Here's Why the LaFerrari Is the $3.5 Million Ultimate Ferrari

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Mike Mo
Mike Mo - 9 minutes ago
Sorry i pay 3.5 million for a car the paint has to be perfect and that paint job is not
Prince K
Prince K - Hour ago
do the Mercedes Benz GLS
x moppi
x moppi - 3 hours ago
nice its not F° i like C°
Henry1183 - 6 hours ago
I would never let Doug drive my laferrari, the guy seems gay
Hans Zarkov
Hans Zarkov - 9 hours ago
was it really necessary to put a big greasy fingerprint on the guy's car?
Shutto - 11 hours ago
32:10 its like hair driers
Shayne Biggs
Shayne Biggs - 16 hours ago
Hahaha Lee kept looking at the speedo lol
agtorge - 17 hours ago
looked like a 5 year old made it
Nexus5 Google
Nexus5 Google - 18 hours ago
Imagine having Mr Lee as you mentor.
khalid HASSANI
khalid HASSANI - 22 hours ago
Just one thing impressed me a lot in this hole episode, is the owner latitude, he seems very kind very sure and very modest about his stuff
Hingle McCringleberry
Hingle McCringleberry - 22 hours ago
doug seemed so happy through out the whole vid, makes me smile
Hingle McCringleberry
Hingle McCringleberry - 23 hours ago
Hingle McCringleberry
Hingle McCringleberry - 23 hours ago
doug only wore one shirt
AKorigami - 23 hours ago
17:30 I could imagine Ferrari might have gave him #1 car; as much as he collects.
Darth Fungus
Darth Fungus - 23 hours ago
I'm viewing this on a small screen. I can only hear Sheldon Cooper
Luke Hill
Luke Hill - Day ago
Doug the type of guy to wear cargo shorts to his wedding
dave likesbacon
dave likesbacon - Day ago
Doug, the type of guy that'll have sex with his wife then give her a Doug Score
nate lizzle
nate lizzle - Day ago
Shout out to David Lee for letting you drive his Laferrari, hes awesome for that...
Joker - Day ago
Hingle McCringleberry
Doug looked so defeated when he could not inform us of what the "long run" option does.
MiDo PlAyEr
MiDo PlAyEr - Day ago
Can you review the insane devel sixteen ?
Russian5 - Day ago
Font on the engine button is a deal breaker for me. Spending my 3.5 LaElsewhere.
Tore Hansen
Tore Hansen - Day ago
Mr Lee is an amazing guy that shares his cars and passion, and that custom Dino...
Puru Kundra
Puru Kundra - Day ago
This car is really the best driver car mine was amazing on the track
Doug the type of guy to remind the teacher that we had homework
Fallen World
Fallen World - Day ago
David Lee is awesome. He's been on Jay Leno's Garage many times.
Younes Mdarhri Alaoui
CTRL+F : "Doug the type of guy"
Opt. Medusa
Opt. Medusa - Day ago
Im I the only one that thinks the garage is ugly..?
Maxwell Scarlett
Maxwell Scarlett - Day ago
What are you doing with your hands Doug ??
I play forza 5561
I play forza 5561 - Day ago
chicken strips!!!!!
Alessandro Cernuzzi
I really enjoy when you get to interview the car's owner. It brings a more personal and emotional view of the ownership experience, not just the car itself. Thank you Doug!
empty windex bottle
That's some quircc
Justin Vaughn
Justin Vaughn - Day ago
Kudos to David for letting Doug drive his La Ferrari.
Dr. Ray
Dr. Ray - Day ago
can we just gather up all the people who comment "doug is the type of guy" and put them on their own little island?
Red Falcon
Red Falcon - Day ago
the glove box probably meant for your phone because its so small and its got the usb
Stimulants i like
Stimulants i like - 2 days ago
you know what the glovebox is for
Betty Swallox
Betty Swallox - 2 days ago
david lee if your watchin bro gimme 20 quid mans skint out here maybe you can sponsor me and ill send you a thankyou pack every month lol
jade59230 - 2 days ago
Question. Which car would win in a race to a particular destination in city traffic without violating any speed limits?
An exotic car or a Toyota Corolla?..
Fidel Ulloa
Fidel Ulloa - 2 days ago
Hey you should review the gmc cyclone.
Jonas Schnack Krog
Jonas Schnack Krog - 2 days ago
Dear Doug. Get an extra mic and an extra GoPro!
BLACK911TT - 2 days ago
and why it's worth 3.5?
mactimo - 2 days ago
Thanks David Lee! Nice of you to share this gem!
stricken1666 - 2 days ago
I just wanna know what David does for a living to casually afford ferraris
Mishaal Abumaali
Mishaal Abumaali - 2 hours ago
father opened and ran a lot of jewelry stores for a long time , now david does
TheNoobtuberr - 2 days ago
Can't wait for "This is a 2020 Tesla Roadster" episode.
A S Jacob
A S Jacob - 2 days ago
Metallic dark grey on this car.. With black rims 😯👍
Zain Khan
Zain Khan - 2 days ago
I don't like the part where you are trying to get sarcastic and making fun of Ferrari 😏😏
Gouki818 - 2 days ago
Ugly car
Nai `Son
Nai `Son - 2 days ago
The F50 & F40 😍😍
Drewg351 - 2 days ago
Ferrari is nice, but give me koenigsegg ANY day. No offense, but koenigsegg gives you SOOOOOOO much more EVERYTHING. Fit and finish, interior design, carbon fiber, and entertainment is a million times better. The interior of this Ferrari looks "hoky", and in many areas, actually "cheap", whereas in a koenigsegg, absolutely nothing looks "cheap", and screams "beautifully unique".
You'd have to be crazy to choose this Ferrari, spending 3.5 million when you could have a koenigsegg.
anselmi apina
anselmi apina - 2 days ago
I am a about the say the same as many others.... GTA V.. How insanely rich man you have to be to have that collection.. Oh man, i would live in that garage.. xD
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