Turning a $10 Original Xbox into an awesome Emulation device | MVG

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Chronik Spartan Gaming
Chronik Spartan Gaming - 3 months ago
Xbox is a true legend of a console!!
One of my favourite consoles still to game on. Xbox and the Dreamcast are two machines that really feel like arcade quality gaming!
hacatan24 - 4 days ago
@Walter Sobchak it's all good no problems... I just barely knew about this couple months ago lol....
Walter Sobchak
Walter Sobchak - 5 days ago
@hacatan24 first of all let me apologize for asking a question like a jackass I was half-asleep evidently. Thank you very much for answering the question. I am not a complete and total imbecile like the way the question was asked, would leave you to believe. Just a little bit overwhelmed, confused and frustrated made evident by my half intelligible question and poor choice of grammar. . I'm just learning all this stuff and there is so much to everything I'm like 20 years behind on everything. I didn't even know there was such a thing as an emulator existed, until 6 months ago. The last console I owned was a 2600 Atari. It was purchase shortly after they premiered/debut , so that it should give you an idea. The reason I was so curious is I because I had seen that name multiple times in multiple threads. Also finding a reply to my questions has been scarce to say the least. I want to thank you even though it may not seem like a big deal, but any light being shed on the subject is greatly appreciated.
hacatan24 - 5 days ago
@Walter Sobchak nvidia shield is a small device like the size of a Nintendo mini and it's pretty much a Android device with the 4k resolution and comes with controller or if not you can use a Bluetooth controller
hacatan24 - 5 days ago
@Matrix I have Nvidia shield too . I'm surprised how good that Device is..
Walter Sobchak
Walter Sobchak - 7 days ago
@Matrix how the fuk you do that?? what is Nvidia Shield ??? A phone is it a TV or mean what is it. I'm lost in this shit it's making me dizzy it's confusing as fuk. I got about freaking eight different emulators on this tablet and I just want to...... it would be great to put them on one of these machines I got laying around ( X 360 original Xbox PS2). If somebody would tell me if it is possible. I don't want to know how to do it I just want to know if it's possible. If it is possible I can get it done I just need to know if it's possible.
Shadow Rain
Shadow Rain - 7 hours ago
I got a brand new sealed xbox for 50 bucks
Kirkendall Greene
Kirkendall Greene - Day ago
"The previous owner was a gamer." I mean... Yeah.
Lexicon Devil
Lexicon Devil - Day ago
🤔 can do this with a 360?
Retro Gamer and Backups
I cannot get the carousel to show any emulators. I check the patch and the emulators are there. I can even download them from the downloader and still will not show up. I can start the emulator from the file manager tho. I did upgrade my system to a 1 tb. Not sure what I missed but it was something.
Retro Gamer and Backups
Ok here is what I found. I had to load roms to the file path before it would notice them. It would not update the emulators with no roms. Not sure why, I am sure I did something lol.
wrathchicken - 2 days ago
10 dollars + insane an amount of money for one of the exploit game discs (at least the last time I looked) + dongle for USB.
JUST CALL ME WEBB - 3 days ago
I've got an original Xbox and no idea what to do with it. I don't want to throw it away, but it's taking up space...I'll never use it.
JUST CALL ME WEBB - 2 days ago
@Xhane sage I don't mind, dude. Just pay shipping somehow. It's not the original power cord but all works. Has like 2 games. I can send ya pictures
Xhane sage
Xhane sage - 2 days ago
Hey man. If you don't want it I'll take it. A family member of mine stole and sold my old one. Just message me back if ya feel like it. Thanks.
FrankieseshyFilms - 3 days ago
I owe you a lot. Thank you so much.
Manuel Banyuelos
Manuel Banyuelos - 4 days ago
Hi! First I would like to thank you. I just get my Xbox classic crystal console, (because this video) a cousing give it to me, since he just use it 4 times (literaly) the fact is I think the disc reader does not work, if I play just music CDs start skiping from one song to another, if i put games crash often and said the disc is wrong. I just need your adivice, I just call Xbox in order to see if they can repair it to me but they no longer reapir this console. so i dont know what to do since my skills in repairing in near zero. I prefer to reapir this one than buy another, even if its more expensive. Can you do a tutorial on how to open the xbox and see evident problems... Thank you so much in advance, I realy like your videos
Adam MacGregor
Adam MacGregor - 4 days ago
I have 2 modded.....its Awesome.
