The Opioid Crisis: Trump Blames Mexico & Big Pharma Blames Addicts | The Daily Show

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Nabilla Fachrizka
Nabilla Fachrizka - 10 days ago
4:26 that disclaimer 😂😂😂
Janice McKee
Janice McKee - 19 days ago
Just because a Doctor prescribes something doesn’t mean that you have to take it. Research everything before you accept a prescription for use. If your doctor calls it in to a pharmacy and you don’t like what your research is telling you, tell the pharmacy to put it back. Don’t accept it.
Coleman Remington
Coleman Remington - Month ago
This video keeps coming up in auto play even though I have seen it already 5-10x. One piece in this segment that i have found to be maybe misleading is the article the sachler family claiming it’s the addicts fault. I don’t think they are blaming the ones prescribed to their medication, I believe they are talking about the people who are buying pills or stealing pills from others, that if it wasn’t for the black market everything would be okay. Which I understand still in itself is shady and dumb to argue, just slightly not as bad as blaming the people who are taking it because a doctor told them to.
shanice braxton vlogs
shanice braxton vlogs - Month ago
The dimples 😻
nick dangelo
nick dangelo - Month ago
man I remember about 10 15 years ago doctors were handing out Vicodin and Percocet like fucking Skittles I totally blame the doctors and big pharma for my opiate addiction I remember getting a script to 40 10mg Vicodin for a migraine I had went to the er for thinking I'd get ibuprofen 800mg at the most but nope doc gave a 16 year old kid 40 10mg Vicodin prescription and I would get a very nice buzz of one pill so it's bullshit when they said it's a less addicting opiate than oxycontin and now I can say from experience that they all feel the same as actual black tar heroin, exactly the same 100% if you've ever gotten a buzz from hydrocodone or oxycodone then you know what heroin feels like
I don't throw that well, but I'm pretty sure I could chuck a bag of drugs over a wall..
xuyahfish - Month ago
What numbnut health officials believed that opioids weren't highly addictive? Did they not look at what was in the drugs??? Do they not know what they themselves are looking at?
Anita Spero
Anita Spero - Month ago
I guess I was lucky? My doctor stopped prescribing due to being threatened for to long. After 14 years of being on Norco everyday he took me off using the proper method with Suboxone. I only needed it for 5 days.(IF YOUR DOCTOR HAS YOU ON SUBOXONE FOR A LONG PERIOD OF TIME, THEY ARE DOING IT FOR MONEY) It has been about a year and I've never craved the medication. But now my life is lost. On the Norco I started a business. I have been so proud because I started it with 20.00 and it grew fast. I could drive again and even work out. I was eating and sleeping. Now I have no idea who I am. Every doctor tried to put me on anti depressants. But I am not depressed. I think for what happened to me sadness and anger are normal emotions. I fear diabetes. It runs in my family. I am almost always sedentary now and gaining weight, Very different than when I was a body builder and trainer. I gave up driving. I sleep very little and eat very poorly. I can't eat in pain. Now I'm dealing with PTSD from doctors. I had one doctor scream at me. He didn't even bring my file into the room. He didn't even know my name. He called me desperate and an addict and said he was cutting my meds to less than half per day. It was horrible. The staff let me leave to drive home- even though I was having a panic attack and an SVT. My only thought was "I'm losing my business, my livlihood". The next doctor demanded an MRI of my back. I explained that I did not want an epidermal (they are not FDA approved). My back isn't even my worst pain issue. He yelled at me on the phone and hung up. Then a female doctor put me on several anti depressants at one time. I ended up in the ER with serotonin syndrome, and now I have serious white coat issues. I'm am slowly losing my business. I'm trying and don't want to give up. I understand why people are committing suicide. It's not like retiring. You aren't prepared. In a week your life just changes. It's gone. I always tell ppl' that are not in pain...have someone tap on your forehead for a month straight. While you try to eat, sleep, talk on the phone or make big decisions. See how well you concentrate after a month. It's not just the sensation of pain, but it brings madness to your life. I spend much time watching t.v..trying to just focus on the t.v to try to drown out the pain. I can't even read well now. My concentration is poor at best. I am so terrified of doctors that I broke my nose several months ago and fixed it myself. Last month I dislocated my shoulder and again fixed it myself. I respected the medication I was on. I was so thankful. After years of all kinds of therapies, medications that did not work and I was even scammed into trying things like body magnets, copper bracelets, infrared therapy, acupuncture several times and more. I'm not ready to just be a meat suit sitting on the sofa, with a brain that wants to do so much in life. I have another grandchild coming, number 5. And all I can think is 'another grandchild I can't play with or babysit. "They" never made a follow through for us. Once this started there was all kinds of things to help addicts. But we are left chronic pain criminals. Sadly this issue is having a snowball effect. People don't trust doctors anymore. I even know a group of women that are doing home births with no medical help. This is infecting everything. It has not slowed down drug abuse and suicides have increased. I can't believe my countries medical system is doing this to us.
