Brandon Routh Reacts To His Return As Superman

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Looper - Month ago
Which actor was the all-time best Superman?
Ryan - 20 days ago
John Hamn... oh wait.
poetofreason - 24 days ago
Dion Ermen
Dion Ermen - 28 days ago
@laura marrero fabian Dean Cain was ok. Yeah he played Clark but near the end of the series you see him as superman.
Dion Ermen
Dion Ermen - 28 days ago
@Francisco Espino yeah because that's all that happened a few shits. So he has never been superman as it was cancelled. So he is not even in the running.
Dion Ermen
Dion Ermen - 28 days ago
@charles swearingen just reeve dude. George was reeves
Crimson Doodlebear
Crimson Doodlebear - 16 hours ago
So that essentially means we got Christopher Reeves Superman. Because Brandon Routh and Christopher Reeves played the same incarnation of Superman.
Cameron Karr
Cameron Karr - 4 days ago
Oh shit the Super Vegan Todd is returning?
Chimen Express
Chimen Express - 5 days ago
The movie universe decides not to do anything with their Superman, good thing we have the TV universe.
Landon Biondo
Landon Biondo - 5 days ago
well that's it I'm off to see my lawyer to draw up my will. i can finally die happy.
acidicIdiot - 6 days ago
Todd Ingram is Superman
Graavigala85 - 6 days ago
Best Superman after Christopher Reeves!
Enhance Thriller
Enhance Thriller - 6 days ago
Idk about this, but Brandon Routh really matches as Ray Palmer more than being portrayed as Superman.
Mark Septipie
Mark Septipie - 6 days ago
Fonz - 8 days ago
I would rather see Welling honestly. Routh seems like a nice guy, but his film sucked. The suit also did not look good either. Nothing about the film was good. It's better that his Superman is forgotten really.
Taenyoon Taneo
Taenyoon Taneo - 8 days ago
He's fucking handsome ,I miss them after Superman returns
Santi. Josef
Santi. Josef - 9 days ago
Yes that's going to be good !!!🕴️🍃🐱🐱
Neutral 69
Neutral 69 - 9 days ago
Christopher Reeves played the best Superman.
Darryl Ruiz
Darryl Ruiz - 11 days ago
Routh was great as Supes he just deserved a better movie
Humanities Resistance
Humanities Resistance - 11 days ago
Wish it was on the big screen... smh
Steven Passanante
Steven Passanante - 12 days ago
This is a dream come true for me. He is the true successor to Reeves and was meant for the role.
Ira Onacra
Ira Onacra - 14 days ago
Ben Affleck - Superman?
Gerry Stevens
Gerry Stevens - 14 days ago
We want Henry. We want Henry. We want Henry.
dari_ m
dari_ m - 16 days ago
Tyler: I'm the best superman
Brandon: hold my beer
Henry Cavill: Children Please
joyce moss
joyce moss - 16 days ago
love you love you love you
Robert Young
Robert Young - 16 days ago
I don't care what the critics say - but Henry Cavill was the best Superman ever. And MAN OF STEEL was the best Superman movie ever made.
winkmsm - 17 days ago
How can the atom also be superman? What is DC doing?
marksdad10 - 17 days ago
Great news
Travis Land
Travis Land - 18 days ago
I hope not. He was no good
Brenda Cato
Brenda Cato - 18 days ago
He was perfect as Superman wasn’t his fault the movie sucked!
Steven Huynh
Steven Huynh - 18 days ago
Why did people hate Brandon Roth as Superman? I really didn't understand. I was excited to see the Superman music return back in 2006. Now, man of steel movies doesn't have that Superman music anymore. Well, I guess the Superman theme is now gone forever. Man of steel didn't even play a single tune from John William's The Superman March theme. I had to order it on CD from Amazon because it's a classic now. It really breaks my heart that the Superman theme wasn't in man of steel.
Shape Shifter
Shape Shifter - 19 days ago
Even tho the movie was shite, Routh was great as Superman
arjay flores
arjay flores - 19 days ago
He actually deserved the role as he has an obvious resemblance with Christopher Reeve
Raymond Charles
Raymond Charles - 19 days ago
Brandon Roth is super man....we all know that.... just look at him and Christopher Reaves.
