7 Strange Rules Every Sister Has To Follow In The Loud House

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TinyCutieon - Hour ago
TinyCutieon - Hour ago
TinyCutieon - Hour ago
Bruh Luna is dating Sam
meadow Sanderson
meadow Sanderson - 6 hours ago
I have a dog 🐶🐕
Yairennys Luperon
Yairennys Luperon - 7 hours ago
im 12 i have been sitting in the front seat since i was like 8 soooo
Iarecat AJ
Iarecat AJ - 8 hours ago
5:00 But at the end of the episode when things go wrong, Luna says "Maybe we should finish this as just friends" suggesting they were doing it as gfs
Hedgie Chan
Hedgie Chan - 11 hours ago
I’m homeschooled
Sky Star
Sky Star - 12 hours ago

I was 6 years old and I was in the front seat
We passed a police and he said nothing
Soo. Shut up
Xxiaqua_bule hi
Xxiaqua_bule hi - 13 hours ago
0:34 am allowed to sit there because am so tall am 5'5
Brenda  Price
Brenda Price - 17 hours ago
The Loud House: breathes.
Aileen Marie
Aileen Marie - 20 hours ago
My friend has sat in the front seat ssence 6
Aileen Marie
Aileen Marie - 20 hours ago
I m home schooled
Ally Brooklyn
Ally Brooklyn - Day ago
I ride in the front seat and I'm 8years old
Forever Rayne
Forever Rayne - Day ago
None of these are shocking.
• M ø n s t e r • C a n d e h •
Lucie could've gotten her hair colour from another member of the family or even just dyed it, but whatever I'll take it c:
Kawaii Mii
Kawaii Mii - Day ago
1% will like this for good luck
10 years infact
Penelope Ewing
Penelope Ewing - Day ago
i'm 9 and i sit in the passenger seat with my seatbelt and they turn off the safety bubble thing and i'm fine
Nixon Skellety Boy Sanchez
There is a 11 Kids in the family
noah fox
noah fox - Day ago
Kelci F
Kelci F - Day ago
I’m allowed to sit in the front if I’m the only child in the video and I’m only 11
Fun - Day ago
What about the grandma that episode she has black hair
GalaxyCool 100
GalaxyCool 100 - Day ago
Charles smile looks creepy
Olivia Jordan
Olivia Jordan - Day ago
Sam and Luna is THE BEST XD
miranda matthis
miranda matthis - Day ago
This sucks! I have seen every single episode and Lucy has DYED black hair and 3 of them have had a bf/gf
Stupid video
Mr. Yus Gamer
Mr. Yus Gamer - Day ago
This is just lazy
Universe Of Films
Universe Of Films - Day ago
Lucy may be biological. She just is different.
Universe Of Films
Universe Of Films - Day ago
Lucy is the one.
Universe Of Films
Universe Of Films - Day ago
The dark and bat like girl. She is pale too.
Universe Of Films
Universe Of Films - Day ago
She is the dark one possibly adopted.
Universe Of Films
Universe Of Films - Day ago
Luna is g@y?
Universe Of Films
Universe Of Films - Day ago
Hey what a ya know its a animation. Anything can happen.
Universe Of Films
Universe Of Films - Day ago
I got nightmares from this show.
Universe Of Films
Universe Of Films - Day ago
Charles the dog is better.
Universe Of Films
Universe Of Films - Day ago
A belt. That is surprising.
Eevee Pokemon
Eevee Pokemon - Day ago
I'm a huge fan of u
Hunter Hose
Hunter Hose - Day ago
What about the pink little girl?
Kaylen Sweet
Kaylen Sweet - Day ago
I'm homeschooled!
Eva Kiritpal
Eva Kiritpal - Day ago
But the loudes great grandma look like Lucy
Heather Salpietra
Heather Salpietra - Day ago
It actually can’t be Lucy because they have a great grandma Harriet that looks just like lucy
Dorota Klenk
Dorota Klenk - Day ago
It’s not Lucy loud she takes after great grandma Harriet
Braylon Triplett
Braylon Triplett - Day ago
I’m aloud to ride in the front seat and I’m only 10 turning 11 next week
MessyCat and Dex
MessyCat and Dex - 2 days ago
Lucy dyed her hair OBVIOUSLY
Nex - 2 days ago
I ride in the passenger seat and I'm 10
I know it all
Ron The Bravest Knight
Ron The Bravest Knight - 2 days ago
They are 11 kids not 12
Mistah Mario
Mistah Mario - 2 days ago
Calobi why dont you stick to what you actually know instead instead of milking fake things for veiws and likes
Trendy Tigers
Trendy Tigers - 2 days ago
A ticket for an eight year old sitting in the passenger seat.....

