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XxYoursTrulyxX - 2 days ago
but the SOUND when the headlights turn on??? HORRIFYING
Olivia Wood
Olivia Wood - 3 days ago
The future
American Team Fortress 2
Plymouth 1957
Bundlefingers - 3 days ago
Death Stranding brought me here!!!
Egor K
Egor K - 6 days ago
Again Now
Again Now - 9 days ago
I read Stephen King's book and the movie is very faithful to the book. But I still prefer the book.
ExxistenceTV ヅ A.K.A 存在テレビヅ
Arnie loves christine, and she loves arnie. Leigh breaks up with arnie so arnie’s girlfriend is christine.
AlwaysDays - 12 days ago
i love christine
kev - 13 days ago
Euh... prob de montage a 1.40 ,l'avant de la voiture est correct puis 2.07 il est déformé 😅👌
Frantic Zombie
Frantic Zombie - 14 days ago
Repairing a car in GTA in a nutshell.
MMM mm
MMM mm - 15 days ago
Wasn't the kid putting on wipers in this scene too? I feel that was very important to waking up the car.
Enzo Freixo Lisboa
Enzo Freixo Lisboa - 16 days ago
TheEmojiMan 6471
TheEmojiMan 6471 - Day ago
Enzo Freixo Lisboa OwO
Daniel Duan
Daniel Duan - 17 days ago
This reminds me of a an empty plastic bottle that is crushed when I blow into it
The,Awakened satan within christ
What happened to American cars , no shape just plastic fake shaped and dont last long and weak.
KA MA - 19 days ago
Chris - 19 days ago
One of my all time favorite movies.
Sean Chaney
Sean Chaney - 20 days ago
Cool! 👍
toufik nabil
toufik nabil - 23 days ago
un film légendaire
r e
r e - 25 days ago
If I had that car I wouldn't give a fucc either
Project X
Project X - 26 days ago
2:10 I just like to think that Christine sort of, regrew her hood.
Megan the 1958 Plymouth fury
Christine my sis stop going out with Arnie
The ToeCutter
The ToeCutter - 27 days ago
This is when he fully submits to her.
Guilherme Bellini
Guilherme Bellini - 27 days ago
Christine o carro assassino é dimais
Mike Vasquez
Mike Vasquez - 28 days ago
ArtilleryFire - 14 days ago
Stolen comment
Justin Gaykamangu
Justin Gaykamangu - Month ago
I used to love watching this movie because of the beautiful car
William Brown
William Brown - Month ago
Don't u know what kinda love a man and car share if she can repair herself for him
carlos muniz
carlos muniz - Month ago
Saw this movie so many times as a child. Still one of my favorite horror flicks. The soundtrack was awesome also.
Michael USS Wisconsin
Michael USS Wisconsin - Month ago
Happy Halloween
ArtilleryFire - 14 days ago
Its not halloween
lasy 1
lasy 1 - Month ago
There are two special karts. the one faster (Herbie the love bug ) and the Killer one (Christine)
lasy 1
lasy 1 - Month ago
@Gandalf LOTR I can't do that. The lego ideas tell me that only 13 ages and olders builders can support
Christian mashburn
Christian mashburn - Month ago
It's Herbie the Love bugs mom
Lele 05
Lele 05 - Month ago
this is a very film
hector y.
hector y. - Month ago
Hermano esos efectazos del 83 xd
Matthew Hahn
Matthew Hahn - Month ago
This is very best scene
Kyle - Month ago
Fun flick but quite different than the book
mauricio nunes
mauricio nunes - Month ago
Beautiful Cristine
Meme Lord
Meme Lord - Month ago
So many poor plymouths were destroyed in this film-
William Shaw
William Shaw - 14 days ago
Yet before the movie came out, nobody cared about late '50s Plymouths.
Alex Major
Alex Major - Month ago
1:36 why does this sound like old timey spy/detective music? 😎
Luis M Viera
Luis M Viera - Month ago
Que modelo es y de que año?
insertname here
insertname here - Month ago
Absolutely love this movie. I grew up watching it, and even the named my sisters first car Christine. It just would not die, and it loved my sister. Always did something whenever someone else was in the car. But for a 1983 movie, this scene is still amazing. I'd buy a '67 Plymouth Fury any day
Christopher Peterson
Christopher Peterson - Month ago
My car, people, does the opposite. But, I love her. Woe.
Tits McGee
Tits McGee - Month ago
Why is this so realistic!!!!!!! Its so old!!!!!!! This beats any sharknado movie out today. I guess this means I should kill myself!?!?!
zippy blessed
zippy blessed - 5 days ago
No CGI as well. Lol
АРГАН 23 - Month ago
Пересняли бы они этот фильм четко по книге кинга
Ярослав Лысенков
АРГАН 23 изначально так и хотели. Но фильм получился слишком затянутым (больше 2-х часов), поэтому некоторые сцены упростили (для лучшего осознания происходящего зрителем), а некоторые просто вырезали (например: сцены перевозки Плимута от дома Роланда до гаража Дарнелла; или сцена, когда Арни увидел целующихся Ли и Денниса возле кафе)
Captain Howdy
Captain Howdy - Month ago
1:25 goose bumps
DIRECTV SAT-1-2 - Month ago
The music's up and down tone makes it creepy lol
Parallel Earth
Parallel Earth - Month ago
my favourite of all time🚗
Joan Sanrey
Joan Sanrey - Month ago
Woow those effects! 😍
Kevin Schoenfelt
Kevin Schoenfelt - Month ago
Greatist love story ever told.
EdBoy1215 - Month ago
You know what I think? I think it would've been better if the audience wasn't shown Christine's self-repairing powers right off the bat. That way, the scenes where Christine hunted down Buddy and his gang would've been more ominous as everyone (including the audience) would think it was Arnie behind the wheel.
Yama Satru
Yama Satru - 2 months ago
I've watched this movie so many times. Never gets old.
J̅o̅h̅n̅n̅y̅ F̅a̅v̅o̅r̅i̅t̅e̅
If I had a car like this that transformed me from Geek ti Chick Magnet, I would definitely go with the Evil. In fact, that would make a great tagline for the movie: Go With The Evil
Kitty Tom
Kitty Tom - 2 months ago
1:33 why does the music remind me of cars 2
Spaded Ace-Chase C
Spaded Ace-Chase C - 2 months ago
John Carpenter is a musical soundtrack genius
Alex Bezzina
Alex Bezzina - 2 months ago
Christine is a beast
Weird Guy 149
Weird Guy 149 - 2 months ago
How on earth did they manage to do this?
William Shaw
William Shaw - 14 days ago
They replicated several car parts in rubber, including an entire front end, hooked them up to hydraulics that would pull the car parts in, and then filmed it in reverse. SFX by Roy Arbogast, who just finished work on "Return of the Jedi" and had previously worked on the first two "Jaws" movies.
halis Cumen
halis Cumen - 2 months ago
I wonder if they can shoot the second of this movie
Matthew Hahn
Matthew Hahn - 2 months ago
Special effects is very powerful
Matthew Hahn
Matthew Hahn - 2 months ago
This is my favorite scene
Devin Hanson
Devin Hanson - 2 months ago
They had a winch that pulled the car in on itself from the inside, then they reversed the footage. Awesome
Rogers Stinson
Rogers Stinson - 2 months ago
She’s a Transformers!
baggywhiskers - 2 months ago
Christine is getting a reboot in 2020 with Finn Wolfhard as Arnie.
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