Ismacil Abdisamad
Ismacil Abdisamad - Month ago
Happy birthday Trevor Noah.
Daphne Ngu
Daphne Ngu - Month ago
I consumed more than 3 20 mins vids per day
Daphne Ngu
Daphne Ngu - Month ago
Juan Freeman
Juan Freeman - Month ago
Trevor Noah need a Oscar bro 🤣😂😭
Channah Israel
Channah Israel - Month ago
Alex Chacon
Alex Chacon - Month ago
Screw you trump. This so called crisis has messed it up for people like me who need mess. Screw you addicts.
Sam Vue
Sam Vue - Month ago
What does just goes to show that the world is f****** corrupted especially with people who we trust the most the doctor, the government and Etc Shame Shame Shame
Kay Bergstrom
Kay Bergstrom - Month ago
There should be consequences for these greedy drug pushers. I mean aside from karma.
C Luvzinfo
C Luvzinfo - Month ago
I agree that the use of disclaimers, but it's too late....I'm hopelessly addicted to Africans with dimples! 4:25
Ali Sobut
Ali Sobut - Month ago
Conclusion: make the problem, and then treat it. Yeay :))
Tomorrow Bowen
Tomorrow Bowen - Month ago
this shit is repulsive
Atypique - Month ago
“60 oxy a day .......but if it’s taken properly.....some ppl need that dose”
Where do u keep your horns sir? 😒😡
Ricky - Month ago
I care a lot about the opioid crisis, I'm in college studying to be a physicist, and recently I almost flunked out school and lost my scholarship, started selling my body to men and almost died because of my heroin addiction. I gave Trump a short chance on this, but then I heard Kellyanne Conway on CNN when asked about the opioids crossing the border, "it is opioids, but it's also heroin" and now I just tune him out.
Yafa Flores
Yafa Flores - Month ago
Trump gets stupider every day. What a shame He is shaming America.
Del Olive
Del Olive - Month ago
And that’s why I left the med field. I remember working as a Med Assistant in a Dermatology office and drug reps would come in with goodies for the office trying to persuade us into using their medications or equipment more. The more I saw while I was there the more I knew it wasn’t for me. Thank God the doctor wasn’t greedy. He had his own office for many many years, stuck by his ethics, and was loved by all his patients as well as the community.
Matti pedersen
Matti pedersen - Month ago
Unfortunately, the Addicts are still getting the shit-end of the stick, while we're still sending them to jail. Portugal lead by example back in 2001, when they more or less legalized all drugs (for personal use) and opened clinics for both current users to have a place to use, where medical help is available, in case of overdose/emergency and in the same building various rehabilitation & treatment centers, etc.
Marie O'Noonan
Marie O'Noonan - Month ago
Have any commenters here been children of opioid addicted parents? Any of you experienced neglect and starvation from your parents spending money on heroine? Have any of you watched your parents come down off heroine? Tired of comments from people who have never experienced this shit. Im not talking about the addicts Im talking about innocent bystandards of these fucking addicts.
Heres a suggestion. Make having a child an earned fucking priviledge. That cuts out addicts from procreating and creating generational drug addiction and generational fucking truama.
Michel Andre LaCroix
Michel Andre LaCroix - Month ago
I was looking all over for that Doctor
Lucas Layton
Lucas Layton - Month ago
They already approved the use of it for children as young as 11. America, you done fucked up.
That's the perfect legal business
N3v3r M0r3
N3v3r M0r3 - Month ago
Not to mention that the guns the cartels use come from the USA
darksideofthemoon - 2 months ago
I am addicted to you xD I love your dark humour xD
fit_ girl_52
fit_ girl_52 - 2 months ago
The only reason the Government did any about the drug is a high percentage of the people were white so now they wont help , when they admitted bring Crack Cocaine in the black neighborhoods in the 80's they thought it was going to bring us down all it did was make King Pins and millionaires they got mad then made the Rico act , Caucasians been trying to kill us for ever it never work's we are God chosen people . lmaoooooooooooooooooooo
Mama Africa
Mama Africa - 2 months ago
We need a White House full of Bernie Sanders
Amber Wilcher
Amber Wilcher - 2 months ago
My father went to get his medical marijuana card and the doctor doing teh paperwork was the same one we all thought lost his license after my mothers medication killed her.
