STAR WARS Rise of Skywalker Trailer BREAKDOWN! Palpatine & Leia Explained!

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T&J BROductions
T&J BROductions - 12 hours ago
It’s probably another desert planet cause George Lucas loves deserts
BigJo Lo
BigJo Lo - 18 hours ago
You should not even talk about that crap ... and you look happy for this movie to came out? seriously? wow. You must like anything that come out lol...
coolguyhino92 - 19 hours ago
Ash-Two? Jedd-Huh? What's with all the Watchmojo pronunciation??
coolguyhino92 - 19 hours ago
*ahem* Anakin's lightsaber. Luke's was green.
Samira Peri
Samira Peri - 20 hours ago
4:05 "Rectagonal"?
Elijah Grooney
Elijah Grooney - 22 hours ago
Wait so bad people don’t die but good guys die by people looking at them
Benzbest - Day ago
I feel like they are going to make a “I AM YOUR FATHER” moment with Rey and Luke
arci - Day ago
The first rebel base was on the forest MOON around the planet Yavin, we never actually got to see Yavin itself. Same with the "forest moon of Endor" we never got to see Endor itself.
Joe - Day ago
Palpatine is the original Skywalker...he is Anakin’s father
Joe - Day ago
My biggest question is; have you ever seen a Star Wars movie???
AShaw - Day ago
The Forest moon of Endor
MSXCKW Bellemare-Gingras
Jar jar abrums
Milo Carbs
Milo Carbs - Day ago
in the scene where bb8 and d 0 were staring, could they be in the droid dissembling factory from jabba's palace?
MorgPlaysGames - 2 days ago
I think that the emperorer will summon a clone army and his with friends
MorgPlaysGames - 2 days ago
I think the death star is coming back and it will have all the Jedi ghosts fighting the sign with a clone army on tatowine
MorgPlaysGames - 2 days ago
Or a device to bring people back alive that is found near the death star
MorgPlaysGames - 2 days ago
Is it something like a key
RedWolfAlpha 205
RedWolfAlpha 205 - 2 days ago
When you said that sixth cannot he force ghosts I thought but what about Vader/Anakin because he turned to Darth Vader after revenge of the Sith he did not reject the dark god he went with the dark
RedWolfAlpha 205
RedWolfAlpha 205 - 2 days ago
VernonJ Plenty Bull oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh sorry I’m a fan of Star Wars but have only watched the movies 1 time through and I need to watch them again sorry not very bright on it
VernonJ Plenty Bull
VernonJ Plenty Bull - 2 days ago
Anakin was turned back to the light at the end of the sixth film. I think sith used to have the ability to turn into force ghosts but its non canon
Thomas L.
Thomas L. - 3 days ago
13:00 if it’s a piece of the Death Star maybe palpatine was on a piece even in the trailer Luke says no one is gone for ever but that just a therory a film theroru
James Pye
James Pye - 3 days ago
Darth Maul should return. Nothing else to say.
Anthony Burns
Anthony Burns - 3 days ago
Kylo Ren's lightsaber should've cut that person in half. Just basic things like that ruin it.
michael hoff
michael hoff - 4 days ago
At 7:40 or so with the supposed A wing, it looks like it is passing a clone wars era star ship, I think this by a large red stripe down the middle of the ship. I do not know for sure.
Fine Banana
Fine Banana - 4 days ago
Who's here in 2019?
Yeah I know...
CynicallyObnoxious - 4 days ago
I think thats Disney looking at Star Wars merchandise sales
Paul Loveless
Paul Loveless - 4 days ago
A Person
A Person - 4 days ago
7:39 anyone else notice the venator class star destroyer
Maria Beatriz
Maria Beatriz - 4 days ago
1:54 “Let’s bring the whole gang back.”
Mark Compton
Mark Compton - 5 days ago
CAn it fix the crap that was broken in Episode seven and 8?
Chip - 5 days ago
What Disney did to star wars was horrible and it can never be recovered, and yes I believe this trailer looks terrible, but I will continue to go into star wars open minded because the original trilogy was amazing and sequels were meh, but the force awakens and the last Jedi were the biggest disappointment of my life, and the titles are even worse.
The Relivake
The Relivake - 6 days ago
Some people: Darth plaguies maybe made up by palpatine
Me: go read the lore
ADITHYAN M - 6 days ago
That laugh when the trailer ends definitely means trouble
Dari Barreto
Dari Barreto - 7 days ago
Angel Mcfadden
Angel Mcfadden - 8 days ago
Or a third Death Star that was left out of Episode XIII.
Andyn Nichols
Andyn Nichols - 8 days ago
So I still wondering. Where is R2? I didn’t see him in any part of this trailer.
CloudStreets - 8 days ago
I want the rise of skywalker to be burned and buried and never released. Disney ruined the saga enough.
