Travis Strikes Again - Nitro Rad

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Jordy00092 - 3 days ago
Did you know you could press the R button?
slipkornfan - 19 days ago
This game isn't for everyone. I love beat 'em all and hack n' slash, but if I want extra good gameplay, I will play Bayonetta or Devil May Cry. No More Heroes : TSA is full of references, to Suda's work, to real life events, it glorifies the independant scene of video games with all the shirts of indie games and references to Hotline Miami. It's a love letter to video games, an analogy of Suda's carreer, and unfortunately, I didn't find an interpretation for the gameplay being like that. It's a big game for people who knows their stuff about Suda 51. But if you don't know the guy, you will just be bored. And I get that. We don't learn about him in History Books and we don't expect all the same things in video games. But if in any way you're interested in learning about the history of video games and you want to know more about Suda 51, take the game ! If you want solid action gameplay and killing people with extra style, just take Bayonetta :)
Yuck Fou
Yuck Fou - 21 day ago
"Death Drive". thats a reference to Let It Die, the last suda game.
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson - 22 days ago
Just released on PC. Here to see if it’s worth downloading...

You made a really good point about experimentation in the industry and the inevitability (but importance) of failed experiments :)
Max Kapp
Max Kapp - Month ago
i belong in the small percentage that not only likes but loves the game, its a game that has just enough of what i need in action, story and jokes, it's a nice extra stress relieve after a workout.
for me there is nothing better than coming home after a long bike tour, take a shower and then just lay on my bed and play NMH:TSB
Kevin Vo
Kevin Vo - 2 months ago
One tip Nitro Rad, try to refrain from saying anything that is not shown in a game's first trailer. There are people like me who want to see many people's opinion on a game and the first trailer before they buy a game. I try not to look at social media for spoilers and try stay away from any review thay say spoiler before I finish a game. The "it's not a spoiler cause everyone says it or they tweeted it" isn't a valid excuse.
I like your videos, but the spoilers without warning can get a little annoying.
Kevin Vo
Kevin Vo - 2 months ago
I found this game really fun. It's actually gameplay is actually deeper then the first two games gameplay wise. But the first two has more spectacle. I played it with a friend. We both had just as much fun as each other, and she really sucks a video games. I would recommend people at least trying the game.
Suda games tend to be games where reviews and gameplay don't do them justice. With any of his games, just try them for yourself and see if you like it. There is a difference between playing it and watching. Plus reviewers might have a different opinion from you. There is a reason why they are cult classics and not widely loved.
Rene Galindo
Rene Galindo - 2 months ago
Hope you review more of his videos
Feenie - 2 months ago
I'm surprised none of the comments I've seen so far have made a single Sans joke about the dude in the FMV cutscene who has one blue eye and teleports in front of the one dude
Künzel Cannoli
Künzel Cannoli - 3 months ago
While I personally loved TSA, I also really liked your video! I'm a newbie to your channel (hey there!), but I really like how you don't just bash the games you didn't like, which is what most reviewers do nowadays: try to invoke the good old vitriolic review ala AVGN and just bash without putting thought into what they're saying. You were honest about what you experienced and about which public this game is really aimed at, and because of that it doesn't mean it WILL be bad for everyone. You took people's thoughts into consideration and I can appreciate that, since most reviews I saw seemed to just bash the game for the sake of bashing.
I loved your channel and I'm definitely gonna stick around because I can feel you certainly put your real thoughts and genuine care when making these videos. Keep doing what you're doing man!
Tom Phillips
Tom Phillips - 3 months ago
You should review my friend pedro or superhot
keo warner
keo warner - 4 months ago
Everyone deals with disappointing spinoffs differently. Some people call em bad, I play them to completion
I actually beat the main story today and, while repetitive, I found the combat very satisfying to at least finish. The customization of skills you have is great for making new strategies and the challenge is satisfying, though I do agree that they should have had some kind of camera option for one player mode
Mytru Mara
Mytru Mara - 4 months ago
I'll admit the game is more of a guilty pleasure for me and it does seem extremely self-aware toward how limited it is in terms of gameplay and the such. The Suda charm is still there though, so I'm not at all disappointed with the fact that I purchased the game. Though you're right, the pixel visual novel portions are probably some of my favorite parts of the game.