EvilTurkeySlices - 5 days ago
I wouldn’t softmod my Xbox, but I may buy another one for soft modding.
Grunchy - 2 days ago
But you gotta scare up $10 first.
uzi 589
uzi 589 - 6 days ago
0:50 the jumbotron is missing
Glen Galloway
Glen Galloway - 7 days ago
I still have a modded Xbox brilliant console for emulators. Still play mame arcade games on mine. Retro powerhouse of a console
Da40kOrks - 7 days ago
If you buy a used xbox you want to find one with a Samsung drive. The other drives it came with will probably be dead. You can tell the Samsung because it has 2 round holes to either side of the central slot.
Da40kOrks - 7 days ago
I still have my chipped xbox with a bunch of emulators and roms on the 80gb hard drive. Don't get it out too often though.
Arch Dawg
Arch Dawg - 8 days ago
Dude this is way to much for the average Joe like me... Makes me sad too...
Walter Sobchak
Walter Sobchak - 7 days ago
No shit I don't even know how to hook a fucking PS2 controller up to a damn Android tablet I'm lost but I got a Xbox, Xbox 360 and PS2 . I'm want to put some emulators on them bitches but I'm completely idiotic when it comes to anything Tech. On one tablet I have a Gameboy Advanced emulator a Super Nintendo emulator is Sega Master and a Sega Genesis emulator Nintendo DS emulator for PSP emulator and a PS1. The Playstation 2 emulator don't work worth a shit. It would be great to be able to play it with a freaking controller it'd be even better to be able to play on the TV screen. And if you ask people on here they get scary as fuk they act like you're trying to ask them how to make a LSD. I guess I understand their standoffishness. when I say here I don't mean this video I mean in the internet in general
Kid Blaze
Kid Blaze - 8 days ago
The dreamcast started the homebrew revolution***
Chris Visci
Chris Visci - 8 days ago
Do you have a list of the most compatible emulators for each console? Or do you know if one exists? Trying to get the best build going.
CJ Calhoun
CJ Calhoun - 8 days ago
Great video. I just wish Microsoft's hardware lasted as long as Nintendo's. I bought a N64, GameCube, and Wii, when they were released, and they still work. I've gone through 2 Xboxes and 3 360s in less time. A working Xbox is rare.
Cheeky bastard !
Cheeky bastard ! - 9 days ago
Xbox is dead! Everything Xbox new and old is dead.
THE KING - 9 days ago
Die you stole my channel
Mercury the Folf
Mercury the Folf - 9 days ago
Does it have to be mechassult or can I use other games?
Lemar SkyDance
Lemar SkyDance - 10 days ago
That Beautiful UI !
matt fahringer
matt fahringer - 10 days ago
why does the skin matter?
George Gallegos
George Gallegos - 10 days ago
harry potta
harry potta - 9 days ago
Looks like some sort of ghosts and goblins game
D canel
D canel - 11 days ago
Haven't watched the video yet.. But I am happy to know that the Xbox I decided to keep may just be able to bring me some joy.. That is if I'm able to do any of the stuff being shown here
Average Joe
Average Joe - 11 days ago
Can you get this emulator for PC too?
Average Joe
Average Joe - 11 days ago
How would I know if it's 1.6?
Richard R
Richard R - 12 days ago
Is Killer Instinct the arcade port? Do both work good on a modded Xbox? Never owned Xbox and interested now
Hans Arica
Hans Arica - 12 days ago
I just bought another console just to not unlock mine, I hope some day to have the balls to do it bro, thanks for the video!
Michael18751 - 13 days ago
0:48 As he says that the jumbo tron is not working XD
Doug Lydiate
Doug Lydiate - 13 days ago
Still have mine from years ago with Xecutor modchip and wireless logitech controllers. I will never get rid of it. I preferred hard modding the older versions with TSOP flashing.
