The Opioid Crisis: Trump Blames Mexico & Big Pharma Blames Addicts | The Daily Show

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Greta Trimble
Greta Trimble - 11 hours ago
i love trevor noah bc i can watch the news and laugh my ass off
Brandon Harris
Brandon Harris - 21 hour ago
Dont use a "black voice" when immitating a "crackhead". Other than that Your great!
Jonas Forsberg
Jonas Forsberg - Day ago
They need the wall, yet basically all the drugs come through regular boarder check points.
M D Adams
M D Adams - 5 days ago
the overdose crisis is from illegal Mexican and Chinese fentanyl tainted heroin not medicine
Enrique Hernandez
Enrique Hernandez - 5 days ago
He was pushin' all that work
John Hopkins
John Hopkins - 6 days ago
Now cut and paste the focus of this investigation onto the "crack epidemic" imposed on the Black community for which they are being thrown in jail for ever! Watch the sentiments change...
Kng Tch
Kng Tch - 6 days ago
I want to see his proof of these accusations man
Trent Standing Rock
Trent Standing Rock - 7 days ago
A rich fucking drug dealing family that has literally killed thousands and thousands of people, addicted countless others and costed the tax payers millions and millions of dollars in healthcare for those who became addicted, who were fed these pills by the handful are still free. And Trump blames Mexicans for that? God forbid he blame a fellow elitist white family for it. We have countless people jailed for life for far less and drug dealers that are absolutely nothing when compared to this family that will never see the light of day and these murdering fucks are still free? Hell even Escobar was small time compared to this family. There is something seriously wrong with this picture.
Anna Xefta
Anna Xefta - 7 days ago
Wow 60 a day??? Yeah u can take ten be fucked up and sell 50 a day make 2000. A day. Holly fuck
MsAjefferson - 7 days ago
This is why every time they prescribed me opioids for pain I dispose of them. I'd rather deal or take an ibuprofen and call it a day...
Britt Waller
Britt Waller - 7 days ago
Can you think of how many human tragedies happened because someone lied to get a dollar or save themselves. This kind of shit is insane.
Some Guy
Some Guy - 8 days ago
I'm not proud of it. Im an ex drug addict (clean now) But I've used heroin and I've used oxycodone. Honestly it's about the exact same thing. I've also took methemphetamine and adderall, and both about the exact same thing. The only difference is the method of delivery. But the addictive quality and "feeling" is close to identical. *Just because something is regulated/legal does not make it safe or moral*
dougie1336 - 8 days ago
I wish the doctor never got in trouble because I would go to set up an appointment I could use at least 30 mg a day which is only 6 5 mg tablets a day if you're alone term user of the drug and you built up lots of tolerance you might need 60 a day depending on your pain
dougie1336 - 8 days ago
Can you go to a doctor and get prescription opiates prescribed to you easier in Mexico than you can't hear because I could use about 20 mg of oxycodone a day for my back pain and I can't get them here
dougie1336 - 8 days ago
I don't think that doctor should have got that many years in prison even if you did prescribed 100 oxycodone today you can go to the liquor store and if you want you can buy a hundred bottles of alcohol everyday no crime there the alcohol is more deadly
Lady Flores
Lady Flores - 9 days ago
I am okay having an addiction to you Trevor! It's your voices and dimples 😍.
Lady Flores
Lady Flores - 9 days ago
I had a doctor who would give you what you asked for. How is that Mexico?
Claudia TSEVI
Claudia TSEVI - 9 days ago
Wait you wanna get me hooked on OxyContin? I’m going to scream the rest of the movie 🍿😒👾👻😈🗣
sssupersssnake - 10 days ago
Too late, Trevor. Sooo addicted now
trafficjon400 - 15 days ago
why this has to be fuckin funny
Adalberto Perez
Adalberto Perez - 15 days ago
Did the G-men eradicate organized crime, or simply protect the government’s monopoly on the guaranteed success it reserves for itself while denying it to the masses. Too big to fail or be deterred by collateral damage to others.
