Jodie Whittaker performs the Doctor Who theme!! - BBC

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cramer floro
cramer floro - Month ago
0:24 at that point I had to think of an alternate Universe where the Doctor's best frenemy was less ambitious and called themselves "The Master of many things"
justpinahy - Month ago
Can i pls watch the clip where Brad drank n d same coffee cup as Gaga
Michael McGrath
Michael McGrath - 2 months ago
R.I.P DOCTOR WHO 1963 - 2017
Moozy Mathers
Moozy Mathers - 2 months ago
I'm astounded to the fact that some people still know who Léon Theremin actually was. Even Einstein were impressed by his invention. What a true genie!
the Gamer121
the Gamer121 - 2 months ago
Oh dear.
Jayde Blackmar
Jayde Blackmar - 3 months ago
Kinda wish he hadn’t just grabbed her wrist but the look of pure joy on her face made up for it.
TheValeyard92 - 3 months ago
Just throwing this out there: No arrangement of the Doctor Who theme has ever used a theremin.
Nadia Shaw
Nadia Shaw - 4 months ago
Gaga is a contradiction and fake
Jess Lopez
Jess Lopez - 4 months ago
Lady gaga is thinking how she can copy doctor who theme for her next album. She loves copying aliens/british stuffs you know like bowie
Z Rich
Z Rich - 4 months ago
Jodie does her scrunch face pity it's her only talent.
skuttytip - 5 months ago
How uncomfortable that Bradley Cooper was one on the 10 named actors that would like to make out Ryan Gosling.
The Desk
The Desk - 5 months ago
I'm wheezing. I just can't.
Sara Fodor
Sara Fodor - 5 months ago
Jodie is a precious potato
El Knight
El Knight - 6 months ago
Jodie and Gaga?? Both of my wives in one place?? yes.
Jana S
Jana S - 6 months ago
This exactly sound the screams of animals which are killed for fur, which she is wearing.
Aleksandar Bocić
Aleksandar Bocić - 6 months ago
But Jodie's face: Whaaaa.....UUUUuuuuu...AAAAAAAA :D
Leila S
Leila S - 6 months ago
That should be the new theme #NoseScronch
copoc family
copoc family - 6 months ago
Jams Dodger
Jams Dodger - 7 months ago
I want one of those.
It looks fun.
Moons Stars
Moons Stars - 7 months ago
0:43 Lady Gaga staring at Ryan like "Is he real life?" even looks like he took her breath away
Fcutdlady - 7 months ago
The theramin is supposed to be one of the hardest synthasizef instrument to play. The original Dr who. These as performed by Delia Derbyshire used a syne wave not a theramin
Linnaeus Lowrey
Linnaeus Lowrey - 7 months ago
It wasn’t even the new title sequence!
Bad Kitty
Bad Kitty - 7 months ago
I love the Theremin. Jimmy Page used it, and it's also used for the theme tune in Midsomer Murders 😊
Mark X
Mark X - 7 months ago
Botoxed off her tits
Amazing.Amy - 8 months ago
Gaga leave your face alone!!
Z Mythos
Z Mythos - 8 months ago
Omg Gaga & Jodie together in the same damn room. Was not expecting this convergence of faves I think I might cry.
Nance N.
Nance N. - 8 months ago
The Beach Boys used that thing in “Good Vibrations”!
Keeley Lund
Keeley Lund - 8 months ago
I love the way that British Jodie has a glass of wine and the US Bradley, Lady Gaga and Ryan all have water!
Mayo Gundam
Mayo Gundam - 8 months ago
I want one!!!!!
judith Morales
judith Morales - 8 months ago
Dear Graham; why hasn't Andrew Scott been on yet?
You're missing out!
TheGollyLlama - 8 months ago
Sheldon Coooper would be so proud of them.
Chris Mears
Chris Mears - 8 months ago
By the way, Jodie's not playing anything. In case you thought you could just pick up this instrument immediately from scratch.
klisher - 8 months ago
for about 3 seconds of a 4 minute clip...
Andrew M
Andrew M - 8 months ago
Celebrities are stupid.
Nicholas Faith
Nicholas Faith - 8 months ago
Not a single Clara Rockmore in the bunch! Yikes! That was awful.. The biggest mistake people make when first coming to the theremin is really large movements, when literally tiny turn of the wrist is all that they had needed. Far more subtlety than they had expected. But, seriously, this was a clickbait title. Also, Derbyshire and the radiophonic workshop contrary to popular belief di NOT use a theremin on the Dr Who theme song, it was combination of custom VCO's, test oscillators and tape manipulation. (did a quick search, here is a link to bits of information and interview bit about how the theme was created.
