Turning a $10 Original Xbox into an awesome Emulation device | MVG

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Chronik Spartan Gaming
Xbox is a true legend of a console!!
One of my favourite consoles still to game on. Xbox and the Dreamcast are two machines that really feel like arcade quality gaming!
Chronik Spartan Gaming
Chronik Spartan Gaming - 4 days ago
+hacatan24 yes I totally agree and the concept of the memory unit in the controller too!
hacatan24 - 4 days ago
In my opinion I think that the Dreamcast is the Xbox.... I remember some CEO or the president of Sega move to Microsoft to make the new Xbox...... That's why some Dreamcast games went to the Xbox...... Even the controller almost looks like a Dreamcast....
Der Kellerwärter vom Yarrak Barron
Chronik Spartan Gaming and it hat Lots of failures
Chronik Spartan Gaming
Chronik Spartan Gaming - 20 days ago
+Lt. wreck if that's true it's really interesting!
Lt. wreck
Lt. wreck - 20 days ago
+Chronik Spartan Gaming Sega was low on money and Sony knew it so they announced ps2 more than a year early to kill at the time hot dreamcast sales they knew xbox and GameCube would have way better specs than ps2 so they made exclusive deals on all the best 3rd party games to keep them off those later consoles ps1 is the only PlayStation that succeeded solely on the merits of the console.
brutallyhonest123 - Hour ago
I still have my OG mechassault disc just in case I ever wanna do this again. Spent so much time just scrolling through everything I had. It was a weird feeling not knowing what to play because there were too many options.
Alpha_Red_Panda - 5 hours ago
I'm between hacking the Xbox or Wii U... I'm closer sided to the Wii U since it's more modern and I can use GameCube controllers
Martin Merineau
Martin Merineau - Day ago
What the song at 11 mins ! It tells me something !
moctezumaleon - Day ago
Goodwill $10 for the Xbox Halo edition im super happy gracias
Richard Ndukwe
Richard Ndukwe - Day ago
Can i just send you mine 😂 if that's cool with you
Lane Denson
Lane Denson - Day ago
Nice tutorial. Inspired me to mod my last un-modded OG Xbox.
SawseMasterA - 2 days ago
first time i played an og xbox it was moded.
Frankie's super crazy channel
I have repaired a ton of original xbox's you say tampered although I have repaired them to precision biggest issue is the pcu some wont even start or are plugged full of dust I do a lot of repairs on video game consoles And I always do a excellent job
Sticky - 2 days ago
Putting this soft mod on my original Xbox, can I actually play original Xbox ROMs?
CyberneticYouth - 2 days ago
I see no emulators in the menu whatsoever after adding roms to the corresponding folders and auto scan systems. Why do you think is that?
guyverjay - 2 days ago
Wii U is better
Mike Fish
Mike Fish - 3 days ago
Thanks for the tip on the clock capacitor, I had no idea, and I have 3 lol
WasabiPeas - 3 days ago
Stop the clickbait. There is no way you got that for 10 bucks.
Sticky - 2 days ago
It's different is every country, I found a PlayStation 1 with no cables for £1 at a car boot sale
Carzy Autumn
Carzy Autumn - 3 days ago
I still have mine.. I wanna do this but can't😂
Real Jhon
Real Jhon - 3 days ago
The best Xbox one......super caca nowwwww ps4 cuz ps3 it's amazing
Shadow X
Shadow X - 4 days ago
I paid 14$ for my ps3
Jake Brown
Jake Brown - 4 days ago
Can it emulate ps2
djb1ge - 4 days ago
lol I’m sorry, but NO. This is FAR from the best emulation machine, IMO. I don’t care if if plays original XBox games. Having to hunt down an older USB flash drive that’s compatible with the system, having to get/buy one of the games to use the save file exploits, HAVING TO TAKE IT APART AND DE-SOLDER CAPACITORS?! Nah...
If you’re gonna jump through so many hurdles, just get yourself a PSP, a Raspberry Pi, a Wii or better yet, a PC for emulation.
Wii U
Wii U - 4 days ago
Why does the ring turn orange?
