The Opioid Crisis: Trump Blames Mexico & Big Pharma Blames Addicts | The Daily Show

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nettieforce1 - 8 days ago
Make them pay for rehab for all the addicts they helped create.
Ghazale Sadat Ghoreishi
Ghazale Sadat Ghoreishi - 20 days ago
Oh man, an African with dimples *-* Yeah you are so cute Trevor :))
Shawn Pyper
Shawn Pyper - 22 days ago
Good thing that The Great White hope is doing something about this, finally someone who cares. Trump 2020
Ron Ash
Ron Ash - Month ago
Middle-Aged, gay looking WHITE MALES, U.S. 🇺🇸DOCTORS.....BIG PHARMACEUTICAL 🇺🇸COMPANIES = OVERDOSE/☣☠DEATH TO THE U.S. CITIZENS !!!!!!!!!!! (These are the absolute worst criminals😔)
Chiron A
Chiron A - Month ago
I literally wish I had seen that disclaimer before I ended up binging all the channel's videos. Those darned dimples 😤
Analogous to Tower 7 : EPSTEIN 2020
Look, I made this post using this material, not to make money, but to scream the same message, to struggle against the same savage criminal activity, to 'hunt giants", as it were. If Comedy Central wants to stop me to protect their profits, as if I am competition, then they are just making money off it as much as the Sacklers. I used the material becuz trevor is the most concise critic, with the most revealing vernacular and echoing him OVER AND OVER AND OVER, as much as have died, is NECESSARY to SAVE LIVES!
King Achmed Detroit
King Achmed Detroit - Month ago
I need a stripper to pay me
Don Sexton
Don Sexton - Month ago
Pharma should challenge the scam because they aren't responsible or caused supposed narcotic, drug, & alcohol abuses. Why tobacco & alcohol or gambling still indulged as economic value despite exponential widespread harm?
Don Sexton
Don Sexton - Month ago
Expose the new genocide with many people ill & injured now neglected deserved pain relief & treatment, slandered, stigmatized, fraud & malevolence, enduring excruciating torturous disabling pain, compelled toward suicide ...
Don Sexton
Don Sexton - Month ago
Stealing & stowing offshore & else is very prevalent & indulged by corrupt collusion among kleptocracy, corporateers, banksters, complicit enforcement ...
Don Sexton
Don Sexton - Month ago
They should, supposed opioid crisis is a ruse & scam promoted & exploited by shysters, shills, & kleptocrats. They should challenge the scam because they aren't responsible or caused supposed opioid crisis.
MrSmokelife - Month ago
looks like trump was right
Terrell Crawford
Terrell Crawford - 2 months ago
So are they saying Ritalin bad for your child to
Terrell Crawford
Terrell Crawford - 2 months ago
That's called Corporate America
Fiston Nembalemba
Fiston Nembalemba - 2 months ago
The nerves of these wicked opiods pharmaceutical family owners. They are no different than EL CHAPO GUZMAN
Diane Malloy
Diane Malloy - 2 months ago
Thank you Trump. Thanks to you I cannot find a doctor for my pain. I have cancer pain. I broke my neck and had a titanium plate with six screws placed there. I have had pain all my life. Trigeminal Neuralgia, spinal stenosis. Many surgeries. I have no desire to take more medicine than I need. Never have. Many people think taking these drugs is fun. Do they know that they are depressants? I tried OxyContin and it didn’t help me. Many unfortunate people have died taking too much and I’m really sorry. I lost a son to the madness, too. I had the best care when I lived in Silicon Valley. I moved to Sacramento where the drug enforcement laws are carried out to the letter. The squeaky wheel gets results. I will have to be just that. I’m 67 years old.
Roxy Van
Roxy Van - 2 months ago
Methadone is the worse med I ever took for my back! That is the WORSE WITH-DRAWLS ON THE MARKET! They give it to ppl to come off crap just to get addicted to it. When I first got bone disease the Asian dr gave me 900 methadone!! WTFFFF?!! That was 20 years ago and I was still getting other meds along with it! I honestly don’t think I even filled it bc even back then I thought wth is this guy trying to do kill me? !! That can’t b healthy ! I was very young
Roxy Van
Roxy Van - 2 months ago
ALL MEDS R ADDICTIVE!! U gotta take it as prescribed douche bags
Crowned - 2 months ago
This is some Lorax mess
William Lillevik
William Lillevik - 2 months ago
Execute the Sacklers
Arjan Cheng
Arjan Cheng - 2 months ago
Cmon Trevor Hahahha.
