Everything Wrong With Forrest Gump In 16 Minutes Or Less

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Mentamer Conner
Mentamer Conner - Час назад
I love you cinemasins but fuck that I love Forrest and I always will and just why would you post this I mean it’s one of the best movies of all time
Clay Page
Clay Page - Час назад
This video would have like 12 sins if they didn’t consider “observations” to be worthy of a ding. It’s pretty weak that they’d try and act like this movie isn’t as great as it is
VeronRM - 2 часа назад
This guy is hating on forest for no reason
Jennifer Carmack
Jennifer Carmack - 5 часов назад
As much as I agree with all the sins....this movie made me ball my FUCKIiNG eyes out towards the end.
Mr. M.
Mr. M. - 5 часов назад
For the record, Louise took care of the house while he was gone and Dan couldn't sit because that's not how those legs worked. They don't bend and they're not easy to put on and take off.
P. Penguinz
P. Penguinz - 10 часов назад
Haylee Hitt
Haylee Hitt - 12 часов назад
Forrest Gump is the best movie ever I don't care if this is my favorite YouTuber ever I will still watch this every single Thanksgiving and Christmas
Skullman 94
Skullman 94 - 12 часов назад
Life is like a box of chocolates for fat people, it doesn’t last long
Andrea Smeelie
Andrea Smeelie - 14 часов назад
Forrest Gump I've only seen once or twice and I definitely love it and definitely see why it's considered a classic, however, Cinemasins brought up a whole lot of facts about the movie and Forrest and Jenny that always bothered me and I'm always glad to see that I'm not the only one. :)
It’s Jazzy
It’s Jazzy - 15 часов назад
One thing but how did shrek get less win tally’s then this
sydney jackson
sydney jackson - 17 часов назад
i thought it was pretty obvious why he only cried when jenny died?? jenny was the one person he truly cared for in life (besides his son ofc) and basically the whole movie is showing his undying love for her.
[TRS]Skermit - 18 часов назад
Its only wrong if u look at it wrong
Famous Bucket
Famous Bucket - 20 часов назад
There is nothing wrong with this movie, just stuff wrong with you
Cutie Panda23
Cutie Panda23 - 21 час назад
I- I thought he said “life IS like a box of chocolates”
ryan Lusby
ryan Lusby - 23 часа назад
My 5’5” buddy drank 22 cans of coke a cola in one night when he was 14. Couldn’t walk up the stairs afterwards, but he did it
Ben Poolaw
Ben Poolaw - День назад
My childhood is gone.
Cole Mendel
Cole Mendel - День назад
Why is the feather in the beginning a sin
DaRealPanda - День назад
The doctor pepper one is bullshit! I used to drink pop like my life depended on it at it was more that how many ml you said we can hold
Robert Moore
Robert Moore - День назад
It's because of occasional truths in videos like this that some movies are a little better and worse to watch every now and then.
Up Early
Up Early - День назад
One great ping pong player is me boom 💥
Biddy Games
Biddy Games - День назад
The *$&@ is with everyone and Alabama
KruVdude64 - День назад
Nothing is wrong with this movie
Trey Epperley
Trey Epperley - День назад
6:31 Damnit!
Malachi Schauer
Malachi Schauer - День назад
14:37. His Gump impersonation made the sin so much better
party bro
party bro - День назад
This is tom hanks nothing is wrong with a tom hanks movie
Richard Steele
Richard Steele - День назад
The rubbish John Lennon impersonation - ding.
Xavier Whiteley-Fakir
Xavier Whiteley-Fakir - День назад
Naomi Saka
Naomi Saka - День назад
Ethan Stuart
Ethan Stuart - День назад
its still a good movie
AverageSavage - День назад
Why is the first sin a sin?
Peter Bro
Peter Bro - День назад
I have never seen this
Video Maker
Video Maker - День назад
I’m actually so glad CinemaSins did this movie.
TheKoyn - День назад
"It's true, I heard the hamburgers are fabulous" 😆
Narayan - День назад
Oh no..look how they massacred my boy..
Pat R
Pat R - День назад
Why ,actually why. It was the best movie ever
Christian Hafer
Christian Hafer - 2 дня назад
This movie is near perfect. The worst thing is that Jenny keeps leaving him like a bastard. Other than that, it's funny, emotional, and exceptionally well acted. And the soundtrack is the best.