Wii U
Wii U - 2 days ago
+Radu Cărăbuş So it's built into the system?
Radu Cărăbuş
Radu Cărăbuş - 3 days ago
it's a softmod feature, you can make it any color you like and even blink in different colors (green, yellow and red)
Walter das Trevas
Walter das Trevas - 4 days ago
Great review and tutorial!
classic and today's gaming
My xbox is modded with over 35,000 games...unfortunately it dont run all n64 games good
randall wilson
randall wilson - 4 days ago
So does my xbox 360
classic and today's gaming
+randall wilson yes sir i do. It plays burnt xbox games too...
randall wilson
randall wilson - 4 days ago
Do you really
La Croix
La Croix - 4 days ago
You legit hacked an Xbox/played roms on video....have fun getting sued, just a matter of time now
La Croix
La Croix - 22 hours ago
+DG Music do you really believe he has all those games on that list? Stop taking his side you know I'm right
DG Music
DG Music - 22 hours ago
La Croix it’s possible to rip from cartridges anyway, as long as he has it somewhere no one can say anything
La Croix
La Croix - 4 days ago
+DG Music I know about that stuff, ur telling me he owns snes Roms on physical discs? I think not
DG Music
DG Music - 4 days ago
La Croix custom firmware is not illegal & “roms” are fine if they are backups from a disc you own physically.
Constantine Soteriou
Constantine Soteriou - 4 days ago
0:53 need this game asap. Anyone the name please?
Dallas Dal
Dallas Dal - 4 days ago
What is the 32X emulation like,does it run smoothly with no glitches or game compatibility problems? Does it have a Saturn emulator and is it a good emulator? It seems lile it's impossible to make a good Saturn emulator.
Chris - 5 days ago
at 12:45 you were playing avp which emulator was this ? My all time fav game :)
Anthony Dark
Anthony Dark - 2 days ago
I believe it was a homebrew port of the PC game.
ar7hur - 5 days ago
what about retroarch?? https://www.retroarch.com/?page=platforms
Jakub Tallee
Jakub Tallee - 5 days ago
Iv had this Xbox Modd for the last 10 years with all the goodys
Jakub Tallee
Jakub Tallee - 5 days ago
I need some more controllers tho. Anyone in particular to buy them from
Just google it
Just google it - 5 days ago
I would love to play super mario with my old Xbox.
After seeing the video: nevermind maybe not.
Just google it
Just google it - 4 days ago
+Bryan Stradley Ty for the info.
Bryan Stradley
Bryan Stradley - 4 days ago
Just google it Sorry about that! I forgot to add the magic word: “Dreamcast”! And “MAMED” is the MAME emulator but programmed to a Dreamcast. The emulation is beautiful, very few tiny glitches, if any on all arcade games, consoles 16-bit and under, plus is very friendly to backup discs! Look for .cdi files or magical .iso’s that are 1:1 backups and have already been tweaked perfectly and are *self-booting* “plunk & play”. do not need a boot-disc (if you ever do, Utopia works for most). Happy Gaming!
Just google it
Just google it - 4 days ago
+Bryan Stradley I seriously have no idea what you said.
Bryan Stradley
Bryan Stradley - 5 days ago
That bad? Zoiks! I’m biased as a SEGA fan from the Master System on up, but for emulation (if you’re willing to occasionally change a disc), Dreamcast is rock-solid with MAMED, SNES, Genesis, Master System and NES! It tops out (thus far) with all 90’s Capcom, Street Fighter 2 (all 143 versions), X-Men, X-Men Vs SF, Marvel Vs Capcom 1 & 2.
Joel McCunty
Joel McCunty - 5 days ago
Got go get me one of those badboys. Although just saying that the WiiU was easy to turn into an emulation system too...just nowhere near as cheap or vintage as an OG Xbox.
Steve Holvoet
Steve Holvoet - 5 days ago
This was the console that made me quit pc gaming. Endless possibilities, mods, homebrew, xbmc... just loved it. As an electronics enthausiast, I still get ram upgrade requests to date. I (still) just love to mod these.
