Transforming Back Into Our Old Cringey Selves

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Khrystine Elorde
Khrystine Elorde - 3 hours ago
who else thinks Grayson should be a good dad (or he is a dad)
Veronica Duque
Veronica Duque - 3 hours ago
24:30 why do they look so cute there.
maddie rose
maddie rose - 8 hours ago
I’ve only been making videos for a year and I’ve already privated a ton of them. I can’t imagine if I made videos when I was 15😂
kk rayne
kk rayne - 10 hours ago
This is how many people miss the streak in Ethan's hair

Jovanna Millan
Jovanna Millan - 11 hours ago
Honestly i think ethan looks better with the colored hair.
Taylor Rose
Taylor Rose - 15 hours ago
anybody else notice at 26:03, it’s a different language?😂❤️
Honey & Tilly vlogs
Honey & Tilly vlogs - 16 hours ago
Ethan omg someone’s coming to kill you next week omggggg I’m not even lying
shay b
shay b - 16 hours ago
Lol how does Ethan look like a fish??
Harrison Lara
Harrison Lara - 18 hours ago
JACKIE FLOWER - 20 hours ago
The opposite of improving is disatisfactory/dissatisfaction
Amy - 21 hour ago
Dude you both didn’t change that much like don’t set yourself up too high duh
*sips tea*
Kenly Brown
Kenly Brown - 23 hours ago
Ya Gray is hot but let's talk about Ethan!
eva diaz
eva diaz - Day ago
His face
Idk if I like it or not
kalani lover
kalani lover - Day ago
also grayson did a million times better at ethan’s outfit
kalani lover
kalani lover - Day ago
2:00 ... regressing?
leah williams
leah williams - Day ago
someone is threatening to kill ethan on twitter. please contact the police, please don’t go back to LA! you guys are our whole life and we love you so much, we would never ever want anything to happen to you. please check out #alertethandolan on twitter so you can see what’s happening. please be safe. everyone like this comment so it can get high up so they can see it.
Parmida Mehran
Parmida Mehran - Day ago
Idk why you call those cringe. Actually you were both so cute.
F Sgr
F Sgr - Day ago
I just found this channel and I seriously have a real problem deciding which one I wanna fuck the most lmaoo
I was part of the 2 million
Sydney Gowen
Sydney Gowen - Day ago
the straw hat is pretty hot ngl
Gia Loren
Gia Loren - Day ago
you guys looked so much more identical when you were younger!!
Gia Loren
Gia Loren - Day ago
you guys looked so much more identical when you were younger!!
JaKayla Ray
JaKayla Ray - Day ago
Grayson: I got a gotee-
Ethan: Shave it.
Spilling Teaa
Spilling Teaa - Day ago
They’ve really grown up :’)
ray ok
ray ok - Day ago
Hahahahah Graysons face
Ximena Bernal
Ximena Bernal - Day ago
17:35 “iTs jUsT tO BoRiNg” BITCHHHHHHHHHHH we’ve watched every fucking video lmao the stuff ur calling “boring” had made my laugh like crazy
Tom Foolery
Tom Foolery - Day ago
Aww don't be so hard on yourselves, youre still cringe. Lol jk!!!
ziq - Day ago
why is this video kinda emotional at the end idk why
Nayah B
Nayah B - Day ago
For some reason I feel like Grayson is older than eathan lol Grayson just looks older also I can definitely tell you guys apart 💯%
Isabella Trapani
Isabella Trapani - Day ago
I was wondering why that picture was on their Insta account!!😂😂
Kierstyn Herrmann
Kierstyn Herrmann - Day ago
am i the only one wondering how they knew that many types of fish...
