Everything Wrong With Forrest Gump In 16 Minutes Or Less

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Big Mic2728y
Big Mic2728y - 3 hours ago
Brick Powell
Brick Powell - 4 hours ago
Lots of tea here 🍵🍵
Maranda Eaton
Maranda Eaton - 5 hours ago
"You never go full retard"
Jay Ramsey
Jay Ramsey - 5 hours ago
"I haven't seen someone look this out of place with a gospel choir since Super Bowl 53"
Steven Hoffman
Steven Hoffman - 6 hours ago
The kids on the bus knew he was different cause they heard him talking to the bus driver
thugblox - 8 hours ago
I have understanding hate for you
Mgalls 654
Mgalls 654 - 10 hours ago
I can imagine him just sitting in a theater doing this live
Nabbie - 11 hours ago
14:55 because every death before Jenny is him "narrating" his past while Jenny dying was happening in the present
nomad18074 - 11 hours ago
LMAO @t 15:20 😂🤣
harpella - 13 hours ago
Not even watching! Down vote immediately for even attempting to F with this movie. Shame!
Geoff Hutson
Geoff Hutson - 13 hours ago
LBJ actually was a creepy perv
AssaultToad - 13 hours ago
Nothing, nothing is wrong with forest gump
Mighty Poopie
Mighty Poopie - 15 hours ago
You guys have run out of ideas you know how many awards this movie one, they take everything so seriously cus they’ve run out of ideas
Adrste241 - 17 hours ago
How the F**k is this video fifteen minutes long? it's Forrest Gump.
I expected him to say nothing at the beginning and then end the video.
MixItUpWithZak - 18 hours ago
Overall this film is supposed to make you laugh
Deon Price
Deon Price - 18 hours ago
Soooo... does forrest have the virus too? Does his son have it? Was jenny still living reckless during and after her pregnancy? This always bothered me with this movie...
Jamie Duncan
Jamie Duncan - 18 hours ago
Video sin ping pong and table tennis are two different sports
G4Lproductionz - Day ago
Jenny died on a Monday and he said "suck it hump" I nearly pissed my pants!!!!
Rubin Saffy
Rubin Saffy - Day ago
Reaching thru and thru.
Vlasko60 - Day ago
"Cool guys don't look at explosions"
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
"And he just left his front door open..." You can't tell from that scene that he left his front door open. That's another presumption by you. And even if he had, do you not understand the significance of him suddenly getting up and running away, disregarding unimportant things like open doors?
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
Jenny: "I'm not running." Narrator: "Get it? Because she said 'running' and that's the theme of the movie. That automatically makes it super intelligent. I swear this movie is all chicken soup and no soul." Get it? The narrator said "chicken soup and no soul," that makes him super intelligent.
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
"Jenny is an AWFUL human being in this movie." That's a character flaw, not a movie flaw.
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
"Forrest's boat survives this." What, a multi-ton boat survives an encounter with a rickety dock and grass-lined shore? Yeah, suspend your disbelief.
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
"No one is making multiple standees (2--the minimum number to qualify as multiple) and Gump-branded paddles of this number on the HOPE he agrees to sign!" Oh, the ignorance of marketing.
Antonydabossman - Day ago
12:48 I don't get this joke please explain.
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
"...and ends up feeling more like one cheap SNL sketch after another." The irony, again. Except the narrator will, of course, never rise to the level of an SNL sketch. But he'd be honored if he did!
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
Narrator: "Ping Pong Proceeds to Propaganda Proportions without Properly Petitioning Participants' Previous Political Positions." I get that the narrator is trying to impress his audience with his knowledge of alliteration, but alliteration only works if all of the alliterative words in the sentence make sense. Properly Petitioning Participants' Previous Political Positions? What does that mean beyond the narrator stringing together "P" words? What does the Participant's Previous Political Positions have to do with their current Political Position? And how does the narrator even know Forrest's Previous (or current) Political Position? This seems like A lot of Alliteration by Asshole Analysts Anxiously Attempting to Accrue an Audience with Utterly Unctuous Utterances.
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
Forrest: "I got it just by doing what you told me to do." Narrator: "This is not true. Not in a literal way and not even in a simplistic Forrest way. She told you to run away when there was danger and you most certainly did not do that." Another refreshingly rare bit of legitimate criticism. But maybe it can be explained as Forrest trying sympathize with Jenny.
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
Forrest: "He should not be hitting you Jenny." Narrator: "The most important line in this film is one of the most forgotten." How is it the most important line in the film and how the fuck do you know it's one of the most forgotten? Are you just trying to endear yourself to the grossly undersubscribed demographic to this YouTube channel: women. Nice marketing play, but trust me, any woman with intellectual acumen will not be swayed by this bullshit line.
