3 True Scary Walmart Horror Stories

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Stephen Davis
Stephen Davis - 9 hours ago
This is just regular Walmart stuff
Cameron Boschen
Cameron Boschen - 19 hours ago
Bruh said Thursday before Black Friday
BrandonPlayz Robinson
BrandonPlayz Robinson - 19 hours ago
Was the first story a girl or boy?
Teresa Maddox
Teresa Maddox - 20 hours ago
Call bullshit on first and third story! There is always more than two or three people in the building !
Amanda Maschke
Amanda Maschke - 21 hour ago
this thing is SCARY
K Trigs
K Trigs - Day ago
Madison Page
Madison Page - Day ago
I scroll down to the chat because I do NOT wanna see what is on the screen...
Jake The Dog
Jake The Dog - Day ago
No one:
Absolutely no one:
My true scary story when I was in Walmart a huge woman with no panties bent down in front of me in the produce section!!!!😵😬😖😳😆😁😄😬😅💪🍀💯🇺🇸
Azul Avila
Azul Avila - Day ago
Why you telling us about your pp
Amethyst Gacha
Amethyst Gacha - Day ago
all for a damm laptop how petty 😑
Onerobot100 Gameplay
SVEN _ - 2 days ago
Jackson is in Mississippi .
Ya Boy
Ya Boy - 2 days ago
Replie “no”
Trickshot 4072
Trickshot 4072 - 2 days ago
De bru
Drew Richardson
Drew Richardson - 2 days ago
I’m not sure I believe the second story....sounds like a wealthy high school kids fantasy about what the lower end of society will do for a cheap lap top.....
Alan S
Alan S - 3 days ago
Stupid for not calling cops as soon as u saw his car. Dumb bitch
nja122890 - 3 days ago
"It was the Thursday before Black Friday" You mean Thanksgiving?
Dave Robinson
Dave Robinson - 3 days ago
Hope hope nope nigga nope
Jimmy ButtWhiff
Jimmy ButtWhiff - 4 days ago
I wanna see the CCTV security footage of these "true" stories as proof. 🤦‍♂️
Dana Maupin
Dana Maupin - Day ago
Me too because I thought all Walmarts stayed open 24 hours so some of these stories sound bogus
sophie_ XOXDUH
sophie_ XOXDUH - 4 days ago
°Lavenderchicken°Gacha girl
My Walmart horror story: They had no cute winter sweater's
moonlight gacha
moonlight gacha - 4 days ago
I can be shoping for w hours and get anythjng i'm very indeseve
Daniel Alipov
Daniel Alipov - 5 days ago
Got ya!
Luke Umande
Luke Umande - 5 days ago
13:39 holy F
I'm Zoid
I'm Zoid - 5 days ago
14:46 "Yes I'm the kind of person that sit when I pee"😂😂
Liam Anglin The GOAT
Liam Anglin The GOAT - 5 days ago
How is your name Samantha
Ok now I don't want to go to Walmart well there's alaway giant
Sarah Wiessel
Sarah Wiessel - 5 days ago
no one:
Pastel Black
Pastel Black - 6 days ago
I wouldn't be watching this now if there was a Walmart in my country-
Jack Croxford
Jack Croxford - 6 days ago
Alicia Flaig
Alicia Flaig - 6 days ago
Slime queen -playing with slime Lila
Wait the second picture in the first story and third I-is my Walmart....AND THAT CLOTHES SHOP
Danniella Romero
Danniella Romero - 6 days ago
Why do I like to freak my self out
Mekka Campbell
Mekka Campbell - 6 days ago
That is the only place that my mom gose
Rishujeet Rai
Rishujeet Rai - 7 days ago
The guy told his mother and sister to go upstairs while he locked the door and stayed in case the intruder made any more attempts. *He is not a pussy!*
Joel - 7 days ago
12:20 Anyone notice that there are about 50 cameras in that aisle? lol
Zeego period
Zeego period - 7 days ago
I have a walmart horror story. I sneaked out my house at 3 am to go meet with my boyfriend there and I saw my mom with a man I’ve never seen before....
Hypnotize Mindz
Hypnotize Mindz - 7 days ago
Stories like these are a perfect example of why we should be allowed to open carry in walmart
Faizaan Islam
Faizaan Islam - 7 days ago
No wonder they say.....

Tabitha Ministry
Tabitha Ministry - 7 days ago
Walmart has always had been scary
ImSomething YT
ImSomething YT - 8 days ago
Im scared make a safe zone with emojis
Isabella Entrekin
Isabella Entrekin - 8 days ago
How did I know he was gonna be right there?
moe.mendez - 8 days ago
I got to Walmart because there be hella booty girls there
Reman - 8 days ago
If working at Walmart isn’t scary enough, you have to share with us some fucking bone chilling stories
Andrew Moses
Andrew Moses - 9 days ago
No one is going to say anything about “the Thursday before Black Friday” you mean... Thanksgiving
Evan Monroe
Evan Monroe - 9 days ago
Why do so many of these stories involve knocks on doors and bathrooms?
Cindy Buckner
Cindy Buckner - 9 days ago
I wish I could have anything I wanted at Walmart
TheMVP 131
TheMVP 131 - 9 days ago
Look how many cameras up top 13:00
l2 spam icey2.0
l2 spam icey2.0 - 9 days ago
Do a scary story about double ads on YouTube
S0ft_ gl0ss
S0ft_ gl0ss - 9 days ago
My Brother: *I Sleep With My Vape.*
Cloaked Kangaroo
Cloaked Kangaroo - 10 days ago
Me: Ha, these vidoes don't scare me anymore, guess I grown out of it-
1 story: Country side of Alamaba.
Me: Mom we have to move
Jeff Ricci
Jeff Ricci - 10 days ago
The scariest thing in this video is that guy that sits to pee.
Elmer Benavides
Elmer Benavides - 10 days ago
georges-emmanuel younes
georges-emmanuel younes - 11 days ago
And girls
georges-emmanuel younes
georges-emmanuel younes - 11 days ago
Surprise boys
Michael Dwyer
Michael Dwyer - 11 days ago
this sounds like a joke
Leon Plays
Leon Plays - 11 days ago
This is so stupid it’s fake
Repto Slicer
Repto Slicer - 11 days ago
Boy: My name is Samantha. Me: Are you sure about that?
gachamoonlixght !!
gachamoonlixght !! - 11 days ago
Walmart used to be my fav store but now.... ;-;
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