Puppy Newk
Puppy Newk - 8 days ago
I found an Easter egg, at 9:28 you can see Hans lucky dice on the left side
ervin crawford
ervin crawford - 9 days ago
If you didnt know luke and anakin were father and son, yall are lackies of life....READ MORE BOOKS!!!
Finley Wells
Finley Wells - 10 days ago
Jana is han solos wife
Ron C
Ron C - 10 days ago
EP / X is a Fluke. No major characters, who we know and love will be shown, other than Luke, Han, Liea. & of course Lando. No Palpatine.
James Studer
James Studer - 10 days ago
Build on them
LeonardO's Animation
LeonardO's Animation - 11 days ago
The person in the ship at the start could be one of the knights of ren
Anthonygamer 9512
Anthonygamer 9512 - 11 days ago
You don’t go frame by frame because you didn’t mention sand in the background.
Grimrose777 - 11 days ago
1:17 anakins lightsaber not looks
Jane’s Corner
Jane’s Corner - 11 days ago
Andrew Werner
Andrew Werner - 11 days ago
I think it was the second death star. Though the second death star orbited the forest moon of Endor it could’ve been on the planet that Endor orbits. I also wonder if the mountain area was on Batuu!
Isak Eriksson
Isak Eriksson - 11 days ago
Maybe the one who owns lukes lightsaber is the skywalker!
Kevin St Croix
Kevin St Croix - 11 days ago
I was so pissed Leia didn’t acknowledge Chewie after Hans death. It still bugs me...I hope JJ resolves that flaw in this one.
Grey Jedi
Grey Jedi - 13 days ago
windu lives!
Dankus Memus
Dankus Memus - 13 days ago
Retcon General Feminism and we got ourselves a movie folks
Willz828 - 13 days ago
This HAS to be one of the nost difficult movies to write ever, especially with the star wars fandom, the death of carrie fischer, and the terrible place the last jedi left the story
Shado Films
Shado Films - 13 days ago
Who else misses the like 45 minute videos cuz I do that’s probably because I have no life and I’m a nerd 😂 but still I miss the 45 min vids
Greg Ford
Greg Ford - 14 days ago
Still Ryan killed off Snoke...what a waste of opportunity
Dylan Perez
Dylan Perez - 14 days ago
Also The Last Jedi was crap they didn't accomplish anything in it
Dylan Perez
Dylan Perez - 14 days ago
Maybe palpatine when he fell the the hole in Return of The Jedi he was caught by a ship like Darth Maul
Evan Deneault
Evan Deneault - 15 days ago
Way to survive in the galaxy don’t be a skywalker
Evan Deneault
Evan Deneault - 15 days ago
Joyce Koch
Joyce Koch - 15 days ago
In this episode we will receive hints that Joe Biden is the descendent of the Skywalker line.
With CGI wizardry, Carrie Fisher will return as a Jedi ghost and tell Leia the news.
Quinton Ross
Quinton Ross - 16 days ago
Btw it’s not Luke’s blade it’s Anakin Skywalker‘s
Quinton Ross
Quinton Ross - 16 days ago
Anakin Skywalker is back with his master beware the sith are near
Quinton Ross
Quinton Ross - 16 days ago
Not Luke’s light saber but Aniken don’t forget darth Vader is alive palpatein is back with his apprentice
Robert William McGill
Robert William McGill - 17 days ago
Electric Neo
Electric Neo - 17 days ago
Do it
Steven R Ortmann
Steven R Ortmann - 17 days ago
Isaiah Easton
Isaiah Easton - 18 days ago
The star destroyer that the a wing is crashing into as a red stripe going down the middle like a vendeder from the clone wars
Paul Thomas
Paul Thomas - 18 days ago
Where is R2D2 in this trailer? Hopefully he gets screen time in this final movie
spooder man
spooder man - 18 days ago
00Predaking00 - 18 days ago
What if Rey is Anakin /Vader Daughter or what if the Emperor was making some clones of every Material Genetic of every force user . . . .maybe She's even a female Clone of Anakin/Vader
Maxzi Fox
Maxzi Fox - 18 days ago
Hal Solo
Hal Solo - 14 days ago
Maxzi Fox seriously that’s what I was saying
The Dark Vøid
The Dark Vøid - 19 days ago
Why did Rey go back to jakku
Kurt Lacuas
Kurt Lacuas - 19 days ago
l want the rise of jar jar binks
Hilton Driver
Hilton Driver - 19 days ago
by the crashed death star the sith ghost of the emperor Palpatine will stir up a crazy laughter but its vader old suit Anakin is a Force Ghost from return of the Return Of The Jedi With help from Luke Anakin Became a Force Ghost but The Evil what was Darth Vader Supposed to Return Then why Ben Solo making A scare Crow of Vader Old Suit because The the evil of Darth Vader Will Return just like the Emperor
Seth Kael
Seth Kael - 19 days ago
Of course a lot of the film is going to remind of us of Return of the Jedi, JJ Abrams is directing after all. So many things in the trailer have already confirmed that.
