Dumbest His vs. Hers Products (TEST)

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caro jüng
caro jüng - 3 hours ago
I love yogi tea
Jane Cat
Jane Cat - 19 hours ago
What breed is Jade?
Marionette Studios
Marionette Studios - 3 days ago
Why does it matter? The cashier isn't going to detain you if you're a woman who wants to buy male products.
America Love it Or leave it
I just get what I like. What's so hard about that?
Audrey williams
Audrey williams - 3 days ago
These commercials are sexist
Skye Foreman
Skye Foreman - 5 days ago
In breeding it’s a sire and a damn but idk in another circumstance
so clubo
so clubo - 6 days ago
Just for men.... And jenna
Zevo - 9 days ago
did she say lady monkey butt powder? i dont even know how to respond to that
Jason Moore
Jason Moore - 11 days ago
Such good puppers in their baths!
Hannah Marie
Hannah Marie - 18 days ago
just for men is just for men. and jenna.
Net Cyanide
Net Cyanide - 20 days ago
Yes testing the ONLY 2 GENDER products
Adrienne P
Adrienne P - 21 day ago
If you buy products marketed for women. You will pay more $$$
Sam Ireland
Sam Ireland - 21 day ago
In the uk we have a chocolate bar that's slogan used to be "not for girls", in 2012 they changed it to "mans fuel for man stuff"
FreshPrince ofRP
FreshPrince ofRP - 22 days ago
Who else got worried about a third "leg" with that body powder?
goldenage1978 - 22 days ago
Jade is like: oh boy what are they doing to me now!
Nate B.
Nate B. - 22 days ago
Damn. These guys have some great legs...
DJBATMANGOLD - 22 days ago
You forgot the pronoun for Toasters.
Becca Hatlestad
Becca Hatlestad - 22 days ago
everything is everything. people can use whatever they want. whatever works for you, use it.
Wooden Nickels
Wooden Nickels - 23 days ago
the hero dish soap... what
CanadianIceMoose - 24 days ago
See! There are only 2 genders after all...
XxCactoos_ManxX - 25 days ago
"Can a man use a women's product?"
James Charles: Ya know it girl!
Hannah Billingsly
Hannah Billingsly - 25 days ago
One of my favorite moisturizing lotions is the one my husband got “for men”. It basically just smells like cologne LOL
Mainly Smithey
Mainly Smithey - 26 days ago
This episode was so clunky but I liked it all the same.
Halbchatten Mörker
Halbchatten Mörker - Month ago
this is so ridiculous lololollolololol
Agent Zero 3432
Agent Zero 3432 - Month ago
I'm just here for the dogs =)
M Brown
M Brown - Month ago
Yea I pay every month but forgot my sign in credentials so I never see anything, but I want to. 3rd tier here
ferdonandebull - Month ago
Preparation H Women's Flushable (48 CT) Medicated Hemorrhoid Wipes
48 CT, .65 lbs. Item # 98095
As Pect
As Pect - Month ago
14:16 bottom right dude powder
Toshy McTosharoo
Toshy McTosharoo - Month ago
I think it has to do a lot with how things are scented.
Melody Hedin
Melody Hedin - Month ago
I love the dogs
James Song
James Song - Month ago
Plot twist= Dude wipes are the equivilant of pads and tampons
Arianna and Me
Arianna and Me - Month ago
Spicy Apple
Spicy Apple - Month ago
I like that you guys are against gender marketed things.. makes me happy since i don't understand why people do this-
Spicy Apple
Spicy Apple - Month ago
What do non binary people do?
Lime Pigeon
Lime Pigeon - Month ago
My dogs shampoo smells like Apple pie
min may Ngo
min may Ngo - Month ago
How absurd are these gender stereotypes
Emma Stalnaker
Emma Stalnaker - Month ago
Male dogs are called studs.
BREAD - Month ago
Really, if you go to a store and check the prices for female and male products, you will most likely find that the female products are more expensive than the men's products.
Noel Acosta
Noel Acosta - Month ago
We not gonna ask about they put lady powder on the men part
Ada Kaz
Ada Kaz - Month ago
Tallulah Fuller
Tallulah Fuller - Month ago
Barbaras little hair bows!!!!!
Tala B
Tala B - Month ago
Chai tea is so good.
N0bodySpecial - Month ago
Some gender marketed products have ingredients in them that cater to the PH of the female body or the male body. Such as summers eve or other products like that
Skyfracture - Month ago
What happened to the bob ross energy drink
MCGirl126 - Month ago
this just goes to show that they could, at any time, be filming in their underwear— or even going commando— and nobody would ever know. 😂 luv u guys, y'all r so good at what you do and funny:)
Lava Cakes
Lava Cakes - Month ago
I love Rhett's shirt😂🖤
Kelli Garcia
Kelli Garcia - Month ago
Thank you for tackling sexism through comedy. Bless you
Hunter Meta
Hunter Meta - 2 months ago
The ones with smells makes sense for sure
Angie Malone
Angie Malone - 2 months ago
Because some female male products contain hormones lmao 😂
Xiomara Montero
Xiomara Montero - 2 months ago
I think it strange to think heels were for men a 100 years ago
Hype Strands
Hype Strands - 2 months ago
Do you think girls want to smell like lil yachty or ice mountain all day or smell like roses all day?
Reese’s Pieces
Reese’s Pieces - 2 months ago
It’s just for men... and Jenna
Butt Whole plays
Butt Whole plays - 2 months ago
Not to be dramatic or anything, but I would die for their dogs
Xenon Gwenn
Xenon Gwenn - 2 months ago
Pawie - 2 months ago
*i like heroes*
Joe Luis
Joe Luis - 2 months ago
Sure did tread safely in this vid
Anggebugz !
Anggebugz ! - 2 months ago
**turn away**
*Looks like their jacking xD*
Roguelettuce - 2 months ago
12:18 "yeah Shure"
Bangtan Lover
Bangtan Lover - 2 months ago
"I busted a vlessel" 😂 can't wait to see @youresoloud put THAT in a compilation!!!
thejesster1993 - 2 months ago
What the heck is body powder???
Shreyas Chakravarty
Shreyas Chakravarty - 2 months ago
Why am I the only person who was thinking something else when Link said manner
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