1 Laugh = $1000

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Lui Monta
Lui Monta - 2 hours ago
The beginning was good but everyone else. Man y’all whack, racist, unoriginal and what’s up with these dumb penis jokes
Paul Cauchois
Paul Cauchois - 10 hours ago
this is like simon cowell disrespecting some nice people
Angad Bhatia
Angad Bhatia - 12 hours ago
If Ethan hosted this, He would go bankrupt in seconds..
ツiiFdvs - 15 hours ago
Omg call me joejoe
Locust RDM
Locust RDM - 16 hours ago
19:16 r yo wankin?
Locust RDM
Locust RDM - 16 hours ago
19:29 * mb ma brotha
Threxos - 19 hours ago
dollars in the title and pounds in the thumbnail
Noor kanamat
Noor kanamat - 20 hours ago
Nah, the dude at 8:35 ''I'm not funny'' bruh I'm dying
yerp. - 21 hour ago
10:10 misfits podcast lookin ass. Unoriginal lookin ass.
Wavvy gaming
Wavvy gaming - 22 hours ago
xSoporific - Day ago
Fernando Moya
Fernando Moya - Day ago
Yyaaa yeee that was so fucking bad that it made it good...🧐
Bro is that was me I would just fart he will Laugh 😂😂
TheDimondBow// TLB
TheDimondBow// TLB - Day ago
Benji dewy
Benji dewy - Day ago
7:35 is the best
Shadowmangaming Swager
whats his discord
Spectify - 2 days ago
the conclusion is that british people arent funny
William Pickthall
William Pickthall - 2 days ago
Look at 29:56
R3R1 - 2 days ago
7:55 what is that bottle of Johnson cream doing back there
Jens Holmström
Jens Holmström - 2 days ago
i just ate my keyboard
Thunderkic2005 - 2 days ago
So many Shane Dawson jokes ffs
Pman plays
Pman plays - 2 days ago
ksi amozen card
Korbin Amaya
Korbin Amaya - 2 days ago
You out a little boooogie in it
- mostrandomnerd
- mostrandomnerd - 2 days ago
funny community :|
WINSTON MOSCOW - 2 days ago
Damn some people... if i was that unfunny i would kill myself
WINSTON MOSCOW - 2 days ago
If 999 people dont make me laugh the last one gets 1k..yea thats not how it goes
feanboy - 2 days ago
Everyone trying their best no succes
That one guy:vik touches kids, succes
Shadow - Day ago
you: trying to spell success, no succes
feanboy - 2 days ago
Logan paul belike GIVE ME MORE MONEY
Ksi belike here take some money (thats why ksi is better)
feanboy - 2 days ago
When i ksi laugh i laugh to
Niamh McNamee
Niamh McNamee - 2 days ago
2nd guy was just mean hawhaw
José Torres
José Torres - 2 days ago
8:22 had me dead😂😂😂😂
Bluzxr - 2 days ago
is it bad 26:34 made me laugh LOL
bust dooms
bust dooms - 2 days ago
19:29 couldn't wait after hearing the shane dawson's joke
Solomon Gorringe
Solomon Gorringe - 3 days ago
i feel the times he got the money wrong is when he cut out him laughing
DepressedChurro - 3 days ago
lol he got the water bottle joke from reddit
OTB _drawer
OTB _drawer - 3 days ago
25:09 was Lokey I think
Riv Swagga
Riv Swagga - 3 days ago
i love jj and he is my favorite youtuber but it seems like he hates his fans
RubenInGames - 3 days ago
HurtsXs - 3 days ago
there's no difference in him laughing once at the end, or him laughing at every joke.
He would still lose the same amount of money lol.
Illuminated - Day ago
If he ends the video without laughing he keeps the money
Sienna Hale
Sienna Hale - 3 days ago
Just Basix
Just Basix - 3 days ago
12:17 the guy was just a huge fan bro. Respect him. He cracked under pressure. You’re spreading negativity:(
FCB striker
FCB striker - 3 days ago
roses are red
strawberries are too
i got blocked
good news to you
Dhruv Mannan
Dhruv Mannan - 3 days ago
Ksi reaction was funnier than the jokes!
wesco - 3 days ago
Hello pilot of boeing 1743 and we need an emergency landing in your forhead jj
KavinAnimations - 3 days ago
Could've just put a compilation of Dax telling that his a janitor😂😂😂
Daves Art Book
Daves Art Book - 3 days ago
I like a racist joke as much as the next white guy but a lot of this was just disgusting
Milan - 3 days ago
Justus Fischer
Justus Fischer - 3 days ago
1000th comment
Gregor Sepp
Gregor Sepp - 3 days ago
13:32 got me🤣🤣
Connor packer
Connor packer - 3 days ago
Vik Touch’s Kids
poopdy Pop
poopdy Pop - 3 days ago
Wow jj is kinda of a Ass
Tanzim Hoque
Tanzim Hoque - 4 days ago
7:37 is the end of the video
Brandon Solorzano
Brandon Solorzano - 4 days ago
I can make him laugh
p5ych official
p5ych official - 4 days ago
13:32 this had me dying
Bo Spanjers
Bo Spanjers - 4 days ago
24:16 hahahahahahha
Anthony Vasquez
Anthony Vasquez - 4 days ago
How do u get all the Muslim out of Europe. Run with a goat to the Middle East
L U M B A N G O - 2 days ago
Anthony Vasquez comedy god
Nando De Jong
Nando De Jong - 4 days ago
Why does Vic loves clocks?
Because his favorite ages are on it.
deadpool1020 4
deadpool1020 4 - 4 days ago
Stop being mean omg
deadpool1020 4
deadpool1020 4 - 4 days ago
Why is Ksi soo mean
Lil Boy
Lil Boy - 4 days ago
Ur so mean to them when U don’t laugh
SniperLyfe267 - 4 days ago
8:20 the funniest thing ever cracked me up man
cute cumber
cute cumber - 4 days ago
24:08 uhhh what is he doing with his hand???
OG Sobiesiak
OG Sobiesiak - Day ago
cute cumber lol I was thinking the samething
Naruto _ Kun
Naruto _ Kun - 4 days ago
90% Shit Shane Dawson memes 10% quoting other shit memes, get original.
bread man
bread man - 4 days ago
If I hosted this video I would've lost all my money
DylanBM - 5 days ago
The “what song does Shane Dawson play to his cat” joke was fucking hilarious😂🤣
swagger cracker
swagger cracker - 5 days ago
Nawaz Ayube
Nawaz Ayube - 5 days ago
28:48 the 620 and 630 one it sounds like the same dude
Voodoochyle - 5 days ago
Dax is better
Dan Goalkeeping
Dan Goalkeeping - 5 days ago
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Ithink you came here
For 13:32
Nitro FN
Nitro FN - 4 days ago
Artsy Kid
Artsy Kid - 5 days ago
flying immortal
flying immortal - 5 days ago
Fortnite.edits_jesse - 5 days ago
His laugh is like a clown or something
V1K1NG - 5 days ago
These made me laugh so damn much
Mr200710 L
Mr200710 L - 5 days ago
Endless Possibilities
Rulfs LV
Rulfs LV - 5 days ago
I would say logan paul is good at boxing
I Am Nellat
I Am Nellat - 6 days ago
Tareq Younis
Tareq Younis - 6 days ago
Title of video: 1 Laugh = $1000........ Less than 200 dollars where given. 28 minutes of wasted time? I think so.
Icydreaded - 6 days ago
There are a bunch of racist idiots in his discord... and I am white and even I thought it was way to racist and not funny
Kibzy - 6 days ago
He probably laughed at $420
Clan SH3ILD - 6 days ago
7:45 Shane Dawson ?
the pillow
the pillow - 6 days ago
If shane dawson fucked his cat

