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Anthony Batsalelwang
this was the most confusing show i watched
Theodore Chiappone
Theodore Chiappone - Hour ago
You forgot lemon hope
Catan - 2 hours ago
Sinetria Laster
Sinetria Laster - 2 hours ago
I like the continuity of the Betty and Simon story line. Consistent despite the trickiness of time travel. Tasteful dosage without making the plot redundant and bland.
Aalen Sprouse
Aalen Sprouse - 4 hours ago
2 minutes into this video and my heAd hUrTSs
X- Burglar
X- Burglar - 4 hours ago
*weeps* you know me so well
MASTER-OF- EVIL - 4 hours ago
We still never got an Adventure Time movie
Madeline Griffin
Madeline Griffin - 4 hours ago
He says grob gob glob grod so casually and it confuses me so much how he is able to do that
BofinQ - 5 hours ago
this video is my bible.
Anthony Cesario
Anthony Cesario - 5 hours ago
Marcus Blackwell
Marcus Blackwell - 6 hours ago
ChannelFredarator, I don't get it. What do you guys mean by "historical discrepancies" when talking about the death of Abraham Lincoln?
Flaming Scorpion
Flaming Scorpion - 7 hours ago
The monsters were something
A C - 7 hours ago
Wow the adventure time mythos Is wild af
My Games
My Games - 8 hours ago
Flame princess was my fav
sofia benitez
sofia benitez - 9 hours ago
I’m literally crying rn 🥺
Tar rut
Tar rut - 9 hours ago
Oh God, my childlike love can’t handle this show ending 😖
Chocolate Kiss
Chocolate Kiss - 9 hours ago
I never knew adventure time was thia DEEP. I used to act like I'm too cool for adv.Time but still watch the show and now missing it. My fav. Episode jake vs meemow
ii_ possumz
ii_ possumz - 12 hours ago
This was a little...

Lesy Lara
Lesy Lara - 12 hours ago
I cried so hard i couldn't stop because i love this show and im still crying
XxyoutubexX 509
XxyoutubexX 509 - 12 hours ago
This is why I stopped watching Cartoon network

They Stopped showing:Naruto,DBZ,Regular Show,Adventure time

That is all
Flex God
Flex God - 12 hours ago
I love adventure time
Pro bot pixelz
Pro bot pixelz - 12 hours ago
The lore too this series but not as confusing as kingdoms hearts. that's for sure.
Cakh5050 - 13 hours ago
I never really watched this show that much.. all I knew was Finn, Jake, The Ice King, PB and Marceline. I can’t believe there is so much lore to this! Definitely want to binge this show now..
Da'Joun Dotson
Da'Joun Dotson - 14 hours ago
How'd you unlock the ability to say "Grob Gob Glob Grod" so effortlessly and quickly lol
Dynex distortion
Dynex distortion - 14 hours ago
Crazy how it's been 9 years since this aired,
back then it was just a show about a human his magic dog,
Never thought it need a whole time line about an apocalypse
GAMEDOCTOR - 14 hours ago
Stopped watching after Island miniseries, should I keep watching or start again from zero?
M W - 15 hours ago
Dude, those emotions.
楊絮子naomi - 15 hours ago
Thank you for making the time line! Watching this video make me remember all the things that happened during the days that I watched Adventure time
peinados Cool y Faciles
peinados Cool y Faciles - 15 hours ago
Tu eres una persona horrible porque bloqueas mi canal sin ningún sentidos no puedes aceptar que alguien sea mejor que tu. Eres la persona más horrible del mundo eres un envidioso 👏👏te felicitó por tu gran envidia👹👹👹
muhamad hamdan
muhamad hamdan - 16 hours ago
Thank you very much for summing all that up
It all makes more sense to me now thx

I’m sad now
yeetboy 4000
yeetboy 4000 - 16 hours ago
Gucci trash can
Gucci trash can - 18 hours ago
Adventure time had a beautiful storyline and extraordinarily fitting animation for the characters and their personalities. I’m so sad that it had to end but it’s better that it ended before Cartoon Network could have taken it over and ruined the purpose of it. :) ❤️❤️
RIP Adventure Time
Malcolm Coghill
Malcolm Coghill - 18 hours ago
I'm weeping over the end of Adventure Time :(
Ernest Drake
Ernest Drake - 19 hours ago
actually, the statues at the intro of the last episode were Finn and Germane. there is a sign saying something along the lines of "Fin and Ger"
part of the sign being broken off. Which means Jake is somewhere else, maybe somehow still alive.

