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Starry Pooh’s
Starry Pooh’s - Day ago
His teeth make him noticeable
Michelle Garriet
Michelle Garriet - 2 days ago
He said I ain’t wid that ol fruity ass shit 😂😂😂😂💀
Gaming with Andrew
Gaming with Andrew - 2 days ago
This was planned
Kash - 2 days ago
please watch this while your high 😂
kidd parkway
kidd parkway - 2 days ago
Runik:you every rode something fast something bumpy
Mike:I rode a golf cart
Brooklyn Martinez
Brooklyn Martinez - 3 days ago
Fraudulent Fake As Fuck !!!!!!!!
Kimia Jackson
Kimia Jackson - 3 days ago
Food and Runik tv
THALIA TRAVIS - 4 days ago
lol allat
Kendra Chatman
Kendra Chatman - 4 days ago
That was really not a prank
Kiniya and arianna
Kiniya and arianna - 5 days ago
I thought that was Jaliyah
Annie Jones
Annie Jones - 5 days ago
Aww he said I'm happily married
Redstarship - 7 days ago
I got the horses in the back

Smokin on that crack😂😂😂😂
Iyana Johnson
Iyana Johnson - 9 days ago
Catfish your girl friend
Life with Kira
Life with Kira - 9 days ago
The most funniest video I’ve ever watched word to my great grand muvaaaa 😂😂😂.
Robin Jhonson
Robin Jhonson - 11 days ago
He knew it was you when you laughed
Lauryn Cooper
Lauryn Cooper - 11 days ago
runik exposed mike address, i know i'm not the only one who saw it, but i wont expose it , i'm a fan
Truly Pxlo
Truly Pxlo - 13 days ago
Mikhi Khi & ju family
Mikhi Khi & ju family - 16 days ago
Shanty Martis
Shanty Martis - 19 days ago
Thank you i just spit out my cereal😭😭🤣
rimi Imeri
rimi Imeri - 20 days ago
Mike has the best tattoo
Whitney Montgomery
Whitney Montgomery - 20 days ago
When it hit 3:44 minutes funny mike was don’t touch me that part was funny I’m dead😭😂😂😂😂
Davee Dalton
Davee Dalton - 21 day ago
Prank was fake
You can obviously tell
Malika Falls
Malika Falls - 21 day ago
I’m doin as good as you look 😂😂😂😂
Jojo Mike
Jojo Mike - 21 day ago
Dude can not act I'm just here for funny Mike runik lame asf
Stephanie Small
Stephanie Small - 22 days ago
I can't stop laughing😂😂😂😅
Demonetized Gang
Demonetized Gang - 23 days ago
Makayla Barnes
Makayla Barnes - 24 days ago
Runik didn’t even change is voice
Tracey Holden
Tracey Holden - 24 days ago
I what to see Taylor 😍
Deykiron Waivers
Deykiron Waivers - 28 days ago
He knows that runik at 6:00
Zariya Bell
Zariya Bell - 28 days ago
HarmNation Forever
HarmNation Forever - 28 days ago
This is so funny 😂 especially when he started itching
YT _Jirah
YT _Jirah - 28 days ago
I cheated on my math test lol
ThaRealMyra - 29 days ago
"How you know my name?How You Know My Name!?"
He sounded scared Asf 😂😂😂 He tried so hard to stay calm.
Pedu Valerio
Pedu Valerio - 29 days ago
Love your show too much
meir kat
meir kat - 29 days ago
He funny he said he got the horses in the back smoking on that crack
William Askew
William Askew - Month ago
It sounds like his voice on the cam
Coliyoun Skylilan
Coliyoun Skylilan - Month ago
He saide I got the horses in the back smoking on the crake
Tynesha Davis
Tynesha Davis - Month ago
Who still here from months ago
Killer Boy mike
Killer Boy mike - Month ago
I’m giving free iPhone 11’s away to the first 20 people to follow my insta xx.unknown_senderx hurry up guys!
Tanika Jacole
Tanika Jacole - Month ago
I’m itching I’m burning ohhhhhh... you don’t understand Johnny be tripping Johnny be burning I can’t 😭😭😭😭💀💀💀
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