MONSTER vs ROBOT (best event ever)

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THATkid664 71
THATkid664 71 - 8 hours ago
You live in Australia it’s different in America
SEBASTIAN LECH - 16 hours ago
Literally nobody:
Lazar beam:Can you bring back bottle rockets?
Mr Salmon
Mr Salmon - Day ago
'3am in the morning' Lazarbeam 2019
clean drinking water
is fortnite dead like no
fat boi
fat boi - Day ago
Team Mecha is overrated
Team zombie ftw
Josh Jackson
Josh Jackson - 2 days ago
victory bro
victory bro - 2 days ago
bitch it happened at 4pm
Carly Atkins
Carly Atkins - 2 days ago
chaboyer Plante
chaboyer Plante - 2 days ago
Maybe you woke until at 3:50 because your late
Ali Deniz Oğuz
Ali Deniz Oğuz - 2 days ago
2:58 "DoEs AnYoNe HaS a BoNeR rIgHt nOw Or Is It JuSt Me" ~Lazarbeam 2019
CesDaPro 123
CesDaPro 123 - 2 days ago
Fortnite Time
Fortnite Time - 2 days ago
You should have landed on him when he was going into space
SPC_Galaxy_Lazar GAMING
It’s because Fortnite is made in America
The Angry Blobfish
The Angry Blobfish - 2 days ago
asking from chapter 2 season 1....
where the fuck is the robot???
Jonathan Martinez
Jonathan Martinez - 2 days ago
Of the Rope the name of the robot is Metra team leader
eevee 1021
eevee 1021 - 3 days ago
Caleb Maessen
Caleb Maessen - 3 days ago
Anyone else got Pacific Rim vibes when this event happened?
Hozaifah Farid
Hozaifah Farid - 3 days ago
Fresh be like: wait is it time to sweat?
Derrick Chang
Derrick Chang - 3 days ago
Hey lazarbeam you already said the best event ever on the marshmello one
Soccer Player
Soccer Player - 3 days ago
When he went into solos at the end
Ajdaboss 143
Ajdaboss 143 - 3 days ago
Robot is Gingy sphere is memes sword is fresh stealing kills lol
Eliana Soutar
Eliana Soutar - 3 days ago
Robot & Monster : FiGhTiNg
Lazarbeam : ThE rObOtS aSs iS In tHe WaY
Fresh : (being ignored) :(
Ab Khan
Ab Khan - 4 days ago
Charlie Panting
Charlie Panting - 4 days ago
Alex Ramos
Alex Ramos - 4 days ago
Lazarbeam plz play fortinte with me my username is Aramos885 plz maybe we can play Doues together?
K.C. Games
K.C. Games - 4 days ago
Lazarbeam "it is currently 3AM in the morning"
Me 🤔
SMS TAWASL - 4 days ago
Epoc gaaaaames
Slater Emmerson
Slater Emmerson - 4 days ago
Ariel Campbell
Ariel Campbell - 4 days ago
Brooke Hargreaves
Brooke Hargreaves - 5 days ago
snickers69ss - 5 days ago
Wish the monster was Godzilla 😩 The King Is Once again somewhere I wanted him to be :(
dragon gaming
dragon gaming - 5 days ago
Lazarbeam: can't wait for season 10
Also lazarbeam: f*ck mechs
Carl Wilby
Carl Wilby - 6 days ago
Jackson Cortez
Jackson Cortez - 6 days ago
This event stole so mush from Pacific Rim. :(
melissa lindquist
melissa lindquist - 6 days ago
melissa lindquist
melissa lindquist - 6 days ago
Stevier Clark
Stevier Clark - 6 days ago
mwbc inc. GLITCH verse Creator
Cause for third epic games is American
Rob Rieb
Rob Rieb - 6 days ago
Hi lazarbeam :friend Thomas
Jcgamer PH
Jcgamer PH - 6 days ago
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