[NEW HERO - COMING SOON] Sigma Origin Story | Overwatch

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This is the intro for an animated horror film.
Sydney Rea
Sydney Rea - 18 minutes ago
Also he reminds of the bald man from glass when they showed him inprisoned
No Healing
No Healing - 19 minutes ago
We literally just got Baptiste

But I’m not complaining
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If I see anybody playing as this madman I’m closing the Xbox.
Lucas Fazzini
Lucas Fazzini - 19 minutes ago
Small channel gang where you at (maybe we can support eachother)
Extra Toxic Uno63 0
Extra Toxic Uno63 0 - 19 minutes ago
Another sciencetist bru
Skamaz BG
Skamaz BG - 20 minutes ago
Sigma is not drifting into multiverses.
He just has a really high ping.
Skaði Bifröst
Skaði Bifröst - 20 minutes ago
Is this just gonna be zenmoiratta?
RxLC - 20 minutes ago
1:49 who is that on the far left??
Lebowski - 20 minutes ago
This gives me goosebumps
Лев Храмов
Лев Храмов - 20 minutes ago
Лол, Николай Воронин, что ты забыл в овервотче?
Shinozu - 20 minutes ago
notimeremains - 21 minute ago
Sigma is confirmed Dutch
flerpaderp - 21 minute ago
Chills. Literal chills.
Sydney Rea
Sydney Rea - 21 minute ago
So he is kinda like junk rat where he is insane (which is the thing I love about junkrat) and he is like reaper and widowmaker and Moira (my fav hero’s) I love him.
Caged Coco
Caged Coco - 21 minute ago
Nice to see a Mega-Man's villain finding work in other IPs.
Mahessa Navaro
Mahessa Navaro - 21 minute ago
Sugma & ligma = sigma
NothingWithoutChrist - 22 minutes ago
His wife died from ligma.
Dragon 54
Dragon 54 - 22 minutes ago
Welp, I hope this character is truly insane in game. Cause this was spoopy.
Nalin Gamage
Nalin Gamage - 22 minutes ago
so sad he wasnt named sugma
Sour Apple
Sour Apple - 22 minutes ago
Sigma is one mad lad.
Flameshy - 23 minutes ago
"who is Baptiste?"
Dave Rodriguez
Dave Rodriguez - 23 minutes ago
I dont have overwatch im broke
Soda Trash
Soda Trash - 23 minutes ago
Memes have ruined me, read his name as "sugma".
Hunterbot12 - 23 minutes ago
If the release origin stories like this, OVERWATCH will never die!
Ramsey Bolton
Ramsey Bolton - 24 minutes ago
Play the video in reverse and there's several discernable lines. This really is a great reveal.
Moker Moker
Moker Moker - 24 minutes ago
He sounds like richtofen at 1:50
{GD} REGER 123
{GD} REGER 123 - 24 minutes ago
Sigma more like ligma am I right
Michelle Maier
Michelle Maier - 24 minutes ago
I can't even play, my PC broke last week 😭
Can I Get 10,000 Subscribers Without Any Reason :\
Even this guy is tired for not getting released in the game for so long
Splatoon is the worst game of all time.
Discontinue Overwatch altogether; nobody plays it anymore.
mkkid4745 - 25 minutes ago
I can't wait to uninstall because I can almost guarantee that he counters Genji
Unamito - 25 minutes ago
@1:06 When the alarm goes on, you can hear Reaper's shotgun, then Widowmakers' rifle, and then Moira's orb sound.
Confused Aleks
Confused Aleks - 25 minutes ago
*Sigma sees the Cultist skin for Zenyatta* "I have found it again..."
Mika Ex
Mika Ex - 26 minutes ago
OOF MASTER432 - 26 minutes ago
Sigma sigma...*gasp* LIGMA MA BALL!!!!!
s sdo
s sdo - 26 minutes ago
it's just ligma with s
Aninonymousa - 26 minutes ago
he is basically junkrat but smarter
Dáro - 26 minutes ago
e1n3r - 27 minutes ago
Smurfaccounts are CHEATER.
No more Overwatch, cause full of cheater. Ty Blizzard...
CHAZ - 27 minutes ago
Ligma and Sugma had a child... his name was
Neah Noriaki
Neah Noriaki - 28 minutes ago
Meh, just another madman.
Xenon Neko
Xenon Neko - 28 minutes ago
Was expecting a jump scare in the trailer, plus I can finally play as a mad psychopath scientist in overwatch
Jayden Smith
Jayden Smith - 28 minutes ago
RB9157 - 29 minutes ago
sigma nuts
richard espanol
richard espanol - 29 minutes ago
Reminds me of tracer somehow
Kraabah - 30 minutes ago
people still play this game OMEGALUL
AzzamNix s
AzzamNix s - 30 minutes ago
Dudeeee, this is the best trailer so far! I've watch it like a hundred times already
GameTheorist 101
GameTheorist 101 - 30 minutes ago
Can we make a science fiction psychological horror movie/game out of this?
I think so.
Orbis36 - 30 minutes ago
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