Which Gift Is More Ridiculously Expensive?

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william santisi
william santisi - 2 hours ago
The robot was in the rocky movies he gave to pualy as a bday present ..
Wrath0fPlatypus - 9 hours ago
Has Link never seen any of the Rocky Movies?!
Chinaglian 2016
Chinaglian 2016 - 6 days ago
How is link so bad at these games
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle - 10 days ago
should have been gaytor for chase.
Tree ssay oof
Tree ssay oof - 11 days ago
Careful Theres skeeters
Sonja Persch
Sonja Persch - 11 days ago
you can rent this tricycle thing in Berlin and ride it around the city
Be Humble
Be Humble - 13 days ago
the robot was in rocky 4...... i think...... it was in some rocky movie
Nick G.
Nick G. - 22 days ago
i think the celebrity robot was in rocky 4
Nicole Zlotnicki
Nicole Zlotnicki - 22 days ago
What is a hootenanny?
Bacun Puncayks
Bacun Puncayks - 25 days ago
Pretty sure rocket raccoon would like the robot.
Taren-Layne Warfield
Taren-Layne Warfield - 27 days ago
that grill house isn’t real bc finland isn’t real
Steve Buscemi
Steve Buscemi - Month ago
The robot was in one of the rocky movies
-/PIZU/- - Month ago
Why was the Finnish Grill House spelled with three “L ’s?”
Cassia McCarthy
Cassia McCarthy - Month ago
Ummmm when I was younger I had one of those ATM Machines!! 🤣
Kyle Hickey
Kyle Hickey - Month ago
The robot was in Rocky. It was the part where he said he wanted a sports car not a talking trash can
Bella Marie Walker
Bella Marie Walker - Month ago
I had an atm like that one!
Josh Cheesbrough
Josh Cheesbrough - Month ago
I live near and used to work at that wild west town!!
LexyLovesYew - Month ago
I loved my kid atm
Justin Kirschenman
Justin Kirschenman - 2 months ago
Wasn't the robot was in Rocky?
Annelise VW
Annelise VW - 2 months ago
One cannot simply contain a hootenanny
Oskar Canta
Oskar Canta - 2 months ago
SS SniperWolf
SS SniperWolf - 2 months ago
Expensive stuff you don’t need? That’s me!
ellen söderberg
ellen söderberg - 2 months ago
that is how we spell gril....
Bunny {Ariabella} Hendrix
Bunny {Ariabella} Hendrix - 2 months ago
Chase is sooooooo ding Dang Cute
Reece Kramer
Reece Kramer - 2 months ago
I thought Finland didn’t exist...🤔
Julia Whitmore
Julia Whitmore - 2 months ago
I finally know where 13:53 is originally from
Brosiff Gaming
Brosiff Gaming - 2 months ago
I live by that Wild West town, tons of fun.
Tardersauce35 - 2 months ago
I got all of them right because every time I went against what I would really think.
David Spence
David Spence - 2 months ago
maybe you can have a channel with lady host called good mythical evening
kim g
kim g - 2 months ago
I used to have that ATM Bank Machine! It was so fun to play with too bad I got rid of it years ago
nevermindLV - 3 months ago
Nope! I checked. The Hot Tub Boat costs $75,000.
David Hankel
David Hankel - 3 months ago
Sinclair McLean
Sinclair McLean - 3 months ago
The car submarine isn’t inspired by James Bond it’s inspired by despicable me 2 😂😂
bigpigslapper Oink
bigpigslapper Oink - 3 months ago
Ok, I am changing pages now. Tired of Link and his qwarness.
Luker head
Luker head - 3 months ago
The cake robot from rocky
Kristers Feldmanis
Kristers Feldmanis - 3 months ago
Oh come on, that hootenanny was obviously more expensive. 17 instruments? Come on.
T Blanco
T Blanco - 3 months ago
That robot was in my favorite movie 😬
old pine productions
old pine productions - 3 months ago
The robot was in Rocky 4
Emily Savochka
Emily Savochka - 3 months ago
Rhett: “Crazy stuff you will never need...”
Me: Hey, I want that super unessicary and expensive hootenanny!
Jordan moore
Jordan moore - 3 months ago
The robot was in rocky 4
thatsmartz - 3 months ago
I have been to that cowboy amusement park. Like if you have too.
is me
is me - 3 months ago
13:48 - 14:00 mmm hmm...
Kymmy Schmidt
Kymmy Schmidt - 3 months ago
That robot was in “Rocky IV”!!!
Robert Hurley
Robert Hurley - 3 months ago
Next YouTube search: Celebrity Robotic Avatar
Katy Harrison
Katy Harrison - 4 months ago
I went to that wild west town when it was open
TheDanishGuyReviews - 4 months ago
I got a clean sweep on this for the first time. Very proud of that.
Larissa -
Larissa - - 4 months ago
7:48 but Finland doesn’t exist
Bob Bubbles
Bob Bubbles - 5 months ago
for some reason every time I see Link I feel like he should have a mustache.
cniknik98 - 5 months ago
My sister and I actually had one of those mini atm toys to keep our money in. But it wasn’t $60
Spedicey Meme
Spedicey Meme - 5 months ago

Is that a Bicurious joke
Medical Doll
Medical Doll - 5 months ago
I wonder if the “rocks” on the rock climbing treadmill move side to side so it’s not the same pattern each time. It looks like it could! Now THAT would be cool.
james haws
james haws - 5 months ago
Hey I've been too wild west town! You pan for fake gold, and they have killer root beer!!
