Fishing with the TINIEST Rod on Amazon!! (Surprise Catch!)

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david welsh
david welsh - 3 days ago
Took forever from china. No customer service response. Only got half of my order. No phone number to call. Uuugggg.
Reese Staub
Reese Staub - 21 day ago
Go deep sea fishing with it😂
Ekj1219 - Month ago
He barely used it
Quinn Prinski
Quinn Prinski - Month ago
I just went to that creek/park
Jorge Galeana
Jorge Galeana - Month ago
Next time fishing with tiniest fishing hook
Mujibor Rahman
Mujibor Rahman - Month ago
I have a fishing pan
Puffin Poo
Puffin Poo - Month ago
I got a ad of that rod and reel in this video
Nanu Ramadhani
Nanu Ramadhani - Month ago
Adakah yang dari Indonesia🇲🇨
Tahun 2019
M Sabit Jahyadi
M Sabit Jahyadi - Month ago
Gw bro!
Raj Gill
Raj Gill - Month ago
Apparrntly the spinning pen reel has a bail you can flip to actually get a far cast
Anthony Faulkner
Anthony Faulkner - Month ago
I live in Newark and Im a hunter but I wanna start fishing where is some good spots for bass?
Johnny Moua
Johnny Moua - 2 months ago
How is the red breasted sunfish not your logo? You should make a red breasted sunfish shirt lol
Dylan Metz
Dylan Metz - 2 months ago
Wow that’s nice you got a decent rainbow trout with that at least it looks like it or maybe a brook trout but nice catch always wanted to fish for em and try em
Toast TV
Toast TV - 2 months ago
Welcome back to “the why is this in my recommended” show
Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog
Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog - 2 months ago
Dude you need to join Fishbrain which is an app but it’s all about fishing!
Taylor's Studio
Taylor's Studio - 2 months ago
You said the 2nd bass is “tubby” instead of chubby
nathan manning
nathan manning - 2 months ago
Rittenhouse park! Just caught huge largemouth there. So cool to see a big YouTuber at some of my favorite local spots. Keep up the amazing work!
concert610 - 2 months ago
They make the same pen with a spinning reel. While being super cheap it works much easier.
concert610 - 2 months ago
@Thomas Xavier cool I'll have to find it. I've just discovered him a few days ago.
Thomas Xavier
Thomas Xavier - 2 months ago
he made a vid with that roughly a year ago i believe
Jay Lawrence
Jay Lawrence - 2 months ago
I kind of want one just to make a game out of the biggest tiny fish I could catch off the dock 😂
leyiiiN - 2 months ago
You are amazing 😂🙏🏻
William 21
William 21 - 2 months ago
What is your reel and rod combo
sebastiano babboni
sebastiano babboni - 3 months ago
when you catch a trout you have to touch it whit a wet hand
sebastiano babboni
sebastiano babboni - 3 months ago
@hunterxbox11 i see that only now .. sorry
hunterxbox11 - 3 months ago
sebastiano babboni he did
Jake Rennie
Jake Rennie - 3 months ago
I got one and I put a small spinner on the end and it snapped lol plus it took weeks to come
Tagataro Lian
Tagataro Lian - 3 months ago
there is a brake system ...and smh else too
Chase Brill
Chase Brill - 3 months ago
There’s a setup that has an open reel with the micro rod
UrAvgGamer - 3 months ago
The black button is the brake.
Rick Drent
Rick Drent - 3 months ago
Good rod, bad reel.
derpy FPV
derpy FPV - 3 months ago
I go fishing about 2 times a month, and I have tried EVERYTHING AND EVERYWHERE and have not caught a fish in over 7 years
Steven Madara
Steven Madara - 18 days ago
Maybe change your Avatar? Jesus was the fisherman
derpy FPV
derpy FPV - 2 months ago
@Brook trout usually bass or carp. Every once in a while trout
Brook trout
Brook trout - 2 months ago
derpy FPV great! Bass, trout, saltwater?
derpy FPV
derpy FPV - 2 months ago
@Brook troutin the past month I have finally started catching multiple fish a day
Brook trout
Brook trout - 2 months ago
derpy FPV ok, what state do you live in? Just asking so I can give tips according to state
Austin Casner
Austin Casner - 3 months ago
The black button is the brake
anonyme 93
anonyme 93 - 3 months ago
je suis roux
Chaz Corbin
Chaz Corbin - 3 months ago
Hey,can u fish with the rocket fishing rod,I bought it and it was trash so I was hoping u could do a vid while using one to show people how much a peaice of crap it is,also it's click bait, so what ever it's a waste of money
ADHD Life - 3 months ago
I really like this man. Best fisherman in the game!!!!
