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Screen Junkies
Screen Junkies - Month ago
Which paradox from Endgame is most frustrating?

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Navneet Kashyap
Navneet Kashyap - 4 days ago
Worst was what they did with capatain america. And second worst was ridiculing back to the future.
Dave Smith
Dave Smith - 9 days ago
Five: “Roadhouse” (followed by kick to the face of his opponent), Peter Griffin, Family Guy
daffodil852 - 13 days ago
georockstar09 because then it would create an alternate timeline, the one that was in the movies beforehand with all the stones, and a new one set of movies where they don’t have the stones
daffodil852 - 13 days ago
TrekBeatTK actually it wouldn’t change the future, it would just create an alternate reality.
mikehoncho - 14 days ago
Im currently deployed. We don't have access to a lot of movies. Finally saw Roadhouse on VHS. It would be awesome if you could do Roadhouse. Please and thank you
Major Kira
Major Kira - 11 hours ago
"Sorry kids. You're just not worthy." Father of the year award right there.
thewinterizzy - 11 hours ago
Honestly all accurate.
Joe Elliott
Joe Elliott - 17 hours ago
When spider man left the MCU
Atharva Bhalerao
Atharva Bhalerao - 21 hour ago
You should do a honest trailer on Screen Junkies !
Mike M
Mike M - Day ago
So, the Girl Power Hero Shot with Captain Marvel and the female characters against Thanos... does that make up for Black Widow not getting an action figure? Or is it just more Disney Virtue Signalling?
No Peace
No Peace - Day ago
I love you 2.8 Billion
Benindo - Day ago
1:28 lmao
Syed Hashim
Syed Hashim - Day ago
This trailer shoulda been deeper like Logans.. its dissappointingly blunt
Oswin bricks
Oswin bricks - Day ago
2:54 blue?
Diego Brando
Diego Brando - Day ago
Joker Honest Trailer ?
Shannon King
Shannon King - Day ago
Heck yeah!
Epic voice man did my "I am batman"!
John Z
John Z - Day ago
I’m sorry get rid of the new voice guy please
ritesh agarwal
ritesh agarwal - 2 days ago
I love you 2.8 billion
Ari Slavin
Ari Slavin - 2 days ago
Now let’s just do it again....forever lol
Now you go grab your hammer talk to the red floating guy and you go talk to him lol
Amber Love
Amber Love - 2 days ago
My whole body trembles when he says "ASSEMBLE"
KaiMJ Jackson
KaiMJ Jackson - 2 days ago
Wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff - i love that you said that
Greg Woolner
Greg Woolner - 2 days ago
Rather disappointed you missed the cheap butt joke in the Cap clenching sequence ...
Justin Tilson
Justin Tilson - 2 days ago
Please say; "Can they milk my chinchillas? Please not even!"
Julian Moggia
Julian Moggia - 2 days ago
I need more Cowbell !!!!
The real Venom
The real Venom - 2 days ago
Uhh 2:53 why's there a velociraptor?
ga4coolguy - 3 days ago
I love you 2.8 BILLION
RAY NICHOLS - 3 days ago
thanos: i'll do it myself.... later thanos: bring me the stones. seriously.
RAY NICHOLS - 3 days ago
isnt it strange that they never showed the meeting where all the females planned to team up with the leader who needs no help...
RAY NICHOLS - 3 days ago
when can we get the all female avengers bikini calendar?
The Night Wolf
The Night Wolf - 3 days ago
When you realize Endgame took away one Widow and gave us another at the end of the film 🙃🙃🙃
scott koerner
scott koerner - 3 days ago
Too soon...
Jonathan Cagley
Jonathan Cagley - 3 days ago
I feel like you missed a chance of commenting how the all female team up was too late because the original female Avenger wasn't there
Andrey Kusanagi
Andrey Kusanagi - 3 days ago
Ant-Man going up Thanos' asshole? what kind of sick fucks think of THAT?!? why don't they try having Ant-Man up THEIR asses and see if it's good?!
Ross Larsen
Ross Larsen - 4 days ago
Was Captain America's group therapy worse than his love affair with Bucky or just as bad?
Popinjay - 4 days ago
Hamsa xoxo
Hamsa xoxo - 4 days ago
Smurf311 - 4 days ago
Why is there a dinosaur at 2:53
Madeline._.05 - 4 days ago
He Ded
Dr Holiday
Dr Holiday - 4 days ago
04:07 that one killed me
Brandon Reynolds
Brandon Reynolds - 4 days ago
So cinamasins is taking how long for this?
Nosknut - 4 days ago
Why didnt you pick on the extremely obvious car commercial with Tony and Steve?!
Tony Stark
Tony Stark - 4 days ago
Why 2.8 billion?
BlueFlaca - 4 days ago
I gave up on the Avengers after the Civil War movie and watching this convince me that Avengers isn't good anymore. Sorry, but it's my opinion
Riley Malone
Riley Malone - 5 days ago
Not one word on how forced that girl power scene was? I thought you guys were supposed to be honest
Buff_Bill - 5 days ago
"Bojack Norseman" effin killed me 😂
Khayui Muivah
Khayui Muivah - 5 days ago
Do billions tv series
Jordan Kalmov
Jordan Kalmov - 5 days ago
Turn off auto
Best line on this video XD
Simon Perkins
Simon Perkins - 5 days ago
Winning the lottery. Haha
maxpowers3732 - 5 days ago
0:40 What do you mean life on earth sucks now? Things have never been better! The economy has defied expectations and is on a roll with record low unemployment and huge wage increases across the board. We have access to awesome technology and medicines people 50 years ago never dreamed of and people are depressed? It's not like we live in a socialist country or some kind of 1984 society with the government trying to spy on you and control your life.
Psyrus - 5 days ago
Satisfying conclusion? I could practically hear Deadpool screaming, "LAZY WRITING!".
Osvaldo Pardo
Osvaldo Pardo - 5 days ago
Subtitulame al español papu!!!
Bojan Kis
Bojan Kis - 6 days ago
Henri Riba
Henri Riba - 6 days ago
Matthewzard - 6 days ago
Yay how come cap went to another timeline and never used the time machine to get back yet appears at the end
nelsonta00 - 6 days ago
Hawkeye could’ve saved a few grand if he cancelled his family plan 5 years ago. That’s probably the most tragic thing in the movie.
joseph woody
joseph woody - 7 days ago
Bram Stoker's Dracula Honest Trailer would be tight!
Kevin De Veyra
Kevin De Veyra - 7 days ago
Does anyone notice the raptor at 2:53?
Nrb Clmd
Nrb Clmd - 7 days ago
please say "Avengers: Game Over"
OGSankai - 7 days ago
that was the first movie which was mostly predictible, but I still enjoyed
though a friend of mine didn't really, as I always "spoiled" him with my predictions during the movie and he was convinced, I'd already have seen the movie
blazzee hazzee
blazzee hazzee - 7 days ago
Everything in this trailer is sooo trueee
Josh Gomez
Josh Gomez - 7 days ago
Wait the beloved MCU used time travel to defeat the villain? And people say DC makes bad movies -_- I'm not a fanboy btw
patsmino b
patsmino b - 7 days ago
don't liked.. do it better!
Neo-Xgray87 - 7 days ago
My God, all that effort into making Carol Danvers like she was gonna be a big deal about all this "Girl Power" bullshit in Avengers: Endgame was wasted. Just like her own origins movie, all a huge waste of everybody's time and effort.
Nemanja Kesic
Nemanja Kesic - 7 days ago
Dr. Whu refrence
SealAngel - 7 days ago
Infinity War was better than this.
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