Sona - 2 months ago
Modi blames Nehru and Pakistan from everything. What a match made in heaven
An Naeem Bin An Nahari
An Naeem Bin An Nahari - 2 months ago
How can someone lie .... *TO A DOCTOR* about how addictive opioids are?? Something's wrong about the doctor's part. Or right down to the qualifications in becoming a doctor part.
Muddather Abuzaid
Muddather Abuzaid - 2 months ago
it was narrated that The Prophet (ﷺ) said:
_"O people, _*_those who have gone before you were destroyed,_*_ because if any one of _*_high rank committed theft_*_ amongst them, _*_they spared him;_*_ and it anyone of _*_low rank committed theft,_*_ they _*_inflicted the prescribed punishment_*_ upon him."_
When a nation's definition of success in life is measured by how much money one makes then the making more money would always be a priority even if it's on the expense of people's life.
There are homeless people who have more honor, dignity, mercy and humanity more than some of those who live in mansions. You need to change your perceptive about what success is before it's too late.
Gabriella Cartier
Gabriella Cartier - 2 months ago
I need that dose of oxycodone to live and due to peoples stupidity i am unable to get my medication for doctors fear of loosing their license... so now i will be suffering and bedbound. im 19, i deserve to live
shyam mohanty
shyam mohanty - 2 months ago
Look at how many times the guy(Barry) blinks Lol, he knows what he is saying is complete BS.
CJxLuvly - 2 months ago
If anyone is interested I was in a PBS NOVA documentary called “Addicted” and I tell my opioid crisis story along with other families. You can find it on the PBS NOVA website. It shows a completely different side of the opioid crisis and how every case is so different from the other.
emayaych - 2 months ago
Wait a minute! Did I just hear this doctor say 60 oxycodone pills a day “if taken responsibly” was okay? If I have to take 6 ibuprofen tablets in one day for pain that doesn’t go away, the medical field tells me I should be worried but this guy doesn’t even blink too hard at 60 oxycodone a day. Are you kidding me right now? Am I being punked? Come on, people. He’s not sorry for what he did because he doesn’t think he did anything wrong. People who can admit to being wrong would not justify their previous behaviors or the destructive outcomes of such behaviors. Period! Not one bit of shame or guilt in his answer. Just righteous indignation to a fault. I’m disgusted by people like this and I dare say his time in prison will not be well spent if he continues to be convinced of his own righteousness. It will have been for nothing.
TheChickenRiceBowl - 2 months ago
60 Oxycodone a day (assuming a day is 16 waking hours, with 8 hours of sleep) is 3.75 Oxycodone pills per hour.
TheChickenRiceBowl - 2 months ago
Sometimes I wonder if I'm in a simulation and the programmers are just throwing random shit in here to see how insane the world has to get before I lose my mind completely.
Elvin Campos
Elvin Campos - 2 months ago
😂😂😂😂 such a clown lmao
Chris Summers
Chris Summers - 2 months ago
Legal us cartel
charles bridges
charles bridges - 2 months ago
Don't come from Mexico comes from the doctor's!!! They got paid!!!
Habibah Ahmad
Habibah Ahmad - 2 months ago
Oh my god this is Beyond ridiculous for children dang
Larry Hardy
Larry Hardy - 2 months ago
sad that trump is so uneducated what a dumb fuck
Tararyze 11
Tararyze 11 - 2 months ago
I% elite...X termination
3 Itty Bitty Piggies Story Time
It's Funny we aren't we looking hard at the Big Pharma Corporatocracy, now the most hated industry in America? Can't imagine why people don't trust them, with the billions poured into Big Pharma $avior propaganda? The real Funny thing is that we the people hate diabolical Big Pharma more than hemorhoids and sinking vacation cruise ships, from the new Gallop Poll "Big Pharma Sinks to the Bottom of U.S. Industry Rankings."
