Fishing with the TINIEST Rod on Amazon!! (Surprise Catch!)

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Jacob P
Jacob P - 8 hours ago
Lord of the rings trigger in the beginning, felt like he was about to hide from some ring wraiths
Bennylegend12 8
Bennylegend12 8 - Day ago
You need to take the plastic flap out which is underneath the black button which acts as a line holder
Bennylegend12 8
Bennylegend12 8 - Day ago
Use the micro pen rod.
B Vanlalruati
B Vanlalruati - 7 days ago
Cure crayfish you caught
ΛRCΛNΞ DΛNGΞR - 7 days ago
Crawfish hunting was a big part of my childhood
daniel h guerrero
daniel h guerrero - 7 days ago
Looks like you had loads of fun,,, they do sell one with a small spinner reel,,, WAAAAAY better to cast out with... 😉🎣👍
Caden Gros
Caden Gros - 8 days ago
Put more weight on your line hold the screen with your thumb on the school then rare back like a Baitcaster and whenever you want let go with your thumb that's how I do it
dj god
dj god - 8 days ago
nepali price
please give me
Henry Cunanan
Henry Cunanan - 10 days ago
You should try same bait.. from micro to regulat pole..
Blake Przysiecki
Blake Przysiecki - 10 days ago
Have that same pole you found in the garbage can and this video reminded me of that pole how strange
UrAvgGamer - 12 days ago
I believe when you hold down the black button it acts as the brake.
Prince Caine
Prince Caine - 14 days ago
Do u like tarantulas?
Large Duck
Large Duck - 14 days ago
Micropen is two letters away from Micropenis. You’re welcome.
Daniel Liu yang
Daniel Liu yang - 14 days ago
I had fished 13 smallies in lake caren
Nate Jones
Nate Jones - 16 days ago
Flip over some rocks if you want some crawfish, my brother and I used to catch them on fishing string and a worm, just tie it to the line and throw it between rocks and youll get a crawfish
Catfish Kendell
Catfish Kendell - 17 days ago
There is a break system I have one and I watched a guy catch a 2 pound bass on a micro
hasse12345687 - 18 days ago
*well experienced in different weights>>>**** Now I'm a beginner to fly fishing, but I've owned dozens of spinning and baitcasting rods over the years, and I can tell this is a pretty good deal. After practicing a few days in a big open backyard to get the proper timing and arm action, I felt I was ready for the water. That next Saturday morning- success on the 3rd cast!!. Long story short- after a late summer and fall season using this rod (and reel) on about every weekend, I'm very happy with the purchase and can't wait for the ice to melt and get out there again with it. If I were to break it or lose it, I'd buy this again in a heartbeat.*
evangeline jolene
evangeline jolene - 18 days ago
works well. good quality.
Ty Max
Ty Max - 18 days ago
Idea; duct tape micro rod to normal rod, use normal rod to fiah
Daniel Neff
Daniel Neff - 18 days ago
dude put an ultralight spinning reel on it. at least that reel well work.
MindTech - 21 day ago
MrCrappyBoi - 24 days ago
Anyone else here since 7k?
Marlon Hernandez
Marlon Hernandez - 24 days ago
I ordered one a year ago still says on the way
Isaiah Yarbrough
Isaiah Yarbrough - 26 days ago
The black thing is the break System
Espino Fishing
Espino Fishing - 29 days ago
That spider moment made me feel so bad for you, ugh I’m cringing soo bad!
Bradley Hyde Bushcraft
Bradley Hyde Bushcraft - 29 days ago
Do you use fishbrain?
tweakedroach69 - Month ago
Throw the whole thing
Kenny Manning
Kenny Manning - Month ago
Yo that’s my god damn pole that was in the garbage😂😂😂
Robloxian Outlaw
Robloxian Outlaw - Month ago
Kenny Manning really?
CJ Outlaw
CJ Outlaw - Month ago
Im watching someones Tv.
both moth
both moth - Month ago
1 year anniversary for this video is today
JAY _STEP - Month ago
I just subscribed an I'm happy I did
Wasted Timeandeffort
Wasted Timeandeffort - Month ago
Use the pen fishing rod... 😂
Ryan Rotherham
Ryan Rotherham - Month ago
If your Aussie it’s called a yabbie not a crawfish lolll
jason gentile
jason gentile - Month ago
Do a 24 hour in the wood and see if you could live
John Trageser
John Trageser - Month ago
Never heard someone casually use the word frolicking before. IDK why I found that funny
Gabriel Nogueira
Gabriel Nogueira - Month ago
I would bake that trout!
Mark Liberty
Mark Liberty - Month ago
Trout do eat crawfish dude. like the videos man
Fish With Oskar
Fish With Oskar - Month ago
Hey i am a 13 year old boy
I rlly wanna start doing youtube videos about how to fish / deep fishing vids.
Can u Please help me and Give me some tips by starting off?
Thanks :)
Gabriel Edwards
Gabriel Edwards - Month ago
Here is another suggestion use the micro rod for catfishing
Shahon Deshields
Shahon Deshields - Month ago
Your my first Delaware youtuber, I’m from Sussex county
HAX PRIXOR - Month ago
Mine is tiniest
PUANGELY - Month ago
Like fishing from Indonesia 👍
Jacob Ozee
Jacob Ozee - Month ago
I found a better one it has a spinning reel and its a little bigger when extended its on amazon btw
MrDuckyJ - Month ago
Sorry about your tiny rod, man.
1,000 subs with no videos challenge
What type of hook do you use for a "ned" rig?
Gravity NF
Gravity NF - Month ago
I got one and i could nt get it to cast
Mr2 Crew
Mr2 Crew - Month ago
Let’s go dude?
Max Mitchell
Max Mitchell - Month ago
Can U lip trout ?
flatapus - Month ago
what was that orange belly sunfish at end of video that fish looks sweet, i never seen one of them before
Fortnite Mega
Fortnite Mega - Month ago
That is a wild trout you can tell by the size of the tail
Steven Clowers
Steven Clowers - Month ago
The button on the micro rod is a brake you got to hold it tho
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