Daniel B
Daniel B - 18 days ago
shut up so I can watch lego movie. lol
Lana Palij
Lana Palij - 20 days ago
Steven Kahn
I'm suspicious of CVS, too!! Good one! Still laughing!
kieth thornton
kieth thornton - 25 days ago
What happened to the war on drugs even if you used No help just jail and prison thats what joe biden and the United states government did to so called Nigros and Blacks destroying families and Communities and loving homes and to this day because of Felonies all most al is band and barred from Jobs Careers and housing.
Mr COOKI3MONSTER - 26 days ago
Lol you guys are missing the point the biggest drug in the world is sugar yet! ?? Come on Americans plus 30million Americans who suffer from chronic illnesses need those opioids to live a normal life! Americans are so dumb! Sigh never seeing the bigger picture. Can never think for yourselves.
SN L - 27 days ago
President Trump has all of his money he can't get something to help him with the bags under his eyes or more importantly around his eyes.
Pennsyltucky Transparency
I blame the politicians and CDC that lump heroin and fentanyl in with oxycontin. Heroin is 40x stronger than oxy by the way.
Mikaveli Qigong
Mikaveli Qigong - Month ago
It’s strange and ironic how white people want to declare white people overdosing as a crisis. When it was black folk “we need more police on the streets”. White privilege has done white people a terrible disservice. Good luck trying to help a fiend they are the biggest liars and manipulators. Make AmeriKKKa Great Again
Anthony - Month ago
Damnn, i think i m addicted to the daily show
V. Hansen
V. Hansen - Month ago
These people are bad but anyone that ever taken an opioid knows within a week that it is addictive. Take some personal responsibility people.
Jessa Rose
Jessa Rose - Month ago
What I still can't grasp is why or how the physicians did not realize AN OPIATE would be addictive? It isnt like these are the first opiate pain meds ever. I smell bullshit.
I took pharmacology in nursing school...oxycontin is an opiate. The physicians should have known better
Jessa Rose
Jessa Rose - Month ago
Kevin Skipper
Kevin Skipper - Month ago
2:31 So, Dr. John Kapoor and Al Franken are the same person.
Tamala Rovaris
Tamala Rovaris - Month ago
What an idiot! Opioids are created by America pharmaceutical companies that paid doctors to prescribe opioids!
Kinley Dem
Kinley Dem - Month ago
Already addicted to the African with dimple...its too late for me.
Hector Morales
Hector Morales - Month ago
USA didn´t get to W CUP in is also Mexico to blame?
D Lynn
D Lynn - Month ago
So let's dissect this: American invades a country that produces 90% of the world's opium supply and, oh, what do we have here? An opioid addiction takes root. Stop with the partisan divisive hatred. It's a distraction from who really hurting you. Our collective enemy are ruling elite controlled, by big pharma and big oil. The ruling elite cannot be trusted. Why is it taking you sheep so long to wake up?
King B
King B - Month ago
Im with pharma how the hell are they supposed to stop meth heads from abusing it.
Nabilla Fachrizka
Nabilla Fachrizka - 2 months ago
4:26 that disclaimer 😂😂😂
Janice McKee
Janice McKee - 2 months ago
Just because a Doctor prescribes something doesn’t mean that you have to take it. Research everything before you accept a prescription for use. If your doctor calls it in to a pharmacy and you don’t like what your research is telling you, tell the pharmacy to put it back. Don’t accept it.
Coleman Remington
Coleman Remington - 2 months ago
This video keeps coming up in auto play even though I have seen it already 5-10x. One piece in this segment that i have found to be maybe misleading is the article the sachler family claiming it’s the addicts fault. I don’t think they are blaming the ones prescribed to their medication, I believe they are talking about the people who are buying pills or stealing pills from others, that if it wasn’t for the black market everything would be okay. Which I understand still in itself is shady and dumb to argue, just slightly not as bad as blaming the people who are taking it because a doctor told them to.