I'd honestly stick with the rating of 67%, though that doesn't make the game awful or even bad in my opinion. I probably won't beat it again, but I'm enjoying the game anyway.

But... it looks like Suda took all that criticism when going forward with No More Heroes 3, or at least TSA was just meant to test the waters to see if they could make a successful true sequel.
Nox Nexus
Nox Nexus - 4 months ago
I played through the game and i don't get how you took so long. Sure the later levels are a bit long (Especially C.I.A.) but it didn't really drag on. Most games i completed in under 40 minutes with 100% on single player. Thats the only part i disagree on.
UfoLoche - 4 months ago
My main issue with TSA is this: There is no meat to the combat. It feels very flaccid, the enemies don't really flinch, and it's hard to keep up with the flashy visuals(Which makes it easy to take hits). Then you have to backtrack and explore to find Jeanne, do the cheat codes, and uuuuugh..

As a big No More Heroes fan, I just couldn't recommend this, myself.
Avi Haltmann CTSW
Avi Haltmann CTSW - 4 months ago
I personally had a blast with the game barring coffee and doughnuts. But I can see why people wouldn’t be super into it
Al Dakota
Al Dakota - 4 months ago
For me this game was my first no more heroes game, ive been following the series for a very very long time since I was a child actually (yes I know, probably shouldn't be watching shit like that, but it worked out for the best). When I heard a no more heroes game coming to the switch I was fucking ecstatic, I couldn't contain myself and when I picked it up I had nothing to compare it to, only the guy I've grown up to know and love, Travis Touchdown.
I accept that its not a good no more heroes game, but its a fantastic game in general, the story, and especially the undertones of sudas personal strife really made the game worth playing.
To really honor what the game was trying to tell the players I decided to 100% it and I gotta say it was the most fun 4 days I've had in a very long time.
joko WAN
joko WAN - 4 months ago
pfft casuals
Garrett Glass
Garrett Glass - 5 months ago
I liked this game more than I thought I would.
Game Boi
Game Boi - 5 months ago
Heh, you'll have another one to review soon
Pirango - 5 months ago
So uh... How bout that no more heroes 3 eh?
lostsanityreturned - 5 months ago
I was so happy to hear you praise killer 7... when you gave focus to no more heroes at the start I was expecting another person to gloss over it as a "failed attempt before suda got it right" like so many others do
Astral Toons
Astral Toons - 5 months ago
As a NMH fan, I really was hyped for TSA and honestly. I acknowledged the opinions and critiques people have about the game to their fullest. I love the game for what it is and tbh, I think when you get to "Eight Hearts" you'll only love it more. Seriously, the reveal of that character and how they portrayed them in this game made me fall in love.
Morgan Dixon
Morgan Dixon - 6 months ago
No More Nitro Rad
ObsoleteHandheld - 6 months ago
9:27 Gundham Tanaka
FromBeyondTheGrave1 - 6 months ago
Honestly the game is pretty solid, and really if you're a fan of top down games like Smash TV it's a good time sink, and now there's two extra characters.
bader redab
bader redab - 7 months ago
Dude just do the killer7 video already pleasasseeeeee
Kirbysmith64 - 7 months ago
I think the reason why the camera is the way it is is two-fold. The obvious reason is that the camera's trying to fit the game that it's paying homage to at the time. However, it's also zoomed out to accommodate two-player co-op. It's interesting that you brought up Super Mario 3D World's camera as an example, because it's another multiplayer co-op game.
I get that it's to show both players at any given time, and the over-the-shoulder camera angle just wouldn't work in a two-player co-op game. But you're right, it does remove that intimacy and spectacle. But like you said, the game was made with two-player in mind.

A possible work-around could be to split the screen in two so that each player gets that over-the-shoulder, up-close-and-personal experience. But that goes back to the first issue, which is the fact that TSA is a game that mimics other games, and that extends to the camera. For example, a side-scrolling platformer's camera needs to be zoomed out so you can see what's ahead, and splitting the screen in half would only hinder your field of view to see what's ahead.