Raymond Charles
Raymond Charles - 19 days ago
Brandon Roth is the real super man second to Christopher Reaves....I was dying for this to happen again..... thank God for that.
JediRouge - 19 days ago
I actually preferred him, than Henry .
jar fur
jar fur - 19 days ago
Would be good if they could squeeze Tom Welling into this too
EVILCLOWN 83 - 20 days ago
Shud. Of ad Tom welling as well as superman as the cross over is infinite earth's
Creatip - 20 days ago
Hoechlin supe: I know the only guy who can help us. Let's find Ray Palmer.
Routh supe: DON'T YOU DARE......
Avinash Singh
Avinash Singh - 20 days ago
Never liked him as Superman.
btqy - 20 days ago
I'm so Happy for Brandon.
Brandon routh is the new best superman... And by the way plsss urge Hugh Jackman to play again as the iconic wolverine..
Moe From The Northside
Moe From The Northside - 21 day ago
Superman is corny already. They need to come up with some new ideas.
GODOFBEATS - 21 day ago
No fucking thank you
Adelaine Delabin
Adelaine Delabin - 21 day ago
It didn't happen because it was a shitty story, Brandon. A lot of actors are fucking clueless. Also, that beak and clefted chin are a NO.
Scott Fridinger
Scott Fridinger - 21 day ago
I like him as Superman, will he also be the Atom? And were is Smallville’s favorite Clark Kent?
Zain Mushtaq
Zain Mushtaq - 21 day ago
*this gives me hope for Tobey Maguire's return as Spider-Man!*
kevin neal
kevin neal - 22 days ago
Look,👀, there have been many supermen/clark Kent's, their all good in their own way, there were supermen before chris reeves too but no one mentions them cause their black n' white, personally I like henry cavil and the other's but at the end of the day ur only as good as the script and there have been a couple of poo supermen scripts counting 2 that Chris reeves was in, just because he looks like Chris reeves doesn't mean he's as good as portraying supers as well as he could, just look as superman on super girl he looks hell of a lot like him but his acting sucks, thank u for reading and I shall bid u a good day sir. Lmao😆
Robert J Romani
Robert J Romani - 22 days ago
As many have pointed out he resembles Reeves and that's most likely why, other than the script he was dropped in favor of Cavill. The reason he was hired is most likely the reason he was fired.
Ps. Kudos for bringing Burt "Robin " Ward into this production.
Marlenie Rogas
Marlenie Rogas - 22 days ago
wow, this really amazing.... I can't wait to see him back on the red Cape... he is the best Superman for me.... I really love Brandon Routh....
Slade Wind NEW
Slade Wind NEW - 22 days ago
Hopefully he wears the same suit as the 2006 film if it was preserved somewhere
Jose Betances
Jose Betances - 22 days ago
Brandon routh i think is the closest superman to christopher reeves he's the perfect superman.
Jonathan Rigby
Jonathan Rigby - 22 days ago
Brandon was the best superman after Reeves. The MOVIE he got was crap.
Mick McKenzie
Mick McKenzie - 22 days ago
Routh made a very credible Superman. Would loved to have seen him in a few more movies. Glad to see this. Can tell he is very excited about this as he should be.
Cal Jennings
Cal Jennings - 23 days ago
I loved Brandon Routh in Superman Returns and I got that he was a Christ figure and Lois was a Mary of Magdalene figure just from watching the movie. All of those women who were screaming that Superman was a deadbeat dad were wrong.
Den - 23 days ago
I prefer Routh. I see Cavill as gladiator.
Jishnu Rajeev
Jishnu Rajeev - 23 days ago
Still catching up with arrow
Damn it already has 7 seasons
Jakob Apricodo
Jakob Apricodo - 23 days ago
When will this show?
Bradmyr - 23 days ago
Now all we need is a good Lantern!