Lieutenant NITEWOLF
Lieutenant NITEWOLF - 19 days ago
When I first saw this trailer during the avengers movie it gave me chills, not like chills like shit its creepy like almost like shit the emperor is back and like now I get it nothing is really gone so good and evil still exist like even after you die. Like that emperor's laugh just gave me a cold feeling and I really want to see this movie it sounds so awesome that I'm dying to see it. All I say is this movie better not leave me questioning anything or I might want another film which we know Disney is going to say no more after this just like Lucas did after episode 6 but still made more. My opinion is that if this does raise more questions than 7 and 8 they will make more movies. It's a slight chance they would but who knows.
Jairus Phelim Obreno Santos
This question lingers in my mind for the past few years since The Force Awakens.
Could Rey be Obi-Wan's great-grandchild?
The Child Support has arrived.
It is Tatooine, very distinct look. In fact, that IS the same valley Luke Skywalker went through back in episode 4 when he met Obi-Wan, C3PO, and R2D2.
Nanako Kuroi
Nanako Kuroi - 20 days ago
Palpatine is a memer )
nichduer nikkk
nichduer nikkk - 20 days ago
As Obi-Wan says, “Jedi don’t use blasters.”
nichduer nikkk
nichduer nikkk - 20 days ago
Doctor Doggo lmao
The Child Support has arrived.
-uses a blaster in episode 3-
Deoxys_76 Pkmn
Deoxys_76 Pkmn - 21 day ago
David Amrod
David Amrod - 22 days ago
Build,,, Always Build.
Brandon Hertel
Brandon Hertel - 22 days ago
That laugh gives me chills every single time I hear it.
Ponciano Casas
Ponciano Casas - 8 hours ago
Brandon Hertel Sameee
St Helens SEAL
St Helens SEAL - 22 days ago
who's hands are those fixing kilos lightsaber?
St Helens SEAL
St Helens SEAL - 22 days ago
when Luke says no ones ever really gone maybe Leia is dead.
St Helens SEAL
St Helens SEAL - 22 days ago
when Luke says we've past on all we know.maybe that's when Anakin,obi wan ,Yoda ,Luke,and qui gon jin have just taught Rey
St Helens SEAL
St Helens SEAL - 22 days ago
"no ones ever really gone''
St Helens SEAL
St Helens SEAL - 10 days ago
@Maria Batti thanks!
St Helens SEAL
St Helens SEAL - 10 days ago
@YTXShotXD thanks!
Maria Batti
Maria Batti - 18 days ago
YTXShotXD - 18 days ago
St Helens SEAL xd your funny
KrazyCroc !
KrazyCroc ! - 22 days ago
3:09 Good old jar jar Abrams
Dirk Flowers
Dirk Flowers - 22 days ago
Ray Skywalker
Novak Kavon
Novak Kavon - 23 days ago
In the opening scene i bet thats darth maul
Shivam Panchal
Shivam Panchal - 23 days ago
Thanks NewRockstars!
Joseph Mezei
Joseph Mezei - 23 days ago
I don't think palpatine is alive i think it's a symbol of how "no one's really gone". The first order could be taking orders from recordings of the emperor kind of like how it was shown in the campaign of Battlefront 2
Rylan Berry
Rylan Berry - 23 days ago
I went to Star Wars celebration
Cpt Red
Cpt Red - 23 days ago
do you really care about that movie ?
Travis Peach
Travis Peach - 23 days ago
The characters have arcs now?
Susan Skiffs nh Gf.
Susan Skiffs nh Gf. - 23 days ago
Mark Brealey
Mark Brealey - 23 days ago
All of the retcons. Over time lets pretend TLJ never happened.
Ethan Pitts
Ethan Pitts - 23 days ago
Just spitballing but what if the 'a thousand generations live in you.' line is literal, and its revealed that Rey is a catalyst for the spirits of all past jedi.
Sounds farfetched and is probably incorrect, but considering their are witches, magic, and SPACE JESUS in this world, it's totally in the realm of possibility. It could also explain why Rey is so ridiculously powerful.
Jason Thompson
Jason Thompson - 24 days ago
I am not sure I care anymore.
Russ Green
Russ Green - 24 days ago
I would say that Kylo getting his helmet repaired would imply that he is going back to wanting to be like Darth Vader
Wishful Thinking
Wishful Thinking - 20 days ago
You mean redeeming himself by taking down the First Order, like Vader did with the Empire?
Stephen Benner
Stephen Benner - 24 days ago
I think that they will at least have to fix a couple character arcs if they don’t fix more with this film. Poe and Fin were a bit mistreated in the last film and could use a slight modification, sort of like what they did to Thor in Ragnorok .
evekurocieru - 25 days ago
Don't care what happens as long as Rey and Kylo kiss
Elijah Comstock
Elijah Comstock - 25 days ago
Im looking forward to Palpatien.
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