Brandon Condron
Brandon Condron - 2 дня назад
Greatest. Film. Ever.
Jennifer Dame
Jennifer Dame - 2 дня назад
This video sucks stupid dumbass idiot goddamn this movie is the best and he screwed it all up you fucking suck kill yourself
TheCrow Scavenger
TheCrow Scavenger - 2 дня назад
8:07 JENAY!?
mccalebtv - 2 дня назад
What’s the shooting called at 8:14? I like historical events.
Jake Pipes
Jake Pipes - 2 дня назад
Please do a everything is wrong with Pain and Gain; and Starship Troopers.
Scott Larkin
Scott Larkin - 2 дня назад
Why ruin such a good movie
Scott Larkin
Scott Larkin - 2 дня назад
Why ruin such a good movie
Búi Helgason
Búi Helgason - 2 дня назад
You cannot sin this film. you have sinned
rob mausser
rob mausser - 2 дня назад
AIDS was discovered in 1983. Jenny says the doctors arent sure what it is, because literally, at that time, the doctors didn't know what it was!
Mary Winchester
Mary Winchester - 2 дня назад
Nothing is wrong with Forrest Gump...THE END!!!!
ndjq[jpzby - 2 дня назад
Is Sling Blade a copycat of Forrest Gump?
Uncle JOE
Uncle JOE - 3 дня назад
113 Huh not bad prob a good movie than
its brayden
its brayden - 3 дня назад
Does he know this a movie not real life
David Alexandrovitch
David Alexandrovitch - 2 дня назад
You have to be just as stupid as Gump.
Epiadventures - 3 дня назад
13:36 “who left this bowl of onions”
Mr. Tre
Mr. Tre - 3 дня назад
Alabama is a weird place man, bullying new kids is the least thing to worry about , I mean they date their cousins there man, its a madhouse
teeo - 3 дня назад
There's nothing wrong with our white version of Tyrone
Aaron Bradley
Aaron Bradley - 3 дня назад
This is more hilarious every time I watch it and I give you a lot of s*** about picking apart Classics and nitpicking but this is hilarious and my brother wants a jerk this movie off and I never thought it was that good but thank you for showing me why
whatsthebigfndeal - 3 дня назад
Those Dr. Pepper bottles would have been no more than 12 ounces. Most soda from that time was 8 ounces. They didn't start with 20 ounce drinks until they switched to plastic bottles. And they did 16 ounce for a few years, first. I'm so old that I remember when they switched from tin cans to aluminum. It was weird
Hallsy Hockey
Hallsy Hockey - 3 дня назад
He must have to go to a special school what are the odds🤣🤣
B's Coins
B's Coins - 3 дня назад
LBJ was a perv
Big Dickar
Big Dickar - 3 дня назад
How fucking dare you?
Tygezentric - 3 дня назад
Big Fish is better than Forrest Gump!
OriginalGamingAdvent - 3 дня назад
Top 10 bad channels. Number 1 CinemaSins.
David Pierson
David Pierson - 3 дня назад
Ur a good singer 😊
Dino Ter Wiel
Dino Ter Wiel - 3 дня назад
Everthing wrong with this Channel: 10000000000000 trump sins
Ken Kanaki
Ken Kanaki - 4 дня назад
I fucking love forest but I fucking hate and I mean hate Jenny
Ye E
Ye E - 4 дня назад
Klafzfox - 4 дня назад
at 15:27 that dude some how has a wehrmacht uniform top on
RushStapler - 4 дня назад
Plot twist Jenny is his cousin
Yen the smiling dinosaur
Yen the smiling dinosaur - 4 дня назад
The only thing wrong about this movie is it ends
Trixie boi
Trixie boi - 4 дня назад
Shut the fuck up
Francisco Franco - Chan
Francisco Franco - Chan - 4 дня назад
15:48 Nigg-
Ellie Winter
Ellie Winter - 4 дня назад
He added a win for Jenny being the worst when that’s not even a sin, that’s just the character she plays. Half of these sins are stupid. The JFK and the doctor pepper ones make sense cause that’s clearly a mistake, but Jenny being an asshole wasn’t... That’s just to show that she uses him... it wasn’t a sin or mistake
marioskbar - 4 дня назад
This channel jumped the shark a long time ago. But this video is truly abhorrent.