Michael Lotus
Michael Lotus - 23 days ago
Bad choice don’t make me 🤮. Tom Welling was the best.
steve owensby
steve owensby - 23 days ago
I want to see the actor from Smallville return to the roloffs up that would be nice to be able to throw in there
Cory Kent
Cory Kent - 23 days ago
Finally. He belongs in that role more than any other character, and Brandon makes a way better Superman than Tyler Hoechlin. Nothing about him says Superman, imo, but with Brandon, everything did! Even better than Henry Cavill.
Stephanie Rivers
Stephanie Rivers - 23 days ago
I liked him as Superman. I liked the 2006 version.
Herondales Angel
Herondales Angel - 24 days ago
Personally I loved Brandon as superman so yeh I'm up for him returning x
Teran Icer
Teran Icer - 24 days ago
I never liked Tyler Hoechlin as Supes, he's just not imposing enuff. Being saved by a 5'9"-5'10" doesn't really inspire....
hoodie and red
hoodie and red - 24 days ago
He is my favorite Superman. So happy he's back.
Real Dr. Venkman
Real Dr. Venkman - 24 days ago
Dead Cain should have returned as Superman.
alyccaeve - 24 days ago
Henry looks good in the suit but Brandon reminds me more of Mr Reeves. Glad Brandon is back.
Jim Frans
Jim Frans - 24 days ago
DCU, ganbatte ne!
Try harder this time, DC!
Jax the Ripper
Jax the Ripper - 24 days ago
Jesus is God
Jesus is God - 24 days ago
John 3:18-21 KJV
He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. [19] And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. [20] For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. [21] But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.
เรียกนามข้าว่า ลูซิเฟอร์
I love this men is superman!💓💗
NPC #10101010101
NPC #10101010101 - 24 days ago
No no no no no no no no no no. You are not allowed to have two supermen today that are white. If you are woke superman needs to be a monkey. He needs to come from Africa. And he needs to be stronger and smarter. That’s the joke. Everyone knows that’s a big joke. But that is what it means to be woke in 2019. You have to pretend that superman is not Superman.
Notice what I wrote. Notice what I actually wrote. Did your racist mind stick in a different word for monkey.? Well, technically you’re correct. But you’re still a racist. Democrats are such communist hypocrites.😁😀
hit wonda
hit wonda - 24 days ago
He like Christopher Reeves
Ghost Dragon
Ghost Dragon - 24 days ago
I thought he was making another movie. wtf
Frank Berst
Frank Berst - 24 days ago
I vastly prefer Brandon Routh over Henry Cavill as Superman. He's much closer in every way to the Christopher Reeve gold standard. Plus Superman Returns is a very unjustly underrated film in my opinion.
Frank Berst
Frank Berst - 22 days ago
Plus - despite the wisdom of those who may have thought they knew better - the suit doesn't work without the red trunks. It simply DOESN'T. Period. It just doesn't look right. It looks off.
Luke Grace
Luke Grace - 22 days ago
Frank Berst 100% agree
2r3notgoodas1 - 24 days ago
Technically it will only be for the TV show, He was a good Superman on the Silverscreen i hope he makes it back again.
Secret AgentMan
Secret AgentMan - 24 days ago
It is pronounced R-OO-UTH. Routh. Not Ralph. Routh
jonbooz - 24 days ago
Tom. Welling.
Dimal Fernando
Dimal Fernando - 24 days ago
But brandon routh is ATOM in the arrowverse.. why would he play superman?
Rejean Fortin
Rejean Fortin - 24 days ago
They are killing superman little by little Henri Cavill is the best
Wallace Presley Jr
Wallace Presley Jr - 24 days ago
They are pulling the stops out for this! The icing on the cake will be Tom Welling as a third one! Then it's REALLY on!!!
Mike C
Mike C - 24 days ago
YES!!! Just as I thought it should be and mentioned on here earlier!! Never should have been replace by another successor to Christopher Reeves.
profscarlett - 24 days ago
Please! WB hire Brendan Routh for a new Justice League or stand alone Superman movie, but well-written this time.
profscarlett - 24 days ago
That Superman movie was awful, but Brandon Roth was hot on that role. Way better than Henry Cavill.
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