C.Michelle Sparks
C.Michelle Sparks - 2 months ago
Meanwhile people who have actual pain are also being treated like junkies by their doctors. UNLESS you're rich.
Tadashi Yasahiro
Tadashi Yasahiro - 2 months ago
😂😂😂 he watches Lego movie too! Love them movies!
Lena Romstad
Lena Romstad - 2 months ago
I’m addicted to Trevor with dimples.... and I don’t regret a second of it
Riot FiftyThousand
Riot FiftyThousand - 2 months ago
Blame the Food Companies for Obesity, blame Car Manufacturing Companies for Drunk Driver killings, blame Gun Manufacturers for Gun abuse and shootings, NEVER blame the man in the Mirror, never blame the individual who abused the product, don't blame Capitalism ran amok, don't blame a conscienceless society that worships money and vilifies Compassion and civility.
Edward Myers
Edward Myers - 2 months ago
The true opioid crisis is that tens of millions of Americans who are in permanent blinding pain can no longer get relief and now if they want to be pain-free they need to pay ten dollars a pill, risk jail, orbe in blinding, endless, mind breaking pain.
Vallejo PNW
Vallejo PNW - 2 months ago
Im a special case. I have what my many urologists and physicians have dubbed "recurring kidney stone disease". Fucked right? I pass as many as a Stone A DAY!
I'm on a pain contract. I get FOUR a day. 60?!?!?! SIXTY?!?!? Sixty a day? The fuck outta here.
DJ KaNeck
DJ KaNeck - 2 months ago
157 yrs! Damn, he must have drugged Jesus on his second coming!
mary sunshine
mary sunshine - 2 months ago
No one gets opioids & in fact PPL who need meds can't get them. The doctor who gave patients 60 Oxycontin per day gave 60 MILLIGRAM tablets (not #60 tablets) a day, and he's right, some people DO need that dose after 10+ years of taking the drug due to chronic pain and disability. KIDS GET CANCER AND HORRIFICALLY PAINFUL DISEASES! They do NEED opioids to control pain just like adults but in lower doses. This guy has no Fucking clue and needs to get informed before inciting others who don't know what they are getting upset about. I H8 jackass fearmongers. Kids with cancer SHOULD not have to suffer in pain Trevor! Idiot.
susan karambu
susan karambu - 2 months ago
am treating addictions from your daily shows, I do watch them daily.
Jace Cavacini
Jace Cavacini - 2 months ago
Next, let’s talk about the psych drug disaster.
David Flores
David Flores - 2 months ago
Damn, trump's hate immigrants. His daughter in law was with a Hispanic. And his wife is an immigrant herself, ......
rachelle peterson
rachelle peterson - 2 months ago
Yeh Trevor...LOL!!!
RoRo Zorro
RoRo Zorro - 2 months ago
Why aren’t these goons I. Jail and purdue pharma taken over by public ? Wait no corporate media covers them .... wait the ruling class are them
Amy Walker
Amy Walker - 2 months ago
Why are we not hearing more about this end of the problem and why aren't these people in jail for a very very long. Think of the lives that were lost because of their greed and carelessness.
William Alvarado
William Alvarado - 2 months ago
Down with big pharma!! Long live the people of the United States of America
Lady J
Lady J - 2 months ago
Doctors have to write the prescription that's the only way you can get themso shouldn't you be going after the doctors there wasn't a problem with the drug now that it's affecting middle class and high-class people destroying their children poor it's okay though
D. Moore
D. Moore - 2 months ago
Who is to blame for Noah presenting falsehoods as facts? Who is to blame for his show not doing any real research and reporting on this complex issue in a way that would not be hysterical and destructive? This lurid depiction of pain meds forgets that millions of Americans live in intractable, chronic pain and use pain "opioids" to have mobility and lives. Now, due to the media hysteria about opioids, chronic pain patients are needlessly suffering and dying.
 The treatment of pain should never be subject to public hysteria, and it should never be used for cheap laughs. Pardon me, but what the hell does Noah know about treating pain?
It's this sort of thing that continues to fearmonger the public and keep them scared. This hurts people, Noah. This is killing intractable pain patients, it's not funny.
