic, etc correctly and run at the proper impedance!! Them babies will keep there self cool!
x savage x
x savage x - 29 days ago
Have my f150 set up the same way
Second Skin Insulation
Second Skin Insulation - 29 days ago
Sounding great #SMDFTW
Don Heston
Don Heston - 29 days ago
How low do you think those subs are hitting
musicmad antidevil
musicmad antidevil - 29 days ago
That amp looks like a heater. Lol:) but still looks mean ass.:) thats the gold amp
Rui Kazane
Rui Kazane - 29 days ago
Kelvin Kirven
Kelvin Kirven - 29 days ago
Shidddddddd it sounds nice now!, can't wait to see it all tuned with the new mids and highs, damnit boy! Keep them coming Steve!
BeeFred 00013
BeeFred 00013 - 29 days ago
Did you upgrade your alternator or just your battery
massive woofers
massive woofers - 29 days ago
They already have highish output alternators.. it's a diesel bro need more juice to recharge the battery after a crank
Epoplo martian
Epoplo martian - 29 days ago
Amazing setup and my phone maxes out at 1440p but it still looks amazing!
the truth
the truth - 29 days ago
Steve I want to ask why don't you use reset fuses you know the kind where you just reset the button I'm asking cuz I don't know
Balkamp - 26 days ago
@Drew Hayes it's also great when they weld themselves together and start fires lol
Drew Hayes
Drew Hayes - 29 days ago
Breakers degrade every time they get tripped.
Mike Murf
Mike Murf - 29 days ago
You thinking about a breaker?
the truth
the truth - 29 days ago
That's big bad ass truck I really like it wish I could get my hands on one of those must feel real nice driving around in it beating hard on some 8's
BeeFred 00013
BeeFred 00013 - 28 days ago
There 6.5 x6 watch the first videos before commenting
meade916 - 29 days ago
what 8's?
Pablo rios
Pablo rios - 29 days ago
Can you let us know how much this project cost?
meade916 - 29 days ago
lost track.
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