Music Power
Music Power - 5 days ago
I've got one gathering dust in my closet and I love emulation so this vid came at the right time.
Ty Talent
Ty Talent - 5 days ago
Can those games play 4 player split screen?
Syncnice - 5 days ago
Hey I got one of these original xboxes but mine isnt activated... How can I unlock it?
Nerdsachen - 5 days ago
For me still the best console for modding ever came out.
phizzler5051 - 6 days ago
Maybe i missed it in your video but did you upgrade the harddrive or leave that shitty little 8gb in there?
Jason Griffith
Jason Griffith - 6 days ago
I suggest not using rocky5 emustation as it is very buggy, should use xbmc4gamers much better front end and less buggy.
Jason Griffith
Jason Griffith - 6 days ago
Lol $10 I wish more like $40-60 even at goodwill.com they fetching $35-60 before shipping.
Ed Beasant
Ed Beasant - 6 days ago
A good front end is also coin ops. I've got the 85gb coin ops installed on my xbox its awesome especially if you love arcade games. Runs most 100% speed even manages cps3 roms.
Daniel Reyna
Daniel Reyna - 7 days ago
Would you charge to mod an original Xbox ?
Nick McWilliams
Nick McWilliams - 7 days ago
The hardest part of all of this was finding a USB thumb drive that would work.
michael wayne
michael wayne - 7 days ago
going to get mine out of the loft been there for years....all the best from uk
armenvegas - 7 days ago
Sweet shirt.
I copied so much code from some magazines as a kid on a commodore 128 and after 10 failed programs... I learned about go64. Then they all worked. Ugh
Marco Vaxquez
Marco Vaxquez - 8 days ago
I have 3 og xboxes thank you for this lol
Corey Baker
Corey Baker - 8 days ago
I had one a few years ago. Had every SNES and Sega game, plus about 40 Nintendo 64 games
Marcus Redwine
Marcus Redwine - 6 days ago
Message me sometime, I have some questions to ask you.
zeroa69 - 8 days ago
og xbox and first gen wii are hands down the best dirt cheap emulation stations around. best part about the wii though is you can play all them old school light gun games on a flatscreen if you dont have a crt for retro
zeroa69 - 8 days ago
wow flashbacks to them action replay mod glory days... lone wolf was such a good game need a sequel
elterrible00esb - 8 days ago
I should have never gotten rid of my xbox1. It had "coinOps" an arcade/mame emulator with hundreds of games and everything just worked. I have spent the last ten years trying to get something that is as trouble free and just works and every time ive tried various raspberry pi images, xbox360 modded, psp pmoded, or pc mame, or other stuff, all of it has key mapping problems or games dont work or other problems and nothing matches the simplicity of everything just working that I had with that CoinOps install on xbox 1.
TheZelda360 - 8 days ago
I got an original Xbox I bought mine last October at a yard sale and a handful of games it works perfectly fine
HCIbn - 8 days ago
Black bars on the sides.
No thanks!
I want emulators done right like upscale the screen size to my 47inch Sony X900 4K tv.
TheMightyN43 - 6 days ago
How? By stretching from 4:3 to 16:9? O_O Ich think it depends on the original output of systems. Buuuut some frames around would be nice :)
Fork Monster
Fork Monster - 9 days ago
Dreamcast was the original homebrew system.
Bryan Stradley
Bryan Stradley - 6 days ago
Fork Monster Heck Yes! Especially when .CDI /Burn /play releases were out there. I’ve trouble finding them now). Dreamcast is amazing! (Sadly, US didn’t see all features In the US) But has Optical drive, VGA box for true 480p, built-in modem (swappable to broadband), keyboard, mouse support, full web-browser, with 2 open controller slots), a webcam, mini-thermal printer, microphone, *Free VOIP*, free Video chat, upgradeable (if small) Storage - (the one weakness is no internal storage and VMU’s hold little)- nearly every function of a PC. I want to check (if anyone knows, please help me! I’ll owe you a solid) if anyone has made a word-processor for DC. Thanks everybody! Dreamcaster till I die! 👍
Bryan Stradley
Bryan Stradley - 6 days ago
Fork Monster yes it sure was! It’s still my favorite machine by miles!
kiyonexus - 9 days ago
Ohhhh this guy is pirating emulator games!!
