Kevin Gates - Walls Talking [Official Music Video]

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kevingatesTV - 29 days ago
I'M HIM out now:
On tour now:
DESXZARAY PLAYZ - 20 hours ago
"I was young when my mama had me too, i believe we all start out young at birth. 😆
Killa 200
Killa 200 - 20 hours ago
Time to go platinum let’s get em there
Sierra Weaver
Sierra Weaver - Day ago
Yo girlfriend want to fuck bitchs
Lil c Moore
Lil c Moore - Day ago
Love this shit straight gangsta
Frances Marlow
Frances Marlow - 25 minutes ago
Smash the like button if u like right here
Yonnaa TV
Yonnaa TV - 26 minutes ago
I be feeling this song on a whole different level
Frances Marlow
Frances Marlow - 26 minutes ago
This song is on 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯 Kevin gate is back people
CMBeats - Hour ago
That beat tho
Crystal Beach
Crystal Beach - 2 hours ago
I fkn love u Gates 💋
Daniel Fati
Daniel Fati - 2 hours ago
Shit this is a really god song
Daniel Fati
Daniel Fati - 2 hours ago
God song
Jake Grafxtitan
Jake Grafxtitan - 3 hours ago
You're a bitch who thyda play off boosie.
Rockie Hatfield
Rockie Hatfield - 4 hours ago
Please play This at Rockie dewayne Hatfields funeral He's going to get judged before he dies all alone anyway?
Jack Jones
Jack Jones - 4 hours ago
"Learn to focus on myself; now I got tunnel vision"
Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy - 9 hours ago
Kristian Trammel
Kristian Trammel - 9 hours ago
Real shit
Marco Centeno
Marco Centeno - 9 hours ago
Ima big fan
Jay Fly Beatz
Jay Fly Beatz - 10 hours ago
Y’all ain’t catch the army plane r.i.p to everybody that lost there life’s in that crash that’s real for Kevin to shoot a video by the plane that crash
Anthony Murillo
Anthony Murillo - 10 hours ago
Hell yeah Kevin!
ty - 11 hours ago
Kevin is my top 5 dead or alive thank you man no one has hit me like this ever album every mixtape I can feel in my bones . Love live the Luca Brasi
jalen taylor
jalen taylor - 11 hours ago
These Louisiana niggas really killin it rn. Quando, Gates, NBA, Fredo, and Boosie n plies still dropping fire 🔥
youngSemCityChris - 11 hours ago
Heart to big that’s when my loyalty got used against me💯💯💯💯💯💯
phyzics 101
phyzics 101 - 11 hours ago
I just cried listening to this because most of the shit he said I’ve been thru or going thru. ❤️
Draya Herrara
Draya Herrara - 12 hours ago
We needed this whole album! Keep them coming!
Kyle Puffer
Kyle Puffer - 12 hours ago
My loyalty got used against me, that shit happened to me time and time again.. I can really relate to tht
Joan Mirabal
Joan Mirabal - 12 hours ago
Nigga youtube got me fucked up!
It took me a moment to realize what I was listening to.
This is a scam. I'm drunk right now, and I'm out here takingf the time to write this for nigggas
Moe From Da Area Show
Moe From Da Area Show - 13 hours ago
shut the Gates this track is fire!!!!!!!!!!!
Jay Fly Beatz
Jay Fly Beatz - 13 hours ago
I murder my best friend lol wym nelly
godblesschild808 - 13 hours ago
So true hit jail last time was in jail 21 God spoke while in that cell thanks God I have not been back since 21 now almost 40 and preaching all over the world and just got back from vietman and Cambodia.
Cooper Walid
Cooper Walid - 14 hours ago
Good song
Chris Densmore
Chris Densmore - 14 hours ago
Seven years together. We had 4 year old child. That we both raised from start to 4. She just took up and left and said she was tired of my shift basically. I'm no perfect person but damn. This song hits hard. Right now. Just keep hitting replay.
