Police Discover a A New Dog Breed

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Jade Stephens
Jade Stephens - 12 hours ago
Dill Pickle
Dill Pickle - Day ago
"a A"
Charlie- 2019
Dan Leon
Dan Leon - 3 days ago
4:06 "I dont think the AC works anymore."
Dude STOP - 3 days ago
"Police discover new, Unshootable dog breed"
0AK - 3 days ago
you talk too fucking much can you shut up and let us watch the video as well
BGamers - 3 days ago
6:09 nice
Krystal Myth
Krystal Myth - 4 days ago
Uhm, a true whip-it is done with nitrous. Hence the term. You use nitrous cartridges used for whipped cream. Dusting is just huffing.
Virtual Soul
Virtual Soul - 4 days ago
Whip-its are really different than huffing air duster. Whip-its (also known as hippy-crack) you use No2 chargers for whip cream and blow the No2 into a balloon. Then suck down the No2. No2 is the same stuff they use at the dentist and make you breathe for the duration of your operation. It's typically believed they are dangerous but that's not true and there's plenty of sources to confirm it because you breathe significantly less in that you would at a dentist.
If you do a whip-it on LSD it's comparable to a DMT breakthrough in terms of visuals but without any real introspective boost. People and I typically don't like whip-it's cause people get really hooked on doing it, the litter everywhere and it's just a trashy high.
I've done whip-it's in the past but it's not something I've done for a long time.
The high lasts about 3 minutes and they're also perfectly legal and there's no way she could have operated that vehicle while actively using one.
Max McCormick
Max McCormick - 5 days ago
Air dusters aren't the same as whippets tho... whippets are nitrous oxide but air dusters are propane with probably some ether or isopropyl nitrite or something as well. Huffing air dusters=super dangerous, Whippets=pretty much harmless
Max McCormick
Max McCormick - 5 days ago
??? Whippets are super safe; you'd have to try really hard to hurt yourself with nitrous oxide in such small quantities. Doing it while driving is still obviously a bad idea though
Pitbvllx -akaTris-
Pitbvllx -akaTris- - 6 days ago
That's an American Pit Bull Terrier for the idiot who said Whippet.
Vec - 6 days ago
Roxy Codone
Roxy Codone - 6 days ago
That ham dude is pretty handsome
Panzerschreck - 7 days ago
Homemade shotguns ain't illegal fam
The Dude
The Dude - 7 days ago
its hurcuham
Henry1801 J
Henry1801 J - 8 days ago
A whip it is when you fill a ballon with a whipped cream charge (nitrous) then inhale it and one will not kill you😂 it’s like laughing gas at the dentist
CaptainCorgo - 8 days ago
Your friendly Neighborhood Dealer
The dude smoked spice 😂😂😂😂😂
O. liveil
O. liveil - 9 days ago
Whip-its increase her power level
Emma Elisabet
Emma Elisabet - 10 days ago
What the fuck is a whip it? (Edit: never mind I know now)
you don't deserve cat
you don't deserve cat - 10 days ago
i can feel the cursed energy radiating from where it happened, a county over
nick ream
nick ream - 10 days ago
yeah boy my car runs fortnite!
UAV_ kraken
UAV_ kraken - 10 days ago
the part where they stopped the girl in the nissan was 2 miles away from my house wtf
Collin Bong
Collin Bong - 11 days ago
That girl is more whip-it than person
Jenn Cliff
Jenn Cliff - 12 days ago
Spent 5 minutes wondering what whip-its were, only to realise it was nitrous canisters, fuck slang dude
Cplayz - 12 days ago
Charlie did you see that a woman named “Crystal Metheny” was arrested in Florida?
PrinceOfM4rs20 __
PrinceOfM4rs20 __ - 12 days ago
Galaxy_Zappy - 12 days ago
IamReallyLoud - 12 days ago
what are whip its you say? 3:30
0N3 M3M3Y B01
0N3 M3M3Y B01 - 12 days ago
People have told me that you can steal chewing gum and chocolate oranges because the detectors don’t work on them
Muffing 21
Muffing 21 - 13 days ago
charlie the women was doing laughing gas, you insert bullet into the whipcream cannister and get that high feelin
Muffing 21
Muffing 21 - 13 days ago
i dont do drugs :-)
Margie The Nun, bless your soul
I cant hear the video because of critikal keeps talking
legranapadano - 13 days ago
Night time,
Woman : Im not drunk but I smell alcohol
Police : How long as i it been since you drank ?
Woman : uhh, this morning
Police : Ok
Wait, What ?
koipond æ
koipond æ - 13 days ago
What even is your twitch like what
Seth Abrahamson
Seth Abrahamson - 13 days ago
The girls with the wip it had a huge forehead
Eve Bebop
Eve Bebop - 13 days ago
I went to Walmart and bought one of those dusters. I got soo high it was awesome. I had no idea you could use that to get high. Thank you Critical :)
Think Twice
Think Twice - 13 days ago
I swear this guy doesnt even react to the funniest parts he always cuts them out its oddly unsatisfying
Beforeach - 13 days ago
Why do you watch the video then?
Vinnie Gonzalez
Vinnie Gonzalez - 13 days ago
4:26 "bruce lee's gonna turn the corner" as the furthest possible thing from bruce lee turns the corner.
Stank Tank
Stank Tank - 14 days ago
"The best of Walton county Florida" that's where I live
WonderWaffles - 14 days ago
if they let "i swear on my sons life" lady go shed of drove off saying "ha ha u stupids nothing would have happened to my son even though i was lying!!!!!"