Malcolm Alvarez
Malcolm Alvarez - 14 days ago
2 much work.. Just get a ps vita..
Juan Negrette
Juan Negrette - 15 days ago
Can you pay someone to do all this and mod the hell out of it so it does everything and if this is who does all this amd how much just trying to to see timeing and how many hours and max this out with everthing so please let me know thanks o one more question can you do this on xbox 360
Robert Montoya
Robert Montoya - 15 days ago
Dreamcast can do this too
Burnt Corn
Burnt Corn - 16 days ago
How can I install the emustation on an old modded Xbox that already has XBMC on it?
Uciha Itachi
Uciha Itachi - 16 days ago
Lol king of what ??
Filippo Adamo
Filippo Adamo - 16 days ago
How can i buy one from you?
bboymassUK - 17 days ago
Xbox had the best interface.
Oh the memories.
Project cars
House of dead 3
Panzer dragoon
Might puck one up as i see a hdmi cable is available now?
Sergio Gomez
Sergio Gomez - 18 days ago
I bought alot of them back In 2014 ,they used to sell lots of them
SaucyBegger25 - 18 days ago
remember doing all this to mine. was amazed at all the things i could do. 500gb hdd full of emulators and xbox games.
Derek Schneider
Derek Schneider - 18 days ago
Playstation 1 games on rocky5 work? I tried Parasite Eve and transferred to the xbox but it does not show up in my Playstation games. It says 0 games. :-( Any help would be amazing, thank you if you have advice.
New World Order
New World Order - 18 days ago
Whats the name of the baby game 0:53
SANHEK - 19 days ago
Always wanted a modded Xbox for emulation but did not have the skills to mod one
Ended up modding a Wii instead and ended up loving the little thing
Pro Token420
Pro Token420 - 20 days ago
Dude, I have to get another og Xbox now
Quintin Fertig
Quintin Fertig - 21 day ago
Okay but the psp is the best emulator device imo
Walter Sobchak
Walter Sobchak - 7 days ago
@Quintin Fertig Cool I guess I'm going to quit even worrying about it sell the damn things. Collecting dust I heard something called modding it I thought that I could put all the emulators on it and playing on the TV. Got to 360 and regular Xbox PS2 zero games though. Also I hate to ask you all these freaking questions but what is the piece called the adapter that enables you to use a PS2 controller on Android tablet??? I have about eight different emulators on here but it's hard using these on-screen controllers. Hey man thanks for replying even if it's just one word reply it's more than most people have done!!
Quintin Fertig
Quintin Fertig - 7 days ago
@Walter Sobchak no
Walter Sobchak
Walter Sobchak - 7 days ago
Can you put a PSP emulator on this Xbox
chaos3two - 22 days ago
Decided to use XBMC4Gamers as i love the cover flow. Reminds me of a modern software loader/GUI.
Already have a raspberry pie with retropie installed & many mini consoles (SNES Mini, Mega Drive Mini & PS Classic).
eldontyrellcorp - 22 days ago
This is a very good console and emulation rocks on it. My main usage for it was xbmc although.
But it's nowhere near to be seen for $10 here in Belgium. Prices vary from $30 to $50. Sometimes more.
MiloE - 22 days ago
hmm, time to dust off my old chipmodded xbox maybe. Never played any emulator on it.
Reez Tate
Reez Tate - 22 days ago
I got one it's worth it had for 12 years
ibez07 - 23 days ago
Andrew Susunaga
Andrew Susunaga - 24 days ago
After this i can Still play my Xbox games???
joshua suchy
joshua suchy - 6 days ago
Its just added software, I dont see why you wouldn't be able to, but in the event you couldnt, you could find the rom files for your games
Andrew Barro
Andrew Barro - 25 days ago
Where does the application xplorer360 come from? He shows it in the tools folder but it comes out of nowhere and doesn't explain how he downloaded it.
Tecpaocelotl Castillo
Tecpaocelotl Castillo - 25 days ago
One question, what's a good disk drive replacement since mine died?
Jorge hernandez
Jorge hernandez - 25 days ago
Will Splinter cell double agent work?