Tomasio Bermudez
Tomasio Bermudez - 4 дня назад
Tha TROOPER - 4 дня назад
Ok jennay, and i'll mow the grass and rase the AIDS baby...
Kain Wolfsbane
Kain Wolfsbane - 4 дня назад
Forrest Gump was a pathological liar all his memories were just his imagination. He never met Presidents, never went to Vietnam. He lived in Alabama his whole life and made shit up.
Maximus29422 - 4 дня назад
+1 sin for the total not being a factor of five
Lisa Francis
Lisa Francis - 4 дня назад
Please do What’s Eating Gilbert Grape!
Jhilil Hudgins
Jhilil Hudgins - 4 дня назад
matt - 4 дня назад
according to the person that wrote the book, she meant had hep c, not aids. however everyone just assumes it's aids andit still works the same
Argon - 4 дня назад
However, if one liter is 33.81 ounces, and half of that is 16.905, that would be the capacity of the human bladder. Furthermore, you could only
drink about 85% of a 20 ounce bottle without your bladder bursting of deliciousness if that were true. And even if it were I could probably down 57 bottles in 17 seconds.
mr.brawl stars
mr.brawl stars - 4 дня назад
Historynerd1863 - 4 дня назад
You did miss the part in history class about LBJ being a creepy perv. He totally was.
jbvader721 - 2 дня назад
Well, he did make a subtle joke about LBJ in "The Shape of Water" video.
berenjervin - 4 дня назад
I thought this was a great movie. Not everything has to be accurate or meaningful to be interesting. Sometimes its just a story.
METTL KETTL - 3 дня назад
Listen Cinemasins is all about nitpicking and criticizing a movie so hard that it means nothing. It’s just for entertainment. Forest Gump is a fantastic movie.
No Name
No Name - 5 дней назад
I used to really like this channel. It was funny when all the nitpicking of “bad” or widely panned films made sense. But when you guys try to do the same for great, good, decent, or simply enjoyable movies, it’s no longer fun “humor.” Or entertaining. It’s just tiresome, boring, and even irritating. Sorry...... 😥😓
Kain Wolfsbane
Kain Wolfsbane - 4 дня назад
Forrest Gump is garbage. Just because you can relate to Forrest doesn't make a great movie..If you still like this movie, I say to you what Momma always said, “stupid is as stupid does.
Contour Lines
Contour Lines - 5 дней назад
lmao lbj was kind of a creepy perv
Rickey Robinson
Rickey Robinson - 5 дней назад
Cinema sins is a douce
OliveSheep - 5 дней назад
*This is Forest DUMP*
hexadecachoron lad
hexadecachoron lad - 5 дней назад
7:25, yes. Yes you did. He was kind of known for that.
Kathleen Carroll
Kathleen Carroll - 5 дней назад
Woah. Harsh much? 😀
CreativeCandy - 5 дней назад
Even with the interruptions for the sin counter, I still cried when he talked to Jenny’s gravestone...
Frieder mac
Frieder mac - 3 дня назад
Every. Single. Time. I could watch this movie a million times and still cry at that part.
Alexander Bonner
Alexander Bonner - 5 дней назад
Run Forrest run!!
Daulton Lewis
Daulton Lewis - 5 дней назад
Why’s Forest not wearing his MOH ribbon?
Nolan Pham
Nolan Pham - 5 дней назад
I would’ve dropped every sin if Gunny came out and told Gump to get his shit together
Mosquirtle - 5 дней назад
thanks for sinning alabama
jackson reed
jackson reed - 5 дней назад
Okay your videos are usually really funny and true , but y’all making fun and denouncing a great movie like this truely made me mad
Ricardo Dank.
Ricardo Dank. - 5 дней назад
Snake boot smell like foot
johnnypal - 5 дней назад
The movie is ruined for me
DJ ARSENAL - 5 дней назад
If i had to guess i would say forrest gump most likely either has autism, tourretts, or both.
Hatslippers - 5 дней назад
I'm not mad. Just disappointed
Jack Legion
Jack Legion - 5 дней назад
13:50 Well it's not like his legs are gonna get tired...
Jack Legion
Jack Legion - 5 дней назад
7:26 Uh, yeah, you did. He was a MASSIVE perv.
Ethan Skinner
Ethan Skinner - 5 дней назад
You are incorrect. That's about all I have to say about that.
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