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MrBrent98 - Year ago
Which type of friend are you!? 😂😂 I'm the LATE friend😂
Anthony Medeiros Haddad
Im just like you im always late when i go somewhere
tae tae with suga
tae tae with suga - 5 days ago
I’m the prankster XD
Rachel Ma
Rachel Ma - 8 days ago
2019 anyone?
Nellie Rossiter
Nellie Rossiter - 9 days ago
Cool man
ツEnCika - 9 days ago
I am last type
Lyric Joy
Lyric Joy - Hour ago
HAHAHHAHAHAH IM DEFINITELY THE PRANKSTER!! I mean I don’t do it every day but I always prank ppl lol 🤣
Sian Rigby
Sian Rigby - 3 hours ago
I’m the friend who can’t shut their mouth 😂
Musical_West 07
Musical_West 07 - 5 hours ago
I’m definitely the loud one! Lol!
Ewa Drewniak
Ewa Drewniak - 5 hours ago
Dont cry😿🧑🏽
Georgina Umbridge
Georgina Umbridge - 8 hours ago
I have a friend that i don’t like, i feel so bad about it😬
Koleen Kosmitis
Koleen Kosmitis - 8 hours ago
I’m out of them and I have all of them
Macey Navti
Macey Navti - 10 hours ago
I’m the loud mouth ❤️
Shannon Gill
Shannon Gill - 10 hours ago
I’m the pranker
LighteningGacha :4
LighteningGacha :4 - 11 hours ago
I’m late friend but I’m still a little kid but I’m late to Be awake for bed 🛏,go to school,late to go to bed 🛌
Kristen Jansen
Kristen Jansen - 11 hours ago
I love your videos they are so funny especially when you have that wig on 😂😂
Imagine_XD 123
Imagine_XD 123 - 12 hours ago
My friend is the 1st amd the 3rd one my crush know that i like him beacuse of my friends😂😭😭😭
Max Murphy
Max Murphy - 18 hours ago
I'm the friend nobody likes xD :D :) :| :( :,( D,':
Jewel_Slytherin YT
Jewel_Slytherin YT - 19 hours ago
I'm the emotional friend ;-;
Hilaria González
Hilaria González - 19 hours ago
I am a loud mouth
Hilaria González
Hilaria González - 19 hours ago
Yourubers are my only friends
Edward Papak
Edward Papak - Day ago
I'm the sometimes the one nobody likes when it comes to fortnite because I'm bad at it
dayan Reyes
dayan Reyes - Day ago
I'm the friend who's funny gacha character. They luv mah.
blue gacha
blue gacha - Day ago
Loud one and the sensitive
jaziba_ aesheticsxo
I’m the sensitive/over emotional friend...

BEWARE OF ME, I can get mad TOO!
Leena_ Lve
Leena_ Lve - Day ago
I might be the late one
Nick Carter
Nick Carter - Day ago
What do you mean
The beast On 18
The beast On 18 - Day ago
I am 100% the friend that no one likes
Lan Lan
Lan Lan - Day ago
Well....First Type
Naomi Potter
Naomi Potter - 2 days ago
haha this is super true, i have 5 in my "best friend" group and i am the loud mouth, prankster but everyone else fits at least one of thooose roles
Isaac Moberg
Isaac Moberg - 2 days ago
You are the best
Aleyna Tuncer
Aleyna Tuncer - 2 days ago
I'm the 3rd one😂
It’s Vloger
It’s Vloger - 2 days ago
I am the ladybug one
Rimaz Jumblat
Rimaz Jumblat - 2 days ago
All I love you a lot💜💜💜💜💜
Kittykat maj
Kittykat maj - 2 days ago
I have every single friend...
Taika Lumi
Taika Lumi - 2 days ago

I'm the late friend as u can see
creative miss DIY
creative miss DIY - 2 days ago
I am the one who nobody likes or in other words the the friend that gets bullied. Since I cannot 4 some reason reply to ur comment ( I am talking about Mr Brent98 comment)
Lazer Beam
Lazer Beam - 2 days ago
I’m the friend that talks very loud
Isiah and Neil
Isiah and Neil - 2 days ago
Sensitive friend is the best haha
Cooper Goodge
Cooper Goodge - 2 days ago
I am the friend that no one likes
Angie Gonzalez
Angie Gonzalez - 2 days ago
I'm the loud one 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂
Mdog Mikelson
Mdog Mikelson - 3 days ago
Whatif u don't have friends
pro bobby III
pro bobby III - 3 days ago
Im the late one
Babita Tyagi
Babita Tyagi - 3 days ago
Please buy a new wig
It's too small
Abdelrhman Abdoun
Abdelrhman Abdoun - 3 days ago
Jaiden’s fun lab #animalsquad
The late Friend
Ava Delaney
Ava Delaney - 3 days ago
I’m the mom of my friend group
emma jane
emma jane - 3 days ago
I have every single one of these friends in my friend group and I’m the friend that literally cries or gets upset at everything
هدیه کشفی
هدیه کشفی - 3 days ago
I am late friend too 😂😂
gamer giraffen
gamer giraffen - 3 days ago
Bold of you to assume I have friends
Shayar Muradkhan
Shayar Muradkhan - 3 days ago
Emma: loud / according to her no one likes her except me
Taryn: cry’s over the littlest things / late
Rebeca: prankster
Me:late / clumsy(I know clumsy wasn’t in the video)
Melissa Good
Melissa Good - 3 days ago
I am the sensitive friend
Kristopher Sanders
Kristopher Sanders - 3 days ago
I'm the weird friend that always does weird stuff but it's not weird to me everybody else is not weird but I am for some reason I'm weird
Jason Garza
Jason Garza - 4 days ago
I'm the sensitive friend if my friend killed a spider I will start try pumping his or her heart and back away and blow
Jadden Mendes
Jadden Mendes - 4 days ago
I have all of these friends in my friend group tbh
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