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MrBrent98 - Year ago
Which type of friend are you!? 😂😂 I'm the LATE friend😂
Nica Divina
Nica Divina - Month ago
The friend that blow they're emotions :-)
Julia j Murphy
Julia j Murphy - Month ago
MrBrent98 I am the prankster friend
Tatiana Laffite
Tatiana Laffite - Month ago
I’m the friend that keep their mouth shut 😂🤣
Lena Baginska
Lena Baginska - 4 months ago
MrBrent98 I’m the late one to ❤️❤️❤️🖤🖤🖤🦊🦊🦊
The Stache
The Stache - 6 months ago
Late me too Brent😉
Aruna Popescu
Aruna Popescu - Hour ago
Mostly the late friend+a little bit the prank friend
shiny pancakes
shiny pancakes - 4 hours ago
I am the late friend
BLACK LOIN GAMER - 4 hours ago
I am funny one
WTHstudios - 5 hours ago
I don’t have 6 friends
Lexie Gaming
Lexie Gaming - 13 hours ago
I have all those friends but im not one of these im the kpop fan girl twenty for seven
Airely Pineda
Airely Pineda - 15 hours ago
I am the savage friend from all the friends I have it’s like me and maybe two more friends that are as savage as me
erika piedraa
erika piedraa - 15 hours ago
The funny friend wasn't in this but that's definitely me
Eva Antonenko
Eva Antonenko - 16 hours ago
I'm the late friend
Marissa Smith
Marissa Smith - 22 hours ago
I’m the cutest friend.
Jean m
Jean m - Day ago
The guy who puts you in trouble
I am the prank friend
Alice Seger
Alice Seger - Day ago
You are so cute
Alice Seger
Alice Seger - Day ago
I,m the happy best friend
jan lee
jan lee - Day ago
and im the late friend😅
jan lee
jan lee - Day ago
well i have 2 friends i hate names:praise and nurshaleiya.😠
Steepy Steezy
Steepy Steezy - Day ago
I’m a prankster but if something gone wrong I acting that it was a accident
Priscilla Fakapelea
I'm the late friend😎
Kïtśüńę Çhåń
I’m the “every kind of friend” >:3
Anitra Wells
Anitra Wells - Day ago
Hey Brent you should really do video and Disneyland in the summer
Victoria Jones
Victoria Jones - Day ago
At 1:41 you can see a head outside the window on the right bottom corner😂😂
Amelisa - Day ago
During the video did anybody try to read Brents shirt?
Genevieve Amazeen
Genevieve Amazeen - Day ago
Yeha well that friend that nobody likes, this is what my mom says, Keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer... it hurts a lot to be able to handle them.
KoKoBear396 - Day ago
This isn't in it, but the friend that calls them 24/7 to play roblox
Kim Bushue
Kim Bushue - Day ago
Idk what friend I am but what kind of friend is that everyone wants them to be in the middle of the crowd?????
Loom Creation
Loom Creation - 2 days ago
That loud type of friend is me hahaha
Priyanka Kunwar
Priyanka Kunwar - 2 days ago
SO funny😂😂😂
Talia Blue
Talia Blue - 2 days ago
The 2nd is me 😂😂😂
Manea Tangimai
Manea Tangimai - 2 days ago
Sad friends
JD KS - 2 days ago
2:20 am i the only one who can relate LOL😂
Shadow Gamer
Shadow Gamer - 2 days ago
i love your videos so much you the best
Indiana Dowler
Indiana Dowler - 2 days ago
I'm a big fan😇
Indiana Dowler
Indiana Dowler - 2 days ago
I have a friend that cries a lot too
Alexis Cortes
Alexis Cortes - 2 days ago
im the loud mouth lol
Makina Start
Makina Start - 2 days ago
I have a friend that most of my friend group don’t really like because she is a super drama queen 👸🏻
Geekynerd 1548
Geekynerd 1548 - 2 days ago
I'm the loud mouth 😂
Denae King
Denae King - 2 days ago
I’m all of them but the last 1
Kaylie Verschore
Kaylie Verschore - 2 days ago
i am a crazy type of friend really
The Black Nike
The Black Nike - 3 days ago
I'm The Prankster friend
im the annoying frind that nobody likes
Unlimited possibilities
Im always the prankster
Graham Baker
Graham Baker - 3 days ago
A kind friend
Olivia Suarez
Olivia Suarez - 3 days ago
The last 4
Amanda Bill
Amanda Bill - 3 days ago
I honestly think I am the friend that no one likse
Mei Mei
Mei Mei - 3 days ago
I'm the one that no one likes.....