heleana McAllister
heleana McAllister - 2 days ago
I love old dolan twins
Josselyn Gutierrez Martinez
7:01 Grayson’s laugh sounds like a grandpa laugh 😂😂😂
Zayoona Almhaini
Zayoona Almhaini - 2 days ago
11:17 isn’t Grayson so cute with that hat
Elisa C
Elisa C - 2 days ago
Wait back in the day didn't Gray's hair was floppy with like blonde highlights. So why didn't he do that? 🤔🤔🤔
Am Fiz
Am Fiz - 2 days ago
I want old grayson to fight with the new one that will be hilarious
Gia Loren
Gia Loren - 2 days ago
#cringe hahahahaha love you guys x
Gia Loren
Gia Loren - 2 days ago
you guys should come up with a "twin tag" and film it
Patricĸ star
Patricĸ star - 2 days ago
the old versions of them are better, i am sorry😔
Libby COWLEY - 2 days ago
I miss thisssss
Libby COWLEY - 2 days ago
Stop tucking ur mother fking pants innn ethan
Leo Iseni
Leo Iseni - 2 days ago
Leo Iseni
Leo Iseni - 2 days ago
My sister bought a Dolan twins Tuesday Merch
wardell odom
wardell odom - 2 days ago
grαчѕσn cσuld вє α hαír ѕtчlєr
Desmin 95
Desmin 95 - 2 days ago
You guys should’ve done your old Outro !!! That would of been cool !! I high key miss it !!!!
Desmin 95
Desmin 95 - 2 days ago
I had a great a** laugh watching this and it brought so so many memories watching this since I’ve been there since the beginning y’all definitely grown a lot 🥺 I loved this
rocket grunt
rocket grunt - 2 days ago
19 and acting like your grown and not cringey anymore...maybe you you won't be at 25 but you got a long way to go guys,still trendy d bags...maybe lose the earrings
sire yeet
sire yeet - 2 days ago
Damn they are so ugly
Frannie Ray
Frannie Ray - 2 days ago
tooo thiccckkk
to fit in dem jeans😂
Frannie Ray
Frannie Ray - 2 days ago
fuc*in anchov bro
Siena Blastos
Siena Blastos - 2 days ago
Ethan was and is still but was so FUCKING hot
abby ashway
abby ashway - 3 days ago
I like the old cringey twins better 🥺
T Stormer
T Stormer - 3 days ago
Carlie Dozier
Carlie Dozier - 3 days ago
Wait is that “thinking spot” where they made the milk video 😂
calebfinn1994 - 3 days ago
wait you're tellin me you are the same age as my sister? YOU WERE 14?!?!?!?!??! NO FRICKIN WAY
calebfinn1994 - 3 days ago
okay but like i just had a deep thought. because you are always improving, when you go back to your old ways, your old self, you remember why you buried your old self, and why you are so much better. i cant really put it into words but i hope you get it.
Kira Lawton
Kira Lawton - 3 days ago
they were highkey cute when they were younger
CHicken Soup
CHicken Soup - 3 days ago
Definitely when they were young they were f-boys all those shirtless picks and stuff 😂😂😂
The lonely Vine
The lonely Vine - 3 days ago
You guys should react to when you guys used the device to make you feel like you gave birth
HeyItz KK
HeyItz KK - 3 days ago
It showed a picture of beta fish but they didn't say beta... XD
Jamysin Strobel
Jamysin Strobel - 3 days ago
bro people are freaking out over 1 million subs and they have 10 million lol
Stephanie Pristupa
Stephanie Pristupa - 3 days ago
I used to watch the dolan twins all the time, and i loved those little goofs. honestly watching this reminded me why i used to stan them so much, not gonna lie- i totally miss the old ethan and grayson. i'm no longer part of the fandom and honestly this is the first dolan twin video in a while that actually made me laugh, but the dolan twins will always be an important part of my childhood. so thanks to old, cringey ethan and grayson, for making me happy.
Isabella Alvarez-Gomez
Isabella Alvarez-Gomez - 3 days ago
tbh grayson kinda looks cute in that hat am i right?
