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1 672
You are the best
Luis Tapia
Luis Tapia - 19 hours ago
Man i am a sub since the invisible string prank
Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah Elizabeth - 21 hour ago
David is going to take the L
Margaret Gonzales
Margaret Gonzales - 23 hours ago
You should
Katie Stevens
Katie Stevens - Day ago
Nicky with the L and Ricky with the W
Scott Martinsen
Scott Martinsen - Day ago
Guys I want you guys to come to my house
Asian BOI 247
Asian BOI 247 - Day ago
ye ye nation
Nick Shehu
Nick Shehu - Day ago
Daring Dave
Jyrus Paul Disameto
Hit 2 million
Gracie Gonzales
Gracie Gonzales - Day ago
8:47 watch his face At the end 😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀
Tau0013 - Day ago
One hit rick will come 1st the ninja nick then Dane
ツBoqex - Day ago
9:17 lel
Daria Ortman
Daria Ortman - Day ago
Fat l is one hit rick l big d
Donald D
Donald D - Day ago
sidonie Okenge
sidonie Okenge - 2 days ago
Light blue
sidonie Okenge
sidonie Okenge - 2 days ago
Yes hide seak
markishere 247
markishere 247 - 2 days ago
8:48 to 8:54 got me died🤣😂👁👄👁😂
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez - 2 days ago
W ninja Nick and one-hit Rick
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez - 2 days ago
BL4ZE - 2 days ago
Ricky I'm sorry for doubting for bud #teamonehitrick
BL4ZE - 2 days ago
BL4ZE - 2 days ago
I knew it wasn't going to be Ricky or Nick but I think now Ninja Nick is taking that nice big thick W
BL4ZE - 2 days ago
Ninja Nick takes the big thick White or L but I think it's not going to either of the Ireland boys
Owen Nechvatal
Owen Nechvatal - 2 days ago
Owen Nechvatal
Owen Nechvatal - 2 days ago
Owen Nechvatal
Owen Nechvatal - 2 days ago
Owen Nechvatal
Owen Nechvatal - 2 days ago
RedG - 2 days ago
GB RV - 3 days ago
Karen Pliego
Karen Pliego - 3 days ago
dax agent
dax agent - 3 days ago
Ninja Nick
Frankie Noodles13
Frankie Noodles13 - 3 days ago
IBP ur the best youtubers ever keep grinding I've been watching since day 1 YEYE
Frankie Noodles13
Frankie Noodles13 - 3 days ago
I remember last year when I watched IBP every day and I sent a package cause I saw there P.O. Box for the first time (ps I still do watch IBP every day)
Charla Cutshall
Charla Cutshall - 3 days ago
One hit rick
Do you nation let’s go baby hit one male brother hit 2 million subscribers I am subscribing right now JK I already did it two years ago
jiro spy ninja gameming
rikey did a hut hut
Quincy Gamer
Quincy Gamer - 3 days ago
aura cold
aura cold - 3 days ago
I wanna be like nick , so strong at spicy . The reson why , cause my family like super spicy food (not korean boy!)
Susana uitz
Susana uitz - 3 days ago
When Ricky said I am taking his leftovers. I was Disgusted
baby girl in trouble xl
Daring dave
Ava Apple
Ava Apple - 4 days ago
Dang David got bars
Sandra Molina
Sandra Molina - 4 days ago
Irvin says red
Diego Marroquin
Diego Marroquin - 4 days ago
Go to crayton's house to play hide and seek
Ultra_Food - 4 days ago
I want to see hide and seek in that house! YEYE
Kenshin & Neji
Kenshin & Neji - 5 days ago
Ninja nick
Antonio e Marilene Lopes
I know that this is off topic of the vídeo, but you should do a giant Uganda knuckles costume in public prank
Kendra Barker
Kendra Barker - 5 days ago
Ninja nick
Baseball Bombers
Baseball Bombers - 5 days ago
Dave L nick dub
DAVID OPIOLA - 6 days ago
Yee yee
Lucy & Audrina
Lucy & Audrina - 6 days ago
i onisly think that ninja will win and one hit will take the L sorry but yeye
Ethan Harjo
Ethan Harjo - 6 days ago
I think one hit rick is gonna lose
heavenly tiamat quiles
heavenly tiamat quiles - 7 days ago
Subscribe to me
Heavenly tiamat quilts
Marianne Sack
Marianne Sack - 7 days ago
Fanny {S K Y L A R K}
Fanny {S K Y L A R K} - 7 days ago
Nicks Hands and
Davids Mouth...
Pure Savage.