On another note, I was so sad when this ended, a part of me was leaving forever, and I would never get to know what happened to Finn and Jake. Yes, I know there are comics, but it just doesn't feel the same.
Intercom R.
Intercom R. - 20 hours ago
27:27 isn’t that that cat from that French Garfield show, that grey one? Kind of ironic
Mahesh Mendis
Mahesh Mendis - 20 hours ago
Sooooooo this is all geography
gamer for fun
gamer for fun - 20 hours ago
Hero37137 - 22 hours ago
it's impossible to remember all of this thing for 10 minutes
LHAF - 22 hours ago
aww im so sad :((
No way, What?!
No way, What?! - 23 hours ago
Make Steven universe time line
Alli - Crombie
Alli - Crombie - Day ago
So the penguin Gunther is named by the ice king who has the memory of the Dino Gunther so that’s why he names the penguin that even though he does not fully know where the name comes from?? If I understand this right
Hamilton.Is.Life - Day ago
I stopped watching at like season 7? Last I remember is like the bumble bee and sword fin leaf dude
Majestic George
Majestic George - Day ago
Everything was going good until Abraham Lincoln on mars. I got lost there 😹
hassan Talpur
hassan Talpur - Day ago
If youre wondering when the video starts its 0:00 you nut

Thats 5 dollars
GoldenNova - Day ago
When u said the blue comet missing earth and not making finn in that universe, even tho he WAS made. That because of finns wish in another universe.
Donovan Suttner
Donovan Suttner - Day ago
Sooooo deeeep
Andy - Day ago
The ice king called Marcy Gunther as well. Makes sense, because Simon is becoming the original ice king! Dope!
Jaylin - Day ago
Wait so how did finn die?
Adam Greenberg
Adam Greenberg - Day ago
Susan Strong has a group of other humans on OOO, right? Thinking of the episode where they go to the soda factory.
Ophelia White
Ophelia White - Day ago
Dude you forgot the most important ship of ALL TIME!!! Marci x Bubblegum!!!!
Selomepe - Day ago
isnt it great and fantastic our main antagonist never got a proper ending :^)
Mr mc E
Mr mc E - Day ago
It ended? Huh...
Emily Parker
Emily Parker - Day ago
At 5:19 he says something about Simon being on an expedition to the Hindu Kush and I’m... what? Im confused what does that mean, is that slip up or a joke or is that what he’s actually looking for??
Soft boi
Soft boi - Day ago