CosmiKazie - 8 months ago
Queue the memes
David Hedges
David Hedges - 8 months ago
Lady gaga sitting next to Dr who playing the Dr W ho theme ...
Aaron - 8 months ago
Tom Swift
Tom Swift - 8 months ago
That weird moment when Hollywood and Doctor Who meet...
get memed
get memed - 8 months ago
#womenforthekitchen2k19 can we make this happen everyone?
Darren79 - 8 months ago
"The Doctor Who Theme has the Theremin in it as well"
No it doesn't and never did!
C h r i s t i a n
C h r i s t i a n - 8 months ago
Who's here after they changed the title from "Lady gaga plays the Doctor who theme"
Jacob Kemezys
Jacob Kemezys - 8 months ago
I love what Ryan and Gaga are wearing but they look like they’re ready for Christmas
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson - 8 months ago
Source Creator now applied the 2 LHP's past present and future in perpetuity. Thank you.
The Valeyard
The Valeyard - 8 months ago
What’s sad is I actually think she could be a good doctor, but the way bbc has been going I know all the episodes are just gonna be PC culture propaganda.
Lori Ann Bishop
Lori Ann Bishop - 8 months ago
i am tsering
i am tsering - 8 months ago
When will we see the great, Messi and Ronaldo on your show. We want to legends like them. Not some American actors.
gcldenlion - 8 months ago
“ *yawws gaga* "
Emann Jaradat
Emann Jaradat - 8 months ago
See Rayn changed his seat away from lady gaga😂
Hans Carter
Hans Carter - 8 months ago
I would totally pay to see Lady Gaga play the Theramin.
MrGlenspace - 8 months ago
Thera in used by beach boys and in Outer Limits. You gotta love the 60’s.
me heretoday
me heretoday - 8 months ago
lol 'its like milking'
PrynKya - 8 months ago
I never heard of this instrument. Looks fun.
Camille French
Camille French - 8 months ago
Gaga gets on my nerves!
Dsn13 jcsn
Dsn13 jcsn - 8 months ago
Lady "botox" gaga
Thomas Carnacki
Thomas Carnacki - 8 months ago
Point of order and fact. The Theremin was NOT used in the Doctor Who theme.
JLT - 8 months ago
Fuck me Ryan Gosling looks so fucking happy when the theremin comes on
Karyx Draws
Karyx Draws - 8 months ago
Filipe Rodrigues
Filipe Rodrigues - 8 months ago
Actually doctor who its not played with a teremin
Matthew Pearce
Matthew Pearce - 8 months ago
More wasted tax payers money.... Boo
Antonella C
Antonella C - 8 months ago
Awww they are all so sweet
Gabriel Santana
Gabriel Santana - 8 months ago
Kkkkkkkk, os caras erram o nome jhfdddddddddfbb
Jim Fitzpatrick
Jim Fitzpatrick - 8 months ago
Bradley, Gaga, Jodie and Ryan? = A gay man's dream party!
E North
E North - 8 months ago
Well except that's not the Dr Who theme at all anymore because even that has changed! I hope Whittaker’s acting is strong enough to carry Chibnall's disenfranchisement of the fandom.
Jess Lopez
Jess Lopez - 4 months ago
Also the new theme sound more like some of the classic serie with a modern touch
Jess Lopez
Jess Lopez - 4 months ago
Lol actually it always change. Are you really a whovian or just some guy who dont like woman tv?
Funny Fajitas
Funny Fajitas - 8 months ago
Glad to see that gaga is being more normal without the stupid outfits
eltonioh - 8 months ago
Not sure which was worse, this or the dancing with Tom Cruise episode!
Hwa-mi Bwekari Anastasia Shelsea
Not meaning it in a bad way but lady gaga looks different.
Antonio Picher
Antonio Picher - 8 months ago
Whats does Graham say in minute 2:09? All people laughing. Sorry I'm not english speaker anda can't understand propperly
Mububban23 - 8 months ago
"I mean, I wouldn't go to a concert of it..."
azola patra
azola patra - 8 months ago
She was GaGa, but now she is Lady 😍😘😘😘
NOWtheband - 8 months ago
The various versions of the Dr. Who theme aren't on a theremin but as you were.... ;-)
Dadi Puzzangara
Dadi Puzzangara - 8 months ago
😂 ❤️ Love u Gaga
Tom Morgan
Tom Morgan - 8 months ago
So... Lady Gaga didn’t play the Doctor Who theme.
