Kobe Bryant on ‘Mamba Mentality,’ LeBron joining Lakers, facing Michael Jordan, Shaq and more [FULL]

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Big Dee
Big Dee - 6 часов назад
Hey Kobe. It was good seeing you at the Grove.
Sean Rushing
Sean Rushing - 17 дней назад
More like rapist mentality
The Rayvolution
The Rayvolution - Месяц назад
I’m not a Kobe hater I’m a revisionist and selective memory hater. Stop removing Shaquille from Kobe’s 5 title wins. And stop neglecting Kobe’s playoff exits and finals losses.
When it was Kobe’s team without other All-Stars, he lost.
Odom, Bynum, Artest, Gasol: Kobe wins.
Stop reimagining Kobe as this all powerful unstoppable entity able to win in any and every possible scenario.
That’s not accurate. It’s not true. And it’ll never become a fact.
Lakersoul - 24 дня назад
WTF is this dumb ass even spewing? Dude, you just picked and chose negative aspects about Kobe's career to fit your preconceived narrative lmao. I won't even roast you kid...smdh
Cruzinthruspace - Месяц назад
No one has the mamba mentality.
Joseph Menter
Joseph Menter - Месяц назад
So the way he plays transitions into other things off the court...he pretty much dropped 81 in this interview.
Maxwell Jann
Maxwell Jann - Месяц назад
my hero :)
Caleb Villalta
Caleb Villalta - Месяц назад
Lakers for life.
J Ro
J Ro - Месяц назад
Kobe and MJ share the same mentality/instinct.
Corey James
Corey James - Месяц назад
Pogi Mala
Pogi Mala - Месяц назад
lebron james stats mentality
Jeffrey Morales
Jeffrey Morales - Месяц назад
When Game recognises Game.
Respect to the Mamba
messiah smith
messiah smith - Месяц назад
I could listen to Kobe talk all day about Basketball lmao
stephanwilliams41 - Месяц назад
The title to Lebrons book would be "Three-Six Mafia" because he's 3 and 6 in the finals.
Qisheng Li
Qisheng Li - Месяц назад
lol kobe is Tmac's best bro
Nix Briones
Nix Briones - Месяц назад
When i hear Kobe speak, i forget how he shoot 10 of 25 a night. God right here
Juan Franco
Juan Franco - Месяц назад
Pau and Kobe chemistry was one of a kind
VaRia - Месяц назад
"If you cut this arm open man, i bleed purple and gold." Damn, that gave me chills.
MaconTheAwaken - Месяц назад
Golden interview! 👍🏾👍🏾
Young LeoNidas
Young LeoNidas - Месяц назад
If your born in 2000 you have no say on who the GOAT is. You'd be 11 in 2012 and 17 in 2018 lmao. You've already missed all the good stuff to understand 😂🤦🏽‍♂️.
dianadugger - Месяц назад
Kobe, Matt Sheldon at Become Elite praises your book so much. Must be good!
KP Sports Thoughts
KP Sports Thoughts - Месяц назад
Seriously, Iguodala should be HONORED that his name actually CAME OUT of KOBE BRYANT'S MOUTH 12:02!
KP Sports Thoughts
KP Sports Thoughts - Месяц назад
WOW, I'M SHOCKED that out of ALL PLAYERS, Kobe actually took THE TIME OUT to talk about ANDRE IGUODALA 12:02?!
KP Sports Thoughts
KP Sports Thoughts - Месяц назад
Seriously, how come they couldn't just POST THIS VIDEO in the beginning?! Why did they have to post THE CONDENSED VERSION first, and then the FULL VERSION?! A total WASTE OF TIME watching that ORIGINAL VIDEO!
haveaniceday - Месяц назад
Lbj since highschool is better than kobe and mj.
Tulia - Месяц назад
People can lie to themselves all they want. Kobe was a better leader than Lebron, always showed by example while Lebron cries and plays no defense and checks out until playoffs and even then he’s “too tired” learn to play with team mates then!!
Kalan Ferguson
Kalan Ferguson - Месяц назад
Kobe has transitioned into retirement well.
In- depth Analysis
In- depth Analysis - Месяц назад
5:56 I love that too
N2 Cat Crew
N2 Cat Crew - Месяц назад
I need this book
C Phillps
C Phillps - Месяц назад
Kobe really grew up before our eyes.
He’s now very comfortable in his own skin and As a lifelong lakers fan I remember how uncomfortable Kobe used to be when you asked him Anything that was non basketball related
ronald0c8 - Месяц назад
Look out for Jason Tatum I’ve known he could ball when he first played in the summer league and he dunked on Lebron & PG
Clarissa Westbrook
Clarissa Westbrook - Месяц назад
One of my favorite players I want to read this book!
elopez1882 - Месяц назад
Everyone has a different idea of who is the GOAT, but there is only one Mamba
Franklin Wayne
Franklin Wayne - Месяц назад
Nice punchline
Elwood Riley
Elwood Riley - Месяц назад
Jellybean son
Jesse L
Jesse L - Месяц назад
The mamba mentality is a real thing.