Neither is addiction. There is a war going on now. A war declared on pain patients by zealots and legislatures who can't stop the flow of street drugs, that are what is causing all the overdoses, so they decided to pass a bunch of ludicrous, one size fits all laws. The last thing anyone needs in their medical care is hysterical politicians, rushing to "do something" to stop the heroin crisis. But they have done the wrong thing. Or a hysterical media.
There is now a crisis in healthcare for chronic pain patients caused by this blind demonization of pain medications.
Another example of not thinking things through.
No one should want kids on opioids. Take a trip to a burn ward in the hospital and then tell me how they should not be treated for pain.
Nick Benson
Nick Benson - 2 months ago
he didn't deserve to go to jail. doctors who get paid to push antidepressants are a lot worse.
Both have bad effects but at least oxycontin feels good. also, SSRI's are addictive, or at least cause withdrawal
ulitmate gamer
ulitmate gamer - 2 months ago
demonising the victim is a normal stratergy :african american and crack cocain anybody remember that ?
Lewis Graham
Lewis Graham - 2 months ago
the fuck is wrong with this dude? Why does he blame Mexico for everything? that’s some childish shit right there man up and take the blame for your self for once.... that’s some dictator shit right there thinking he’s perfect yet people still support him 🤦🏽‍♂️😑
metalbeast1998 - 2 months ago
Sucks that people like this will ruin something that can help people that have actual need for the product just to make money. Bribing doctors to sell excess pills to people that only need a pill a day for a month or less.
Time Hawk
Time Hawk - 2 months ago
First time I have watched this show since John Stewart left. Good job I laughed, you are pretty funny.
Kamikaze Killjoy
Kamikaze Killjoy - 2 months ago
Cinnabun should be required to actually fat shame their customers like that lol.
Ana Rey
Ana Rey - 2 months ago
At 4:20 YES, Trevor I am totally addicted to those adorable dimples! 😍
Chris O'Donovan
Chris O'Donovan - 2 months ago
at 1:13, I legit thought that was Lewis Black in a Madea wig
Vladimir PutinYarbutt
Vladimir PutinYarbutt - 2 months ago
Capitalism is great with certain checks. Unbridled capitalism leads to inconceivable greed and grotesque equality.
Juan Camacho
Juan Camacho - 2 months ago
Really Trump blames MEXICO?? This is to show how stupid this Conman is,, MEXICO stopped making pain pills years ago,, if it's Meth or Cocaine now you can blame us MEXICO,..
But AMERICAN pill legal cartels are the world's most powerful and Rich and no DEA is after them wheach are really killing many people in The USA,...
godforever27 - 2 months ago
You are all inhumane people if you support chronic pain patients suffering for no need and support government going over the boundary trying to be doctors when its not their job. The government is no different than the cartels or mafia using fear and extortion to force submission to their wickedness. I dont understand why all of you hypocrites care so much about taking away pain medicine from people suffering so much in need of some relief when you all abuse alcohol and weed for no medical purpose. Hypocrites. 90% of opioid deaths were junkies mixing meth,heroin, and vicodin to get high which they all got off the street not the damn doctors. The other 10% is from chronic pain patients not being given enough pain medicine to even at least remove a fraction of their horrible pain, so they took all their pain pills and drank alcohol to escape their hell by commiting suicide all because you inhumane people took away his only thing that could bring their pain from a 10 to a 6. The us government had us soldiers work with the afghans to protect their poppy plants. Hypocrites. They are making it impossible for doctors to treat us and for us to get pain relief because they want us to cimmit suicide or buy their heroin so they can make money to fund their black projects. When the day comes when you are in such horrendous pain you would do anything to get relief, remember you advocated against pain medicine for chronic pain. You reap what you sow. This country is suppose to be free where we have rights like the right to the pursuit of happiness which government cant take away. That means people have the right to heal their pain with whatever medicine works, we dont need government or doctors to give us permission and their blessing, and government cant write laws about it or extort us. We the people are the ones in power who appoint people to serve us. We dont submit to government but the other way around.
Rosemary Williams
Rosemary Williams - 2 months ago
Not You Baby...The ones who are not white!
curiosity fuels
curiosity fuels - 2 months ago
Wow this is funny BUT FUCKED UP wit that company saying that shits safe for children😠😠😡😡
Orlando Sanchez
Orlando Sanchez - 2 months ago
Beware Mudsharks in these waters!
Avon Pendragon
Avon Pendragon - 2 months ago
1:12 - That conniving serpent will die of old age in prison and STILL owe the state more than a 100 years!