Maybe if the game just had a more dynamic camera: the camera could be zoomed in or out depending on what "game" you're in and whether or not you're playing with one or two players; if it's one player, it could get really up-close as it needs to be; if it's two-player, the camera could zoom out depending on how far each player is from each other. But yeah, just my thoughts about the camera.
RaymanMago 1265
RaymanMago 1265 - 7 months ago
Crapping my Pants
BubbaSteve Garcia
BubbaSteve Garcia - 7 months ago
You truly are Canadian.. Couldn't say fuck and had to say Frick... Hahahha
urgiduurrgghh - 7 months ago
suda has been making a habit of fucking up his games,
like why did he change the combat and camera angle wtf dont fix whats not broken and no cutcsenes no spoken dialogue another complete fail,
suda's writing has not touched killer7 levels since killer7 and reading his whacky sit aint interesting enough alone if its acted out it becomes somewhat tolerably entertaining
his shtick was entertaining when i was a young gun but now i see too much of his BS style over his honestly vapid substance it's just an overall resounding meh,
idk maybe he needs shinji mikami to watch over him so he actually does the work and wont slack off
Kevin Vo
Kevin Vo - 7 months ago
Suda 51 is one of those developers who is willing to put in bad elements in a game to emphasise its story. This game is no exception.
Though it is sleazy that him and the game tells you to buy this game if you want no more heroes 3. That is never good.
Yan Guo
Yan Guo - 7 months ago
I really, really like this game.
DaveDynamite1 - 7 months ago
The only Suda51 game I had played before TSA was Killer is Dead and I enjoyed that game. Killer is Dead got me interested in Suda games, but I wouldn’t call myself a fan before. The second Suda game I played was TSA, I really enjoyed it, and loved the nods to other games like Hotline Miami, Shadows of the Damned, Killer is Dead and Killer7. I always wanted to try out Suda’s other games and now this game kind of got me to finally do that.
I recently own and have played NMH 1 & 2, Shadows of the Damned, and am now moving on to Killer7. Also playing LET IT DIE on PC currently. I can now say that I am a Suda51 fan and can’t wait for NMH 3 if it’s actually in development according to the end of TSA.
DaveDynamite1 - 7 months ago
I’ve played the game twice already and loved it both times. I recently finished my new game + mode with Shinobu. I really enjoyed this game and can’t wait for the last piece of DLC for it.
Dash's DDR Channel
Dash's DDR Channel - 7 months ago
play some 3do games!
raine - 8 months ago
i found the game to be really fun. mixing up different powerups and using them for combos felt really cool, and they had neat visual effects. the writing, the weird art direction and the controls were pretty damn good. although i do agree that the levels were really long and the fbi one was hot garbage, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying the heck out of this game.
Motobug - 8 months ago
Getza Berry
Getza Berry - 8 months ago
I'm late on this I know but I am surprised you didn't say anything about how broken the final level was. There are a few glitches that let you skip certain parts of it outright and certain chips used in certain areas can just straight up crash the game.
gamedoc - 8 months ago
just imagine if suda51 and dennaton both collaborated to make hotline miami 3
Rice - 8 months ago
I hope nmh3 comes to ps4
Tarodenaro - 8 months ago
when you mentioned shadows of the damned, all i remember is that 'enlarge your johnson' trailer lmao
thefatman69fude - 8 months ago
I'm a die hard suda fan lol love his stuff so I need to buy this game.
gwardojones - 9 months ago
Completely agree with your review. I'm not a Suda guy so much as I'm a No More Heroes guy. I'm at the fifth stage and I think I'm completely fried. These levels are too long and are only made longer by how irritating it is to find collectibles. If, like you said, the camera was pulled behind him, even if everything else was preserved as is, I think this would have been a much more interesting experience, at least in single-player. As it is, the side stuff is really awesome and interesting while the actual gameplay is completely tedious.
That said, good review as always, homie.
Caliduchey - 9 months ago
This game looks insanely horrible holy crap.
Shark fan of the sea
Shark fan of the sea - 9 months ago
BTW Badman is voiced by Steve Blum who also played Darkstar in the first game(and gracia Hotspur from Shadows of the Damned)
Dolphinboi - 9 months ago
I love NMH, but I never had a chance to play the others.
CyriuX7 - 9 months ago