Peter Van Winkel
Peter Van Winkel - 3 days ago
The funny one
Adina Meadows
Adina Meadows - 3 days ago
All my friends are shy so i don't have a loud mouth to deal with
Courtney Gustafson Moisio
im the loud one
Emilie Lanquetot
Emilie Lanquetot - 3 days ago
It’s sadie
Emilie Lanquetot
Emilie Lanquetot - 3 days ago
I have a friend that no one likes
Emilie Lanquetot
Emilie Lanquetot - 3 days ago
I don’t have a sensitive friend
Emilie Lanquetot
Emilie Lanquetot - 3 days ago
I dont have a mocher friend
Emilie Lanquetot
Emilie Lanquetot - 3 days ago
I dont hav a prankster friend
Ericson Cantos
Ericson Cantos - 3 days ago
My friend before when i just say he not my friend he is gonna cry or if i tell someone his crush he cries that why i tell him he is gay
Elizabeth Richmond
Elizabeth Richmond - 3 days ago
I AM the smart one
Caleb Horne
Caleb Horne - 3 days ago
the late one
Shadow - 3 days ago
Every one likes you
ngametua maurangi
ngametua maurangi - 3 days ago
I'm the prankster and sneaky friend
Aoife McNamara
Aoife McNamara - 3 days ago
1:42 did any1 else notice the head in the corner of the window😂
Sanchee Jagdale
Sanchee Jagdale - 2 days ago
Sanchee Jagdale
Sanchee Jagdale - 2 days ago
To catch the wallet right
Rosemarie Smith
Rosemarie Smith - 3 days ago
I'm the one no one likes 😭
Emilija Emilija
Emilija Emilija - 3 days ago
Ai em di laud mauf
dana magana escobar
dana magana escobar - 3 days ago
I m the late friend 😂 and somethimes the friend that shut up 😂and i push they in bad situation 😂😂
Wingman 111 subs
Wingman 111 subs - 3 days ago
I had 3 already the
The eater
And the cheater
Summer Prout
Summer Prout - 3 days ago
Oh I’m the quiet one in class and a little louder out side
Summer Prout
Summer Prout - 3 days ago
I have a friend that’s vary emotional at bad times
danna Mlg
danna Mlg - 3 days ago
Who else saw one of the Stokes twins heads at 1:41 bottom right corner ??😂😂😂😂
Edit: one of them was their to catch Brent 's wallet after he threw it out the window
Lia Winkelmann
Lia Winkelmann - 3 days ago
THATS my best friend (all things)🤣
Gunvir Canada
Gunvir Canada - 4 days ago
I'm the late friend to I'm always late 😁😂
Denis Manaila
Denis Manaila - 4 days ago
I'm the gamer friend lol
I’m the lonely one that gets bullied
Grace Byrne
Grace Byrne - 4 days ago
When you said the loud mouth friend I thought you meant they chew really loudly
kapahaka williams
kapahaka williams - 4 days ago
At my school I am a girl I had I girl group I had 7 best friends and my best best like BFF we are the happy one and yeah and I miss her she live I Kawerau I giesborn k bye
Jasmine Simone
Jasmine Simone - 4 days ago
One time a butterfly died and she started crying
Lauren Tucker
Lauren Tucker - 4 days ago
I am the prankster with my friends
Crafty Galaxy Turtle
Crafty Galaxy Turtle - 4 days ago
I have a friend that my group doesn’t like... I’m not gonna say the name tho...
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith - 4 days ago
i'm the friend that know one likes it's mainly because i have no friend what so ever
Eliza Evans
Eliza Evans - 4 days ago
Im the loud mouth of my friends and i love your video's
catmina111 - 4 days ago
I'm da loude mouth
Ootie !
Ootie ! - 4 days ago
You should put Masion in more of your videos
Isa Bella
Isa Bella - 4 days ago
I'm the late friend😂
Reese Mathis
Reese Mathis - 4 days ago
Fortunata Naber
Fortunata Naber - 5 days ago
I have these friends
Gacha Star
Gacha Star - 5 days ago
I’m all of them mixed together
Espically the late one
Benicia Ntivu
Benicia Ntivu - 5 days ago
Alex please can you be my boyfriend because you are so hansom please because you are so funny and I want to be your boyfriend please
Eva Munce
Eva Munce - 5 days ago
The stokes twins were wearing riverdale hoodies
Angel Ness
Angel Ness - 5 days ago
I don’t have friends.....

Really McCrayCray
Really McCrayCray - 5 days ago
The Stoke Twins wearing Riverdale
Jill Astill
Jill Astill - 5 days ago
You are the best 🤩
Winston Callender
Winston Callender - 5 days ago
im the popular friend #WINSTON!!!
Sharky YT
Sharky YT - 5 days ago
potato corn
potato corn - 5 days ago
4:50 brents voice tho
Acadea Jones
Acadea Jones - 5 days ago
I am a friend who is always loud and crazy
neymarplayzMC - 5 days ago
I'm not gonna lie I am going to be honest I am late to school every day I am early only when my brother misses the bus
neymarplayzMC - 5 days ago
I'm also aggressive no one can mess with me
neymarplayzMC - 5 days ago
I'm super sensitive so I'm the sensitive friend
Laura Highbaugh
Laura Highbaugh - 5 days ago
Mr.Savage - 5 days ago
I mean I love your videos
CRYSTAL THE COOL - 5 days ago
Ummmmmm The type of friend I am IP is the crazy friend and emotional friend
Lexi Mohammed
Lexi Mohammed - 5 days ago
claire Horeth
claire Horeth - 5 days ago
my best friend is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sensitive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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