We Got BASS! 2017 Ford F250 Amp Rack + Six 6.5" Subs Under-Seat Box Wired & Fired Up! 4K

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meade916 - 5 months ago
4k will kick in soon i think...it's like a 4gig video so it might take time haha! thanks for watching! follow my IG at http://www.instagram.com/meade916 for daily live feeds at the shop!
joseph welch
joseph welch - 4 months ago
Whoaaa sparky!! Great install always a 10 Steve!! Keep up the best stereo/audio channel on the TUBE!!
Steve Peterson
Steve Peterson - 5 months ago
Still waiting on next video upload,,, DAMN
_Jadori _
_Jadori _ - 5 months ago
Awesome work as always. You do crack me up when you get excited about seeing the lights come on after you put the fuse in! I'm sure you know the lights will be on. It still makes me laugh though.
Joshua Robinson
Joshua Robinson - 5 months ago
What is the tuning of your box
meade916 - 5 months ago
@chris faub LOL! ok enjoy that 480i
Lesa Atuatasi
Lesa Atuatasi - 17 days ago
I have a truck and really want a set up like that! What would it run me about me brother?
Kobe Jay
Kobe Jay - Month ago
Jorge cuevas
Jorge cuevas - Month ago
Thanks smd u inspired me to get the 2500.1 thanks for all ur time in effort in the videos thanks for all the tips u post to
S gill
S gill - Month ago
Nice fuses wow, smd brand has some nice equipment!!!!
M W - 2 months ago
Super nice build 👍🏼
I’ve always wanted JL TW5’s shallow mounts under my 2018 Ford Lariat, but I’d like to see what they would sound like ? I’ve always liked the W7 👍🏼 I know those 2 speakers don’t sound the same though .
ALUMNI2K - 5 days ago
M W they worth it
M W - 5 days ago
ALUMNI2K what do they sound like ? Are they worth the $
ALUMNI2K - 5 days ago
I have 2 12 w3
rawbasic rawbasic
rawbasic rawbasic - 2 months ago
Paint looks like glass nice
john russo
john russo - 2 months ago
thought about doing this but i use my under seat storage way too much to pack it with speakers.
staff curtis
staff curtis - Month ago
@mtrujillo1973 Do half of the underseat with half the subs.
john russo
john russo - Month ago
mtrujillo1973 i ended up putting the amp and speaker behind the rear seat
mtrujillo1973 - Month ago
john russo I’m in the exact same boat. I want to do it, but the time that I need my tools/cleaning detailing supplies/ratchet straps/bungee cords/jumper cables/towing and hitch stuff I know I’ll wish I didn’t do it. Maybe if can get one of those frame mounted hidden boxes I might...or tonneau cover
QUADBOSS - 2 months ago
That box is sick, I wish it would fit my 2015 F250 crew cab
slumking112 - 3 months ago
That flexxxxx is fuckn pretty... who made dat pretty enclosure..... 🤩
slumking112 - 3 months ago
@tyrell cunningham good looking homie I need that in the crib with my home theater I like that factory made plastic look...
tyrell cunningham
tyrell cunningham - 3 months ago
bobbygately i believe
mr T
mr T - 3 months ago
how about covers to protect the subs from feet
meade916 - 3 months ago
i don't need them. But if someone wants to do that it's about as easy as anything lol
Christian Molina
Christian Molina - 3 months ago
Sick bro🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ibarra5 - 3 months ago
Quick ? Is it true that if I get a bigger alternator it will help my amp boost more power to my speakers
Uygar Gence
Uygar Gence - 3 months ago
Ooooo harika 👌👌👌👌
Robert Burton
Robert Burton - 3 months ago
How deep is the bass compared to like a 12” sub??
Kirby Cecil
Kirby Cecil - 3 months ago
Awesome job man!
lanesteele240 - 4 months ago
7:03 happens every time.
lanesteele240 - 4 months ago
I know its gone spark. Still jump like it is an abomb
Irby Bocksnick
Irby Bocksnick - 4 months ago
A bet you could make killer sound systems several times over just out of your boneyard.
fatboyblue269 - 4 months ago
I've been waiting to see a full video of this build. Post notifications on
MUSEWOLF - 4 months ago
*Oye el título me apareció en español y el vídeo en inglés obviamente demaciado bueno para ser verdad. Fuimos timados* v:
Exodia - 5 months ago
It’s crazy how big you are I just got into car audio and I stay in sac... it seems like ur the biggest bass YouTuber and that’s so cool you’re just in Arden !
Sinatra v3
Sinatra v3 - Month ago
Exodia check out EXO Contralto, he’s another big bass head
DJ WRAITH - 5 months ago
i was just wondering why hook alternator to power block when you have it hooked to battery what kind of difference in performance does that make in the power delivery or stability of the power deliverance?
PoliticalProperness - 5 months ago
Why only small guys?
Alejandro García
Alejandro García - 5 months ago
Si sacaras los videos en español estarian mucho mejor, me encanta tus videos amigo saludos desde españa✌️
Tom Perez
Tom Perez - 5 months ago
Hey bro who do u recommend for a system hook up in the Reno area?
Keenon Moore
Keenon Moore - 5 months ago
Hey man,, can you help me out? How do i know how long/ wide i need my ports for a tuning i want?
Bigvell02 - 5 months ago
@7:05 charging caps up its like opening a biscuit container lol :).