shanice braxton vlogs
shanice braxton vlogs - 2 months ago
The dimples 😻
nick dangelo
nick dangelo - 2 months ago
man I remember about 10 15 years ago doctors were handing out Vicodin and Percocet like fucking Skittles I totally blame the doctors and big pharma for my opiate addiction I remember getting a script to 40 10mg Vicodin for a migraine I had went to the er for thinking I'd get ibuprofen 800mg at the most but nope doc gave a 16 year old kid 40 10mg Vicodin prescription and I would get a very nice buzz of one pill so it's bullshit when they said it's a less addicting opiate than oxycontin and now I can say from experience that they all feel the same as actual black tar heroin, exactly the same 100% if you've ever gotten a buzz from hydrocodone or oxycodone then you know what heroin feels like
I don't throw that well, but I'm pretty sure I could chuck a bag of drugs over a wall..
xuyahfish - 3 months ago
What numbnut health officials believed that opioids weren't highly addictive? Did they not look at what was in the drugs??? Do they not know what they themselves are looking at?
Anita Spero
Anita Spero - 3 months ago
I guess I was lucky? My doctor stopped prescribing due to being threatened for to long. After 14 years of being on Norco everyday he took me off using the proper method with Suboxone. I only needed it for 5 days.(IF YOUR DOCTOR HAS YOU ON SUBOXONE FOR A LONG PERIOD OF TIME, THEY ARE DOING IT FOR MONEY) It has been about a year and I've never craved the medication. But now my life is lost. On the Norco I started a business. I have been so proud because I started it with 20.00 and it grew fast. I could drive again and even work out. I was eating and sleeping. Now I have no idea who I am. Every doctor tried to put me on anti depressants. But I am not depressed. I think for what happened to me sadness and anger are normal emotions. I fear diabetes. It runs in my family. I am almost always sedentary now and gaining weight, Very different than when I was a body builder and trainer. I gave up driving. I sleep very little and eat very poorly. I can't eat in pain. Now I'm dealing with PTSD from doctors. I had one doctor scream at me. He didn't even bring my file into the room. He didn't even know my name. He called me desperate and an addict and said he was cutting my meds to less than half per day. It was horrible. The staff let me leave to drive home- even though I was having a panic attack and an SVT. My only thought was "I'm losing my business, my livlihood". The next doctor demanded an MRI of my back. I explained that I did not want an epidermal (they are not FDA approved). My back isn't even my worst pain issue. He yelled at me on the phone and hung up. Then a female doctor put me on several anti depressants at one time. I ended up in the ER with serotonin syndrome, and now I have serious white coat issues. I'm am slowly losing my business. I'm trying and don't want to give up. I understand why people are committing suicide. It's not like retiring. You aren't prepared. In a week your life just changes. It's gone. I always tell ppl' that are not in pain...have someone tap on your forehead for a month straight. While you try to eat, sleep, talk on the phone or make big decisions. See how well you concentrate after a month. It's not just the sensation of pain, but it brings madness to your life. I spend much time watching t.v..trying to just focus on the t.v to try to drown out the pain. I can't even read well now. My concentration is poor at best. I am so terrified of doctors that I broke my nose several months ago and fixed it myself. Last month I dislocated my shoulder and again fixed it myself. I respected the medication I was on. I was so thankful. After years of all kinds of therapies, medications that did not work and I was even scammed into trying things like body magnets, copper bracelets, infrared therapy, acupuncture several times and more. I'm not ready to just be a meat suit sitting on the sofa, with a brain that wants to do so much in life. I have another grandchild coming, number 5. And all I can think is 'another grandchild I can't play with or babysit. "They" never made a follow through for us. Once this started there was all kinds of things to help addicts. But we are left chronic pain criminals. Sadly this issue is having a snowball effect. People don't trust doctors anymore. I even know a group of women that are doing home births with no medical help. This is infecting everything. It has not slowed down drug abuse and suicides have increased. I can't believe my countries medical system is doing this to us.
Liston Theodore
Liston Theodore - 3 months ago
Happy birthday Trevor Noah.
Daphne Ngu
Daphne Ngu - 3 months ago
I consumed more than 3 20 mins vids per day
Daphne Ngu
Daphne Ngu - 3 months ago
Juan Freeman
Juan Freeman - 3 months ago
Trevor Noah need a Oscar bro 🤣😂😭
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