Angela Hall
Angela Hall - 2 months ago
6 years old, meaning, a child with cancer can safely take this drug, not some kid who's a drug addict, making it okay for them to take this drug now. We can't always think it's the worst case scenario. There are children literally dying in this country every day from chronic illness and terminal illnesses, so don't think that because they say it's safe for sis year olds, they are condoning addiction. Addiction comes from feelings, not the drug. It's escapism, self-medicating.
Angela Hall
Angela Hall - 2 months ago
The problem is with opioids is it's something that kids get hooked on because their parents are taking them. Not because some drug dealer or the doctors giving it to them.
Orlando Sanchez
Orlando Sanchez - 2 months ago
Angela Hall
Angela Hall - 2 months ago
Opioid addiction doesn't come from doctors or anything, it comes from people who feel hopeless. Some of the most hopeless people in this country happen to be Christians. you go to any church in America, you got someone bawling their eyes out on Sunday morning because they were drunk all weekend, please forgive me God, for I have sinned. first of all, telling people that they're sinners from birth doesn't really set the bar very high for achieving self esteem!
Youtube2 - 2 months ago
Did he not know where the US got all those opioids. Afghanistan!!!!! Trump is a dumbass!
dstbac07 - 2 months ago
Sick industry gives drugs to kids. Next we'll be burying kids they'll be stealing out there moms purse and grandmas medications. Rehab for children. I would never give my kids that medication. That's as bad as the cigarette companies when they first came out and made commercials that advertised to kids. They will all have to answer to the maker!
MusicallyFly - 2 months ago
Let's not compare one evil to another. It's all bad. Cartels and big pharma need to be overhauled
Claudette Lampley
Claudette Lampley - 2 months ago
This is exactly what they said about cigarette companies...
PanDora Summerz
PanDora Summerz - 2 months ago
Sorry you are all misled by mainstream media sensationized hype. 60 oxycodone a day for someone with a disease or chronic condition that causes chronic illness is not all that unusual. Sorry, Purdue never said to crush, snort or inject oxy to bypass the extended release formulation. If a vet steps on a landmine and survives yet suffers from daily chronic pain - would you be so cold to deny him pain relief? .... it has been proven only 3-8% of chronic pain patients actually get addicted to their meds so should the rest of law abiding citizens be punished and denied these medications? I’m not saying Purdue wasn’t a bad actor marketing a strong Opioid as non addictive or for minor conditions. But should we punish everyone else who these drugs provide function and quality of life to?
zapzap zaraaap*
zapzap zaraaap* - 2 months ago
Zu Deutsch wechseln
That would not exist in Germany, never, had completely sawed off my thumb at work and the doctor prescribed me a pack aspirin, really true, here you do not even get level 3 opioid, if you die, and then *only then!*
Claudio Miranda
Claudio Miranda - 2 months ago
Nobody forces anybody to do drugs.
DON'T do drugs, dummies!
Paul Pham
Paul Pham - 2 months ago
Noah, my brother, would you please do a segment on why our President does not like to read. Thanks bro.
Buck Wheat
Buck Wheat - 2 months ago
believe it or not, addiction that centers on a specific driven source, opiate, amphetamines, and down the line to sugar are indeed inherited genetic impulses. these vices trickle down family trees and show up in the most peculiar ways, but they always command attention. people don't just say one day, because they ran into an obstacle or a promotion or were just happy or sad, "hey, i know, today i want to take, let's see, a particular system wide particle that will alter my own molecular structure of rna and dna, or my entire nervous system to the point of saturation, resulting in dependence, impaired judgement, injury, loss of family & friends, me, long and ridiculously long jail, or any jail time, and or prematurely ending my life and other's as well. yeah, that sounds fun." it doesn't work like that. from the day we're born there's loose wire that was meant to be there, with the written code that awakens the source we use to escape ourselves for a specific time. 2 things would cure it, 1 legalize it, if it's a problem create areas or communities, cities or countries specifically for that, so that the people claiming it's wrong and whatever they do i life is right, will be a thing of the past, 2 make the shit good enough that all you need is the initial dose and maybe like tetanus shots, booster shots ever 10 or 20 years to continue with the effects received from the first administering of the particle substance that found you interested in awakening the lineage old high in the first place. in scenario 1 the world spaces for those ignoring the pull it has on them, will shrink and only the "legal areas will be thriving with ingenuity and growth. scenario 2, it'd get just as old as time itself, and there'd be no cat and mouse game to live on. everyone would be calm and moving right along, just as life ought to be. it's pharma, and lawyers, judges, politicians who drive the industry. the cartel, because they are sure of themselves, they're passionate, and very seriously protective of their successful development (it's recommended do not put yourself in the position to negotiate anything with them.) it is however interesting to think in terms of the world power they are already in #1 spot of the pharmaceutical trade and for understanding to give them credit due, give them recipes for the life saving drugs. on that day, say good bye to the crooked legal establishments that holds the carrot out in front the donkey. because they'd collapse before the next sun began to rise.
