Police Discover a A New Dog Breed

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Paul Young
Paul Young - 16 hours ago
"What's a Whip It? I'm most familiar with it from high-school." *PROCEEDS TO PULL AIR DUSTER OUT OF THE AETHER REALM WITH QUESTIONABLE INTENT*
Silent Assasin
Silent Assasin - Day ago
When your dog starts a milk sucking company ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
jljyuhuh hyygiu
jljyuhuh hyygiu - Day ago
Whippets is not computer duster. Whippets are actually filled w c02 which is basically medical grade
Quinn Moore
Quinn Moore - 2 days ago
Whip it's are definitely just nitrous containers, not computer duster
RainyDayModz - 3 days ago
Whippets is nitrous oxide not the can of air duster they call that duster not whippets
Fjrehazard - 3 days ago
The dumbest thing about "whippets", is the whip cream lost in the process. I'm not that fat, I swear...
GnarDope__ Radington
GnarDope__ Radington - 3 days ago
Im so glad I heard about your channel from Pewds Rewind 2019 video. Now one of my all time favorite channels 10000%. You crack me tf up 😂😂 you're fucking awesome dude, keep being awesome 🙏🏽
Bigcheese 69
Bigcheese 69 - 3 days ago
I don’t want to be “ that guy” but he used 2 A’s in the title
Sunako Kirishiki
Sunako Kirishiki - 5 days ago
Whip it is actualy very safe, an air duster is not the same at all! Whip it is nitrous which is done at dentist in massive amonts they sre in no way dangerous worse is long term vitamin depletion. Please avoid spreading information when applicable. Dust off or air duster is poison and not nitrous.
Bryan Lewis
Bryan Lewis - 10 days ago
Are you wearing panty hose
Rolo !*
Rolo !* - 11 days ago
Whippets and huffing computer duster are not the same
Liam H
Liam H - 11 days ago
Please stop swearing on your children's lives when you're lying, lady
ynw DROWN - 13 days ago
Her forehead gets bigger with every wipit
Nicholas Polkey
Nicholas Polkey - 17 days ago
"why are you wearing pantyhose"
"why are you kink-shaming”
Mystic - 18 days ago
Wippits are to be done with laughing gas nitrious oxide its a food safe chemcial so you get canisters of it that u use in like whipcream canisters and you huff it and it makes you numb laugh and stupid its litearlly like small consitrated hits of laughing gas
Mystic - 18 days ago
Its dangerous cause the chemical needs to be super cold in order to compress it so the risk is freezing your lungs like actually freezing them like you just sprayed a compressed can of argon onto your lungs
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen - 20 days ago
How did he not notice how thicc that whip-its chick was?
Generic friend #256
Generic friend #256 - 21 day ago
2:45 she has more forehead than he does wtf
Noah Edwards
Noah Edwards - 23 days ago
4:00 this guy is living in Fallout he's got a pipe shotgun and wrecked car
Noah Edwards
Noah Edwards - 23 days ago
oh shit he said that in the video
Brownskikuca Garlic Bread
'Purebred dogs' more like inbred dogs, yeah, every individual from a breed is from the same family, that is the reason many dogs have genetic diseases
press ballz
press ballz - 25 days ago
Wip it bro
Rachel Freeders
Rachel Freeders - 25 days ago
You gotta put a towel over the nozzle! Or you'll freeze your vocal cords.... or so I heard lmao when you said that'll make you dumb real quick... understatement of the century.
Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction - 25 days ago
Nah whippets are just nos canisters
christian rosas
christian rosas - 26 days ago
True I've never done none of those but most of the people around used to get axe body spray, airfresheners, and the best one that they actually stuck to was the lighter fluids, but good thing the guy that use to sell it to them caught on and stop selling them the lighter fluids
Dkarp1 - 27 days ago
i love Cr1tikal's deep voice and i almost have one
TriForce gaming
TriForce gaming - 27 days ago
shes levelled up off wip its
TurtleSauceGaming - 27 days ago
cop: "what is that green stuff?"
Loli man: "Marijuana, dumbass"
Star Comet
Star Comet - 29 days ago
Why cant people just. Not drink and drive? It's not hard to do lmao
Trusty Patches
Trusty Patches - 29 days ago
Man, I think most people would be ok with people doing drugs if they didn't drive while huffing them. 300 of them.
Scrub Mc.Cluck
Scrub Mc.Cluck - Month ago
What’s a whip it?
TheGodshatter - Month ago
That's not a whip it bro.
Nitrous oxide is a whip it. Laughing gas.
Air duster is called poor man's crack. 2 different things lol.
Michael Collado
Michael Collado - Month ago
Nobody noticed at 2:55 she was copping a feel? Pun intended
bark apo
bark apo - Month ago
Eliu Vasquez
Eliu Vasquez - Month ago
I live in Walton county 😂 who the fuck are these people
3:23 I dont care who's sees this but I'm genially terrified cause I said "wtf is a wifit and right as i said that he answerd 🤣
Edit:fucked up the time stamp
Toxic Orb
Toxic Orb - Month ago
The whippits girl looks like Trippe Redd
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez - Month ago
With the keyboard cleaner you would want too flip it upside down and use something as a barrier between your mouth and the hole like a rag or your shirt
Jengaman - Month ago
These videos are the best
J. C.
J. C. - Month ago
DIY car is epic
DieForDethklok11 - Month ago
whippits are nitrous not duster, its no different than the 'laughing gas' one would get at a dentist, not at all comparable to duster
tristn fune
tristn fune - Month ago
I live near this place
John Kemmerer
John Kemmerer - Month ago
Who is Brian Gosling?
graden barber
graden barber - Month ago
a whippit is nitrous bought from amazon as “whip cream chargers”
stan the van man
stan the van man - Month ago
meatball man
meatball man - Month ago
The dog is a female...not a cow 😂
willisverynice - Month ago
That is not what whip its are.
pkleaf - Month ago
Great, Charlie.
Now you're gonna be responsible for the deaths of thousands of stupid kids with aerosol cans.
pkleaf - Month ago
I remember making a thief backpack with tinfoil, duct tape, and chicken wire as a kid, It really does work.
Steve Shdv
Steve Shdv - Month ago
Goddamn that girl with the whip jts had a huge ass
Gemidori - Month ago
That dog in the thumbnail looks like my own dog.
I officially have one of the ultra-rare breed.
Joo Jewce
Joo Jewce - Month ago
some people die from doing a single wipit ? bruh that's just so false.
mr.fujiwara - Month ago
that asian shorty was dummy thicc
Connor Tefft
Connor Tefft - Month ago
Actually dusters are different from whippets. Whippets are nitrous oxide canisters aka laughing gas
BalthazarTheGreat - Month ago
Holy shit no wonder people die from this. You want a longer high next thing you know you just pass out and asphixiate.
urmom,com NO HOMO
urmom,com NO HOMO - Month ago
Thank you now I know how to steal better
Shay Ó Laoghaire
Shay Ó Laoghaire - Month ago
2:00 a reminder to not drink while watching these, because it will come out your nose
Shay Ó Laoghaire
Shay Ó Laoghaire - Month ago
"This person's driving terribly"
"Oh that's just Florida in general no need to be alert officer"
As a Floridian o can confirm
Nicky - Month ago
Don’t make fun of her nipples, she had puppies
Jacob Malcom
Jacob Malcom - Month ago
Its W E E D dumbass!
TDogB404 - Month ago
Police Discover a A New Dog Breed
Jeremy Enslin
Jeremy Enslin - Month ago
The pulverized of pork
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