Yeah I agree, I finished the first two missions on my first sitting and overall found the whole thing kind of tedious and repetitive. Gonna get back to it in a couple of days because I believe this game is better in short bursts. However, one thing I will say is that I love the presentation, the style, humor, and the text adventures between missions, and those are the things that keep me wanting to play, just to see what other crazy thing comes off. Plus, it's centering around reviving Bad Girl, one of my favorite bosses of the past games, and the upcoming DLC that adds Shinobu (another fav) and Bad Bad girl herself to be playable. Even if it's in a zoomed over-the-top perspective I still wanna try them.
Guess I will have to put myself through the shore and it's a shame, because I legitimately enjoyed the gameplay of NMH1 and 2. And while Killer 7 doesn't have the most amazing gameplay, I still think of it as a master piece. I guess I just enjoy Suda's strange style way too much. That being said hopefully we will get a true No More Heroes 3 in the future.
As for other Suda games, I haven't played Lollipop Chainsaw, Killer is Dead, and Shadows of the Damned yet, I was playing other things and busy with other stuff when they were released; guess I'll track them down and give them a go eventually.
Parkdum - 9 months ago
James, when will you start releasing merch?
Liam Graham
Liam Graham - 9 months ago
I would love to hear your thoughts on YIIK: A Postmodern RPG for the switch
David Rojo
David Rojo - 9 months ago
Dude, you made a HUGE Spoiler, about Shadow of the Damned 2, you should re consider neither change the title adding (SPOILERS) on it or re uploading the video.
To put you through a context, is the same as when people start saying that Hellblade will erase your game save, but it turns out to be a part of the experience and all the media started bumping news about it, which lead to a huge spoiler and a way to kill the surprise of every suda fan which won't expect that from this game.
Despite that, I'll say that the gameplay it's repetitive as hell but I actually enjoy, is like every indie game that it's popular nowadays. I don't see any difference between games like Dead Cells or Darkest Dungeon, in which you'll be doing the exact same thing over and over again.
AKawesomeman79 - 9 months ago
Hey I know you probably get a lot of requests to do certain games. But one game that's really good and is a horror game is called Lost in Vivo. Its on steam. Its very similar to silent hill.
Omega14289 - 9 months ago
The death drive itself is from Let It Die
TotallyNotUni - 9 months ago
I see what you mean by the appeal being limited. I thought I wasn’t going to like NMH going in, thinking it might be too hard or, tedious as hell. But here I am, still playing the hell out of the game trying my best to finish bitter mode. Hell, when I found a copy of NMH2 for cheap I begged my brother to come and help buy the game. NMH or at least a NMH styled co-op game is something i’m really interested in. Which is the main reason I wanna get this, to finally play something like NMH together with my brother, and I’ll nerd out about the indie shirts like Mother Russia Bleeds and such. I doubt I’ll play this on my own and probably get to a point where I want my brother to play it with me anytime I ask to play the Switch. I’m hoping this game does well enough to fund NMH3 for the Switch, and I hope Suda can do his best on that game.
Edit: Found out I really like this game honestly. Even if it’s a bit generic.
Starbox Official
Starbox Official - 9 months ago
Killer7 review soon? OwO
Niko - 9 months ago
3:13 he really playing hotline Miami damn he got good taste in games
Trantor The Troll
Trantor The Troll - 9 months ago
Travis Strikes Again.....Struck Out..... sad :( was really happy when i heard a NEW game was coming out. too bad it looks like Doodie.
Jene Clyde
Jene Clyde - 9 months ago
Talking about Killer 7, please bring it to the Switch. I loved the bunches out of Killer 7 and it was a super rare game at its time, but I know it would sell a buttload now.
CyberLitaBot - 9 months ago
You got a humongous point about some games being experimental. Games just being fun instead of different and new and fresh. I get it.
I have a standard with games. Just me. doesn't apply to everyone.
I like unique games. Especially ones with good story and good game play. I highly love both. Not one or the other. Both.
I am bored with just one. It is sad because most games just have one and not the other and I am like "This could have been so good." Eh. oh well. what are you gonna do? Make your own that is what your gonna do!!!! XD
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