Tyger King of kings
Tyger King of kings - Месяц назад
Kobe is the man.💪
achichingz - Месяц назад
James Lee
James Lee - Месяц назад
Perry breezy
Perry breezy - Месяц назад
Kobe and bron could be a modern era jordan & pippen
Rudy Cooper
Rudy Cooper - Месяц назад
He needs to work with Timberwolves to teach KAT how not to be soft
Zak Noah
Zak Noah - Месяц назад
Anytime I see Kobe in a suit and a 16 minute video I get estatic. Love hearing him speak on NBA.
James Viice
James Viice - Месяц назад
kobe nervous the whole time? ...........white mans perogativ3!
R B - Месяц назад
I now understand how she feels that she did not consent to this encounter.- kobe the goat
Such inspiration.
Kellen Moon
Kellen Moon - Месяц назад
Westbrook trilogy books :
1st book "The Stats Mentality: How I Pad".
2nd book : "how I made KD left: padding tutorial".
3rd book : "triple double mentality: how to never go to NBA final".
Zixuan Huang
Zixuan Huang - 25 дней назад
Kellen Moon lol
Raymond Contreras
Raymond Contreras - Месяц назад
Why didn't you ask him about guarding ginobili
Cdot Clevo
Cdot Clevo - Месяц назад
Where can i get this book from?
Den-den - Месяц назад
Kobe is my god.
ODANNEK - Месяц назад
The most iconic photo of Kobe is him popping his Laker jersey in a win. Perfect snapshot of 20 years as a Laker right there for those that were in a coma from 1996 to 2016. Hope the Lakers brass chooses that as the silhouette for his statue.
Andrew Blanco
Andrew Blanco - Месяц назад
Did you pass the torch to Lebron?
Jjstyles - Месяц назад
KoBe threw a sub “ we don’t hang division banners “😂😂
mj is tha goat_21
mj is tha goat_21 - Месяц назад
R.I.P x💔 we miss u
birdman3003 - Месяц назад
Two people I would enjoy picking their brains...1.Kobe Bryant 2.Damon Dash
Will Lopez
Will Lopez - Месяц назад
Ju 1
Ju 1 - Месяц назад
Lebron is the most gifted basketball player of all time he has god gifted natural ability..but Kobe is a diffrent monster kobe doesnt get the respect that he deserves kobe vs jordan if they played when they were both in their Prime kobe is Better.. Jordan was just iconic but that doesn't mean he was better.
Brave Fart
Brave Fart - Месяц назад
Jordan was just a 10x scoring champ, DPOY and MVP the same season and 9X all defensive first team, and the only player 200 stl/100 blk back-to-back seasons and undefeated in the finals. Those covered greatness in both sides of the court.
robert larosa
robert larosa - Месяц назад
Ju 1 complete chat lmao Jordan came out the jump dropping 30 pts fuck are you talking about 🤣
D. Ross
D. Ross - Месяц назад
Kobe better than LeBron, all things considered.
suchdoge - Месяц назад
Retired Kobe is the Kobe we need to listen to...this guy is woke af
K9INE SUPR3ME - Месяц назад
2:38 kobe iced out 😂😭
kevinkc75 - Месяц назад
I like a lineup of Stephenson, Hart, Kuzma, James, Javal.
Khalid Nawabi
Khalid Nawabi - Месяц назад
Let me put an end on this discussion Kobe Bryant is the best closer and LeBron James is the best overall player
J. Jilani
J. Jilani - Месяц назад
kobe much better closer ,not a better play yet.
Jason Zhou
Jason Zhou - Месяц назад
kobe is so well spoken
queitso cool
queitso cool - Месяц назад
Omega S.
Omega S. - Месяц назад
Kobe would be lucky to even carry Lebrons shadow Kobe will never be as good as Lebron
Rudy Cooper
Rudy Cooper - Месяц назад
It is the other way around actually
July Stylez
July Stylez - Месяц назад
LeBron needs to lose the flop mentality and develop Mamba mentality
mr drip89
mr drip89 - Месяц назад
This dude is a basketball doctor
King Israel
King Israel - Месяц назад
Kobe was a monster man. Most wouldn’t even understand.
Trinx 213
Trinx 213 - Месяц назад
Basketball comes down to two things, offense and defense and Kobe is a 9 time all first defensive player (tied mj)and hes the best scorer I've ever seen. Do the math
Trinx 213
Trinx 213 - Месяц назад
I need kobes knowledge of me overall , basketball aside he would be a great life coach
That Nerd Is Cool
That Nerd Is Cool - Месяц назад
“We don’t hang division banners”
NarioGianni - Месяц назад
Check Out My New Hot Song 🔥🔥🏄🏽
Adam Donnis
Adam Donnis - Месяц назад
Kobe a mad scientist wit this basketball s#!+ the GOAT
-DarkCloud- 5407
-DarkCloud- 5407 - Месяц назад
KG did get into it with Kobe plenty of times LoL at that lying
Kangman02 - Месяц назад
People forgot how good Tracy McGrady was before injury. Glad the Kobe giving props.
