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ysa :P
ysa :P - Hour ago
6:39 She goes into the ocean and sinks herself in an ice prism that reserves her life through the war-torn times to come

Sounds familliar...
SpecificDisc 568
SpecificDisc 568 - Hour ago
Holy wa!? Amazing and so confusing
Armando Graz
Armando Graz - 3 hours ago
Man I was 6 yrs old when i watched adventure time for the 1st time. I'm 15 now and it's still my favorite show.
erik martinez
erik martinez - 5 hours ago
What a beautiful show ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Devin Sunstrom
Devin Sunstrom - 5 hours ago
Being a bit knit picky. But I think Hinson said he didn't even know his own origins, and it hasnt been confirmed if he actually came from the "primordial monster soup." Loved the video anyways ♥
Insanity Cubed
Insanity Cubed - 9 hours ago
As a person who loves the show, but only saw the first 3 seasons that was one of the biggest emotional rollercoasters I've experienced.
skipio957 - 12 hours ago
I'm so disappointed that the title didn't read "adventure timeline"
mohammad Hawari
mohammad Hawari - 12 hours ago
Then what is that big hole for a mouth thing that shows up?
Frindjinny6 - 13 hours ago
You could have used
Before Mushroom Bomb
After Mushroom Bomb
Seyber Buchan
Seyber Buchan - 15 hours ago
Adventure time timeline is fun to say
CasualSpy - 15 hours ago
Pause at 4:03 Gunther in WWI
Ryuuji Anims and Games
Ryuuji Anims and Games - 20 hours ago
How old is finn???
Mystery - 23 hours ago
25:09 "GOLB descends upon you"
Heavy Onyx
Heavy Onyx - Day ago
I've never watched the show but I just watched this whole video. Absolutely everything makes sense except one small detail... What freaking drugs are you people on??????
Papi Nachovlogz
Papi Nachovlogz - Day ago
What happened to the remaining humans like Susan and Finn’s mom and their whole civilization?
Papi Nachovlogz
Papi Nachovlogz - Day ago
So Finn and Jake died and some of the candy kingdom is in space and in the prize guardians? And Marceline and PB are missing and Simon is still alive and Magic Man is chilling in Mars with his kingdom?
colt cannon
colt cannon - Day ago
Andy Williams
Andy Williams - Day ago
No one cares
Christopher Aaron
Christopher Aaron - Day ago
Finn would still be born, he just wouldn't have the right soul.
I need more adventure time 😥
Louis Holland
Louis Holland - Day ago
I'm sad now why did it have to end why????
BennySan - 2 days ago
it’s sad when you learn that the Dumb dumb serum doesn’t affect your memories our thoughts so you’re basically yourself stuck inside the body of a candy person
iiObstaclesii - 2 days ago
Loved Princess Bubblegum but sis was brutalllllll. Maybe it just seems that way to me now, but considering she was ruling a kingdom of genetically modified docile citizens in a post apocalyptic, magic filled, and radiated world she did a pretty good job of playing parts of mother and dictator.
Sariyah Crawford
Sariyah Crawford - 2 days ago
ITK - 2 days ago
Faizan Baig
Faizan Baig - 2 days ago
I don't really understand what he meant by the Lincoln making a deal with death before, can someone explain
EyeZ of Tha Moon
EyeZ of Tha Moon - 2 days ago
This is too much! These guys were GENIUSES
Dextroyer !!
Dextroyer !! - 2 days ago
I hope you do the fallout universe
señore unicornio
señore unicornio - 2 days ago
Sooooo fking sad
kaien swango
kaien swango - 2 days ago
why does baby finn look like trump like perfect size perfect hair perfect face...
luckydragonthug gamer
luckydragonthug gamer - 2 days ago
. Marceline was low-key blade.
Tsm Kermit
Tsm Kermit - 2 days ago
DeltaBear Games
DeltaBear Games - 2 days ago
I thought Marcelina became a vampire hunter because Simon got mind controlled by one did she say tht in her stakes special ?🥪🥪🥪
Sam - 2 days ago
Ej Lionhart
Ej Lionhart - 2 days ago
@ 8:10 I always thought that this was the reason FWF became (maybe not evil) a tragic character. Also FWF always seemed a bit less lucky (for lack of a better term) than Finn. In fact looking at it most Finns where less lucky than Finn. But then THAT is a whole other theory lol great video!
