Head 2 Head - Jon Whincup fishing Paste v Carl Williams fishing Pellet Shallow -3 hour Fishing Match

Bobbie Dykes
Bobbie Dykes - 3 months ago
Need learn keep it in the water longer than 10 seconds ffs
RsProduct1 - Year ago
Haha melon head
tanc2009 - Year ago
Hey. Retards use aminoacids pills. And spread them upstream of where your fishing. 90% of fish hunt aminoacids from the liver
Clueless Fishing
Clueless Fishing - 10 months ago
And the prize for expert of the year goes to ......
Gareth DACE
Gareth DACE - Year ago
Missed so many bites, shame the rules about 12inch above an below. Cost so many bites from the F1's
Dean Rogers
Dean Rogers - Year ago
mr subjective
mr subjective - Year ago
Wasn't action packed but it's good to see how hard some find it. Most edit down and then others wonder why they don't catch.
Dean Rogers
Dean Rogers - Year ago
@frenzeefishing well you could at least edit it down more, who wants to watch a guy slapping for over an hour to just feed ducks. Take a look at the MAP lads, that's how it's done.
frenzeefishing - Year ago
Thanks.... lots of other people don't think so
Simon Dickinson
Simon Dickinson - Year ago
Stopped listening after 5 mins of two anglers talking over the top of each other.
frenzeefishing - Year ago
Apologies for that Simon, that was soon rectified and it was only for a minute or so, it was a live match and we wanted to include the start.
Ollie G
Ollie G - Year ago
I tried paste and was terrible at it, and them ducks are serious little pellet gobblers
pellowd - Year ago
Feel free to edit them down a bit more!
frenzeefishing - Year ago
Thanks for the comment, we are constantly asked to make them longer so people can see when they are not catching. We cant please everyone though :)
Andrew w
Andrew w - Year ago
Do I win a prize for noticing that John drew 5 and Carl 7 and you wrote the opposite on the screen 👌🏻 awesome video with awesome anglers . And amazing products 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
frenzeefishing - Year ago
Andrew w ha ha well spotted 👍 thanks for the great feedback
Steve Plows
Steve Plows - Year ago
Interesting challange that if Carl did learn anything it was that the best duck comes with orange sauce! lol, you should get a medal for your patience.
Shabba Ranks
Shabba Ranks - Year ago
You lads must have arms of steel slapping at 14.5 metres or light poles 😳
mr subjective
mr subjective - Year ago
Seen lads slap at 16m seems the standard
frenzeefishing - Year ago
The Frenzee FXT 6E Pole, is nice and light at that length, so is easily fishable :)
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