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RIP ETIKA - 39 minutes ago
Shut up your irrevelant
Dry_ - 2 hours ago
his name shuld be CHAI
Susan Velasco
Susan Velasco - 3 hours ago
ItzDani De La Cruz
ItzDani De La Cruz - 4 hours ago
Damn rice I remember back in 2015/2016 you were in your moms house making videos, roasting kids, posting everyday. You also said that you won’t let money get to you but I guess it was a lie cause my guy you fell so hard you went to posting every week to posting every 2 months. You were honestly my favorite YouTuber
Vito Campanelli
Vito Campanelli - 4 hours ago
What type of dog is it
mohammad soubra
mohammad soubra - 7 hours ago
Fluffy is a goodname because hes hella cute
Max Eden
Max Eden - 7 hours ago
I am so jealous
Mr. Tick
Mr. Tick - 7 hours ago
ace king
ace king - 9 hours ago
Afro gum bro
Hobbsy - 9 hours ago
Yo rice i mad awesome slow uploads or not
Mohammad Diab
Mohammad Diab - 10 hours ago
Reign would be a good name or Hercules
BlitzBlock - 12 hours ago
Astro ftw
the vip Ivo
the vip Ivo - 13 hours ago
"Dogs be expensive"
"your fine"
Yousif Azeez
Yousif Azeez - 13 hours ago
Name him rice cause he white
Abby Miller
Abby Miller - 14 hours ago
Wut about guppy??
Nevaeh_f - 14 hours ago
Haven’t watched him in a year😂
MR. POW - 14 hours ago
Quinn Edwards
Quinn Edwards - 14 hours ago
Thumbnail: I BOUGHT A PUPPY! Ft. Cleavage
Andrew Miranda
Andrew Miranda - 17 hours ago
Ya saying rice gum died & fell off ya wrong he still da shit & still da goat 🐐
jess ica
jess ica - 18 hours ago
His girl is so boring
stinging pixie
stinging pixie - 18 hours ago
When his girl only with him for clout .
Kiing Mitchy
Kiing Mitchy - 18 hours ago
How about u name the puppy rice ?🤷🏾‍♀️
Javier Aguilar
Javier Aguilar - 19 hours ago
T_Jimpa - 19 hours ago
Bro I’m so sad you gave those offwhite A1 like nothing, I struggle to catch a W in these drops ☹️
Tesla 25
Tesla 25 - 19 hours ago
Is that Kylie Jenner in the video
Dvcess - 19 hours ago
Khloe Razo
Khloe Razo - 21 hour ago
Omg my god I died when rice said he keeps smelling his booty hole 😂😂😂
Star Rowser
Star Rowser - 22 hours ago
Bruh I miss the diss tracks, reaction videos, and Afrogum. I swear when you didn’t have a bed frame you acted so much better😕 maybe we need to bleach and dye your hair again. Your videos aren’t even funny no more I keep watching wishing you would go back to the way you used to be😢
Chick King
Chick King - 22 hours ago
Abby: in tears
Rice: he dirty and brown cah he be poopin' on himslef
wtf haha rice is so funny
michaél getz 2
michaél getz 2 - 22 hours ago
The name should be fluffy
Oyvind -
Oyvind - - 23 hours ago
Your face gives me crippling depression
Retr0Gamerz - 23 hours ago
Name: Benji
Johnathen Dominguez
Johnathen Dominguez - 23 hours ago
yf w
yf w - Day ago
Dillon Sudduth
Dillon Sudduth - Day ago
You garbage.
༺Zayron ༻
༺Zayron ༻ - Day ago
call him cloud cuzz of clout gang
yoana martelo
yoana martelo - Day ago
.you won,t kiss your mom in the chek
RRight Braeden
RRight Braeden - Day ago
Just watched Idubbbz's content cop again. man Rice fell off hard.
Why Google Need To Know My Name
i really fucking love teawap
PiggieLover 123
PiggieLover 123 - Day ago
I don’t like that breed of dog and it still better than u
Jesus - Day ago
name him dorito or pringle
Mytai - Day ago
I know faze banks dogs are big... But FaZe Banks dogs needs to relax near the new dog
Muhhamad Big dick
Muhhamad Big dick - Day ago
where are the midrolls
Adi G
Adi G - Day ago
rice fell off so hard
deserves it tho
fuck him
AsianSushi - Day ago
The best new Name is Little Rice
Zlatan Di Caprio
Zlatan Di Caprio - Day ago
Call him vyper
Txmkarma - Day ago
Rice gum jr
andrew boateng
andrew boateng - Day ago
Yo what tf are u doing now
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