Taylor Calhoun
Taylor Calhoun - 5 months ago
4k looks damn good
Buddy Dodd
Buddy Dodd - 5 months ago
I need to come down there and see you man to do my installation the way it should be done💯💯📢
Walter White
Walter White - 5 months ago
There is a fellow in Facebook trying to tell me that ur dd1 doesn't have any effect on his amps I told him to just try to get a hold of u that if u didn't already make something to tune his tramps amps his name is chris Kyle now he's got 5 or 6 of them 100,000 k amps but I don't really understand what he's talking about by matching his amps but maybe he can reach out to u and come up with something to get him on the track he needs to be on I told him ur highly respected in the car audio community and I wasn't lying I might say some rude and dumbshit some times but I'm a asshole but I get away with it so sometimes I just need to stop and think before i speak but I don't mean any harm tho but ya hopefully u all can work something out or maybe you might get you another idea into another direction as far as tuning goes idk but have a super day there buddy ...
meade916 - 5 months ago
the only reason a DD-1 would not be beneficial or help would be if the amps being tested had something wrong with them or they are over 1% distortion out of the box. A few, not many, but a few of those high power Brazilian amps out there are way over 2%, probably closer to 5% distortion. The DD-1 detects up to 1%. You would probably have to use a scope if the amp is that dirty. Even then it would probably be ugly. If the amps are clean from the start (and everything in the chain before the amps too, the dd-1 absolutely would be beneficial for any system. As far as gain matching, the CC-1 (our crossover calibrator) has a mode that does just that. And more accurate than using a DMM. Anyhow, i don't need to contact your buddy, if he don't wanna see the light, no pun intended :D :D , there isn't much i can do about it. I know the product works, i have the worlds best engineers on my team and we hold a US Patent on it. You don't just get a patent, especially on electronics. Good day sir. :)
Carlos Codorniz
Carlos Codorniz - 5 months ago
Just purchased a Gately box for my 2018 sierra crewcab for 4. 8”s cant wait to wire it up and fire it up. 😎
BeeFred 00013
BeeFred 00013 - 5 months ago
What’s a better sound processor a pac or audio control lc7
BeeFred 00013
BeeFred 00013 - 5 months ago
Just an inline
meade916 - 5 months ago
the Pac isn't a processor.
Michael Moore
Michael Moore - 5 months ago
Clutch and BLS in the background. I’m diggin your music choices.
Michael Moore
Michael Moore - 5 months ago
Yeah pretty sure. I’m thinking it was Temptations Wings
someonetht neverexisted
someonetht neverexisted - 5 months ago
i noticed that too ever caught him listening to down before
Chris Stiff
Chris Stiff - 5 months ago
7:05..... No matter how many times, if you've done this it still makes ya twitch everytime!
Chris Stiff
Chris Stiff - 5 months ago
@meade916 I know how ya feel. I got the same reaction, whether it's a fuseble link or hooking the battery back up. 👍👍👍
meade916 - 5 months ago
every time bro haha! :D
Samuel Harris
Samuel Harris - 5 months ago
hello!! are you going too cage net too the speakers!!? with Protection!!...
meade916 - 5 months ago
probably not. They don't really need it.
Rumaldo Garcia
Rumaldo Garcia - 5 months ago
Im from texas im sure you heard of Spm make a demo on Broadway -Spm.it hits hard af! If you can ..thank you , p.s turn it up..lol
BeeFred 00013
BeeFred 00013 - 5 months ago
meade916 he is talking about South Park Mexican
Rumaldo Garcia
Rumaldo Garcia - 5 months ago
@meade916 its kool man thanks on replying back
meade916 - 5 months ago
nope never heard of it. Have no idea what you are talking about. Sorry.
meade916 - 5 months ago
Enrique Barrera
- put down your pom poms and pick up your camera. Post a walk around of your system. Lets see what saving all that money did for you. SMH
Louis Quintero
Louis Quintero - 5 months ago
That's a nice setup..
Kenbo - 5 months ago
Anyone that knows car audio like Steve I need some help please.( or from Steve if you get a chance to read this). I’ll give you the run down. 05 Escalade factory Bose... it sucks, don’t want to do huge subs in this, but I’m sure you’ve heard the factory ram trucks audio before. What would I need to make my Escalade have perfect clean and loud audio. With bass just not with subs. If that makes sense, I want the best sound I can get. But not break the bank..... yet. Kind of want to start with my components and what not to get the audio crystal clear and clean like you would heAr from a wake boat with those tower speakers you can hear crystal clear from across the lake. Still want a little bass to it but can’t I get a door speaker that will put out bass rather than having a big box built? Like just some door speakers and tweeters? I’m not sure what I will need and what the clearest speakers are and what to look for. I’m in Nashville Tennessee so if anyone is around the area I want to come show and explain what I mean. If it makes any sense. 🤷🏽‍♂️ not sure, just asking for some advice/help I need to hear various set ups in person to know that exact sound I’m looking for
Mike Casey
Mike Casey - 5 months ago
Question? I have 3 dvc speakers in a box, hooked to a monoblock amp. Is there any way to build the box or hook up the speakers in a way so that I can change the impedance from outside the box? Any pics or ideas? Or videos showing this
PURESOUND4 - 2 months ago
I know this reply is 3 months late, but I think Sparked Innovations makes something like that. It's called the Ohmie. Changes your wiring from series to parallel (or vice versa).
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