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
Movie: "Our purpose here is to protect our black leaders from the racial onslaught of the pig who is to brutalize our black leaders, rape our women, and destroy our black communities." Narrator: "I think it's safe to say that nuance is not this movie's strong point." Didn't you say earlier (the KKK scene) that the movie only paid brief lip-service to racial injustice, to be forgotten ever after?
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
"Even the Washington Monument is giving the one finger salute to this contrived and convenient reunion." You're now batting .073 and scouts are considering moving you up to single-A. Though I suggest that the Washington Monument has no other posture to take.
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
"With an event this big, are we really saying the sound situation was a 'set it and forget it' kind of thing? How is no one even watching the soundboard?" Another legitimate criticism. If you were a baseball player, you'd be batting .063 and stuck in rookie league ball.
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
"Movie is almost 2 and a half hours long, and this is why." This video is almost 16 minutes long, and this is why.
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
"Earlier the news said LBJ was giving out four Medals of Honor, so why do I count five with Gump?" How do you know all the men you've enumerated are receiving Medals of Honor on that day? Maybe past Medal of Honor winners attended the ceremony. It's not unusual for past MoH winners to attend a MoH award ceremony. You didn't consider that? Why do you presume so much? God Damn son. Here's to you, Mrs. Cinemasins narrator.
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
"Gary Sinise is absolutely killing it here. The problem is that he isn't our protagonist, and he's barely in the movie. Instead, we're stuck with a protagonist who is a glorified narrator and an unreliable one at that." Gary Sinise is barely in the movie? If you consider screen time, sure. But if you consider impact, you're grossly incorrect. How is Forrest unreliable? There is no indication that he lies or embellishes events. That statement is oddly misplaced and wrong.
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
"Ha ha ha ha, Forrest is mostly played for laughs here, but in this ping-pong-advice moment...he takes it to heart, and it's adorably hilarious. I choose THIS as the moment I will remove one sin." Why? You didn't adequately explain why you're removing a sin. Everything that happens in that scene is consistent with his character, which you've sinned relentlessly to this point. Why would you now start subtracting sins?
XxGamerCouncilxX - Day ago
I can tell you as a fact that 15 dr peppers is totally possible..I like dr pepper
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
"I know Greenbow, Alabama is a fake town and all, but does it have two different zip codes? Sure, he could have accidentally wrote the wrong numbers,...' First, the letters were addressed to the same house, so even if Greenbow had more than one zip code, it should have been the same. Second, it's entirely plausible he wrote the wrong zip code. If the postal workers know the address, they can overcome a wrongly written zip code. Continuity error? Possible but unlikely. That scene is not something that's likely to escape the editors' eyes. Maybe they were going for realism. Or maybe they wanted to give internet jerks, years before the actual internet* existed, something to unnecessarily rail about when they've run out of creative ideas. They were prescient! *I say "actual internet" because, at the time, the internet as we know it did not exist, but a portent did (Prodigy, AOL). People were able to communicate via their computers even at that time. Why do you presume that Forrest couldn't make that error? What in the movie indicates that Forrest is immune to mistakes?
Lewy1221 - Day ago
I could name one thing wrong with him right off the bat
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
"This is Hacksaw Ridge 20 years before Hacksaw Ridge. He just keeps going back to rescue more and more dudes regardless of his own safety." I guess you're not too familiar with military history and the Medal of Honor. Psst...it happens sometimes. "Hacksaw Ridge" was based on actual events. Desmond Doss kept going back to rescue more and more dudes regardless of his own safety.
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
"I mean...the movie could easily have been subtitled: He Survives This...and This...and This ...and This..." How many shots fired in combat do you think actually strike their target? Several people died in this scene, so I'm not sure what you're on about, unless you're on about your ignorance of combat. Then I get it.
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
"Jenny gives ZERO s*its (unnecessary caps and shift-8 encryption, again) about Forrest all movie long, until the end when she's dying and desperate. F*cking Jenny is the WORST, man" That is her character flaw, not a movie flaw.
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
"I'm beginning to think they added a half hour to the runtime just by listing things." Oh, the delicious irony here.
Sanya - Day ago
winner over here
Edward Stephenson Jr
This fuckers funny with this shit. I like it. It does suck because I like some of these movies but still funny.
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
"Forrest is still telling this story on the bus stop bench, right? So why is he whispering all the sudden?" Literary effect? I don't know, I'm just a dumb reader, but I heard that's important.
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
"Why does the (A)rmy send new soldiers to the front lines via helicopter and two at a time?! This seems like a huge waste of gas and time and money and gas." How else are you going to transport soldiers to forward operating bases? They do that even today. As far as only two soldiers, how do you know it's a waste of time and gas? Helicopters are short-flight and maybe it's that helicopter's job to transport troops to the front. What's a bigger waste, a helicopter transporting "only" two men via Huey, or having those two men sit idle at drop-off waiting for a full load, like they're waiting for a roller coaster to fill up for a ride, when they could be doing important work, in this case training? You're criticizing that of which you are ignorant. Trust me, two men at the front is more valuable than the gas the Huey spends to get them there.
