3 True Scary Walmart Horror Stories

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Icarus - 3 hours ago
"It was the Thursday before Black Friday..."
You know, there's a name for it. It's called "Thanksgiving".
Lawanda Williams
Lawanda Williams - 4 hours ago
Wow 🤩 I live there in Jackson I never hear stuff like this it’s so small
Sarah Langston
Sarah Langston - 6 hours ago
My Walmart horror story- I walked into Walmart and saw a lady in only her sheets and a shower cap... it was horrifying
Eric Larson
Eric Larson - 11 hours ago
All good reasons for Walmart to start selling guns again.
ImWholeWheat - 22 hours ago
“The employees name was Bob”
All realism has been lost
Taylor Tot
Taylor Tot - 23 hours ago
Walmart is scary at night. I had to pick up some salad dressing one night and after I walked back to my car I put my bag in. When I turned around there was a guy standing super close to me from behind with the creepiest smile plastered on his face. I was so freaked out because I didn’t hear him and he had came up behind me and said “hi I saw you in the store and....” I didn’t even hear the rest of what he said because I was so freaked out. I guess the idea of what could have happened made it scary. Luckily he didn’t try to kill me. I should start carrying some sort of protection.
Freddy Fazbear
Freddy Fazbear - Day ago
LOOK AT MY PIC!!!!!!!!
Freddy Fazbear
Freddy Fazbear - Day ago
Damm dis dude can make a horror story bout anything
Respect 👏👏👏
Dillon Kimbro
Dillon Kimbro - 2 days ago
Horror story: It was the thursday before black friday
Everyone: dont u mean thanksgiving??
Javier De la brena
Javier De la brena - 2 days ago
My Walmart horror story: I had no money for chicken nuggets.
Lily Crone
Lily Crone - 2 days ago
My Walmart horror story:

I went to Black Friday one year and the line was out of the bathroom....
TrailBlaserTalon - 2 days ago
employee: *hides behind dairy product boxes*
10 minutes pass by
Person supposedly from Corporate:

Chubbs - 3 days ago
This is why I go to target
epicjack superstar
epicjack superstar - 3 days ago
Bobby. NUT NUT
Harshilp Dixit
Harshilp Dixit - 3 days ago
I wonder how he never uses the word ghost or spirit but still is able to give me chilla while listening....😱😱
I d0nt kn0w anym0re
I d0nt kn0w anym0re - 3 days ago
rut ro it warwart spooky stowies!
Jessie Blanton
Jessie Blanton - 4 days ago
Horror that standing in line to long be cause wal mart need more help to get people check out of line an store
DKMoney 27 2734
DKMoney 27 2734 - 4 days ago
Why do u have sow many names
Mystic Mogwai
Mystic Mogwai - 5 days ago
No open carry? ✌
Jayden Fernandez
Jayden Fernandez - 6 days ago
In story 3 he said it was July 9th 2015 my birthday😳
Cash Payne
Cash Payne - 6 days ago
Well it number 1 is Alabama (sorry if this is offensive)
Zak Aziz
Zak Aziz - 7 days ago
Wat the hell even is Walmart
Bad Kat
Bad Kat - 7 days ago
he said whispering fukboy not smacking gdamm nasty fools
Xxkylie&minoxX Gacha for kids
My Walmart horror story: every Walmart had subway and Wi-Fi this one didnt :OOO!
Gizmotechie22 - 7 days ago
The Thursday before black friday... so Thanksgiving?
Yavanna79 - 7 days ago
Hi, could you please not put flickering pictures, thanks. I'd like to watch these videos without getting a epileptic seizure. And before someone start to whining, I do have epilepsy, mildy though.
tejas sukhija
tejas sukhija - 7 days ago
Linda Mathews
Linda Mathews - 7 days ago
People of WalMart, lol
Dywan Cunningham
Dywan Cunningham - 8 days ago
Jenna’s PLACE
Jenna’s PLACE - 8 days ago
The third story was hurting my eyes
Mark Chilluffo
Mark Chilluffo - 8 days ago
# 2 story. If someone is parked in front of your house where nobody should be and security light goes off car alarm goes off wtf took so long to call police
Martin Doll
Martin Doll - 8 days ago
I have worked at a Walmart in Ohio and let me tell you it is all a horror story. Especially Christmas
Big boy Beilly
Big boy Beilly - 8 days ago
7:38 tf is suge knight doing in Walmart?
Tina Coon
Tina Coon - 8 days ago
Am I the only one finding "yes I'm the kind that sits too pee" just a little freaking funny. Killed the scary part for me!!
A random girl-
A random girl- - 8 days ago
Scary story: I pressed the dislike button by accident-
Jessica Ione
Jessica Ione - 8 days ago
My horror story: one time i went to Walmart with my friend and when im by my friends i act stupid i think everyone does but when we where leaving i ran into the doors and broke them and everyone was laughing and clapping there hands and saying good job u broke the door!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😁😞😥
NTNS News - 8 days ago
“the Thursday before black Friday” you mean THANKSGIVING? 7:09
Amy Gantt
Amy Gantt - 9 days ago
Yasssss bob
slime by Kayla
slime by Kayla - 9 days ago
Scary story “ I cracked my phone screen in Walmart last Monday”
Jacob leyvaa
Jacob leyvaa - 9 days ago
Is that fake or not fake
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