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Bears beats battle starglactica
Yep that is the only good thing about smarties
Ebony wolfdog
Ebony wolfdog - Day ago
I belive the word you were looking for was suppository. Medicine up the butt.
Cutie Corn
Cutie Corn - Day ago
7:16 explain lollipops
MaKayla Gagnon
MaKayla Gagnon - 3 days ago
If u take it out of your mouth, u don't put it back in..." Corn on the cob, lollipop,popsicle, ice cream.... 😐😶😉😎😂
Destiny Fitchhorn
Destiny Fitchhorn - 4 days ago
Matt: “It feels like a clouddd!”

Me: um actually clouds feel wet
Greg Patno
Greg Patno - 4 days ago
I need some fart spray for middle school
Peggy Hill
Peggy Hill - 4 days ago
The unicorn poop is STICKY NOT STINKY! I'm all for having fun, but Tanner just grabs, throws, & tears things up before you get to look at them. You told him not to spray the stench in the bottle & he did it anyway! He's gonna get you sued. You can have fun & still show a product. You don't have to belch & be rude. You were way better when you & Brian reviewed the products. At least we had a c!ear understanding of what a product is and its use. All that's happening now are 3 guys tearing things up & trying to do slapstick. Mathias you are way better than this.
Mason Isaacs
Mason Isaacs - 5 days ago
6.99 mil, so close
Grady Underwood
Grady Underwood - 5 days ago
It’s a not a cat cat
Arshia Khorasani
Arshia Khorasani - 6 days ago
Is it just me or is it Rock Paper Scissors not scissors paper rock
Devaj Datta
Devaj Datta - 6 days ago
Why does Micheal look like when he was young he experienced war
EpicUndead - 6 days ago
My favorite part of the video was when I clicked play.
Solar Kitty
Solar Kitty - 6 days ago
15:07 ....I thought luna wasn't afraid of anything! (from the old video with the ghost product) She's growing up and learning to be scared! :')
Solar Kitty
Solar Kitty - 6 days ago
14:34 ROFL It just made me fucking laugh so hard. I think it's how short the clip was
Char Rose
Char Rose - 6 days ago
Bro I feel like I’m having deja vu, did we not see a video just like this before ? Wtffff •.•
danthony liggins
danthony liggins - 7 days ago
No tanner im not on drugs
PatrickBecto - YouDoNotKillMe
Pizza sucks
Cohen Gunnison
Cohen Gunnison - 7 days ago
I watch Vat 19 videos
So Guys
So Guys - 9 days ago
Sam - 9 days ago
Blendy pens my childhood
Plumbus - 9 days ago
In Canada we call smarties rockets, and smarties are their own candy which is way better than that pressed together powdery junk.
Plumbus - 9 days ago
"once you spit something out of your mouth you don't put it back in"
Hmm, I wonder if that rule applies in his marriage.
BEAST - 10 days ago
It's at that moment when you realize ,that every mystery box video is 24 minutes long .Now THATS the real mystery 😂
ABD musawir
ABD musawir - 10 days ago
I have that lens
Jan May
Jan May - 10 days ago
i ts a not a cat cat
animation god
animation god - 10 days ago
review things that should be illegal
The stink unicorn poop you should throw it
Axkvtyye The Real
Axkvtyye The Real - 11 days ago
Your channel is awsome also is Vat19
George Scott
George Scott - 11 days ago
10:20 dipstick packs? you mean fundip? lol
Big Danny
Big Danny - 12 days ago
Im one of those kids
Wawaniske :D
Wawaniske :D - 13 days ago
Bruh Smarties are chocolate what???
Bryx Muniz
Bryx Muniz - 13 days ago
Anybody remember the supreme brick
Ana Strong
Ana Strong - 14 days ago
Three adult's fighting over some candy. They are kids on the inside alright!? 😂😂😂
Joie Hogan
Joie Hogan - 14 days ago
Its called not-a-cat-cat
IPad’s Channel
IPad’s Channel - 15 days ago
Stop in sltinsoting
Glenda McComb
Glenda McComb - 15 days ago
What does it mean by smarties there rockets Canadian EH
Ticci Toby
Ticci Toby - 16 days ago
17:08 its a not a cat cat its a stuffed animal that looks like a cat but its not a cat stuffed animal
Swinno96 - 16 days ago
Mysterious not mystery and yet the editior didnt notice
Gaming With Z-shot 1
Gaming With Z-shot 1 - 16 days ago
Ummmmm well that's disturbing 8:00
Bamity BamBam
Bamity BamBam - 16 days ago
At 15:02 I actually have a cat one of those things
Andrew Rodriguez
Andrew Rodriguez - 16 days ago
14:40 dead
xS0N1Kx - 16 days ago
Snow White came out in 1994 confirmed
Gacha dark Demon
Gacha dark Demon - 17 days ago
19:87 did tan man just say... paper rock sisors!?
Triple Threat - 3 Bros Who Game
Mathis and studio c
TheRedPaladin - 18 days ago
3:00 want. I want that as a choker.
Happy Doggo
Happy Doggo - 18 days ago
when matthias handed over the fart spray bag i thought he was just passing a bag around and i was wondering why everyone got so scared
Ducky - 19 days ago
7:18 tanner try to make that's what she said joke
Shannon M.
Shannon M. - 19 days ago
12:50 - Oh, wouldn't that be a mess if they did go on Hot Ones.
Maria Montano
Maria Montano - 19 days ago
Can I have the SANDS ALVE GLOW please
Mickey waffle king
Mickey waffle king - 19 days ago
When they said smartys i got confused, cause i live in Canada and we call them rockets, and smartys are a chocolate brand
Supernatural_Avocado64 - 19 days ago
Randi Henson
Randi Henson - 20 days ago
i ordered two of the small mystery boxes from vat19 and i haven't opened it but thank you for the recommendation!
Clashers Of BOOM
Clashers Of BOOM - 20 days ago
zachlag 55
zachlag 55 - 21 day ago
I want to see Jamie's reaction when someone buys all the mystery boxes
Carmen Yee
Carmen Yee - 21 day ago
if they thought that the hot sauce is spicy let them try the worlds hottest chocolate bar
Zetylin - 21 day ago
25-Yr old movie. 🤦‍♀️ you are so young haha. Try around 65-70 yrs old
Walter Tarakanov
Walter Tarakanov - 21 day ago
why do you say paper rock siccors not rock paper siccors
Holland kids Family channel
There is no pol LOL
Phil Tilly
Phil Tilly - 21 day ago
Bradley Ernst
Bradley Ernst - 20 days ago
Yeet_ Vargas
Yeet_ Vargas - 21 day ago
I just realized VAT19 just sold things that they didn't OG make but copied what another OG company make.
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