I Love You All the Time - Florence + the Machine ft. the Maccabees (Eagles of Death Metal Cover)

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Jô Moura
Jô Moura - Month ago
De todos os cover que eu já ouvi, essa para mim é a melhor.
Lacy Gorman
Lacy Gorman - 2 months ago
Love you all the time too!💜
upsidedownllama - 2 months ago
Better than the original, but doesn’t even come close to KoL’s cover. Nothing ever will 🤙🏼
Robert Iaccarino
Robert Iaccarino - 2 months ago
Beautiful meaning; thanks for covering this
Uddipta Bhaskar
Uddipta Bhaskar - 5 months ago
Imagine Dragons cover is better imo.
Alex Fleming
Alex Fleming - 6 months ago
I dont care much for florence, love the maccabees. This cover works very well.
NotDeadEcho - 10 months ago
Oh my God this is fantastic, Flo never fails to floor me. Love hearing her sing outside of her "normal" stuff. Thanks for this.
Eduardo Quiñonez
Eduardo Quiñonez - Year ago
Good cover lml
Storm Trooper
Storm Trooper - Year ago
I am french and hearing Florence sing in french is just magical to me
Officer Blaze of the Stormcloaks
This is just an opinion, and I know I'm late to all of this, but I like the Imagine Dragons version better. :P
Alessandra Thais
Alessandra Thais - Year ago
Que obra de arte
Marissa Jurado
Marissa Jurado - Year ago
This song! Speaks to my soul! So much love for it!
bring it on
bring it on - Year ago
Her french accent is pretty good.
Pop Tart
Pop Tart - 2 years ago
Chelsea Wolfe version is good too
Bellatrix Lestrange
Bellatrix Lestrange - 2 years ago
love you all the time
Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh oh oh
Oh oh, oh oh, ah
[Verse 1]
I'm never alone, I look at my phone
If I call you up, you're never at home
I love you all the time
I'm fueled up and high, I'm out with the guys
A smile on my face, no reason to cry
I love you all the time
I can tell by that look in your eye
You're looking and all you see's another guy
I can tell you're going to take your love away
I can tell by that look in your eye
You're looking and all you see's another guy
I would beg you if I thought it would make you stay
[Verse 2]
Ce soir c’est le soir
Et toi avec moi
Et tu viens me voir
Tu viens, oh la la
I love you all the time
Tu ne réponds pas
Ah dites-moi pourquoi
Just say au revoir
Again me voilà
I love you all the time
And I can tell by that look in your eye
You're looking and all you see's another guy
I can tell you're going to take your love away
I can tell by that look in your eye
You're looking and all you see's another guy
I would beg if I thought it would make you stay
I would beg if I thought it would make you stay
I would beg if I thought it would make you stay
Ah dites-moi pourquoi
Ah dites-moi pourquoi
Ah dites-moi pourquoi
Tina Tika
Tina Tika - 2 years ago
Thank you for sharing this excellent version.
Chloé Pierrard
Chloé Pierrard - 2 years ago
Yesterday there was a concert or Eagle of Death Metal on the TV and I realized this song was not from Florence. Florence is so talented that I thought this song was hers
Drgonzo2005 - 3 years ago
nowhere as good as The Dean Ween Groups cover, Even EODM said it was their favorite. but keep up the hard work & maybe one day you'll be as good. ✌
Miqueias C. Adebal
Miqueias C. Adebal - 3 years ago
Florence eu escolhi te amar
Philz H
Philz H - 3 years ago
In the beginning Florence sounds just like Curie from Fallout 4. That's a good thing!
Anca Peterfi
Anca Peterfi - 3 years ago
As always, Florence is perfection !
Lichi - 3 years ago
The song totally fits Florence
BATTLETEETH - 3 years ago
well done.
Leidiane Fonseca
Leidiane Fonseca - 3 years ago
The Chainsmokers feat. Florence Welch
seria meu sonho :-)
Paul Croasdale
Paul Croasdale - 3 years ago
I think hearing this version 1st has ruined the other covers! Though good none come close to florence! brilliant and unique as ever!
sn3k - 3 years ago
I don't know, the Imagine Dragons cover is REALLY good. I love this one, but Imagine Dragons has a softer, lighter atmosphere that I think goes well with this song. Both covers are definitely better than the original though!
iSwaze_ VFX
iSwaze_ VFX - 3 years ago
omg 9 disliks ?!
Sara - 3 years ago
This may be my favorite version amongst other covers... I think it shows respect towards France bc her french is quite good at least ^^ And Flo's voice matches perfectly with the Maccabees singer's
zhenyilani - 2 months ago
She also used to date one of the Macabees
Vinícius Pádua
Vinícius Pádua - 3 years ago
robert j hanson
robert j hanson - 3 years ago
I first heard this on the radio, then came to YouTube to check out all the different versions. I like this version the best, even better than the EODM original! Florence's vocal is superb and the arrangement rocks!