*Marcelline and bubblegum kissed*
Dynex distortion
Dynex distortion - 14 hours ago
You mean Marcy and bonable
timmy timmytimmy
timmy timmytimmy - Day ago
u tell me
Sliik Jwillbro
Sliik Jwillbro - Day ago
I say adventure time killed it self by adding dumb stuff
Olivia Weeks
Olivia Weeks - Day ago
This was amazing
Carolina Rizzi
Carolina Rizzi - Day ago
5:09 actually it was AMO who was designed to receive love, not BMO
RenoVega88 - Day ago
Can you please, PLEASE! Do a avatar timeline video. I've tried watching the show but...I just can't sit through it.
Magnoz - 2 days ago
Adventure time is so weird
Sparta - 2 days ago
I challenge everyone to find the weirdest sentence in this video
Rixilia - 2 days ago
I love prismo
Da Jiggy Eli
Da Jiggy Eli - 2 days ago
I wonder how did Finn & Jake die?
Purr Purr
Purr Purr - 2 days ago
It is pretty much a Lovecraftian show.
EchoEmerald - 2 days ago
r.i.p adventure time so sad
EchoEmerald - 2 days ago
EchoEmerald - 2 days ago
now i need to binge watch all of this again for like the 10th time
Haruki Shirota
Haruki Shirota - 2 days ago
8:14, 9:47.
Šhïvâ - 2 days ago
God . I . What did I just watch?
grxxx0 1604
grxxx0 1604 - 2 days ago
Who thinks that adventure time should come back
Reed Mack
Reed Mack - 2 days ago
Amal Kotob
Amal Kotob - 2 days ago
He said finn was born from the blue comet and then said he was born from human parents?
Jermaine Hanson
Jermaine Hanson - 2 days ago
Wait my name is Jermaine i guess im a magic dog now
Coruja Biruta
Coruja Biruta - 2 days ago
How is it that the commet does not hit FarmWorld, as Finn is it's reincarnation, and he does exists in the earth of that reality? Can Finn be born in a place the commet did ot crashed? Also the earth only have an ice earth in FarmWorld where Simon dies and the crown mourns for him, isn't it?
But some of it makes no sense right? If the commet crashes after the bomb in normal circunstances at the main TL, how are survival humans? Shouldn't they got erased? So it makes you wonder...
The theory I was thinking is:
The blue commet is a just, noble and heroic force that purges evil and corrects chaos, like Fin deep down is too, right? If Finn can exists in earth even with the commet missing, what if the commet actually missed in the MAIN timeline, and the Farm World's version DID hit the spot? The blue commet of anti-chaos would purge the farm world from any magic, any surreal force, any "nonsense" and make things normal enough so everybody are just regular humans. While in the main timeline, WITH the commet missing, the magic and the reality-warps still existed, as well as the lich essence kept unleashed in the world being abble to incarnate itself as the villain we love to hate. So on main earth the caos evolved the ellements freely.
Basically the earth got frozend by the crown in Farm World, the commet does hit earth with causes it to defrozen slowly and erases any magic/ repress the radioactivity evil of the lich, and the humans survive due to the deep layers of ice that protect the world and create some resistence tothe initial impact. Meanwhile in our earth the commet miss earth and magic keeps crazy ad chaotic, and the power of the commet hits somewhere else in the universe, making Fin reincarnating indirectly witch makes him as chaotic as rightouness, and thas why in contrast with farmworld version that is noble and serious, the main one have hungry for adventure and funfights as well as justice. Also thas why he is a mutated human without nose, cappable of a little magic here and there and with a more chaotic personality.
What created the FarmWorld timeline was Finn's wish that the commet never existed. But prismo did not erased the essence of the Lich, does he? It still existed in the bomb. For making a reality were the incarnation of the Lich never took form, all Prismo had to do was garantee the blue commet, destined to miss, DID hit earth. He basically moves that blue ball of fire and justice a little to the right. BOOM, most of magic and chaos erased (except for the powerful artifacts that allways survive the commets a.k.a. the enchiridion and the crown), Earth got defrozzen, only normal animals and humas live in a medieval time, with medieval noses.
Chris Thompkins
Chris Thompkins - 2 days ago
taelor adderly
taelor adderly - 2 days ago
107 facts about 107 facts
Lys - 2 days ago
You forgot the MOST important moment, bubblegum and marceline kiss!
yElLoW- JUsTicE
yElLoW- JUsTicE - 2 days ago
Hwwwaat when did this happen?
Anna Johnson
Anna Johnson - 2 days ago
I think we all need a little Jaaaaames Baxter to cheer us up right about now
BoldAndBrash570 - 2 days ago
my head hurts.
ChickenGoogleSoup - 2 days ago
The title of the video should have been "The complete Adventure TimeLine" lol
môönlïtê wôlf
môönlïtê wôlf - 2 days ago
It wasnt human it was soy people
liampree - 2 days ago
mr jellybean
mr jellybean - 2 days ago
This is great
You should make a timeline like this for avatar
Danielle p
Danielle p - 3 days ago
11:27 love the garnet poster
Elyse Loar
Elyse Loar - 3 days ago
I still haven't watched the last four episodes because I'm too sad to let go
Real Politics
Real Politics - 8 hours ago
Watch Now!!!
Animating Alex
Animating Alex - 3 days ago
I’ve watched the monster clip over and over. I found Orgalorg but I can’t for the life of me find Hunson Abadeer
Max Leon
Max Leon - 3 days ago
Um. One word-drugs
MLGdux - 3 days ago
Why is ise king john Lennon?
Ron Ratner
Ron Ratner - 3 days ago
Lieutenant BaconWaffles
Gumbald: When your niece is your mom.
Jake: When your dad is your mom.
Lieutenant BaconWaffles
Grob Gob Glob Grod.
Glob Glo Gab Galab.
Xp3 Gam3r
Xp3 Gam3r - 3 days ago
I miss adventure time 😭😭😭😭
Blake Byers
Blake Byers - 3 days ago
Some of the best nostalgics I have had in a while
Francis Acupan
Francis Acupan - 3 days ago
This was soooo goood
MJ Wise
MJ Wise - 3 days ago
I watched this series from its premier to its finale, and some of these things I legitimately do not remember happening.
On the bright side, it gives me an excuse to watch it all over again!
coolascats - 3 days ago
Eizwan Eiz
Eizwan Eiz - 3 days ago
My ranking of fav cartoon
1. Adventure time
2. Amazing world of Gumball
3. Regular show
4. Steven Universe
Cynn Cynn
Cynn Cynn - 3 days ago
I’m not happy about adventure time and gravity falls not airing
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