TBNR inferno
TBNR inferno - 14 days ago
Dude 4:01 that’s a pipe bomb
Ivy J.
Ivy J. - 14 days ago
So nobody’s talking about how that lady was drinking in the MORNING???
InuyashaMiles - 14 days ago
I came for the dog I stayed for the penguin
Alex Vozianov
Alex Vozianov - 14 days ago
4:14, I bet you that car can run Arma 3 at 20 FPS.
Connor Reynolds
Connor Reynolds - 14 days ago
Whip it’s aren’t like air dusters. Whip it’s are nitrous oxide cartridges (laughing gas)
shook tea
shook tea - 14 days ago
I want her, shes mine now. Shes a good girl
Jacob Mumford
Jacob Mumford - 14 days ago
Whip-it’s are not keyboard duster. Whip-it’s are nitrous oxide, or laughing gas.
Jedi G4mer
Jedi G4mer - 14 days ago
Where is the dog part?
TJOG 420
TJOG 420 - 14 days ago
Low-key found another member of the trench coat mafia in the white car
TJOG 420
TJOG 420 - 14 days ago
"Marijuana makes me hide in houses" lmao😂
Ghostlys Golden
Ghostlys Golden - 14 days ago
Infinite Nipples
Jabreil Brewer
Jabreil Brewer - 14 days ago
Most mammals have more then two badonkers they usually have four to eight napals not to be rude or anything but that car had car pieces you said that he was hanging out in the parking lot ...............he literally had drugs 🤓
Scooter kid707
Scooter kid707 - 14 days ago
She was doing whip it’s wat you described is called dust off And that when you use air duster it’s way different 😂
135Jaeger531 - 14 days ago
But whippits give u booty apparently
Maxwell Eagle
Maxwell Eagle - 14 days ago
Commentary is shit.
Alice Holmes
Alice Holmes - 14 days ago
Dog: **unbothered**
unkn0w - 14 days ago
I love whip its they make any body stupid in 10 seconds
iquityoutube - 14 days ago
The title says "A" twice in a row.
It's been weeks without correcting the typo.
Brandizzle Jeffrizzle
Brandizzle Jeffrizzle - 14 days ago
Don't worry Charlie, the cop taught me how to shoplift too lol
Stormay - 14 days ago
Trent Anderson
Trent Anderson - 15 days ago
I do em through my nose
Beafy Boys
Beafy Boys - 15 days ago
Chris Rob
Chris Rob - 15 days ago
Only people who do whip-its can like this comment
Chris Rob
Chris Rob - 15 days ago
Good comment
Ryo x Akira
Ryo x Akira - 15 days ago
Dude want pro tips for stealing ? Watch cops catching shop lifters. They give the best advice.
makenzie m8
makenzie m8 - 15 days ago
your probably my kid you dont even know.
Dr. Weird Ass
Dr. Weird Ass - 15 days ago
My man like a mad max character, he got a homemade gun and a homemade car 😂
william hummerick
william hummerick - 15 days ago
"I could smell your dick was small"
Pink Droid
Pink Droid - 15 days ago
Air duster is not whippits. Air duster is difluoroethane. Difluoroethane causes lesions in the brain. Whippits are filled with nitrous oxide, the same stuff from your dentists office. Whippits are safe and do not contain difluoroethane.
Nitrous oxide of food grade or higher (whippits) are safe.
Air duster cans (diflouroethane) cause brain lesions. Do not huff duster (or anything else). But breathing in nitrous oxide is 100% safe*
*make sure you take plenty of breaths of real air in between hits of nitrous. Also, if you have a vitamin B12 deficiency, take a supplement a few hours before using nitrous oxide, whether recreationally or at the dentist.
Source: I work in medicine, and also like to party sometimes.
Shashank Iyer
Shashank Iyer - Day ago
You medical students really do know how to party tbh
TnT FoX - 15 days ago
AIR DUSTERS ARE NOT NITROGEN. Whipped cream cartridges are Nitrogen.
TnT FoX - 15 days ago
WAIT A SECOND... Nitrogen makes up around 80% of what you breathe normally??? Why would you inhale something that's 80% normal air?
The freaking reason you can make whipped cream by hand is nitrogen in the air dissolves into the cream.
Cobalt bowtie
Cobalt bowtie - 16 days ago
Whipits rank when Ur trippin balls
mrjo2thec - 16 days ago
Not a big drinker?? Get outta here you chinese no eyebrow mother fucker you a full blown alcoholic.
SaltySeaBee - 16 days ago
Fix the title or I will shave your hair
Snack - 16 days ago
Who dies from a whippet? Usually those are n2o... Air dusters are other inhalants and theyll fuck you up badly. But the cream chargers are fine
Daniel Schneider
Daniel Schneider - 16 days ago
Baby GAP xD
Xbox Connor
Xbox Connor - 16 days ago
Charlie that's a Wawa gas station at 5:39
Ooijennn - 16 days ago
Whippets are N2O, not PC dust spray or any other shit. N2O is laughing gas and it's widely used in medicine as a local anesthetic, it's quite safe.
The duster thing just cuts the oxygen intake to your brain and it's really dangerous, but it's not the same as whippets.
Tino - 16 days ago
Woah, a-A-a new dog breed?!?!
Stefano Chiodi
Stefano Chiodi - 17 days ago
Walton county of corse, nice vid Keanu
Shroom Mane 45
Shroom Mane 45 - 17 days ago
thats not at all what whip its are its n20
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