I Turned My Hair Into A Hot Wheels Track

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Ping Quana
Ping Quana - 3 hours ago
Never have I ever made my hair into a hot wheels track.
Claire Alcorn
Claire Alcorn - 12 hours ago
The first half is like Jojo Swia’s ponytail tutorial
Jennie Franklin
Jennie Franklin - Day ago
At 2:40 julien did it to us and nobody noticed!!
Nikki G
Nikki G - Day ago
Freakin dope! I need to do this for my son!!!
jager watson
jager watson - Day ago
Julien: off the table.
the big one
the big one - Day ago
So what did you do over the weekend
Me with a hot wheel car in my hair : I don't know
Pastel Baby
Pastel Baby - Day ago
Please do your entire head like this
MikaelaElle - Day ago
Take it to the next level with a full hot wheels track out of hair extensions...
Meghan Orelli
Meghan Orelli - Day ago
Um Jenna u are dressed causal u are supposed to have only have 3 looks 3 looks 3 looks
Snorri Ö.K.
Snorri Ö.K. - Day ago
Use egg whites instead.
Sam Holder
Sam Holder - 2 days ago
I love how Jenna has achieved "do anything" status. I'm here for it.
VictoriaTay1 - 2 days ago
Jenna makes me laugh so much😂😂😂😂😂
hundreds of tears
hundreds of tears - 2 days ago
kermit is such a unique soul
Alana Capano
Alana Capano - 2 days ago
that was possession
any ghost can do that in less than one lesson
mrtiff - 2 days ago
This is the dream adult childhood
Georgia Kwiatkowski
Georgia Kwiatkowski - 2 days ago
Why do Jenna’s hairspray bottles look like the scream containers from Monsters Inc?
Kylan Higgs
Kylan Higgs - 2 days ago
You're hair is so long and pretty!
Krow - 2 days ago
Now you have to make your hair into dog stairs.
georgenia Neves
georgenia Neves - 2 days ago
You should make a wig cap out of fake nails
Jessica A White
Jessica A White - 2 days ago
This content is so good and wholesome #dudeperfect
Austin Morris
Austin Morris - 3 days ago
Goodbye Spider-Man
Cynthia Waller
Cynthia Waller - 3 days ago
Maddie Blue
Maddie Blue - 3 days ago
i was really expecting to see myself in the mirror when he turned it around
Mac K
Mac K - 3 days ago
I'm not allowed to watch too many jenna marbles videos at once because I will lose all control and shave my entire head
Kendra K
Kendra K - 3 days ago
When Julien said you were perfection 🥰❤️😍 that was the sweetest thing EVER!
Michael Gaffney
Michael Gaffney - 3 days ago
She should have supported the bottom of the track on the table or something that would have helped alot
Garden dehumor
Garden dehumor - 3 days ago
can she make a headfull of hot wheel race tracks??
Alan L. Parrish
Alan L. Parrish - 3 days ago
It's a Virgo thing lol. If we don't succeed on something, we'll keep tweaking things abs adjusting them till we get it! Virgos rule yo!
Tyler Litchford
Tyler Litchford - 3 days ago
oh my god. 🤣
Sleeper Cell
Sleeper Cell - 4 days ago
Havnt watched this chick in almost 10 years. Jeez she got old.
Mildred R
Mildred R - 4 days ago
I remember when Jenna made her video on how to look hot , I was in middle school then , now I’m in college; I feel old man
Garfield Boris
Garfield Boris - 4 days ago
This video hits different when drunk 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Dani Luna
Dani Luna - 4 days ago
why was this so funny
Christianna Grazzini
Christianna Grazzini - 4 days ago
I can’t wait to tell my kids that back in my day we watched videos of some 33 year old lady make a hot wheels track out of her own hair. Ah good times
Bognar Evelin
Bognar Evelin - 4 days ago
7:49 Jenna when she wins an award
Kelly Kling
Kelly Kling - 4 days ago
7:28 is the energy we need to enter 2020 with
Seek The Truth
Seek The Truth - 4 days ago
The poor dog was wanting outside and he was also hungry.
Tali Erickson
Tali Erickson - 4 days ago
"i need you to do me a favour and just look in the mirror real quick ok. that? that is what perfection looks like"
Maggie Hansen
Maggie Hansen - 5 days ago
Hair goals😍😍 her hair looks so damn beautiful
Na Go
Na Go - 5 days ago
Amanda Sortman
Amanda Sortman - 5 days ago
Loving the Nutcracker music 🎄🌸
Kaci's kool Productions
At 3:36 when he put the mirror up I expected to see myself and got legitimately nervous
Lil Misfortune
Lil Misfortune - 5 days ago
Other Youtubers: *getting in scandles*
Jenna: *making her hair into a hot wheels track*
fick dich
fick dich - 5 days ago
The dogs loving the hot wheels 😂😂😂😂😍
SheepZebrafly - 5 days ago
& this is why 10 years later I still watch Jenna 😂😂
She’s just doing what she loves and wants & doesn’t give a sheeeet about what anyone else thinks 😍
Joes Did
Joes Did - 5 days ago
Wow Jenna’s aged over the years
Acadia Lightner
Acadia Lightner - 5 days ago
Jenna should do liberty spikes in her hair they’d be so big
Erika Halligan
Erika Halligan - 5 days ago
The pure joy in slow mo!😂❤️❤️
Sierra S.
Sierra S. - 5 days ago
i want you to get extensions and make a full loop
Christina Ancone
Christina Ancone - 5 days ago
Lemon Lord
Lemon Lord - 6 days ago
The side view of Jenna laughing in slow mo looks like flash the sloth
purplechicken86 - 6 days ago
Kinda pissed I didn't realise Julien did it to 'em the first time I watched this
Riley Benns
Riley Benns - 6 days ago
“WeRe DuDeS anD WeRe PerFeCt.”
Michelle Sanderson
Michelle Sanderson - 6 days ago
The car you have at the beginning of the video that cars wheels glow in the dark you have to charge them under light
Windy S
Windy S - 6 days ago
when you first stopped blow drying and seen the progress your eyes lit up lol
LilactheRuevet - 6 days ago
your content fuels life
Aemulus - 6 days ago
Jenna is the most beautiful human being I have ever seen I would walk a mile over broken glass just to meet her
Would definitely bang Julien but I think he's the same age as me if not a touch older and I know he's into his older people :^)
Aemulus - 6 days ago
Who the fuck is dude perfect
SerpentMythos - 6 days ago
Jenna out here living her best life. Proud of her.
Karl Warner
Karl Warner - 6 days ago
2:42 that’s what she said
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