What To Look For When Buying a Fishing Rod and Reel.

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Gary Dodgson
Gary Dodgson - Day ago
The length of your rod should be proportional to the angle of your dangle & size of your mangle 💪🏼🎣👍
I I have a static ci4 3000. Have it on a 6'8" ml browning maxus. With 10lb vermillion power pro.
Meat Shredz
Meat Shredz - 2 days ago
I wish your video was more detailed from lake fishing, boat, etc. Pros and cons of conventional and spinner.
CARLOS Manuel - 2 days ago
yo u need to be more like the short dude on the blue shirt or having more on ur vid 😂 this man can be famous 😂😂😂
Kevin Cummins
Kevin Cummins - 4 days ago
What reel is he using in this video does anyone know?
Kevin Cummins
Kevin Cummins - 4 days ago
@Hey Skipper thank you so much!!! I love your videos btw! For the power knob do you have to buy them to fit specific reels or can you get away with buying one and fitting it on them randomly?
Hey Skipper
Hey Skipper - 4 days ago
Shimano ci4+
Mooney’s Outdoors
Mooney’s Outdoors - 14 days ago
My favorite is my penn battalion 10 ft surf rod with my penn spinfisher 5500 got it spooled up with 30 lb power pro.
Also love my st croix mojo inshore 7,6 with my penn battle 2 4000 spooled up with 25 lb braid
Dave Mi
Dave Mi - 15 days ago
I used an okuma bait runner size 50 and a 10 foot ugly stick for surf and Delaware river fishing I've been seriously thinking about puchaseing a kastking sharky 3 bait runner 6000
Sam Pierson
Sam Pierson - 19 days ago
you guys are hilarious
Hey Skipper
Hey Skipper - 19 days ago
Haha 😅
kolek Tong
kolek Tong - 20 days ago
My friend,do you have professional MP Eagle By DuraBrite Fishing lights ? DC12V 100W /24V 144W
mason hill
mason hill - Month ago
Shimano nasci and Cabela fish eagle 54
Manny Correa
Manny Correa - Month ago
10:09 lol oh mahhh goodness
Fouad SEFYANI - Month ago
I like so much your videos, keep telling us more informations :)
Will this rods working on beach too?
Hey Skipper
Hey Skipper - Month ago
No not as well. This is for rivers and streams and creeks
Jason untisz
Jason untisz - Month ago
I just picked up an Okuma trio bf 55, I'm pairing it with an Okuma SST-S-902MH ROD, can't wait to use it
isaiah naboa
isaiah naboa - Month ago
What kine of reel is that in your thumb nail?
night crawer
night crawer - Month ago
Wasn't holding his mouth right so the fish got off
Jenell villanueva
Jenell villanueva - 2 months ago
Those wearing powedered blue tshirt is a filipino? Or not?
Pokemon Master
Pokemon Master - 2 months ago
can you recommend a good setup that you use for piers or jettys.
muddog2 - 2 months ago
I have penn battle 3000 spool up with power braid 30 weight ugly stick saltwater medium 7 feet I used it to catch fluke porgies blues , catch strippers 26 to 36 inches . I used it with bait and lures
veiga devil
veiga devil - 2 months ago
dats some nasty nasty ass water men i wont eat those fishes...
Brooks Bacon
Brooks Bacon - 2 months ago
Was that the guana dam y'all fished at
Gunnar Harris
Gunnar Harris - 2 months ago
I live in Jacksonville I would like to know this fishing spot?
fuzzy slimaway
fuzzy slimaway - 3 months ago
You must come to South Africa to do some carp fishing
MountGraphics - 2 months ago
Carp fishing is the best
GREG THE ANiMAL - 3 months ago
Daiwa BG 4500 with the 7’ ugly stik elite, 20-30lb braid.
PaulW - 3 months ago
Shimano Catana 7ft 2-4kg
Shimano Sierra 2500
8 Pound Seaknight Braids
Zman Soft plastic with 3/8 oz Jighead
Jerry R
Jerry R - 3 months ago
i use my penis as a rod, it works great on the pier.
Tahirie Tahiry
Tahirie Tahiry - 3 months ago
Ya'll don't know what you're doing. It's all wong.
Christopher Butler
Christopher Butler - 3 months ago
Nash dwarf 9ft and the sonik Vader x for carp
evan Osburn
evan Osburn - 3 months ago
Vanstall vm 150 paired with an 8ft Shimano talavera
Aaron Person
Aaron Person - 3 months ago
What do you think about the new Penn Fierce 3 combos?
