Everything Wrong With Forrest Gump In 16 Minutes Or Less

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Dre Savage
Dre Savage - 7 minutes ago
You can drink way more then half a litre whatcu talkin about
fortnite isschool
fortnite isschool - 17 minutes ago
this got the most dislikes in his channel😂
Ian Kimmen
Ian Kimmen - 4 hours ago
Are we just going to ignore the fact that only the marines use huey helicopters
Damien Oglesby
Damien Oglesby - 4 hours ago
How dare you ruin such an amazing movie 😤
Travis McCutchan
Travis McCutchan - 5 hours ago
Your logic of the Dr. Pepper sin makes no sense. 8.8 liters divided by 15 dr. peppers is a little over half a liter (the same amount you say the bladder can hold). So you’re saying just by drinking 1 Dr. Pepper, you’ll instantly have to urinate, that just isn’t true.
Kory Kent
Kory Kent - 5 hours ago
Yeah screw Dr Pepper

Say ANYTHING about DIET Dr Pepper and we'll have a problem
UltimateSocialist - 6 hours ago
NumptyDaNinja - 8 hours ago
Dude this is the best movie of all time be careful about what you say about Forrest Gump
Lucid Theory
Lucid Theory - 9 hours ago
I love Forest Gump. I was jealous of Jennie. I wanna be Jenny and find my Forest Gump.
adf adf
adf adf - 10 hours ago
0:01 Narrator attaches "(duh..)" to spoilers, like it's obvious from the title that there are "Spoilers!!," yet adds "Spoilers!!" anyway.
thonkinglasersights - 12 hours ago
There is a problem with forest gump, im from savanah GA , so i know that tge bus is on the wrong side of the road
JD MD - 13 hours ago
Forrest Gump : "And that's how I was on video site called YouTube with a man called Cinemasins saying Jenny was bad"
Smith McSmithy
Smith McSmithy - 14 hours ago
0:09 You can't sin that, that was the best and hardest to pull off Blue screen effect in the whole film
Virginia Clayton
Virginia Clayton - 15 hours ago
I kinda wanna see CinemaSins make a movie see how *GoOd* that would be.
Twistedmist - 16 hours ago
Your First sentence set the mood for this, to the point it needed to be shut off... So Deep So Profound... then ridiculed it, its literally the story of a retard overcoming all odds. The story of a guy that couldn't understand the complications and livied off the not deep, lived off the basic. Dumbass.
Cameron Murphy
Cameron Murphy - 17 hours ago
7:26 LBJ openly showed his dick to the female employees for fun. He was a huge perv
matthew cooper
matthew cooper - 21 hour ago
The sayings are hollow for a reason
LORD RRB - Day ago
Dorkus Malorkus
Dorkus Malorkus - Day ago
The only thing wrong with forrest gump is that it had an ending.
Crashburn 32
Crashburn 32 - Day ago
Do you think the young actor who played a young Forrest, knew why he was instructed to grunt "Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!" after his mom slept with the admissions guy to keep Forrest in school?
lol face_9
lol face_9 - Day ago
How dare you sin that beginning feather scene
limso cro
limso cro - Day ago
Out of 119 sins maybe 5 are legit but all the others are if you watch the movie like youre a robot. The movie is almost ferfect best movie story ever filmed.
Sanctum - Day ago
4:06 then how the fuck did Steve will do it drink 24 bottles of beer in less than an hiur
Matt - Day ago
HA! an awesome movie, but CinemaSins just made it even better lol. I'm laughing my ass off lol!!
Jihad Da God
Jihad Da God - 2 days ago
J e n n y. Had AIDS
Henrik Boisen
Henrik Boisen - 2 days ago
Get a life Forrest!
Dank Jaycobi
Dank Jaycobi - 2 days ago
Am I not the only one who didnt know bubba gumps was made for the movie
pizza master
pizza master - 2 days ago
I hate this movie
D4rk Memelicious
D4rk Memelicious - 2 days ago
But remove 119 sins cause Forrest Gump. But add 1 sin cause Jenny
Joseph Muir
Joseph Muir - 2 days ago
Clearly Jeremy has never been to NYC before, judging by his comment on their jaywalking on NYEve.
Supertrooper 383
Supertrooper 383 - 2 days ago
Your a bitch for making this
Blue Furyy
Blue Furyy - 2 days ago
You can did my favorite movies but you sir have gone to far, TO FAR , THIS MOVIE IS A GOD DAM MASTERPIECE
nazanin melika
nazanin melika - 2 days ago
J - 2 days ago
I can understand the sins for forrest gump, but dr pepper is awesome you dick
Nicholas Ireland
Nicholas Ireland - 2 days ago
The fact this video was made was despicable
Erika Butler
Erika Butler - 2 days ago
0:11 Obviously, you haven't ridden public transit much! Here in Sacramento, at least, if the only person at a bus stop is sitting and not really paying attention, the bus won't even stop at all, unless someone on the bus wants to get off there. The bus will otherwise only stop if there is someone standing at the bus stop--or, like, in a wheelchair--who is ready to board the bus.
Chick-Fil-A - 2 days ago
What’s wrong with Dr. Pepper it’s the best
Thorn Age
Thorn Age - 2 days ago
5:18 You do what you’re told- Enter The White Stripes song “You Don’t Know What Love is, You Just Do What You’re Told” here
reliantncc1864 - 2 days ago
I'm sorry, but your Dr Pepper comment is wrong in so many ways. Those are not 20 oz bottles. They look like 12, but say 10, so let's go with 10. So only 150 oz total. The liquid does not go directly to your bladder. It goes to your stomach, which has a max capacity when distended of about 135 oz, or almost the total amout of Dr Pepper consumed. The majority of Dr Pepper (by far) is water, which is absorbed into your system very quickly. Some will end up in the bladder eventually, much of it will be used by the body. Even assuming no pee breaks (which you have no reason to assume), he clearly can drink all 15 Dr Peppers.
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous - 2 days ago
LBJ was a creepy perv you can look that up,something about a second cousin i think...like rudy guliani
Theoretical Bread
Theoretical Bread - 2 days ago
*everyone disliked that*
Sugar E
Sugar E - 2 days ago
The bus stop 🚏 is in Healdsburg, California IRL.
john m
john m - 2 days ago
This is the first time I watched a Cinema Sins and totally disagreed with their conclusions.
James - 2 days ago
Looking back on it, I doubt that’s even Forrest son. Jenny done fucked so many dudes 😂😂😂
leebob86 - 2 days ago
Jenny died on 322. Skull and Bones. Just more jew numbers placed in the movies, that they own. Haaa, those jews and their jewey numbers. 911, Tisha B'av baby... Tisha B'av.
True Patriot
True Patriot - 13 hours ago
Ah casual anti semitism. What fun.
sign543 - 3 days ago
Forrest Gump is the perfect film. The. End. 👍🏼
Kit Peters
Kit Peters - 3 days ago
to be honest this is one of the best movies i have watched
TC1TheOrginal - 3 days ago
Clever, but kinda ruins every movie. 😕
Liam Stetson
Liam Stetson - 3 days ago
If cinema sins was in my film class i'd kill him
Jessica Rendleman
Jessica Rendleman - 3 days ago
You can pry this movie out of my cold dead hands
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