rhett and link suffering for 10 minutes straight (part 1)

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Joy Leitch
Joy Leitch - 3 hours ago
Make this your intro for every video
wendy - 8 hours ago
the face of *_regrhett_*
KitZube Studios
KitZube Studios - Day ago
Honestly I’m not afraid of bugs or snakes, they only harm you if they feel threatened.
Nodel Oliver
Nodel Oliver - 2 days ago
Rhett: **Searches for will to live**
Me: Yeah, you tell me when you find it buddy.
Auden The Ice Dragon
Auden The Ice Dragon - 2 days ago
*These men are engineers*
Orange the Gamer pony
Orange the Gamer pony - 2 days ago
i think link with the snake was by far the funniest thing ever
soop - 2 days ago
2:22 He looks like bubbles from trailer park boys
wolf hunter
wolf hunter - 3 days ago
Its even funnier the 2ed+ time
Positive Vibes
Positive Vibes - 3 days ago
Rhett and Link suffering 10 mins straight aka Rhett and Link vomiting for 10 mins straight
Mad R.
Mad R. - 3 days ago
*drum solo intensifies*
Jake Broer
Jake Broer - 3 days ago
These compilations are always hilarious.
josie aguilar
josie aguilar - 3 days ago
Link: eats something disgusting
Also link: 2:02
AxZelJibanyan Anims
AxZelJibanyan Anims - 3 days ago
I'm attempting to finish this video while I'm eating my lunch and I failed.
I finished the video but I failed my lunch.
JohannaAllen - 4 days ago
take a egg seat
I’m EthanTwoShoes
I’m EthanTwoShoes - 4 days ago
0:28 my god, it’s actually Chris griffin
Julie Kučerová
Julie Kučerová - 4 days ago
im 2 minutes in and I'm CRYING LAUGHING. "searches for a will to live" really got me
Pound Cake
Pound Cake - 4 days ago
5:01 I lost it XD
wolf hunter
wolf hunter - 5 days ago
It was so funny I almost peed myself
wolf hunter
wolf hunter - 3 days ago
5:58 the face XD
22Lightning - 5 days ago
Spam ain't bad tho
Slippery Slope
Slippery Slope - 5 days ago
Alternative title: Two grown men vomiting for ten minutes straight
Faiz Ali
Faiz Ali - 5 days ago
That intro made me realize that life isn’t just stress and that there’s hope
The Mythic Diamond
The Mythic Diamond - 5 days ago
The moment when you stub your toe but it doesn't hurt for 2.9 nano seconds 5:00
SuperSonic AssClap
SuperSonic AssClap - 6 days ago
If I didn’t have abs before this video I Do now
death _YEET
death _YEET - 6 days ago
I almost vomited laughing at links face when the snake was going around him
Idk anymore
Idk anymore - 6 days ago
This is by far my favorite video you’ve ever made! 💕 I’ve watched it like 10 times
Brxce - 6 days ago
The intro is just the greatest
Dynamite Danny
Dynamite Danny - 7 days ago
At 0:57 you could hear shaynes from smosh laugh
Rachel Sato
Rachel Sato - 7 days ago
I do what Rhett does when he moves around a lot while eating something nasty!!
Logan McCanlies
Logan McCanlies - 7 days ago
I gotta stop watching these after surgery man the blood alone 😂😂💀💀💀💀
Gracie Noonan
Gracie Noonan - 8 days ago
5:57 OH THE AFTERTASTE!! 😂😂😂😂😂
manjusha pawar
manjusha pawar - 8 days ago
2:10 daffy voice was hilarious
linda shrug emoji
linda shrug emoji - 8 days ago
i cannot thank you enough for censoring the mama bird clip
Wolfie Poppet
Wolfie Poppet - 9 days ago
man, link sure pukes a lot
Peach Boy
Peach Boy - 9 days ago
6:15 what is this drink?
Onyx Revolution
Onyx Revolution - 9 days ago
1 like= 1 "you can do it serpent king"
Mirza Ninja
Mirza Ninja - 9 days ago
9:22 Sychronized
Kathy Lammers
Kathy Lammers - 10 days ago
that intro on point
Annabeth Jackson
Annabeth Jackson - 10 days ago
3:41 THAT'S HOW MY FRIEND LAUGHS edit: 0:28 what was that noise?
Skrubzy - 10 days ago
I should not be watching this as my dinner video
Dude Man
Dude Man - 10 days ago
link.exe has stopped working
Bel Ess
Bel Ess - 10 days ago
5.03 dinosaur at the back!!! Catch it!!!
Haylin Smith
Haylin Smith - 10 days ago
When I vomit I get it every where
ZexyZek Junior
ZexyZek Junior - 11 days ago
K3113R BR0USS4RD - 12 days ago
No one:
my brother at dinner: 0:00-10:00
John - 12 days ago
Me looking for my homework 0:34
Rebecca Lautzenheiser
Rebecca Lautzenheiser - 12 days ago
Link has a horrible gag reflex but I do too
abccarza 1210
abccarza 1210 - 12 days ago
It's basically Rhett and Link gagging and vomitting 10 minutes and 1 second straight.
sunflour 103
sunflour 103 - 13 days ago
It’s just them vomiting😂
Zachary Kohl
Zachary Kohl - 13 days ago
3:42 gag like seal
Lacey Caroline
Lacey Caroline - 13 days ago
dude stevies laugh at 7:14
Fluffy Kitty
Fluffy Kitty - 13 days ago
2:12 is where I lost it
LightningSword13 - 14 days ago
They should do “Will it Cake?”, featuring Filthy Frank
Crazy Sloth Lady
Crazy Sloth Lady - 14 days ago
I was crying laughing at the snake part 😂
Rebecca Lautzenheiser
Rebecca Lautzenheiser - 14 days ago
Whenever Rhett gags its automatically an *unholy demogorgon*
Leon Draw
Leon Draw - 14 days ago
I'm going to write a rap song using only things Link says in this video lol. The album will be titled: "Oh my flavors."
Madi Kytta
Madi Kytta - 14 days ago
Chewbacca appearance 2:02
M Hanna
M Hanna - 14 days ago
I am link. I am, without a doubt, link.
Lillie Hill
Lillie Hill - 14 days ago
0:01 I swear this is the best part of the video
Cortana Salgado
Cortana Salgado - 14 days ago
Link with the dog filter is hilarious! 😂
My dog eats My couch
My dog eats My couch - 15 days ago
Man people love watching link suffer
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