Eden Monday
Eden Monday - 3 days ago
3:30 is my fav background music
Rari Rose
Rari Rose - 3 days ago
I had a dream about the dolan twins last night and let me just say, I'm now an ethan girl🤷‍♀️
nathalie 2311
nathalie 2311 - 3 days ago
How does there beard grow so fast
rocket grunt
rocket grunt - 2 days ago
What beard?
nathalie 2311
nathalie 2311 - 3 days ago
7:18 look at grayson lol hahah
nathalie 2311
nathalie 2311 - 3 days ago
4:51 look at grayson hand lol hahah
nathalie 2311
nathalie 2311 - 3 days ago
Does this ever happen to you when you see a comment saying something they said in the video and then you hear them say it in the video such a coincidence or is that just me
Rileigh Ledford
Rileigh Ledford - 3 days ago
Grayson I saw your Snapchat last night!!! I was so excited!! I am yours and eathens biggest fans!!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️
Abby Wesley 2006
Abby Wesley 2006 - 4 days ago
You look graet
Waywardly Wanderlust
Waywardly Wanderlust - 4 days ago
Yaretzy Medina
Yaretzy Medina - 4 days ago
may hi
may hi - 4 days ago
They're watching their old videos *Gray disappointed from himself*
may hi
may hi - 4 days ago
Joshua Garvock
Joshua Garvock - 4 days ago
You should react to the removing wisdom teeth video
Amelia Goold
Amelia Goold - 4 days ago
I actually felt like I was watching the old you
xo Seeyaxo
xo Seeyaxo - 4 days ago
5:31 Grayson just😂😂
Nomi Shanya
Nomi Shanya - 4 days ago
10:26 lol you can here what ethan is saying after the clip of grayson
Caroline English
Caroline English - 4 days ago
Y’all r prolly gonna look back at this when you older and be like “Omg I was so cringy.” 🤣
Asal AbuLeil
Asal AbuLeil - 4 days ago
Some things never change😭💜💜💜💜
Asal AbuLeil
Asal AbuLeil - 4 days ago
BAHHHAHAHAA their faces when they are watching their videos are filled with pure hatred 🤣😂😂♥️♥️♥️
Becky Prensa
Becky Prensa - 4 days ago
2019 most funniest video
Kayla Famp
Kayla Famp - 4 days ago
This video was hilarious 😂😂
Nichole Tysoe-Short
Nichole Tysoe-Short - 4 days ago
25:37 "back when we were fish"
Nichole Tysoe-Short
Nichole Tysoe-Short - 4 days ago
"thats an anchov bro"
Nichole Tysoe-Short
Nichole Tysoe-Short - 4 days ago
from cowboy to caliboy
Whet - 4 days ago
It’s really hard to believe I’m the same age as them
Caidyn Roberts
Caidyn Roberts - 4 days ago
I miss their old hair styles tbh
Katie Kat
Katie Kat - 4 days ago
Old Ethan looks like Justin from wizards of waverly place
irrelevant th0t
irrelevant th0t - 4 days ago
i started watching this video to feel better after crying for almost an hour and five minutes into the video im already starting to smile. i love the twins so much and i can’t even explain why they make me feel so much better. i love you guys 💛💜💛
alexyamarcel 01
alexyamarcel 01 - 4 days ago
Bailey LaMadeleine
Bailey LaMadeleine - 4 days ago
Honestly u guys look better without beards. I love u guys so much🤗😁😂
Tater M
Tater M - 4 days ago
Omg the video was released on my birthday (May 21)
Jackie Perez
Jackie Perez - 4 days ago
WAit... What! There only 19
Cynthia Burns
Cynthia Burns - 5 days ago
They look hotter without beards tbh like if u agree
Jenna Lynn
Jenna Lynn - 5 days ago
Did anyone else got the trump ad?? 😂
Violet menexe
Violet menexe - 5 days ago
I've been here since 4m😢
kendalltayylor - 5 days ago
Malorie Cyr
Malorie Cyr - 5 days ago
I miss the old Dolan Twins
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