He smashed that pussy...?
Kizuhara Leo
Kizuhara Leo - 6 days ago

man: tha ass is 2 legit
merlin puhr
merlin puhr - 6 days ago
7:40 This is how many people laughed at this
The Orochi
The Orochi - 6 days ago
7:42 Anyone familiar with this? XD
Camila T.
Camila T. - 7 days ago
There's like no women here lmao
Bet you guys don't know why
Mohamed Alsaeedi I محمد السعيدي
Camila T. Idk why
Kingbutternubs Jr.
Kingbutternubs Jr. - 7 days ago
8:11 is that a pun?
Neil Sangani
Neil Sangani - 7 days ago
Neil Sangani
Neil Sangani - 7 days ago
CCB Muffinz
CCB Muffinz - 7 days ago
19:31 that’s all i’m going to say
First name Last name
First name Last name - 7 days ago
Sema Adnan
Sema Adnan - 7 days ago
26:35 😂
Pablo - 7 days ago
Wow, scary how many people in this video are racist cunts.
Beatbox Blast
Beatbox Blast - 8 days ago
7:42 hands down funniest part
LuXe_ hbello
LuXe_ hbello - 8 days ago
16:32 😂😂😂🤣
Omgurafi - 8 days ago
So many Shane Dawson, Logan Paul and stolen jokes
Julian Baho
Julian Baho - 8 days ago
Are u juice world
Kekonutz - 8 days ago
Relax jj... 11:47
Jordan Gallagher Jordan
I’d be so bad at this I laughed at pretty much all of them😂😂😂
Spencer Swart
Spencer Swart - 8 days ago
That was boring
What shit jokes...
Koolco - 9 days ago
10:05 ksi admits Logan Paul’s a better YouTuber than him 🤦‍♂️
JT3501/: - 7 days ago
Yaah, it was pretty funny
JT3501/: - 7 days ago
Yaah it was pretty funny
Orlando Oliva
Orlando Oliva - 9 days ago
I just fucked a pregnant bitch I think I had a threesome
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