PeterPhoneCam - 9 days ago
Four Christmases reference?
Mike Mercer
Mike Mercer - 9 days ago
If you try this method and it doesn't work, you just get a black screen try this. Look at your video settings on the xbox dash, change the screen to normal and turn all the HD settings off. I kept getting a black screen and once I changed the video settings, BINGO! It worked!
John Smith
John Smith - 9 days ago
Xbox is not good for emulation because the d-pad sucks for retro gaming.
Samy - 9 days ago
I never liked XBOX nor 360 OR ONE or what will come later - my 2 cents feedback !
Temporary Account
Temporary Account - 10 days ago
Let’s assume I can score a very cheap Xbox, what would be a better for performance and experience. The xbox or some kind of raspberry pi build?
Richard Vanwinkle
Richard Vanwinkle - 9 days ago
Pi sucks, there are much better alternatives.
Philip Randolph
Philip Randolph - 10 days ago
Is it possible to have an emulator on the Xbox one?
Stuart Dee
Stuart Dee - 10 days ago
Great video!
Radditz Matt
Radditz Matt - 12 days ago
Hi ! Thanks for the tutorial ! Unfortunately, I have an issue : the .emustation folder disappears when I FTP it... Any idea of what to do ?
HUYI1 - 12 days ago
i still have my original soft mod xbox but i don't use it much these days, shield tv takes care of most stuff, not sure if it's still working but i've stored it away, it was a brilliant emu system back in the day but i'm surprised that the homebrew scene is still about.
never heard of the clock issue and not sure what version my xbox is i haven't had any problems with the console though.
i could never get a hold of the usb drive wire (i used the alternative method) but the last time i looked they were £10-£15, not that cheap for a usb cable, i've also noticed there is xbox hdmi cables for £40! which isn't cheap either, is it really viable to go back and soft mod a xbox when their are other alternatives that would be cheaper in the long run? this is good if you have all this stuff laying about i guess.
Foxontherun2 - 14 days ago
this bricked my xbox
i selected the option to reboot inside of that emustation program and it bricked the console. the console worked fine and had tons of xbox games on it that i already played and this was the only time I've ever soft rebooted outside of unleash dashboard and the program bricked the motherboards firmware somehow.
the console now just flashes red/green with no video output at all. no error code , nothing....its bricked , thx
floyd lynch
floyd lynch - 15 days ago
Soft mod is cool but having a hard mod Xbox is by far the best especially when it comes to adding a new hard drive doesn’t even have to be locked
Dakhanavar99 - 15 days ago
Does this works on european version?
Wilfredy Nunez
Wilfredy Nunez - 12 days ago
All xboxs can do this all you need is the appropriate game and a way to get the saves onto the system. Even though he used Mech assault, I recommend using the game Splinter cell (the original not any of the sequels) because It always works.
Daniel Fusella
Daniel Fusella - 15 days ago
I've been pretty excited to give this a go on my original xbox considering how much you talked up XBMC-emustation. Ive watched this video several times but unfortunately none of my PSX roms are loading, i keep getting script errors trying to update the n64 roms and games for the NES and master system are running 10x faster than they should be. 2/10
Leon Lyon
Leon Lyon - 16 days ago
How long does it take in real time?
Саня Вен
Саня Вен - 17 days ago
Never heard about emustation. Nice, i will try it
KING - 17 days ago
You are not the KIKG. Already did that shit on the XBox, wii, ps2, ps3, ps4, mini snes.......should I go on!