WildFreedoom - 3 years ago
Totally amazing! It's the first song which I added to my 2016 music playlist. Listening it non-stop!
YardJock - 3 years ago
killed it
Alex Bertran
Alex Bertran - 3 years ago
Its fantastic! A great tribute to the ones that lost their lives!
Garance Parmentier
Garance Parmentier - 3 years ago
I think this song is absolutely wonderful. Florence's voice is fantastic, as always, but have you listened to Orlando's harmonies? They're FRECKING BRILLIANT. Love The Maccabees, love Florence Welsh, love this charity and love in general. That's what we need, right now.
William Steeves
William Steeves - 3 years ago
JP Dekester
JP Dekester - 3 years ago
Merci Florence de l'avoir joué à Paris, c'était magique
FlowEchelon - 3 years ago
She sang it live yesterday *___* and the Maccabees joined them! It was amazing !!
Cassandre Damiens
Cassandre Damiens - 3 years ago
Cassidy Moore
Cassidy Moore - 3 years ago
I love this so much
Paulo Ricardo
Paulo Ricardo - 3 years ago
Tudo o que essa mulher faz é divino. DEUSA!
Anto Fauro
Anto Fauro - 3 years ago
i love f+tm but Imagine Dragons cover is waaaaaay better
abjorob - 3 years ago
Adam Taylor
Adam Taylor - 3 years ago
Maccabees brought me here
Shane P
Shane P - 3 years ago
like this better than her new album.
Tatiana Costa
Tatiana Costa - 3 years ago
Florence eu te amo
Keren A
Keren A - 3 years ago
Awesome cover! Truly beautiful!
Elena Luporini
Elena Luporini - 3 years ago
I adore F+TM with my whole heart, but what is this? I love that the band want to do something for charity, their intentions are admirable... But the song is so far from what I expect them to do, where is the typical F+TM sound? I know it's a cover, but I have to admit I really dislike it. The only nice bit is the first three seconds, as Flo is probably the cutest being on Earth. Peace and love.
larisa goron
larisa goron - 3 years ago
+alexf02071999 No really. This sounds almost identical to the original other than the fact that it's a female singer. Florence did a great job and still made it sound her own even though it's a cover. It's for charity for Christ's sake, not her own record. Can't someone pay tribute without being criticized about their song of choice?
alexf02071999 - 3 years ago
+Rrose Sélavy Considering it's a cover in order to pay tribute to the victims of a massive terrorist attack, you're being just a tad harsh.
Elena Luporini
Elena Luporini - 3 years ago
+루이 Oh no, dear, I wasn't talking about you... I meant those people who called me a "moron" or told me to "get a life" just because I expressed my opinion! I respect your taste, but I'm afraid I don't share it.
Elena Luporini
Elena Luporini - 3 years ago
+루이 Sorry but that doesn't make much sense. I dislike ONE F+TM cover, not all of them. I have nothing against the band performing songs by other artists (You've Got The Love is a cover, Girl With One Eye was written by Flo's ex boyfriend, etc...), but I am objective enough to say whether I like their covers or not. Do I like Not Fade Away? Yes I do, because it sounds great to my ears. Do I like I Love You All The Time? No I don't, because it doesn't sound good to my ears. It's not that difficult, it's called my own taste in music - and I find it really rude that I get mocked for it.
Steve Cowdry
Steve Cowdry - 3 years ago
+Rrose Sélavy Sorry - get a life.....
lil hog
lil hog - 3 years ago
This sounds beautiful, but I think they may have changed the lyrics a bit. I'm almost certain that 1:09 was originally "I can tell by that look in your eye, the kind of look that roams around and sees another guy."
The wordplay in that was one of my favorite parts of the original, but I'm definitely not complaining; this is a gorgeous cover.
T. T.
T. T. - 3 years ago
Florence never needed autotune.. But if you were ever curious how it would sound, this is your song. I love you all the time ❤️🌎
Backsland - 3 years ago
Okay I'm dying, bye bye.
Pro7Sauce - 3 years ago
Such a beautiful out pouring!
Dulce Avelino
Dulce Avelino - 3 years ago
perfect!!!! ❤
Andrea Guzman
Andrea Guzman - 3 years ago
Andrea Guzman
Andrea Guzman - 3 years ago
Gabriela Gomez
Gabriela Gomez - 3 years ago
The Maccabees 💙
fairy - 3 years ago
this is a dream come true honestly
Will Pereira
Will Pereira - 3 years ago
melhor cantora
Léondine Hudson
Léondine Hudson - 3 years ago
Une voix enchanteresse. Et des paroles en français qui donnent des frissons. Red Goddess ❤
Evexg - 3 years ago
This made my day!
william - 3 years ago
TWO DISLIKES ??? please donate your ears to science ...they obviously aren't doing you any good
Luan Pinheiro
Luan Pinheiro - 3 years ago
Brazucas aqui ohh
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