Can't even mention that in their bought and paid for media? Not so funny after all?
Wanna know what the funny thing really is? We the Sheeple have the very finest "scientists," media, "education" and politicians drug money can buy.
Isah Burias
Isah Burias - 2 months ago
Meanwhile there are people assassinating Marianne Williamson for questioning the big pharma for unnecessary vaccines and anti-depressant as if they have the purest of intentions and morality.
Jonathan Stewart
Jonathan Stewart - 2 months ago
perhaps the patent system and capitalism is to blame. All those drugs have patentents that can be renewed endlessly
Jonathan Stewart
Jonathan Stewart - 2 months ago
Ritalin is already used to string out kids and make them shut up and pay attention. Then they find out they can crush it up and snort it for a cocaine like effect
Rambling Hyena
Rambling Hyena - 2 months ago
Holy shit. 157 years? Damn!
Akia Green
Akia Green - 2 months ago
Black people: crack epidemic in 80s gets arrested by government
White people: opioids in 2018- present government tries to help them...

...well ok then
Steve B
Steve B - 2 months ago
the pharmaceutical companys sell set doses when you get shit from mexico or and other country you dont know what strength your buying ! so now people that need them get zero and the junkies just keep dying ! doctors even without pain killers are the third leading cause of death in the country right behind cancer and heart disease!
D Marreux
D Marreux - 2 months ago
yeah blame the companies, not the parents.
Claire Holtak
Claire Holtak - 2 months ago
Is it just me but have Trevor's inserts just gotten SO much better - US stuff, now at the level of his SA standup! It's totally in his writing style and well researched by his team, love it!
Van. deaux.
Van. deaux. - 2 months ago
I'm going to purposefully engineer an additive substance, bribe my way into shoving it down your mouth , have heath ledger and Chris Farley die, then sue you for being addicted. GTFO.
Griffith Guts
Griffith Guts - 2 months ago
60 a day? He's not taking it by himself
Rich Fort
Rich Fort - 2 months ago
I love CNN bit this guy has no idea what the fuck he's talking about there's two sides to this story and he's only covering one side he has no idea I live this everyday and when he's ready to see and hear the real side of what cause the opioid problem contact me
Kiana Max
Kiana Max - 2 months ago
Now shut up so I can watch Lego Movie! 🤣
Scholarly Reader
Scholarly Reader - 2 months ago
Sackler family is Jewish one of their grandpa was a holocaust survivor.
bison yea
bison yea - 2 months ago
90% of drugs come in three inland ports.
Boyd - 2 months ago
High CBD with THC is a good pain killer and non-addictive. Yes cannabis. How are the Sacklers going to make billions and poison America if people can grow this in their back yards?
Boyd - 2 months ago
Sacklers and Trumps fault. It is a legal drug with prescription. Does Trump know he is president? They are corrupt as hell not even trying to hide it, poisoning America.
Milli W
Milli W - 2 months ago
*I approve of human cloning. We must clone Trevor.*
Romee Trofort
Romee Trofort - 2 months ago
Im gonna say it. It's white doctors babying white patients. White folks are dying off slowly. It's evolution.. natural selection. They do too much damage in the world
Januschka Steinuschka
Januschka Steinuschka - 2 months ago
I am genuinly puzzled why vigilante justice is *N O T* a thing at this point.
I dont wish it. I dont advocate. I dont call to. I just wonder.
Januschka Steinuschka
Januschka Steinuschka - 2 months ago
*How about both?*
Micki hopson
Micki hopson - 2 months ago
I am addicted my lawyer will be calling you in the morning. 😜😂😂😂. I have been binge-watching you all day.❤❤
The SPIRITLIGHT Surround yourself with
trev writers are blatantly borrowing (stole) from Seinfeld trev wouldnt -
Radney Montalvo
Radney Montalvo - 3 months ago
Not only do big farma pay doctors but they do the same thing to the "government "that why they are allowed to do this and nothing happens and nothing will ever happen is all that mulaaaa
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