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
How could he break into the song "I wanna know what love is" (it's "I want to know what love is," ftr) when it was produced several years after the scene in this movie? Sure, he still could have "broken" into the song without reference, but the narrator is clearly referencing the 1984 Foreigner song. If Forrest had broken into the song at that time, surely it would have been worth more than 12 sins, given how little value sins have.
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
Narrator: "...there is NO reason given why folks on this bus would shun or hate Forrest. They don't know anything about him at all!" Human history has demonstrated that we "shun" those we don't know. This is an ignorant "sin." And it's a continuation of the race theme that the narrator dismissed earlier in the film. Notice all the black people on the bus and at least one of them refused to give a seat to the white Forrest. The narrator is acknowledging his misunderstanding of the earlier racial theme.
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
Army bus: "Seat's taken. Taken." Narrator: "This scene is meant to echo that earlier scene when he was a child..." Thanks for the cutting, insightful analysis. (Again you show the scene where three boys were sitting in one seat, btw).
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
"Also...Dr. Pepper." Some kind of inside joke I'm not getting?
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
"15 Dr. Pepper 20 oz bottles is 300 fluid ounces (Dr. Pepper is fluid ounces!?), which equals 8.8 liters. Yet the average human bladder reaches capacity at just over half a liter." Googling but presenting information as his own. Also, the movie doesn't indicate how many times Forrest went to the bathroom, or what length of time he spent at the White House. Why is the narrator presuming these things? "My point is he could have been peeing the entire time he was in the White House and it's still mathematically impossible for him to have drunk 15 Dr. Peppers." How could you have done the math when the movie didn't indicate how long he was there? Trust me, it's possible to drink 15 Dr. Peppers in one day.
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
Narrator: "Considering we've already seen George Wallace on the school steps, which happened in June of 1963, and the All-American team is chosen in December, there is no way Forrest could have met JFK here when he had already been assassinated the month prior." A legitimate criticism, so rare. I appreciate the narrator's ability to Google information, even if he does not indicate he did so, and instead presents this as his own knowledge.
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
He didn't get a hand-job, you tool. He touched her breast and, well, you know. And how do you not recognize sympathy when it blatantly presents itself?
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
Narrator: "Welcome to We've Edited Tom Hanks Into All the Historical Events, and Hey, Isn't That Cool!: The Movie." They didn't edit Tom Hanks into all the historical events, not even close. If you think all the historical events in this movie are the only historical events, I have a few history books you should read. Considering if it's cool or not, I'm not going to let some YouTube douche bag influence my opinion on such matters.
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
Narrator: "The truck goes from INCHES [sic] away from hitting Forrest to forty f*cking [sigh] feet behind him!!! [sigh]. And this movie won the Oscar for Best Film Editing!!! Holy s*it!" Forrest outrunning the truck wasn't an editing mistake. If you think so, you're dumb.
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
If you watch it frame by frame, Forrest took a rock to the forehead. Even if he didn't, who the fuck cares?
ThePilotTY_YT - Day ago
Jenny didn’t have aids otherwise gump would have it
Pleb Obliterator
Pleb Obliterator - Day ago
there’s nothing wrong with forrest gimp shut up
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
Narrator: "This movie wants to bully so hard that this little f*cker (unnecessary shift-8 encryption) said 'seat's taken' even though there wasn't a seat available there! That seat already has two riders!!" Dude, in the very clip you use to illustrate this "sin" you can see three (3!!) riders in one seat, two seats behind the speaker. Yes, maybe the kid (not the movie) wanted to bully so hard that he'd preempt Forrest from sitting in his double-occupied seat when there was clearly only one kid sitting in a seat behind him, but that's the kid's fault (a human fault), not the movie's. I'm proclaiming you Knee-Jerk Prince of YouTube. Heavy emphasis on Jerk.
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
You missed an actual sin: "Vacation is when you go somewhere and you don't ever come back." No it's not. Vacation is where you go somewhere and do come back.
Andrew V
Andrew V - Day ago
I watched this at school
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
"Forrest narration. Forrestation?" What the fuck is this and how is that a sin? Jeremy narration. Jeremation? Sin.
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
Forrest: "I could remember my first pair of shoes." Narrator: "So yeah...apparently, according to the movie, Forrest was about 7 years old before he ever got a pair of shoes." That's the first pair of shoes he remembers. How many people actually remember their first pair of shoes? You may have noticed that Forrest wasn't too bright, so maybe he considered the first pair of shoes he remembered to be his first pair of shoes, especially when the movie depicted that those shoes were very significant to him. The producers could have done a bit more to explain that he was remembering the first pair of shoes he could remember, not necessarily his actual first pair of shoes, but they presumed that people with intellectual acumen would understand that. And they were right!
