Here's Why the LaFerrari Is the $3.5 Million Ultimate Ferrari

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GoProJoe - 10 hours ago
Doug the typa dude to be the female in the relationship
Rey Jeff
Rey Jeff - 10 hours ago
So funny, Ferraro had to approach you to buy one.
James Joseph
James Joseph - 12 hours ago
Awesome hypercar, beautiful work of art.
Z32 Nissan
Z32 Nissan - 14 hours ago
I don't like were the Horn is located. I'll be honking all the way while driving.
xtremefight - 20 hours ago
Doug is all overwhelmed behind the wheel while David is like "whatever".
GoPro Dog
GoPro Dog - Day ago
Putting the turn signals on the steering wheel on a normal car is just plain stupid. You don't have to take your hands off the wheel to signal.
Karl Dunne
Karl Dunne - Day ago
The dash board air conditioning vents reminds me of R2D2!!......
mike mo
mike mo - Day ago
Doug the type of guy to stick a thick straw in his Yoplait.
P M - Day ago
Kudos to David Lee for amassing his impressive car collection and he’s always come across as a genuine, likable guy, yet it will not surprise me if one day his name is aligned with a nefarious financial scheme given that the amount of money he spends on cars seems to be at odds with the profits which might flow from two retail jewelry store locations.
Infovest - Day ago
2 bad he didnt have other POV's when driving. Like shot to the front not just toward the drivers. That sucks.
Clinton Beck
Clinton Beck - Day ago
Mr. Lee seems like a real nice guy. Down to earth . Happy for him. Nice dam car.
JOI - - Day ago
Ferrari: made *499* laferraris
Me : why not 500
Ray Dolinger
Ray Dolinger - 2 days ago
It's not a glove box ... It's for your phone while it charges..... duh :/
Randy Kintzley
Randy Kintzley - 2 days ago
Doug's voice is slightly more annoying than Edith Bunker, Rosie Perez, and Jar Jar Binks combined.
Eithel Rotschild
Eithel Rotschild - 2 days ago
Not sure if I should drive it or have sex with it
Darshan H
Darshan H - 3 days ago
Jackie has a La Ferrari?
Edzashed Fudwinkle
Edzashed Fudwinkle - 3 days ago
What billionaire wouldn't want a luxury car collection of his own.
So much more enjoyment then ££$$'s in a bank, and numbers on a screen
Slepy Boi
Slepy Boi - 3 days ago
Doug the muro
michael Larson
michael Larson - 3 days ago
That front bumper looks like it came from eBay
Mookaron - 4 days ago
This video damn near got 3.5 million views.
JP Pope
JP Pope - 4 days ago
Mr.Lee should carpet that garage. In the same color yellow as on the Ferrari badge. The space looks very sterile and cold. Carpet would also reduce the echo in the space. And driving cars on your carpeting- that says big money. You don't care because you can afford to replace the carpeting 100x over. If I had his money I'd also have custom track-lighting illuminating each vehicle rather than just bland, uniform lighting throughout the entire space. Mr.Lee needs my help. Have him call me and I'll see if I can make time for him. No, seriously, he needs help.
Brandon Hayes
Brandon Hayes - 4 days ago
The owner is a cool dude!
k man1
k man1 - 5 days ago
This dude sounds like sheldon
Ali Abdallah
Ali Abdallah - 5 days ago
Ah yes, the ferarri the ferarri.
C L - 5 days ago
What % of the world uses Fahrenheit?
dinobrown100 - 5 days ago
he's like please don't crash!
JONATHAN DELLAR - 5 days ago
Still rather have an old Ford F-250
Caleb Vue
Caleb Vue - 5 days ago
F'ing Alex
F'ing Alex - 5 days ago
Doug tell them those are Banana Republic shorts, lol
F'ing Alex
F'ing Alex - 5 days ago
That dome light though ?
overlex - 5 days ago
Doug: This is THE ULTIMATE car on the road TODAY!

Agera RS1: am I a goddamn joke to you?!
Fearless Walker
Fearless Walker - 6 days ago
Love Doug's passion for cars, and knowledge. 3.14Million subscribers later he's doing great. Say what you will about him, you're only helping his channel. He's got the last laugh.