Kyle Gandini
Kyle Gandini - 5 months ago
the robot is in rocky 3 and 4
Tyler Higdon
Tyler Higdon - 5 months ago
It was in Rocky 4.5 or 6
Erica Babbitt
Erica Babbitt - 5 months ago
One cannot simply contain a hootenanny!
I mean, how could a boat not cost more than whatever a hootenanny is!
Erica Babbitt
Erica Babbitt - 5 months ago
Rhett - *How is it?*
Link - Shoving sugar money into mouth *Needs salt*
Scrap Rocket
Scrap Rocket - 5 months ago
this robot is real!!!
Ryder Betts
Ryder Betts - 5 months ago
The robot was in rocky IV
andrea bauman
andrea bauman - 6 months ago
That is donelys Wild West town by Union!!! I’ve been there when I was a kid and I’ve taken my daughter!
Prestin Pool
Prestin Pool - 6 months ago
the robot was in rocky 4 y'all
one skinny boi
one skinny boi - 6 months ago
Wasn't the robot in Rocky four
BlueGaming - 6 months ago
zuck my dig bick
you read that WRONG you dirty minded boy.
Alexis D
Alexis D - 5 months ago
You just misspelled a dirty sentence so it’s still you that’s the dirty boy.
BlueGaming - 6 months ago
I got a big ego dont judge me
Joel Bedau
Joel Bedau - 6 months ago
im willies 2nd nefew
deloreanfan81 - 6 months ago
Crazy all this stuff exists
chun yan gong
chun yan gong - 6 months ago
I wonder what the price tag is made of
Cesar Zayas
Cesar Zayas - 6 months ago
The robot was in rocky 3 or 4
Dewy Wannamaker
Dewy Wannamaker - 6 months ago
If "The Price Is Right" had a death penalty; Link would qualify for it.
Rowan Quinn
Rowan Quinn - 6 months ago
We're going to have to feed him a poodle after this... 🤣🤣🤣
Squishies and SLIME!
Squishies and SLIME! - 6 months ago
the saddest part is I order stuff from the magazine
Troy Thomas
Troy Thomas - 6 months ago
That robot is in one of the rocky movies
Amanda M
Amanda M - 6 months ago
@5:41 he looks like a hamster eating away loool
Priceyknight - 6 months ago
more pls
Deborah Mai
Deborah Mai - 6 months ago
wait... did link really ate (swallowed) the paper??
Elina - 6 months ago
Okay but grill in Finnish is grilli so it's understandable typo
Also in my parents cottage we have that type of grill house
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez - 6 months ago
Robot is in Rocky
crashes3221 - 7 months ago
that robot was in rocky 4 ( that's a movie)
Emily Sidlow
Emily Sidlow - 7 months ago
As a kid, I went on a couple crappy camp field trips to the wild west town.
Blue Friday
Blue Friday - 7 months ago
Why is link so bad at games? I really don’t get it he doesn’t deserve that 😂
Charlie Miller
Charlie Miller - 7 months ago
The robot is in Rocky four
Sheila Parker
Sheila Parker - 7 months ago
he is in rocky
Literally Why
Literally Why - 7 months ago
Chase is such a sweetheart and he puts up with so much for this show lol
Literally Why
Literally Why - 5 months ago
Alexis Badexis me: makes a joke about Chase having to do silly things You, like every single person on the internet ever: reads way too much into it
Alexis D
Alexis D - 5 months ago
Literally Why He probably gets paid 6 figures, get to be seen by millions of people and all he has to do is wear an alligator head and eat sugar paper while hanging out with the coolest people. Literally the easiest and most fun job ever. He doesn’t have to “put up” with anything.
Autumn Ram
Autumn Ram - 7 months ago
My school has one those climbing treadmills and I can say they are extremely fun
Kayla Knoepfle
Kayla Knoepfle - 7 months ago
I live right next to the Wild West Town lol. 😁😁
Nathan Marrs
Nathan Marrs - 7 months ago
The robot was in a rocky movie wasn't it?
Myke_Aruba - 7 months ago
Guys do this again its really funny
Layne Sample
Layne Sample - 7 months ago
Uhh that robot was from rocky 4
Sarah Nowak
Sarah Nowak - 8 months ago
I've actually been to the wild West town
Emily Moisant
Emily Moisant - 8 months ago
7:30 me trying to get out of hw
0utca5t 06
0utca5t 06 - 8 months ago
Didn’t that robot appear in one of the rocky movies
Reach Lantern
Reach Lantern - 8 months ago
I have that atm machine
Michael Yasenchok
Michael Yasenchok - 8 months ago
Can't get a miter cut on the frames, what kind of savages do you have building these props?
Arttu Oksanen
Arttu Oksanen - 8 months ago
buds of a daisy
buds of a daisy - 8 months ago
Paper has bleach in it
11219tt - 9 months ago
Lol these game rules make no sense and are stupid. Which is why they are hilarious and brilliant!
Matthew Osborn
Matthew Osborn - 9 months ago
Link needs to stop using his instinct
Lucas McLean
Lucas McLean - 9 months ago
Okay 🤔
Sophia Breshears
Sophia Breshears - 9 months ago
Warum bin ich hier? Oh ja, ich habe dieses tolle Video genossen
Tex - 9 months ago
For a generally unfunny joke deliverer, Rhett sure likes to castigate Link's humor.
Shannon M.
Shannon M. - 9 months ago
That celebrity robotic avatar is no bacon bot.
Logan Luscombe
Logan Luscombe - 9 months ago
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