Destroyer X
Destroyer X - 2 days ago
*Who else cried when adventure time ended*
Wurm Schn
Wurm Schn - 2 days ago
Had tears in my eyes at the end
swaginator js
swaginator js - 2 days ago
Does Finn die man I had to stop watching adventure time when Finn got his arm ripped off and I had to move and I never got to watch it again it seems the show got a lot more deeper and meaningful after I quit watching it, it was my favorite show.My childhood is ruined!😥
Max devil cartoon life
Max devil cartoon life - 2 days ago
what happens to finns teddy bear did he rip it apart for his hat
Pearl K
Pearl K - 2 days ago
11:24 Steven universe reference maybe??
wresltgal - 2 days ago
I still can’t believe this show is over 8 years of dedication 😭😭😭 SOA didn’t even get this much out of me and after watching GOT 😒...
Now Theory
Now Theory - 3 days ago
Check out mu channel guys😊
Caleb Hightower
Caleb Hightower - 3 days ago
So nostalgic, and I didn't even watch all the episodes
Jacob G
Jacob G - 3 days ago
wasn’t bmo made to give love not receive
trash - 3 days ago
there should be a 10 hour long movie of the whole adventure time timeline
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson - 3 days ago
BMO was built to give love not receive love smh
Gavin The Gamer
Gavin The Gamer - 3 days ago
Frederator, the episode when Jake meets Lady Rainicorn's parents (You talk about this at 9:21) say that "It is not human" and that it's something that deviates the rainicorns diet (Because they haven't had humans in a while), that is why ur confused.
Moosa Talha
Moosa Talha - 4 days ago
Honestly there should be a movie about adv time it must happened
Zamz - 4 days ago
Youre kinda cringr bro
Linda Easmunt
Linda Easmunt - 4 days ago
Uhhhh did you see ferns body on Finn?
comp ilation
comp ilation - 4 days ago
Makes me wanna cry i miss this show 😢
Big Daddy Brumfield
Big Daddy Brumfield - 4 days ago
Rick and Morty are connected to Adventure time😱😱
Elise Monroe
Elise Monroe - 3 days ago
Big Daddy Brumfield how?
Corinne - 4 days ago
Watching all of adventure time in order was the most rewarding experience probably of my whole life. Get on that lore folks!
Shravi Poo
Shravi Poo - 4 days ago
Thank u
Y/N - 4 days ago
That’s why Finn is so scared of the Ocean
TheRealSamPreece - 4 days ago
Brad-Lee Parsons
Brad-Lee Parsons - 4 days ago
BMO was made to give love
The Red Devil
The Red Devil - 4 days ago
Lemon grab is not happy ubaccceptable
MR. fanatic ;-;
MR. fanatic ;-; - 5 days ago
What happened to marcelings mom and ware thus golb/betty go.?!?!?
TheScavenger ,
TheScavenger , - 5 days ago
Enciridin=thano’s gaulet
Valeria Sksks
Valeria Sksks - 4 days ago
Idiot, it's the Infinity Guantlet.
MidnightMonet - 5 days ago
time to cry
One Metal Boi
One Metal Boi - 5 days ago
I stopped watching the series after 1001 amw

My god what a mistake I made
Cody Fakhoorian
Cody Fakhoorian - 5 days ago
I've been waiting for this video! thank you!
TheNerd /Idiot
TheNerd /Idiot - 5 days ago
Chicle means gum in spanish
Chickennugs Oil
Chickennugs Oil - 5 days ago
I hate myself for not finishing this show and I just spoiled it myself by watching this
Bob mc muffin
Bob mc muffin - 5 days ago
shut u0
thanks for encouraging me to watch this show
William Keeth
William Keeth - 5 days ago
Thank you some who remembers the ending
Mudkipper Animates
Mudkipper Animates - 6 days ago
It’s not over >:(
Teh AirFish
Teh AirFish - 6 days ago
So I haven't really seen a comment about it and I might be wrong but fern was destroyed AFTER the elements destroyed everything not before (also you missed lemongrab and the vampires)
Edit: oh also bmo gives love not receives it
Edit 2: Also also BUBBLELINE
Edit 3: sorry if this sounded rude
verycoolguy89 - 6 days ago
I mean who has the idea to make the US president as the king of Mars
NonstopDoodle - 6 days ago
...And now I don't have to watch the series.
elaina f & co.
elaina f & co. - 6 days ago
i never realized how many episodes i missed until now haha
Aaron B
Aaron B - 4 days ago
I saw them all, though out of order, and still learned a ton from this.
Whale Clouds
Whale Clouds - 6 days ago
I watched this as a kid and was terrified
Dream Master
Dream Master - 6 days ago
Clush Delga
Clush Delga - 6 days ago
Lemon king?