TheDarkSide69 - 18 days ago
only 15yrs to late haha
Adam Botello
Adam Botello - 18 days ago
Very informative. sub bro, good stuff now I need a Xbox
forti tude
forti tude - 18 days ago
Dreamcast and xbox the real og kings!
forti tude
forti tude - 18 days ago
What is video output of ogxbox s video or rgb component?
forti tude
forti tude - 18 days ago
Can I install kega fusion?
forti tude
forti tude - 18 days ago
No! Dreamcast started the emulation and homebrew process. Massive fail for that. But xbox one of...
forti tude
forti tude - 18 days ago
Great video
Dmitrij Godzjura
Dmitrij Godzjura - 19 days ago
Awesome video. Would be cool to see the emulators available for ps3 now, especially since you can downgrade one with recent exploits available.
keithc728 - 19 days ago
This Rocks!!!
sabbathtribute - 20 days ago
No lie. I've had one of these for at least the last decade. Tons of stuff on the hard drive and discs too. Pretty much every old school arcade game and console game that ever existed. Still works great!
Jose Parcenary
Jose Parcenary - 20 days ago
1:45 "Started the Emulation revolution"? LOL

People were doing emulators of old 8 bit computers on PC before the Xbox even existed.
forti tude
forti tude - 18 days ago
Exactly dreamcast
iTechUOutGuy - 20 days ago
What about the Nintendo Wii?
Louis and cristal Cervantez
I still think its stupid that your even running old games on xbox video games dont hold no value so when we upgrade our systems it's for better you just downgraded and act like it's better then ps4 or something have fun with the welfare system retro lames
N3uroManc3r2600 O'Cornáin
First game I played after getting the OG Xbox was Morrowind.
Axal475 - 21 day ago
Does XbMC already come preloaded with a selection of games or do I have to install them myself?
StuFighter - 21 day ago
I think it's time to dig out my Crystal Xbox and Pimp it out :)
DirtyBird_1978 - 21 day ago
All xboxs are hot garbage. ;)
Iamdr3wski3 - 21 day ago
Guy sounds like a retarded text to talk robot
Hugh Jhass
Hugh Jhass - 22 days ago
Way too much work
Death Scythe
Death Scythe - 22 days ago
damm nigga those eyebrows jave ro be done a.s.a.p
Daniel Hull
Daniel Hull - 22 days ago
Why what should you convert a original Xbox into an emulator when the Xbox 360 can be converted as well what are pros and cons to each individual modded system which one would be best just to play some games if I wanted to go out by 1 and mod it
Daniel Gomez
Daniel Gomez - 22 days ago
I’ll pay someone to make one for me
Adrian Simpson
Adrian Simpson - 22 days ago
Nice machine, I'm more than sure you know this but if you haven't at least had a look inside, there has been reports of 1.6 clock caps bulging of late, also on mine and many others the 5 3300uF 6.3V caps on the low right of the board usually bulged and leak, I had to replace mine. plus while in there some new thermal paste and a clean cant hurt. Id hate to see this rig die too soon. Awesome video as always, I have a 1.6 here chipped and another unopened one that's in better condition ill no doubt soft mod like you have here... cheers mate

Tubeless - 22 days ago
I'm still rocking this thing for emulation.
draken865 - 22 days ago
Lmfao Xbox has always sucked
Francesco Sagliano
Francesco Sagliano - 22 days ago
Hi, I already have a modded Xbox, I just would like to add this frontend. What should I do? I can use FTP connession.
Mobile Task Force Epsilon-11
I actually still have a Xbox it was passed to me but sadly my dog chewed up the wires while we had it in the garage(for storage to bring out later when my sister and her friend are on the 360)and we didn't want to risk burning down our house I think my dog also chewed the controllers.
I also hated the menu noises I left it on one night and it made noises while I was asleep scariest experience to me.
richie2481 - 22 days ago
I have looked on eBay in the uk and found plenty of modded xbox's, is there anything I need to avoid when buying one?
Dj Hurie
Dj Hurie - 23 days ago
What’s about Dreamcast?
MotoNickel - 23 days ago
Put the movie Robots In The Xbox you will get a surprise. *It's a demo to a unreleased game*
Hingle McCringleberry
Hingle McCringleberry - 23 days ago
Doesn't the Xbox controller have the worst D-pad though for classic games?!
Ace the Dolphin Guy
Ace the Dolphin Guy - 23 days ago
this is awesome, I found an Xbox for exactly $10 and it works. it is dirty but it was still awesome, can't wait to try this mod, Thanks for the guide : )
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