Dumbest His Vs. Hers Products (TEST)

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Sophia Olivo
Sophia Olivo - 4 hours ago
8:22 bit made me laugh so much
Nat Costante
Nat Costante - 5 hours ago
this is why I love them.
Nero Seraphim
Nero Seraphim - 6 hours ago
Lol I want heroic dishwasher now
Jennifer Anne
Jennifer Anne - 20 hours ago
The powder 😂😂😂
L Ol
L Ol - Day ago
Tip for the guys who want better hair don’t use 2in 1 the separate shampoo and conditioner helped my hair from being super greasy to nicer and softer
Emily Rose
Emily Rose - Day ago
When the dogs came on I just kept saying “so cute SO CUUUUTTTEEE”
T Bonvie
T Bonvie - 2 days ago
It’s not just for men anymore, it’s just for men and Jenna 😋
Quinn MacDonald
Quinn MacDonald - 2 days ago
I kinda get the wipes because it ladys use wipes one well their lady bits they can get infections and can screw up their ph balance
Melissa Nugent
Melissa Nugent - 3 days ago
Jade and Barbara are so cuuuuuute 😩😘😘
Jakayla Bathie
Jakayla Bathie - 3 days ago
It's just for men and Jenna
sofia_ 102
sofia_ 102 - 4 days ago
i tried to sniff my screen
breetoldyouso - 5 days ago
Hint: if a common product is suddenly gendered and marketed “for women”
It was made and marketed by a man
P.S. These companies need to stop hiking the price up. I don’t need a razor for an extra 3 dollars because it’s pink.
every thing
every thing - 6 days ago
I love these men so much like how greater can they get?
EmptyStoreys13 24
EmptyStoreys13 24 - 6 days ago
No it's just for men and jenna
Burnt Brownie
Burnt Brownie - 6 days ago
Noire. Lace;
Noire. Lace; - 7 days ago
The "man tea" may have some merit to it if herbs for testosterone or male enhancement were added. I highly doubt it though. lol
bambiizled - 8 days ago
men drink more energy drinks-- hah
*i have energy drink coursing through my veins*
Greg Johnson
Greg Johnson - 9 days ago
2:21 That tea turned Link into Dana Carvey!!
The Robloxian
The Robloxian - 10 days ago
Change the intro
amie Barrett-Beckers
amie Barrett-Beckers - 10 days ago
Lol his dogs name is Barbara!😂
AyandaTheGlamorous Ngoloyi
I miss the original GMM intro
Danté Franssens
Danté Franssens - 12 days ago
Well I CAN use a tampon but...
K. L. Goodrich
K. L. Goodrich - 13 days ago
Dad.... I have something to tell you.... *sets down Go Girl Energy and picks up Manner Tea*
fnaf ballots and mangle fnaf girls
What if both
LeoMDK - 15 days ago
I'm so confused ... the first one ... they both got it right, didn't they??? No one's talking about this .... what am I missing?
no im sirius
no im sirius - 8 days ago
The tea they picked wasn't just for girls. It was the normal kind, and the other kind was specifically for men.
Sofa King Erik
Sofa King Erik - 15 days ago
These men love each other deeply
salsa salsa
salsa salsa - 15 days ago
dude wipes? lmaooooo
Hannah Kalter
Hannah Kalter - 15 days ago
Anyone else really love that Barbara almost always has bows? It’s so cute!
Hannah Kalter
Hannah Kalter - 15 days ago
Won’t lie, I love Yogi tea. Their rose teas is amazing
Chrislay_Kay L
Chrislay_Kay L - 16 days ago
The intro had me wheezing 😂
Maximilian Neumann
Maximilian Neumann - 16 days ago
Männer Tee is not a tea marketed towards men its just a flavour / herb blend here xP
Mark - 11 days ago
Maximilian Neumann hmm, what kinda herb are men 🤔
Chance - 16 days ago
Cailin Smith
Cailin Smith - 19 days ago
Quantos Games
Quantos Games - 19 days ago
another Tennessee vid
Emma LeMaster
Emma LeMaster - 21 day ago
13:00. Just watch
Vanlalchhanhima Vanchhawng
When you go to international branded shoe store and the employee said the shoe is for women
Wolverine Spirit
Wolverine Spirit - 23 days ago
8:57 Thank You
ashley marie
ashley marie - 25 days ago
Some of the faces link makes reminds me of Dana Carvey
jamespooh2 - 28 days ago
Honestly I wish we would stop with the gendered packaging, put the scent on the bottle and call it a day
Karina Vernon
Karina Vernon - 28 days ago
13:00 it is 6am and i laughed so hard it woke my sister up
modernwar2ghostrp - 28 days ago
I think it says hero because the brand donates to veteran charities. its okay if you didn't know. it only says it on the front of the bottle XD
Heather Scott
Heather Scott - 28 days ago
I use dude wipes and I’m a girl....
Rose Miriam
Rose Miriam - 29 days ago
The German word for man is Mann
The word for men is männer
JOHNNIE Boyyyz - 29 days ago
The smaller one sounded like Rocky😂🤣
Dee Prest Pleezelpt
Dee Prest Pleezelpt - 29 days ago
Bronny - Month ago
Mad props to the "title card"
Brittany Bailey
Brittany Bailey - Month ago
Because we need a gendered dishsoap
Katie Franklin
Katie Franklin - Month ago
Just for Men and Jenna
Christian boy 420
Christian boy 420 - Month ago
Manner = men
Suzanne H
Suzanne H - Month ago
I remember when Dr Pepper ten made super sexist commercials
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