Greatest Ever
Greatest Ever - 6 days ago
Never knew id need this so much
Julian D
Julian D - 6 days ago
Raphael Vasconcellos
Raphael Vasconcellos - 7 days ago
adventure time was fun when it was nonsensical, this "plot" is just utterly chaotic
Marlo - 7 days ago
I think a lot of the fun can originate from that chaos. I'm still super entertained by the absurdity of it all. And knowing that each main character has an incredible history with a humble beginning is satisfying in a way. But to each their own of course
Just Łoser
Just Łoser - 7 days ago
Adventure Timeline
random channel
random channel - 7 days ago
I grew up on this show, sad to see it come to an end, however I stopped watching a few years ago. I think I’ll go back and rewatch all of the episodes just for nostalgia. This show had some very funny and relatable episodes, amazing characters, and great voice actors. Truly one of the greatest cartoons I’ve ever watched.
PandaPlayz - 7 days ago
11:24 do you see the Steven universe reference 😏
Purple Fairy
Purple Fairy - 7 days ago
Can you do Star vs the forces of evil?
Alejandro Bethelmy
Alejandro Bethelmy - 7 days ago
Why does the citadel give me Rick and morty vibes
Tom Naughten
Tom Naughten - 7 days ago
Im sad now
Martin Hrbáček
Martin Hrbáček - 7 days ago
I think gunter didnt wish to be ice king Betty was right and outside golb crown posses same old madnes
The Night Jackal
The Night Jackal - 3 days ago
@Martin Hrbáček Epic
Martin Hrbáček
Martin Hrbáček - 3 days ago
@The Night Jackal my point was gunter dindt make any wish he fuse with crown in moment of reset . The fusion explain why he become one with a crown
The Night Jackal
The Night Jackal - 3 days ago
He said that the crown may store the personalities of previous users, which makes sense when you think that its second user (Dino-Gunter) wished to be the first (Evergreen) and the 3rd (known) user, Simon Petrikov, named his servants the same the first user (Evergreen) did, having them all be named Gunter or some variation of it. So, if all of their personalities are stored, then that means Orgalorg wished to be Ice King same as the original Gunter wished to be his master, Evergreen... That was very long, sorry. The point is that I don't think the Crown was made to incite madness- it only does so because of its immense power and the insanity of its original users. Thanks for showing up for my TED talk.
MetroBacon 1
MetroBacon 1 - 7 days ago
Who else just realised cousin chicle means cousin gum in spanish
Valeria Sksks
Valeria Sksks - 4 days ago
That's basic knowledge
Bryan Castillo
Bryan Castillo - 7 days ago
I stopped watching tv because of Teen titans go, boy have I missed so much episodes. :(
NaCl - 5 days ago
Teen Titans Go. To each their own I suppose
Bethany Russmann
Bethany Russmann - 7 days ago
So I’ve never watched adventure time and watched this and what the heck am I watching?!?!?!?!?!
Panfuza - 7 days ago
PB: makes a legion of elite warriors to untie the kingdom, but figures out they are too violent and kills them all
litterly the thunderwarriors for warhammer 40k
Santrell Peoples
Santrell Peoples - 7 days ago
I can't decide which story is more confusing Adventure Time or Kingdom Hearts
nightxreader - 7 days ago
is no one going to talk about how BMO was King of Ooo and sat on a mountain alone for 1000 years or will I just cry about it alone??
GTAV FAILS &more - 7 days ago
They r. Longer lived than i thought
Ethan whittinghill
Ethan whittinghill - 7 days ago
I absolutely loved every seccond of adventure time but for some reason im left unsatisfied with the ending. Is that just me?
Ethan whittinghill
Ethan whittinghill - 4 days ago
@Dismade yeah. Too bad we never got to see what happens
Dismade - 4 days ago
Ethan whittinghill That’s a good point, I could imagine him being with her because I think they clicked well, and she definitely liked him lol
Ethan whittinghill
Ethan whittinghill - 4 days ago
@Dismade Exactly! I wanted to see fin settle down with someone....Although there is that relationship with huntress princess...
Dismade - 4 days ago
Ethan whittinghill Definitely not. Finn never got to have true love with someone, which was very unsatisfying as over the years we see his heart broken over countless people.
FxnessKxng - 8 days ago
i never knew lemongrab was morty from rick and morty
Big Daddy Brumfield
Big Daddy Brumfield - 4 days ago
Mr Meeseeks
Bԍɼɼqoɻԍʁƨ Wɑϝɼɑcĸ
The Adventure Timeline
Cameron Gates
Cameron Gates - 8 days ago
BMO was built to GIVE love, not RECEIVE it. 5:08
Swiftly 447
Swiftly 447 - 8 days ago
Did you say Hindu Kush
Guinea Lords
Guinea Lords - 8 days ago
This is Acceptable
Oscar Adam Vinall
Oscar Adam Vinall - 8 days ago
This is one of the most mental things I've ever watched.
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