3 True Scary Walmart Horror Stories

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Madeline Wyman
Madeline Wyman - Hour ago
the fist story was freaky i would of called the police
Curtis Collins
Curtis Collins - 2 hours ago
Do you like walrrart🤔
Rose Tinted Floral Printed
"No way could he be shopping for two hours and not pick up a single thing" you haven't been shopping with my indecisive ass
Jake mesaros
Jake mesaros - 4 hours ago
So i was trippin after this bc i got real paranoid and i walked into my room but the door didnt open all the way so i hit it really hrd and bc i thought someone was back there and sent the doorknob through the wall......all the was back there was a towel🤦‍♂️
thicc weeds
thicc weeds - 5 hours ago
Sleep?! I don’t know about sleep! It’s Summertime!
Erick K-poper
Erick K-poper - 8 hours ago
*I just got a Walmart ad*
Luz kimberly
Luz kimberly - 9 hours ago
The day I don’t move away from my mom just bcoz of this video😭💀
Romi Pilcher
Romi Pilcher - 10 hours ago
My sleep: *exists*
Mr. Nightmare: I'm about to end this mans career
nazaria mason
nazaria mason - 10 hours ago
hello welcome to the safe zone we have pillows
and security guards
guard dogs
and wired gates that only good people can go to
to come in it cost 1like
you can also bring whatever you want
Anthony Cameron
Anthony Cameron - 15 hours ago
" and yes, I'm the type of person to sit down to pee."....? K now I WAANT this to be a tragic ending.
Hamdan Arif
Hamdan Arif - 16 hours ago
Is his all stories are real?
Mark Jonas
Mark Jonas - 19 hours ago
Thats why you get a gun and I'd shot them
Shan Ming
Shan Ming - 20 hours ago
Well this is great I work at Walmart have been for 2 years and at a supercenter actually this just made my day 😀 unfortunately it is in a bad area so shit like this happens a lot even during the day. 😑
The Nadeem Show
The Nadeem Show - 23 hours ago
Like is you think this is scarier than James Charles.
I - Day ago
*Walmart Horror Stories*
-Employees gather around in the break room and turn the lights off-
Veteran employees: Once upon a Black Friday sale, it was a cold night. Vicious customers were gathering by the dozen outside of the entrance, hungry for our amazing blow out sales.
New employees: 😱😱
Lol Ur mum
Lol Ur mum - Day ago
I worked at Alabama my uncle enters. I start to sweat
Denise Mayosky
Denise Mayosky - Day ago
The scariest part of this video? THE ADS!
Skyhunter - Day ago
Dude ok why would you go to the bathroom by yourself when there’s a wacko in the building
Zaira 067
Zaira 067 - Day ago
Who else is looking through the comments so they don't get scared XD
Skyhunter - Day ago
Wish me luck bois I’m going full screen
Никита Гладько
Safety in numbers they say...

Except the 6 Million Jews
PhazinEditZz - Day ago
“Dababy has entered the chat”
Video game viewer
Video game viewer - Day ago
How does one submit a story.
Jillian Olson
Jillian Olson - Day ago
I would’ve said “dude why are you stalking me?”
Jillian Olson
Jillian Olson - Day ago
I like that rhyming sentence Walmart guy
Gaming Point
Gaming Point - Day ago
This is a very scary Walmart story

Back to school sales
GOrDoN ReMseY - Day ago
Last ones confusing me
Chronical Infernape
You what the f I gave epilepsy
Lil Zandex
Lil Zandex - Day ago
All this can be avoided if u just keep a strap on you. Never lacking
Stable Condition
Stable Condition - Day ago
people watching @WallyWorld, yup I did a tour as an unloader
Vegas Con
Vegas Con - Day ago
Call the cops
Soldier Game
Soldier Game - Day ago
I swear when Mr. Nightmare decided to add sound effects in the stories just makes it 10× more creepy
kimbo lovely San antonio,tx
My gosh get to it already . So anxious. Reading comments get the anxious out.
Austin Lebert
Austin Lebert - Day ago
Sees Walmart employee:

*asks if they have a pair of pants XXL*
Proud Veteran
Proud Veteran - Day ago
Walmart is finished, a victim of there own predator tactics come on Amazon fuck walmart, boycott Wally world
Kayla Elias
Kayla Elias - Day ago
This is why I don’t mess with Walmart!
Jasmine Hale
Jasmine Hale - Day ago
New subscriber
I got freaking goosebumps...

Never mind, my husband turn the ac on as well at the fan next to it.. smh
Cian B.
Cian B. - Day ago
That guys eye in the third one reminded me of that one Russian guy in a balaclava meme, you know the one where he has his mouth in a circular shape.
Raven 6613
Raven 6613 - 2 days ago
when the dude started pounding on the door, my dad started knocking on my bedroom door scaring the crap out of me lol
Be Blessed
Be Blessed - 2 days ago
Legitimate Blire
Legitimate Blire - Day ago
Be Blessed indeed
Thatoneguy0487 - 2 days ago
*S W E E T H O M E A L A B A M A*
Rufina Bautista
Rufina Bautista - 2 days ago
There’s this guy at our Walmart who is always there, NOT EVEN KIDDING EVERY DAY EVERY HOUR EVERY MINUTE im starting to think that guy lives there
Truls Nilsen
Truls Nilsen - 2 days ago
What's that song at 14:50 it's so creepy
Arianna Glen
Arianna Glen - 2 days ago
Here’s a true scary story of Walmart!
So you know how they say their always open?Well on time I went there and guess what!They were Closed!!!!!!
haunted voice
haunted voice - 2 days ago
I work at walmart it is really as creepy as these stories are
GOrDoN ReMseY - Day ago
You have any stories of your own you want to tell
miguel espinoza
miguel espinoza - 2 days ago
I’m hooked on these videos thanks mr Knightmare I’ve finally seen all ur videos plz make more lots more lol thanks cheers awesome channel
Kaitlin Smith
Kaitlin Smith - 2 days ago
Sharon Bell
Sharon Bell - 2 days ago
I just left Walmart about 4 hours ago! It wasn't too crowded! I think about these stories when l am in there!
Michigans Otherside
Michigans Otherside - 2 days ago
Not gonna lie the noise in the third story got me 😂
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