Ryvucz - 2 months ago
My pain had been managed well for several years, then the opiods crisis came, and now I don't have pain meds.
Jason Anderson
Jason Anderson - 2 months ago
Why are Trevor's eyes always red? Hmmmmm....
AquaSquid2 Roberts
AquaSquid2 Roberts - 2 months ago
Also, healthcare routinely doesn’t cover alternatives, forcing doctors to prescribe opioids to relieve pain
washington luis de figueiredo alves
Great job Trevor. Its quite like the cigarrete business,
xECxMystic - 2 months ago
A stripper turned pharmaceutical sales representative.... lol....pennys plot line for the big Bang theory
Mariama - 2 months ago
What pharmacy was dispensing prescriptions for 60 oxy per day and didn't label that as sketchy? I work at a pharmacy and if any of us ever saw a prescription like that our eyeballs would've popped out like they did in old cartoons. No way we'd fill it
Gail Cirillo
Gail Cirillo - 2 months ago
Africans with dimples are an addiction well worth it
William Alexander
William Alexander - 2 months ago
I also blame the FDA. THEY ALWAYS approve bs poisons.
Andrew Bises
Andrew Bises - 2 months ago
Fine-fuckin-aly someone is saying that the main source of opioids is legal
Elan Ennui
Elan Ennui - 2 months ago
This is a white people drug epidemic. Not my problem.
The Unseen Elder
The Unseen Elder - 2 months ago
Don’t even get me started on Psych pills as well. My god
The Decker Family Channel
The Decker Family Channel - 2 months ago
Lol 😂 has always on yes your cute but that was funny
The Decker Family Channel
The Decker Family Channel - 2 months ago
Big pharma drs
Braden Riley
Braden Riley - 2 months ago
Big Government will never let any crisis go to waste. Gotta keep the prison industrial complex running.
anglofrançaise Yvonne
anglofrançaise Yvonne - 2 months ago
Opioids are sold over the pharmacy counters in France,addicts are not big here...
Ajagba B
Ajagba B - 2 months ago
This family should be stripped of all their wealth! No way a first, second or third generation should receive any of this wealth! DIRTY MONEY! 🤬
Idon'tevenknow - 2 months ago
People of all ages, genders, race, etc are all vulnerable to drug and alcohol addiction. I had a best friend back in high school who got addicted to heroin or meth (I don't remember which) and pretty much disappeared after dropping out of college. I know someone who is near and dear to my heart who has a terrible alcohol addiction. He is now sober, so much happier and living a healthy life but he must always mind himself and will always be a recovering alcoholic.
It's very easy to just blame people who are addicted. But look at the whole situation. We have a society that practically hands out addictive medicine like candy because it makes the most money for the Pharmacal companies. We drug up children who are a little eccentric or excitable. Our instinct now is to numb rather than deal with the problem. Our access to mental health care has improved as people have become more accepting of people seeking help but we need to push harder than ever before to find the root source of the problem.
I believe part of it is just the very nature of modern society. We live in a highly stressful and complex world, people (especially here in the US) work long hours and (I know plenty of people in this situation) have two or three jobs at once. Stability seems fleeting and more people are confused and scared to live in their world. So its an alternative to numb ourselves. Drugs are an easy avenue to do that and companies, drug dealers, etc are more than happy to supply it.
Karina Flower
Karina Flower - 2 months ago
I know your target audience is millenials who hate kids, but no, its not ok to give opioids to kids EVEN IF they're annoying! Just use nyquil like a normal mom
Margaret Bonnett
Margaret Bonnett - 2 months ago
So says the adderall king
Raven S
Raven S - 2 months ago
I am addicted to Africans with dimples!!!!
Sparkles Daily
Sparkles Daily - 2 months ago
If Big Pharma gave a chit about humans they wouldn't need over 1,000 lobbists to bribe Congress.
Sparkles Daily
Sparkles Daily - 2 months ago
Because of these doctors and Pharma millions of people are suffering. Outrageous.
fran henry
fran henry - 2 months ago
I truly feel nauseated. Just how much money does this one family need?
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