Janluis Santiago
Janluis Santiago - Месяц назад
Kobe thanks for everything.
Ahjee Parker
Ahjee Parker - Месяц назад
Kobe and Pau are some of the most intellectual athletes to ever play their respected sports, they both studied languages outside of their own, write for fun, pau studies film and watches theatre it’s really cool to see that they have such interesting lives outside of basketball. they never let the game define them, super inspiring
Bubba Jaxx
Bubba Jaxx - Месяц назад
The 🐐.......
Flight 573
Flight 573 - Месяц назад
This nigga knows what move your gonna make off a damn picture? 😂 fuckin A, I have never heard that one b4, just straight brilliant basketball IQ
G Money
G Money - Месяц назад
🐐. 🐐. 🐐. 🐐. 🐐. Enough said
oskaveli662 - Месяц назад
Kobe needs a better tailor.
Gaajo Gang
Gaajo Gang - Месяц назад
13:53 you could said he work with us but u chose to say he worked for us same as paul pierce
Gaajo Gang
Gaajo Gang - Месяц назад
Is good to see kobe giving credit to iguodala
Cuz alot of people don't appreciate AI for his defensive effort
Hand over the Clout
Hand over the Clout - Месяц назад
Kobe "talk to me nice* Bryant
Urdrunk uncle
Urdrunk uncle - Месяц назад
Fernando Martinez
Fernando Martinez - Месяц назад
Kobe my guy..miss you soo much on the Lakers..mamba team all day!!
Montavis X
Montavis X - Месяц назад
Another Kobe dick rider shows up.
maurice justice
maurice justice - Месяц назад
Spurs fan here I give this man respect #🐐🐐🐐
Junior Guantes
Junior Guantes - Месяц назад
The bean
joe shmoe
joe shmoe - Месяц назад
kobe need to go on Roe Jogan
joe shmoe
joe shmoe - Месяц назад
+Martti Hänninen because it's a fucking podcast nigga. you're supposed to have a dialogue not just a interviewer just asking sports questions but someone who engages in real conversation. Notice how you just shut it down right away saying he dont know shit about sports. Maybe, but he'll still provide a better insight into Bobe Kryant than any other interviewer.
Martti Hänninen
Martti Hänninen - Месяц назад
Why? Rogan does not know shit about sports.
Keoni Lara
Keoni Lara - Месяц назад
He was my idol, his success determined my happiness when I was younger! He's the last of a dying breed!!
AWRAH BYNOOR - Месяц назад
Don’t take Kobe for what he say too much he said lebron is 6’10 lmao he’s just trying to answer the questions right .
cmoneyno5 - Месяц назад
LeBron is about 6'10" in his shoes
BlueLeader _
BlueLeader _ - Месяц назад
GOAT whistle 11:10
TheBlackPhantomHD - Месяц назад
Prime Michael Jordan averaged 41 Points 8.5 rebounds and 6.3 assists on 50 FG% and 40 3PT% in the NBA Finals. Jordan also lead the league in scoring 10 times even at the age of 35 and he still made all defensive first team, and at the age of 39 coming off the bench he averaged 20 points per game 6 rebounds and 4 assists playing all 82 games. Jordan is the true GOAT.
Brave Fart
Brave Fart - Месяц назад
It would be scary if prime MJ played in today's league...
Christopher Blake
Christopher Blake - Месяц назад
Kobe just made me upgrade my people skills 🔥🔥🔥💪🏾🐍
Nelson Wong
Nelson Wong - Месяц назад
Dorian Terry
Dorian Terry - Месяц назад
Love hearing Kobe dissect players and the game of basketball
relivec - Месяц назад
Dude rockin kobe's newest protro 😂
make more
make more - Месяц назад
Kobe is a ball scientist
Will Evans
Will Evans - Месяц назад
I’ll never forget Kobe dropping 62 points in 3 qts against Dirk and the 2005 Mavs outscoring their whole team by himself
Matthew Chow
Matthew Chow - Месяц назад
Kobe the 🐐
Odis Scottdale
Odis Scottdale - Месяц назад
I wasn't a kobe fan but u gotta respect it but after he retired I understand his game a lil mo he move lil a spy or a hitman     assassin
kc kc
kc kc - Месяц назад
Let's be honest for a sec, LeBron always lived in Kobe's shadow, it wasn't until Kobe retired that LeBron started getting all this attention, Kobe Bryant is the Michael Jordan of his era and alot of NBA players would tell u the same
kb 2003
kb 2003 - Месяц назад
Kobe gon ahead and laces em up one mo' time bruh😎
Nathan Lee
Nathan Lee - Месяц назад
I genuinely love Kobe tho’in shade insinuating himself into the current story
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