Kimberley - 8 months ago
Damn click bait
Jesse Fulton
Jesse Fulton - 8 months ago
Gaga is genuinely so fascinated in learning
Ziggy Stardust
Ziggy Stardust - 8 months ago
Fake News Alert! Fake News Alert! Gaga didn't play shit!
Javitxu del Rio
Javitxu del Rio - 8 months ago
What does Graham say at 1:19? Thaaaanks
j w
j w - 8 months ago
Ryan Gosling is looking like Calvin Harris.
LilDeb - 8 months ago
Gaga giving us Myrtle Snow realness 🧙🏻‍♀️
MarkMc03 - 8 months ago
Where can I get one of these magical instruments. And do I have to be a billionaire to afford one?
Hannah Moloney
Hannah Moloney - 8 months ago
This title is completely misleading :L
TiaH - 8 months ago
It's interesting to see how focused she was! To those advertising Lady Gaga's film with a download link: I presume that this is an illegal download link. Please think of the actors, actresses and film crew, as well as the production company, who worked hard and invested lots of money to entertain you. While they want to entertain you, they also do this as a fulltime job and would like to get paid and the production companies would like to see a return on their investments. Downloading it illegally is taking away that return. If people keeps downloading illegally, they will stop making movies and television shows, etc., which would be sad, putting many people out of jobs! Instead, support them by seeing it cinemas, buying the DVD/BluRay, buy and download it on iTunes... tell the actors and film crew how much you enjoyed and appreciate their work!
TiaH - 8 months ago
Thank you for your suggestion, but no, I won't piss off! Also, I do agree that a lot of people download, whether they should or not! What I am getting at is that production companies make major losses whenever a person illegally downloads instead of actually paying for the movie! However, I can see by your reply to my comment that you're not interested about that!
Richard Brian
Richard Brian - 8 months ago
piss off! they're well overpaid anyway! nearly everyone downloads.
Reginald Hughes
Reginald Hughes - 8 months ago
ASMR Whispr
ASMR Whispr - 8 months ago
The Doctor Who theme actually played on the theremin
Katrina Klapproth
Katrina Klapproth - 8 months ago
No she doesn’t
Steven Perry
Steven Perry - 8 months ago
Hey BBC, click bait much? LOL How many others watched this video expecting to see Lady Gaga perform the Doctor Who theme? Guess it worked! 🤣🤪
Superbartjeee - 8 months ago
So first we had gaga with a guitar / piano thing. Now it will be this instrument
Daniel Cutler
Daniel Cutler - 8 months ago
This is such clickbait
alwaysfunkopophunting funko pop hunt
Lady gaga Dose not play the Dr who theme tune.. BBC lied
DCgamer - 8 months ago
First single on LG6: AaAAaaaaEEEEEEEeeeaaaaaAAAAHHHHHeeeeeeeeYYYYYY!!!!!
Phoebe Grigor
Phoebe Grigor - 8 months ago
Seeing the thumbnail: why is Gosling squatting on the couch?
After watching the video: well he’s just bouncing everywhere
IAmMrDexB2 - 8 months ago
I’m a bit annoyed at the error as well as a huge lack of factchecks, on the recent BBC News article about the BBC Two ident refresh and allowing the writer to slam Peter Capaldi.
But Jennifer’s face when she was ‘playing’ the theme with Graham.
Alain Bruno
Alain Bruno - 8 months ago
She looks good in red
isabel - 8 months ago
Lady Gaga is beautiful 💘
Andy Jurkiewicz
Andy Jurkiewicz - 8 months ago
Wtfs up with gaga's thunderbirds lady Penelope mush???
Erica Frödeberg
Erica Frödeberg - 8 months ago
Stupid lying headlines! And I also wanted to hear if Mr Goosling could play it.
WA - 8 months ago
Are you sure that's lady ga ga playing the doctor who theme tune 🤔
Miguel Victor
Miguel Victor - 8 months ago
Gaga 💗
Sheepie - 8 months ago
Getting clickbaited by the BBC does not feel good.
taufiq teo
taufiq teo - 8 months ago
i miss when lady gaga dresses crazy! not this
Blastfrom thepast
Blastfrom thepast - 8 months ago
The BBC lies. Haven't you all figured that out yet? They lie about everything - just watch the BBC news or listen to it - they can't help it. And this is just another desperate lie to drum up interest in the oncoming disaster that will be Phoney Whittaker and Fem Who.
Robert Koch
Robert Koch - 8 months ago
So lame, total click bait for nothing.
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