Jacob Gulley
Jacob Gulley - Day ago
How can you say forest gump is worthy of sins
Lerda Spencer
Lerda Spencer - Day ago
When people waiting at a bus stop see the bus they want to ride approach, they stand up. It's normal for a bus driver, especially when they're not the only bus to service that stop, to presume a person who is still sitting when they approach, doesn't want their bus, and take off.
Devin Taylor
Devin Taylor - Day ago
yeetus thefeetus
yeetus thefeetus - Day ago
I actually went to Arizona where they showed him in the desert
Hopen Tiger
Hopen Tiger - Day ago
Sees the title:
Nothing is wrong with this amazing movie
Rikard Nilsson
Rikard Nilsson - Day ago
I just realized that all the women in forrests life were prostitutes in some way,...Except Bubbas mom, possibly.
Brockton Aakre
Brockton Aakre - Day ago
Syrvonne Mendoza
Syrvonne Mendoza - Day ago
Forrest Gump was great
Howard Murphy
Howard Murphy - Day ago
Ah hell no they went after forest its time for a crusade
Silencer thesixthelement
I believe Jenny represents all bitches and hoes in this movie. I think I just came up with a new name for bitches and hoes. JENNY!!!! "Bro, don't fuck with her,..she a Jenny!" "Yoooo, T got set up by a couple of Jennies last week on boulevard. I'm telling you bro that shit is Jenny central on the weekends!" "Dawg we got some Jennies coming over later, come through when you get off work!" 😂😂😂
Reid Edelman
Reid Edelman - Day ago
5 years later and this is still the worst channel on YouTube
Olaf Elsbeurry
Olaf Elsbeurry - 2 days ago
Name one famous national ping-pong player??? Forrest Gump LMFAO
SwiftBlade4 - 2 days ago
There's this youtube show, SMG4, that had an episode, "SMG4 Movie Auditions", where it showed Steve from Minecraft re-enacting the Forest Gump bench scene with the box of chocolates and when he opened the box, the Xenomorph Queen came out screaming and attacked the person sitting next to him on the bench. It's a very strange show.
BeastjediCarson - 2 days ago
Bro you cant even dis this movie
Aiyana Collis
Aiyana Collis - 2 days ago
Daniel Spidell
Daniel Spidell - 2 days ago
How could they fuck up the headstone date I mean come on ... like people wouldn't find out this retard was lieing
masterhotdog 8
masterhotdog 8 - 2 days ago
I’m sorry, did you sin Dr Pepper?
Jon MacDonald
Jon MacDonald - 2 days ago
GUMP 🇺🇸🗽2020
Phoenix Blaze
Phoenix Blaze - 2 days ago
Weird Howie
Weird Howie - 2 days ago
Use me as a “Shut tha fuck up” button....... this is the greatest movie ever
xTRiPLExViSiONx - 2 days ago
Also when you drink something it does not go straight to your bladder
It’sme Chucky
It’sme Chucky - 2 days ago
I cried in this movie
Junior Carbajal
Junior Carbajal - 2 days ago
But yet this movie will forever be iconic 😭
Jared Peterson
Jared Peterson - 2 days ago
13:47 I think he’s standing because he wants to/hasn’t been able to for years, not because they wouldn’t let him sit.
Big Nibba
Big Nibba - 2 days ago
Can u stop fucking talking about this movie shut up fucker
James Beggs
James Beggs - 2 days ago
5:22 That song hadn't been released yet
Roman A
Roman A - 2 days ago
It’s a novel
Andy Miller
Andy Miller - 2 days ago
And this is a movie
David Jones
David Jones - 2 days ago
jenny a bitch face.,,
Ømıcrøn .
Ømıcrøn . - 2 days ago
Jenny is a fucking ho.
Taylor Imes
Taylor Imes - 2 days ago
What you drink doesn't go directly to your bladder....
The Anti Christ
The Anti Christ - 2 days ago
This is the worst movie I've never seen and I hate it more everytime I watch it. because I love it so much.
KidGanesha - 2 days ago
Roman Channels
Roman Channels - 2 days ago
Yo this video kinda made me mad bc I love forest gump
Terry K
Terry K - 2 days ago
Newsflash: That’s not a bus stop it’s a park bench. The bus is going the wrong way around the park. It’s one way.
Hollist King
Hollist King - 2 days ago
Yo this dude is funny as fuck man big ups
Colton Thompson
Colton Thompson - 2 days ago
I’ve drank 10 Dr Peppers and go to the bathroom until an hour later
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