Frank Bjørnsen
Frank Bjørnsen - 26 days ago
Do you have to use the game Mechassault or would any game with campaign-mode work? I'm just on my way to pick up a Xbox now :)
WalkableBuffalo - 8 days ago
There are 4 games specifically I believe which can be used for the save game softmod. MrMario2011 covers this method I think. /r/originalxbox is also a great resource
Suneel Kumar
Suneel Kumar - 26 days ago
Please make video on xbox 360 how to install emulators
Sean The Bermanator
Sean The Bermanator - 26 days ago
Why are you using WinRAR? Use 7-Zip.
Meik Niessing
Meik Niessing - 26 days ago
Ahem, get rid of leaky clock capacitator.
Valeh - 28 days ago
Do you still have the standard dashboard once you install xbmc emustation?
Stankyg55 - 28 days ago
I still have an original xbox that works
Jacob Frashure
Jacob Frashure - 28 days ago
That boot screen on a CRT is one of the best things ever.
andy7666 - 25 days ago
It's not too shabby is it?
Hupernikao77 - Month ago
Thank you for the great tutorial, I am now playing classic games on my OG XBOX.
Ronald Baiter
Ronald Baiter - Month ago
Loved that machine! In 2005 I couldn't afford to build a HTPC, but the XBOX was just $150. I have owned many over the years. Eventually the slow ethernet speeds made me say goodbye, but it warms my heart to know that folks are still getting what they can out of this machine.
Cody Phelps
Cody Phelps - Month ago
To bad! You can’t download Roms anymore :)
Chris P. Bacon
Chris P. Bacon - Month ago
Too much work
Mii Maker 2
Mii Maker 2 - Month ago
It can run doom.
Josinaldo De Jesus
Josinaldo De Jesus - Month ago
Bom dia meu amigo parabéns você precisa trabalho aí seu aí como é que eu faço para baixar essa dashboard do Xbox clássico você tem como disponibilizar o link para mim baixar como é que eu instalo manda ela para mim legendado aí por favor por gentileza se não for incomodo algum Deus te abençoe Continue com esse trabalho aí eu vá em frente
Torjus HT
Torjus HT - Month ago
Still have my old Xbox laying around, its in perfect condition. Haven't played it in years tho, so I don't know if it works. Might want to do something with it one day
Luke Earnshaw
Luke Earnshaw - Month ago
Also you not mentioned that people should chop out the clock cap
Mick Chicken
Mick Chicken - Month ago
7:58 fam
Luke Earnshaw
Luke Earnshaw - Month ago
Loved my original xbox but there is definitely input lag on emulators
Alex Jumper
Alex Jumper - Month ago
Hey MVG, thanks for the awesome video, I absolutely love your content regarding the history and modding of consoles, you have made me love my 15year old at this point Xbox even more than ever. I have an inquiry. Could you point me towards a good IDE/SATA converter? I've been trying to get a bigger harddrive for my Xbox for the longest time, but hunting down a big IDE drive has been increasingly difficult over the years. I've found a converter before and the UDMA 80 wire cable that's supposedly required to run such a configuration but it never worked successfully for me, always getting a 07 or 08 error code. I'd be very grateful if you could help me with this, but even if you can't, I still wish you the best for the future and hope you get more content out for the next generations of gamers
Bona Kilias
Bona Kilias - Month ago
I remember doing this year back, I put in a 500gb hdd and installed coin ops which took ages to install because of the size. It was quality as I made my own USB cable for the initial softmod. I felt like I was on top of the world lol
After it all installed I just was so amazed that everything ran flawless
anthony Lee dickinson
anthony Lee dickinson - Month ago
Didn't like Xbox anyway, love emulator's though
RiesbyfeRoastbeef - Month ago
I can emulate just fine on my PC, the OG Xbox still has a fair amount of exclusive titles worth playing, so turning it into 'homebrew' is just really pointless. It's also the one of the few consoles that really has no good emulator. Unless this doesn't compromise its ability to play OG Xbox discs and games, I'd say it's just really wasteful.