Hey Skipper
Hey Skipper - 3 months ago
I’m team shimano
P. R.
P. R. - 3 months ago
BnM Silver Cat rod, 7ft - 2pc. Diawa BG3000
Luis Viera
Luis Viera - 3 months ago
Its bad to let the fish hit the floor like that men just saying but good vid
Aiden Nezic
Aiden Nezic - 3 months ago
Favourite combo:
shimano fx s-80mhb2 with a shimano sienna 4000 reel
mohd jameel uddin
mohd jameel uddin - 3 months ago
Bro, ! Cheep and best,I want Rod and reel any amozon like Link send me pls! Little little English sorry for my English
Charles Gutzwiller
Charles Gutzwiller - 3 months ago
You guys rock
Grand Magus
Grand Magus - 3 months ago
Can you use spining fishing method here?
Md Sumon Ahmed
Md Sumon Ahmed - 4 months ago
Hey I'm Sumon from India. I wanna know about JACKFISH 12BB Spinning Fishing Reel. JACKFISH 12BB Spinning Fishing Reel 7000 series is good or bad?
Climar Gapisa
Climar Gapisa - 4 months ago
Hi i am your fans from the philiphines i always wach your video im fishing too but im using is a bamboo stick only i like to have a shimano rod and reel but its to expensive
Jhun and Angie Dela Cruz
Jhun and Angie Dela Cruz - 4 months ago
How about shimano synchopate 1000.is it ok?
Please reply
Fishing&nature with Hjalte
I so sorry
Nicolas Giblin
Nicolas Giblin - 4 months ago
Hey guys what’s a good setup combo for mahi in Florida Also super beginner so it doesn’t have to be something crazy advanced :)
musaad felton
musaad felton - 4 months ago
Your brother/friend/cousin is hilarious. It must really be fun to be with him
Moli kid
Moli kid - 4 months ago
I wish i have a fishing rod and combo like that, My rod is just diy bamboo no reel. Freetings from philippines :) have agreat jigging
Lee Ho
Lee Ho - 5 days ago
Moli kid I give you my set. I’m from davao
Anas Yasien
Anas Yasien - 4 months ago
I didn't found the action in mostly of rods but I always found the power written on the rod why is that ??
dongski nakasone
dongski nakasone - 4 months ago
for 5000 what is the best rod?
Wes Helton
Wes Helton - 4 months ago
Tall r using those high dollar power poll rods and reels for those fish I could of caught on a ultra light 30 dollar shakespeare
VapeGoat - 4 months ago
Love this one, such good vibes going on between you all. Sometimes I worry you guys might be pissing off your dad a bit with all your joking and then you see his smile
Outdoor Wired
Outdoor Wired - 4 months ago
Any recommendations for rods and reels that’s good for fishing for panfish bass and walleye
Mooney’s Outdoors
Mooney’s Outdoors - 4 months ago
I use a abu garcia vengeance 6,8 medium heavy fast action with a abu garcia silver max baitcaster 30 lb braid on it
Matt S
Matt S - 4 months ago
i said "that was she said" 3 times in the first minute.
Jose Morales
Jose Morales - 4 months ago
What pound line show I use for pier fishing ?
J Bos
J Bos - 4 months ago
Shimano commercial pellet feeder 12ft with x2 combat baitrunners, very versitile, waggler, lead, zig, chod, method, winckle, etc 👌
Joshua Johnson
Joshua Johnson - 4 months ago
Phenix Black Diamond and a accurate sr 20 with a 50 pound braid and 40 pound top shot
Anas Yasien
Anas Yasien - 4 months ago
well I'm looking and your Experience and recommendations, I wanna buy (reel&rod) I'm gonna use them for sea fishing using them sometimes on the beach sometimes of the boat and I'm looking for something could handle heavy duty and catch big fish but also good with the small fish ??
Huy Tuan DIY
Huy Tuan DIY - 14 days ago
Same here
Alex Turner
Alex Turner - 4 months ago
Fly rod with a spinning reel for trout,bobber or one or two small spilt shots great to cast a fly or small jug or lure !!
aidanAF - 4 months ago
My favourite combo is my Daiwa TD sol with 20lb braid and a samurai runoff 16-25lb 6' (I use it for snapper, Kingfish and bonito) Im from Australia btw
Charles Gutzwiller
Charles Gutzwiller - 4 months ago
Pink 850 as plnn slammer drift
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez - 5 months ago
What setup would you recommend for striped bass fishing from the shore?
Armanda Pransiska
Armanda Pransiska - 5 months ago
You miss 1 explanation. Material of the blank. Carbon vs fiber glass
Juan Munoz
Juan Munoz - 5 months ago
Funny asf 👍🏻
Stefan Samaroo
Stefan Samaroo - 5 months ago
Hey what size of gomexus reel knob advisable for a Penn battle 2 guys
Terrence Wrigley
Terrence Wrigley - 5 months ago
Abu 7000crct3 on a 13FT Diawa beach theory for strippers. 4oz+ bate will go 160m no problem.
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