Brittany McNeal
Brittany McNeal - 14 hours ago
"I'll admit it, bein young I made some bad decisions. Heart to big, that's when my loyalty got used against me" 🔥🖤 This shit's therapy 💯
Steven Smith
Steven Smith - 14 hours ago
How hard is to understand that first line combined with the second and you will understand
Chanetta Mitchell
Chanetta Mitchell - 15 hours ago
Gates the truth💯💯💯💯
Carla Black
Carla Black - 16 hours ago
Seem like I can only listen to gates and youngboy nobody else seeing them they got passion pain and a story in every song 💯
Carla Black
Carla Black - 16 hours ago
I swear I'm antisocial I can't make them feel me either gates!! Song make a real nigga shed tears #facts
Carla Black
Carla Black - 16 hours ago
Learned to focus on myself now I got tunnel vision #facts 💯
Adrian Suarez
Adrian Suarez - 17 hours ago
Hit you different when u feel it #breadwinner #Lucabrasi i wish you could come to miami man
Super Mario, the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom
I was young when my mom had me?
patrick gillan
patrick gillan - 18 hours ago
Kevin lost hella weight and he looks super healthy and that’s dope as fuck by far one of my favorite artists
Marilyn Figueroa
Marilyn Figueroa - 18 hours ago
Everytime i listen to this song i get goosebumps. Definitely felt it.💪💯🔥
Worth_The_Weight Tee Vee
Worth_The_Weight Tee Vee - 18 hours ago
This is the music that WE need
Drena George
Drena George - 18 hours ago
I feel like these walls talking to me too but I'm going to rise and shine everyday GOD FIRST THANKFUL ❤️❤️❤️
Steven Smith
Steven Smith - 14 hours ago
Put god first love him before yourself and those arround you including your folks he is a jealous god he want you to put him first and he will give you what your heart desires
Alexander Porter
Alexander Porter - 19 hours ago
You my muthafuckin dog bra. Real shit like toilet water. With all this fake ass babysitting music going around a nigga can depend on you to get a nigga through and focused on that next level. Preciate that bra. And if you ever change up, make sure it's to uplift the game up. Real 2 Real. No muthafuckin question! 1000
Lilah Knight
Lilah Knight - 19 hours ago
I been listening 2 u before u became big, i have ur mixtape songs... Love love love you
Hella Toasted
Hella Toasted - 19 hours ago
I was born at an early age in life too.
DESXZARAY PLAYZ - 20 hours ago
Nobody realised Kevin said "i was young when my mama had me..." 😆 everybody was young when their mother had them @kevin gates.
gare nataucappo
gare nataucappo - 20 hours ago
Kevin gates for president lol
R.W. Mason
R.W. Mason - 21 hour ago
I'm a great friend, just not friendly💯💯🔥
Ricky Williams
Ricky Williams - 21 hour ago
Bruh on God this shit brought me to tears everyday is a battle an I just pray to God that I don't lose mine because I'm fighting the demons in my head from the things I saw as a teenager
cassie cassie
cassie cassie - 21 hour ago
I like✅✅✅✅sounds like good old new shit 😘BAM BAM LOVE YA CASSIECASSIE
Tamk Tank
Tamk Tank - 21 hour ago
In my personal opinion Kevin Gates and Joelle Ortiz are the best hip hop artists and should one day collab on something it would be epic for the culture ijs 😜
Bloody Key
Bloody Key - 21 hour ago
Sick song, sick video clip everything is smooth.
Ashley Perry
Ashley Perry - 22 hours ago
The only part i don't get in this song is.... The first thing he says in the beginning of the song is..... I was young when my momma had me.. I think he messed up with that verse... love the song tho
Marlissa Gobeil
Marlissa Gobeil - 22 hours ago
Mad love and respect for you Kevin !! 💯💯💪💪🖤🖤❤️❤️
Aldaway from Canada Saskatchewan EH!! 😘😘
You've got power and you gonna keep using it yess!! 💯💯💪💪
David Scalf Fishing
David Scalf Fishing - 22 hours ago
Wow this is deep
Jay Goldstein
Jay Goldstein - 22 hours ago
Blasting this for my racist neighbors and they're *triggered* ! 😂😂😂😂🤣
Key Walker
Key Walker - 22 hours ago
Gates an boosie is on 🔥my top 2
Gemini Butterfly
Gemini Butterfly - 22 hours ago
Showed out in da city N.O. love Gates❤❤❤❤❤❤
Gemini Butterfly
Gemini Butterfly - 21 hour ago
@Jay Goldstein thank u jay😘
Jay Goldstein
Jay Goldstein - 22 hours ago
You're beautiful 😍😍😍😍
Play Music
Play Music - 22 hours ago
Base trap uso libre link
CMBeats - 22 hours ago
Who listening in 2019 😂
Lamonte B
Lamonte B - 22 hours ago
He fell down at 1:08🤣🤣🤣
Brady Scott
Brady Scott - 22 hours ago
Super catchy song. Good stuff!
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