SEREBRO - Mi Mi Mi (Official Video)

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Ego Italy
Ego Italy - 4 months ago
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Marcel Pfrendl
Marcel Pfrendl - 5 days ago
Marco Buys
Marco Buys - 7 days ago
This music is me me me me me me
miriam zisa
miriam zisa - 10 days ago
Il mio nome è mimi miriam zisa hahahaha
Lemon4ik f
Lemon4ik f - 10 days ago
6 years later
Mata21K - 17 days ago
Hadi Hadi
Hadi Hadi - 2 hours ago
My favorite song will be forever😂💕Who are you arab (Meeee) 😂😂😂
Los Pibes del 2013: Cheta
Las Boluditas del 2019: Se copian de Momoland
Io: La ropa es gey... Porque sale del closet
Maria Marizeth
Maria Marizeth - 19 hours ago
Maria Marizeth
Maria Marizeth - 19 hours ago
A vós delas é muito linda
Maria Marizeth
Maria Marizeth - 19 hours ago
sPARKLEIIzE - 23 hours ago
I always thought this song is k-pop
agustina ferreira
agustina ferreira - Day ago
amamos esaa cancion
BIGBinger xD
BIGBinger xD - Day ago
who 2019 ?
Samantha Rdgz
Samantha Rdgz - Day ago
Mi mi mi mi mi mi mi mi online 👄👄👄👄👄
HootieTang - Day ago
Melita Rezo
Melita Rezo - Day ago
Glupo je o da mimimi
Adriana Maximo
Adriana Maximo - Day ago
Admit it, we've all heard this song but never knew what it was called
Hasik - Day ago
Тут Рашин люди есть?
Meoow _7
Meoow _7 - Day ago
God I hate this song
El Juan Martínez
El Juan Martínez - Day ago
This song is being in my head for 6 years !!
mundo ecologico
mundo ecologico - Day ago
Mimimi olinpip mimimimi sexy mi kkkkkkkk mimimi onle mimi kkkk watch Fac????
pArK cHiMnEy
pArK cHiMnEy - 2 days ago
Her: **makes this song**
Momoland: Hippity Hoppity you are now my property
CHRISVI 59 - 2 days ago
Maldito video te odio jaja me huele a franco estupet
Lucy 030
Lucy 030 - 2 days ago
This gives me russian vibes idk why😂
ManonFrance - 2 days ago
2019 ?? Maybe 2020 ??
salim tuğ
salim tuğ - 2 days ago
Cradlesout600 - 2 days ago
Why do I see Jeff wearing a flower crown and sunglasses singing and dancing to this song
Роджер Тейлор
Omg somebody remembers creepypаsta
Francesco Sangermano
Francesco Sangermano - 2 days ago
Who is here on december 2019?😂
3fach-Jungsmami - 2 days ago
Our Cats name is Mimi 🤣
甯古 - 2 days ago
Safet Osmic
Safet Osmic - 2 days ago
Why are comments all memes why just why?
AMINA joumana
AMINA joumana - 2 days ago
Tick tick ?
NameUser 12
NameUser 12 - 2 days ago
When she says mi, it sounds like an otomatone
Michael Volpi
Michael Volpi - 2 days ago
This song would also make a good porn montage or compilation. Oh wait!
Michael Volpi
Michael Volpi - 2 days ago
Annoyingly catchy? What do you think?
Like “Call Me Maybe” or “Believe it or Not”
Le Nora UwU
Le Nora UwU - 2 days ago
Its 2AM...
Semih Kılınçkaya
Semih Kılınçkaya - 2 days ago
Hunter Allen
Hunter Allen - 2 days ago
Wow wow lol
Young Blazekean
Young Blazekean - 3 days ago
Kto kurwa normalny przykłada kamery do ryja i śpiewami mi ci w pizdę kościół Elo mordo
Owen {js}
Owen {js} - 3 days ago
Mijn jeugd 😂
Salman Nawaf
Salman Nawaf - 3 days ago
Hernan Pach
Hernan Pach - 3 days ago
Serebro? Cerebro?
tikang 615
tikang 615 - 3 days ago
The song is actually 6 years old wow!
Jose Ruiz
Jose Ruiz - 3 days ago
OMG crei que está canción la cantaba momilan
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