Some logic...
Nana PlayzRoblox
Nana PlayzRoblox - 2 days ago
but....Luna likes sam luna is gay0-0
Sayed Abdelatty
Sayed Abdelatty - 2 days ago
I was haveng 100 puppies so i adabted to people
andy bvb stay alive
andy bvb stay alive - 2 days ago
Omfg there's 11 kids not 12 the white puppy was 1 epasode they found the puppy n at the end of it the real owner takes the pup home they have 4 pets a hamster a cat a dog and a bird not a chicken and Linkin and Rony Anne are together like if you actually watch the show you would Kno this basic information n learn how to cut your videos properly without repetinig the same 3 words like seriously I watch this show constantly n I'm pissed
dump asshole
dump asshole - 2 days ago
Lucy dyed her hair
Don't Trust The Internet
Actually it’s been confirmed that Lucy dyed her hair black.
Brynna Chronister
Brynna Chronister - 2 days ago
Why is he saying that Luna wants to be gay?
wolfgaming - 3 days ago
Lusi has black hair dye
Caleb Byarushengo
Caleb Byarushengo - 3 days ago
There is 11 Children.
Jocelyn winter
Jocelyn winter - 3 days ago
I used to be home schooled but this year is the year I have been put in public school
gamingwithsara cat
gamingwithsara cat - 3 days ago
Carmen DeRouseau
Carmen DeRouseau - 3 days ago
In the real world it is normal if there -Tall
-No other adult and it's a cartoon doesn't mean we have to follow them
Shane Doyle
Shane Doyle - 3 days ago
"They let kids sit in the front sit before they are THIRTEEN"
video: *Points to Luan, who in the show, is 14*
Karina And Titi Rios
Karina And Titi Rios - 3 days ago
I honestly was about to make a racist joke about the thumbnail but I realized I would offend other people and most people know what I would say so, whoever was reading this comment, Have a wonderful day!
Pizza Time
Pizza Time - 3 days ago
Is Luna gay
supreme studios
supreme studios - 3 days ago
Rule 2 is incorrect, you forgot the episode where they all were homeschooled cause they thought just Lola being homeschooled for pagents was unfair. So Rule 2 is *incorrect*. Rule 1 is incorrect, Lucy could have dyed her hair cause its a *natural color* her parents could have let her. And in the episode where Clyde and Lincoln find out his birth story, Lincoln says they have a book for every childs birth story, they included Lucy's so Rule 1, *incorrect*
sonic605 - 3 days ago
My parents let me ride in the front seat ever sents I was 6
The moon Brother
The moon Brother - 3 days ago
I do that stupid I'm 10
Cullin Ward
Cullin Ward - 3 days ago
This guy is dumb
Shadow Gamer
Shadow Gamer - 3 days ago
I know im way late ;-: But umm... Im homeschooled :P
The withered Plushy
The withered Plushy - 3 days ago
In California the age is like 9
rubi clardi
rubi clardi - 3 days ago
just cuz lucy is different doesnt mean shes adopted, because in my real family (not my adopted one) i am different from everyone else. NOTHING in common, its like i dont belong there, but they ARE my real fam you idiot!!
rubi clardi
rubi clardi - 3 days ago
and Lincoln cant date bobbies sister because lori is dating bobbie and lincoln+ronny-ann would be insest if lori marries bobbie lol
rubi clardi
rubi clardi - 3 days ago
im 13 and ive sat in the front seat scince i was 3 bruh. ur so dam pathetic wimp!
Azucena Robles
Azucena Robles - 4 days ago
Yeah but in a episode she finds her grandmother's book
Niyah B
Niyah B - 4 days ago
But only one episode they were all home schooled but gor sick of it
Ari Ragamuffin
Ari Ragamuffin - 4 days ago
I was homeschooled (still sorta in)
Charlotte Emily
Charlotte Emily - 4 days ago
Bro what kind of house did you live in most if not all of these rules are common rules in houses. And some of these aren't even rules just statements
Jesse Coffey
Jesse Coffey - 4 days ago
The eighth? Being in the kind of video this is.
Miika Toonz
Miika Toonz - 4 days ago
Lucy's hair might be dyed because in one episode she got bleach on her hair and the black was gone.
Andrew Erskine
Andrew Erskine - 4 days ago
Lusy just died her hair because she is goth she is not adopted
XFT Spaced
XFT Spaced - 4 days ago
I'm 10
XFT Spaced
XFT Spaced - 4 days ago
You understand it's not your age that lets you sit in the front it's your hight and weight and we're I live you have to be 4 ft 5 and 80 pounds to sit in the front and also I. 10
Markie - 4 days ago
Including Lincoln lo-
Lulibies - 4 days ago
Lucy dyed her hair
Lulibies - 4 days ago
There’s 11 kids 2 adults and 4 pets
It's Jojo Siwa
It's Jojo Siwa - 4 days ago
This channel wants The Loud House to have less fans and he can get more followers u may hate my comment but its the truth wait does anyone ask them selves this question "how does he know all this information" just for a fact I'm not writing for likes but for the truth this video can make other people hate The Loud House but no matter what happens I will still love this comedy show
John Griggs Jr
John Griggs Jr - 4 days ago
This guy is a fucking dumbass its not a rule that they all start with l it's something Nick wanted to do lucy got her hair from her great grandma Even if one of them was adopted that's not a rule he said 12 kids there is actually 11 Sam and Luna and Lincoln and Ronnie -An are together why wouldn't pets be allowed that doesn't make any sense why they wouldn't the moms name doesn't start with an l because she is a loud through marriage all the state's have different laws for passenger seats in California you only need to be 8 and you wouldn't want 10 kids and a baby going crazy in your house either in one episode the princess twin was in homeschool which made the others request to go to homeschool then they all simp!y had to pass their weekly test of they would go to regular school again
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