Diego gamer Torres Torres
I wish I join you I drink it I will get dry my hair blue
Jonah Rash
Jonah Rash - 8 days ago
Dave takes the L and Ricky takes the W I guess
Hector De leon
Hector De leon - 8 days ago
So close to 300,000 subscribers , now 1.9 million😂😂😂😂
Christiana Youssef
Christiana Youssef - 8 days ago
OMG I literally just realized that I live so close to the Irland Boys
Christiana Youssef
Christiana Youssef - 6 days ago
Yes I saw their PO Box address
Daisy Martinez
Daisy Martinez - 6 days ago
Christiana Youssef really were ?😂
Superman that has Explosive diarrhoea
The Red Wolf
The Red Wolf - 9 days ago
Jerry Dunleavy
Jerry Dunleavy - 9 days ago
Dave. L easy work mouth ji
Bailey Wayman
Bailey Wayman - 9 days ago
It’s actually 1milkrick
Bailey Wayman
Bailey Wayman - 9 days ago
Ricky because he can not do a back filp
ProP Gamer 24
ProP Gamer 24 - 9 days ago
Almost two million subs
Christian rodriguez
Christian rodriguez - 10 days ago
Ricky is going to take the L
casey holmes
casey holmes - 10 days ago
Beast 162058
Beast 162058 - 10 days ago
Bro Ricky looked like he was on crack
Ravi kiran
Ravi kiran - 12 days ago
I did not watch your vids from 5 months iam dying
Thomas Pownall
Thomas Pownall - 13 days ago
Rick wins and Dave loses
David Meloyaan
David Meloyaan - 13 days ago
Xx Semas
Xx Semas - 13 days ago
This is how much ninja nick said I'm just film guy
Jonas Mathews
Jonas Mathews - 13 days ago
Only once
JM Gamerz
JM Gamerz - 13 days ago
ERROL SLOVAK - 14 days ago
8:48 "The hutter himself, the HUTMAN, THE CHOKER!"
mihai maria
mihai maria - 14 days ago
9:20 dance helped him
Epic Gamers
Epic Gamers - 14 days ago
and is any one wathcing in 2019
VtheBeast Life
VtheBeast Life - 10 days ago
sᴀʟᴛʏ ᴄᴇʀɪᴀʟ
I would want to dye my hair tho
Deadly Beast
Deadly Beast - 15 days ago
David took the big Fatt L
Emily Rodgers
Emily Rodgers - 15 days ago
Is it just me 2019 and they have 1.m
Jennifer Zoumberis
Jennifer Zoumberis - 16 days ago
Ricky is soft
Galaxykatgirl 0
Galaxykatgirl 0 - 16 days ago
i now this is rlly rlly rlly old but I just dye my rn and its purple and i look a lil goth oof
Isaiah Jackson
Isaiah Jackson - 17 days ago
Roberto Reyes
Roberto Reyes - 17 days ago
Ricky dubbb
David LLLL
NJ Master
NJ Master - 17 days ago
The merch is actually soft I bought the fire and ice shirt it’s amazing!
Kathleine C
Kathleine C - 18 days ago
500,000 per chicken wing so hmmmmmmmmmm. You all got 10000,00000000 units of spicy
Isaiah Jackson
Isaiah Jackson - 18 days ago
Isaiah Jackson
Isaiah Jackson - 18 days ago
ricky wins outstanding
Sonia Gonzales
Sonia Gonzales - 18 days ago
David is the L
Julia High
Julia High - 19 days ago
Ava Bouchard
Ava Bouchard - 19 days ago
Yesss you need to play hide and seek at his house!! ❤️❤️😎
Teaku Peleit
Teaku Peleit - 19 days ago
Marely Alvarez
Marely Alvarez - 19 days ago
Marely Alvarez
Marely Alvarez - 19 days ago
Archer The Big Dog
Archer The Big Dog - 20 days ago
ricky looks like he should be in an insane asylum
Janice McLaurin
Janice McLaurin - 20 days ago
Yoooo look at ninja nick,s but he peeeee
Janice McLaurin
Janice McLaurin - 20 days ago
It is the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest channel
Makais Mcc
Makais Mcc - 20 days ago
I think Rickey is not is lost
Obunga Man
Obunga Man - 20 days ago
You guys are so awesome you got a lot of viewers 👍
Mister. - 20 days ago
You should handle it that mean your not savage
Diamond Star
Diamond Star - 16 days ago
Shut up u cant even eat a ghost pepper
Luis Gaitan
Luis Gaitan - 21 day ago
8:36 put it on 2x speed
Jonathan Romain
Jonathan Romain - 21 day ago
daring dave dude
Will rogers
Will rogers - 21 day ago
Hid a
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