Bisonfan95 - Month ago
CAn't play Wolfenstein tides of war with this mod... Anybody else having the same issue?
classicgmr - Month ago
After watching your video I dug out my old modded XBox. Haven't touched it in 2-3 years I believe.
Do you know offhand if you can convert from a softmodded CoinOps 5 to Rocky 5? I like this much better.
gabriel - Month ago
Is mame working on this? latest version....or maybe psp emulation? thanks for this video
lagaffegaming - Month ago
After this hack, it's Always possible to play on regular Xbox ? With rom or cd i dont Care this Time.....
Thetechgenius - Month ago
I still think the WiiU is better for Emulation.
Chris Stokes
Chris Stokes - Month ago
Id love to have an xbox with this but I've tried so so so many times to put the homebrew channel on wii I gave up two weeks ago, ive followed every video on YouTube and nothing works.
Noobsaibot21 - Month ago
You'll need to get a third party controller if any decent ones - the OG Xbox D-pad is not great for retro games (and the Duke is even worse)
IanMorpeth - Month ago
Is there a reliable source for downloading Explorer360? The sites I found were dubious and tried to trick you into downloading all kinds of unnecessary and possibly dangerous additional software.
Techformative - Month ago
I have 6 of these. 4 of em unopened. 2 were initially broken but I fixed em
Techformative - Month ago
generic username :v ooops yeah unopened haha
generic username :v
generic username :v - Month ago
you mean never open? cuz never unopened would mean they have been opened to this day
theBATfamiliar - Month ago
very, very nice, FYI if you are using an old tv, like an crt one keep in mind that the letters on the front won't be as clear as if you were using a hd tv
CptSparky - Month ago
Where did you get this awesome Shirt???
Ross - Month ago
Now do a hdd upgrade please!!!
PanBari - Month ago
Is true, xbox is the best hacked console, I still have 3 unit in home but only for emulators console before ps1, I changed xbox1 for nvidia shield TV because need hdmi and is pretty small.
The Kotaro Report
The Kotaro Report - Month ago
XBMC-Emustation can work in a Xbox 360?
generic username :v
generic username :v - Month ago
Twice The Mega Power
Twice The Mega Power - Month ago
Still the king, baby! After all this time. After all these years.
hamjo's couch
hamjo's couch - Month ago
I have one of these I love it . Had someone do it for me full Super Nintendo Genesis Turbo Graphics ext. And almost a full OG Xbox collection on the hard drive(2tb). Can't recommend more.
Jr Carclay
Jr Carclay - Month ago
All thise units used have issues,just have not encountered it,xbox sucks for emulation just use a wii or wiiu
Jr Carclay
Jr Carclay - Month ago
My modded box sits except when i use it for xlink kai to play halo 2 online still,wii is way better then xbox with emulation. And i was running roms and emulators for years on ps1 xbox did not start that at all,still have all my ps1 emu back up discs.
Jr Carclay
Jr Carclay - Month ago
Xbox was never a king lol
Smoove King
Smoove King - Month ago
how good dose it run n64?
hamjo's couch
hamjo's couch - Month ago
Depends. Mine's a few years old runs most of the games fairly well some perfectly.
killerpot. stuclaire
killerpot. stuclaire - Month ago
where the link for the cable!
Jonathan Figueroa
Jonathan Figueroa - Month ago
The dead prince at best! The nvidia shield tablet destroys the Xbox and any emulation machines easily and the game stream lets you play any pc title on the tablet anywhere with 5g lte model only available in 64gb. And with Tegra quad core everything runs flawlessly 1tb+ micro sd I got ever rom in existence!
mali tha menace
mali tha menace - Month ago
n wow just realised I have splinter cell I might try this soon
mali tha menace
mali tha menace - Month ago
literally found quantum redshift at a recycling plant for FREE (complete)hehe ill have to play it soon great vids tho the Xlink one was pretty kool too
Jonathan TriniRas
Jonathan TriniRas - Month ago
Love this I'll definitely try it soon
mikekcmo6742 - Month ago
Lol I just bought an original Xbox for $12.00 and it works!
eTrax - Month ago
Want double ur money ?? LoL. great buy @ €12
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