Ruben Figueroa
Ruben Figueroa - 3 months ago
Hey man im kinda new to you channel. Do you do any saltwater Fluking? Your in Deleware right? Im in NJ btw.
insiration APL
insiration APL - 3 months ago
Ruben Figueroa NJ gang
Alhafizan mohd sukri
Alhafizan mohd sukri - 3 months ago
U need to take out the handle before cast..
Jacob P
Jacob P - 3 months ago
Lord of the rings trigger in the beginning, felt like he was about to hide from some ring wraiths
Bennylegend12 8
Bennylegend12 8 - 3 months ago
You need to take the plastic flap out which is underneath the black button which acts as a line holder
Bennylegend12 8
Bennylegend12 8 - 3 months ago
Use the micro pen rod.
B Vanlalruati
B Vanlalruati - 4 months ago
Cure crayfish you caught
ΛRCΛNΞ DΛNGΞR - 4 months ago
Crawfish hunting was a big part of my childhood
daniel h guerrero
daniel h guerrero - 4 months ago
Looks like you had loads of fun,,, they do sell one with a small spinner reel,,, WAAAAAY better to cast out with... 😉🎣👍
Caden Gros
Caden Gros - 4 months ago
Put more weight on your line hold the screen with your thumb on the school then rare back like a Baitcaster and whenever you want let go with your thumb that's how I do it
dj god
dj god - 4 months ago
nepali price
please give me
Henry Cunanan
Henry Cunanan - 4 months ago
You should try same bait.. from micro to regulat pole..
Blake Przysiecki
Blake Przysiecki - 4 months ago
Have that same pole you found in the garbage can and this video reminded me of that pole how strange
UrAvgGamer - 4 months ago
I believe when you hold down the black button it acts as the brake.
Chris Cebrian
Chris Cebrian - 4 months ago
Do u like tarantulas?
Large Duck
Large Duck - 4 months ago
Micropen is two letters away from Micropenis. You’re welcome.
Daniel Liu yang
Daniel Liu yang - 4 months ago
I had fished 13 smallies in lake caren
Nate Jones
Nate Jones - 4 months ago
Flip over some rocks if you want some crawfish, my brother and I used to catch them on fishing string and a worm, just tie it to the line and throw it between rocks and youll get a crawfish
Catfish Kendell
Catfish Kendell - 4 months ago
There is a break system I have one and I watched a guy catch a 2 pound bass on a micro
hasse12345687 - 4 months ago
*well experienced in different weights>>>**** Now I'm a beginner to fly fishing, but I've owned dozens of spinning and baitcasting rods over the years, and I can tell this is a pretty good deal. After practicing a few days in a big open backyard to get the proper timing and arm action, I felt I was ready for the water. That next Saturday morning- success on the 3rd cast!!. Long story short- after a late summer and fall season using this rod (and reel) on about every weekend, I'm very happy with the purchase and can't wait for the ice to melt and get out there again with it. If I were to break it or lose it, I'd buy this again in a heartbeat.*
evangeline jolene
evangeline jolene - 4 months ago
works well. good quality.
Ty Max
Ty Max - 4 months ago
Idea; duct tape micro rod to normal rod, use normal rod to fiah
Daniel Neff
Daniel Neff - 4 months ago
dude put an ultralight spinning reel on it. at least that reel well work.
MindTech - 4 months ago
MrCrappyBoi - 4 months ago
Anyone else here since 7k?
Marlon Hernandez
Marlon Hernandez - 4 months ago
I ordered one a year ago still says on the way
Isaiah Yarbrough
Isaiah Yarbrough - 4 months ago
The black thing is the break System
Espino Fishing
Espino Fishing - 4 months ago
That spider moment made me feel so bad for you, ugh I’m cringing soo bad!
Bradley Hyde Bushcraft
Bradley Hyde Bushcraft - 4 months ago
Do you use fishbrain?
tweakedroach69 - 4 months ago
Throw the whole thing
Kenny Manning
Kenny Manning - 4 months ago
Yo that’s my god damn pole that was in the garbage😂😂😂
Robloxian Outlaw
Robloxian Outlaw - 4 months ago
Kenny Manning really?
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