Steven Mccullough
Steven Mccullough - 6 days ago
If the miracle of all miracles happened and I were ever to own a La Ferrari (right) the first thing I would do is disconnect that annoying computer 'nanny'. Talk about buzzkill. Yikes! Thanks Doug.
Patrick Wiemar
Patrick Wiemar - 6 days ago
Doug played on 1/2 speed is amazing
A1987F - 6 days ago
I like how arbitrary your scores are
kbucher1977 - 6 days ago
I like airplanes!
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne - 6 days ago
If everyone who watched this video puts up a dollar we could buy a laFerrari & take turns driving it.
Syed Bokhari
Syed Bokhari - 6 days ago
Doug the type of guy to review a toy hot wheel
David Tel
David Tel - 6 days ago
So ridiculously ugly....
Slimmy Hendrix
Slimmy Hendrix - 7 days ago
No Hot Wheels were harmed in the making of this film. When the DOUG is on the Knees position, notice how the DOUG could get on it's knees 2 more times and still look way too big next to this car.
Slimmy Hendrix
Slimmy Hendrix - 7 days ago
LaFerrari also apparently offers a $7.97 Cargo Shorts Option for extra Storage Space for the Doug
Brian Jones
Brian Jones - 7 days ago
I just got one today 🤘
Pamoja Revolution
Pamoja Revolution - 7 days ago
Why doesnt daug put more go pros while driving, the best part was to record the active rear wing while driving it and a driver's eye view or speedo cluster not your faces 24/7. Seen through glass does an amazing job with his multiple go pros Daug you can afford like 10 of them and you will see less dislikes but the detailed explanation of the cars while at rest I think you are the best at it. I always give you a like... I have learnt more about these super cars from your vids even without having even ever seen some of them in person...
Larry E
Larry E - 7 days ago
What's more impressive is that F1 car hanging out in the background lke nothing. That was
Tayyab Mateen
Tayyab Mateen - 7 days ago
la ferrari .... the floppest after enzo ferarri... the ugliestsssss
AMDANISHBOY - 8 days ago
Doug loves touching obvious things🤦🏼‍♂️
Russelle Wannell
Russelle Wannell - 8 days ago
Doug is the sort of guy that looks like a preying mantis in all sports cars. AND SOME NICE BIKES THERE BUT I CANT SEE THAT GUY RIDING THEM, can we get a doug on a bike …………………….score …….Chheerrrss. shnee SH#T.
Sun Diego Wraps
Sun Diego Wraps - 8 days ago
the only car that had Doug on his knees all the time😂
Patrick Miller
Patrick Miller - 8 days ago
After the relatively small battery pack is depleted, the car switches into a long-run mode; this maintains battery charge and only reduces lap times by about a second. You hear that little click click click that's the sound of you fucking up my car. Doug if you want a rougher ride take the car out of girly mode.
K Roon
K Roon - 8 days ago
Thats not a glovebox Doug, looks like somewhere to plug in and charge your phone ;)
NomadSoul76 - 9 days ago
I would speculate that the key hole in the back is about shutting off the power for the hybrid system. That many volts with the capability to deliver the amps can he a hazard to rescue crews.
Fun fact. Rescuers have to cut a Tesla open to cut the battery power to make it safe.
Alexander 6
Alexander 6 - 9 days ago
My 2010 Honda Insight has the same exact car charger outlet!
Alexander 6
Alexander 6 - 9 days ago
Why is this bitch in my gta 5 eclipse condo garage without my permission lol
EA - 9 days ago
Give me a like if you removed the fire extinguisher from your Ferrari's passenger seat....!!!! I removed mine..!!!!
Ivy Mike
Ivy Mike - 9 days ago
Make a video on 1994 Nissan 300zx
Doug de moro
737Speedster - 9 days ago
Doug is the kind of guy to go to McDonalds and order a Whopper.
Daniel G.
Daniel G. - 10 days ago
Well its not very fancy inside and it looks kinda mimic cheap. But I guess the value really is in the engine.
Daniel G.
Daniel G. - 10 days ago
1/499 I thought that was the number of your car, the first of the 500 total.
Eotarc - 10 days ago
23:36. He's on his knees and He's still taller than the car.
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