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toni grant
toni grant - Day ago
Jacob Ramirez
Jacob Ramirez - 3 days ago
You just did that thumbnail to show her boobs haha jk🤣
Dylan Ghmna
Dylan Ghmna - 3 days ago
9:36 am dying 😂
SO lil Ton
SO lil Ton - 3 days ago
That dog Baby rice
koolCam Beauregard
koolCam Beauregard - 5 days ago
maryam ayoubi
maryam ayoubi - 5 days ago
I got a name: puppy gum or doggy gum
Super Craft
Super Craft - 11 days ago
Yeah pretty cute *PUPPY* in the thumbnail
BlazeDavid 7503
BlazeDavid 7503 - 12 days ago
Kenneth acosta
Kenneth acosta - 13 days ago
The dogs name should be max
Cash Stephens
Cash Stephens - 14 days ago
This is how many people didn't look at the puppy on the cover
game boi boi
game boi boi - 17 days ago
Poor puppy
Ty Anthony Herrington
Ty Anthony Herrington - 18 days ago
Toxic Ana
Toxic Ana - 22 days ago
Why don’t you name it clout or litty
Ak sid
Ak sid - 22 days ago
Roman Verbeck vlogs Verbeck
Make the dog a YouTube channel
Roman Verbeck vlogs Verbeck
Post more on your family gum channel
Semira Mohammed
Semira Mohammed - 24 days ago
ha nguyen
ha nguyen - 26 days ago
Làm phụ đề tiếng Việt đi bro =)
xyz Svre
xyz Svre - 26 days ago
The thumbnail is her boob not her face
04dram04 - 28 days ago
Imagine having a girlfriend that is using you for your money. That would be the worst feeling
MoonnMan__ - 26 days ago
04dram04 i’d rather be lonely as fuck than be in that type of relationship
Israel Hernandez
Israel Hernandez - Month ago
Name the dog Wilson
Mad Mades2
Mad Mades2 - Month ago
Zexo - Month ago
You can name it M I C H I E L
Jared Miller
Jared Miller - Month ago
Glad I paused this at the 1st second of the into ad for this soy boy who thinks RAPE is funny
Anthony Abdulky
Anthony Abdulky - Month ago
Bro name him afro jr. trust me rice
Jovani Alvarado
Jovani Alvarado - Month ago
Ricegum comes to the faze house know he is saying that's insane a lot lol
ian Frank Zappa
ian Frank Zappa - Month ago
Ricegum uses getting a puppy to look like a rice dushebag
Ricegum is stupidity incarnate, The reason why his fan base are so young, is easy too see, They have so much in common. There maturity levels are the same. They have the same annoying squeaky laughs! They have extremely low IQ's They love the same educational tv programs, Sesame Street and other Dora the Explorer....
Hence why rice-cave-man-gum for- Brian's laugh's at rape at victims, Or Can't write his own music why he has too smashes cell phones. When he is challenged too a rap battle......
He must Flexes his wealth all the time. It's not hard to impress 7 or 8 year olds... Too a kid on the play ground ricegum in grade two or three your a total God man, Really take a bow....... But To the rest of the world your a complete joke. You content is trash and your a garbage person. Look in the mirror and then your look at your watch your 15 minutes of fame are just about done, Everyone over. Every one over the age of 16 can't hardly wait to see you go away.
Alejandro Raul
Alejandro Raul - Month ago
When a dog is worth more than your life
Luka Otto
Luka Otto - Month ago
I wish rice had 50 million subs
Fun Āsîan Kangaroo Entertāînment
Dear Bryan, can you solve a Rubik's cube?
Adhrit Ray
Adhrit Ray - Month ago
I'm supprised he has not eaten his dog yet
Mohamed Obaid
Mohamed Obaid - Month ago
ricegum want's to eat the dog
Little RaZe
Little RaZe - Month ago
Ben Bugeja
Ben Bugeja - Month ago
Dollar is the name
Marlyn Johnson
Marlyn Johnson - Month ago
Should’ve named him riceball
fruityy - Month ago
Peppa _Gacha
Peppa _Gacha - Month ago
“he did try to eat him but”
Blaze It
Blaze It - Month ago
yeeehhaaaw - Month ago
What breed is that dog?
DeAd MeMeS
DeAd MeMeS - Month ago
TheYouTubKIDvidGames - Month ago
why is the hoe wearing his jacket???
Diana Solorzano
Diana Solorzano - Month ago
David Edwards
David Edwards - Month ago
This dude gay as fuck
Noel de Chavez Jr.
Noel de Chavez Jr. - Month ago
Honestly if rice weren’t rich, she wouldnt even look at him lol
Akram Hussain
Akram Hussain - Month ago
Rice gum lived at the faze house
SlimeyTianna - Month ago
name him icey 🤭
bts my kings
bts my kings - Month ago
only assholes buy dogs kind people ADOPT
bts my kings
bts my kings - Month ago
poor dog
Damian Ovalles
Damian Ovalles - Month ago
Sabrina Lee
Sabrina Lee - Month ago
That puppies cute but said it ricegum ricegum
Trapoz3 - Month ago
I like rice before abby
Trapoz3 - Month ago
stfu you're a fucking cunt
special peanut
special peanut - Month ago
Poor dog
Krzzy - Month ago
yo is that faze house just a kids playhouse like wtf
Brodie Welsh
Brodie Welsh - Month ago
I hate how he was like omg I got a dog and his gf tits cover half the god damn thumbnail like ain’t no complains but like
Dio Brando
Dio Brando - Month ago
Title: I got a new dog.
*Puts a pair of tits in thumbnail*
I Jahn
I Jahn - Month ago
Poor dog
Eugene Hamada
Eugene Hamada - 2 months ago
I mean a lot of YouTubers are having minis selves and ur Asian I'm asian so hmu
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