What EV Start-Up Rivian Is Doing That Tesla Isn't

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Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha - 35 minutes ago
But can they drive themselves, do they have network of charging stations around the whole world?,does it get updates like my Tesla does, does it stop on the road automatically if I'm feeling sleepy, if Tesla builds an off-road car then this company is out of production lol.
Kali Lan
Kali Lan - Day ago
Anish Sharma
Anish Sharma - Day ago
Rivian should come to India under Ford batch People love it In India we love EV.And it is SUV and Pickup it could be great.
chgofirefighter - 2 days ago
I don't evem want to know how much these SUV's and trucks will cost...Probably unafordable for the average consumer, it's funny how many people made fun of electric cars and Tesla, well who is laughing now???
J P - 2 days ago
While Rivian focuses on the US market, Tesla is heading into the Chinese and soon after India where the population and demand will completely annihilate the US, Rivian and Ford.
Ford bought into Rivian because while Tesla, Toyota, Honda started to develop hybrid and electric tech Ford built red neck machines and found themselves so behind in the race they believe they’re first.
Today at the Office
Today at the Office - 2 days ago
WHEN?????? WHEN CAN I GET ONE???????????????????????????????/
Serghen Peterson
Serghen Peterson - 4 days ago
RIVIAN BU. 😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Chance Dougan
Chance Dougan - 5 days ago
If they can lower the price I think that they can make it but as of now it’s just to much money to spend on a vehicle
adamsky0604 - 5 days ago
Uff... at least there is an expert in a suit on the serious black background... I was so worried that this clip will be just a bunch of unsubstantiated claims when I saw the headline...
Jody Mitoma
Jody Mitoma - 6 days ago
It's good for everyone when there's added competition in an industry.
Nancy Brinkmann
Nancy Brinkmann - 7 days ago
Saw these at Overland Expo, Impressive! Hope they make it
Yejoon Yang
Yejoon Yang - 8 days ago
Can't wait for a electric F-150
Matrix Dexter
Matrix Dexter - 8 days ago
Rivian will never beat tesla, simply because tesla has the one million mile insurance by 2020..rivian is still 100k
Andrés Feliciano
Andrés Feliciano - 8 days ago
Sure it’s not a ‘threat’ to Tesla, but BEZOS dropping all that money on it does say something 🤔🤔😏
Rob's Randomness
Rob's Randomness - 6 days ago
Amazon has so much money they don't know what to do with, they could prob invest tons in every startup that pops up in America if they wanted.
star light.
star light. - 8 days ago
1 tesla 1 brand that have every car everyone would like forget about the competion tesla rules make the electric cars cheap too.
Joe Stacks
Joe Stacks - 8 days ago
what they need to do is produce and release the vehicles before tesla can produce and release their pickup. thats what they need to do. if they don't then tesla is going to come out with their truck and rivian will be forgotten.
Itz Titan
Itz Titan - 9 days ago
Stop calling other EV cars "Tesla killer" "Tesla's Worst Nightmare", like seriously, this is what Elon wants. He wants more car manufacturers that produces EVs, this is what Elon wants
Mr. Wolf
Mr. Wolf - 9 days ago
Answer: nothing
jai mani
jai mani - 9 days ago
Has RIVIAN advertised any Full Self Driving Capabilities ?
Robert Findlay
Robert Findlay - 9 days ago
And how many have they built?
Brian Joyce
Brian Joyce - 9 days ago
Click bait
Alita Kicksa**!
Alita Kicksa**! - 9 days ago
They are ONLY 13 years behind this technology that Elon Musk who gave out these free open patents.
Kleptophrenia - 9 days ago
Wow saw barely any footage of the car and heard alot of "its quiet"
ShaRk. - 9 days ago
Well to be honest Rivian is only a thing because Tesla exists in the first place. Just sayin.
rajilona - 9 days ago
SUVs are a niche market?
Oliver James Stevens
Oliver James Stevens - 10 days ago
I would love to own a Rivian pickup.
M Bison
M Bison - 10 days ago
Happy 10th birthday Rivian
Fernando Sanchez
Fernando Sanchez - 10 days ago
Looks hideous
David Cote
David Cote - 10 days ago
Well, Rivian is certainly ahead of mainstream auto because they were smart enough to follow Tesla into a clean slate EV design with standardized battery cells. Mainstream auto is trying to adapt existing ICE production lines to build EVs while outsourcing the battery design and production. Its a losing proposition. Rivian literally just copied Tesla's battery architecture, though their thermal management is different. Rivian's prototypes are nice looking and I have high hopes, but they haven't actually built anything yet. Tesla has been actually selling vehicles for 10 years now, and a $1 billion investment is a pittance with such a capital intensive endeavor like vehicle manufacturing.
Dario Serna
Dario Serna - 10 days ago
Since when the car industry has been about going against each other?
When BMW announces a new model, nobody says, "uh, Audi be careful" or "this is BMW take on Audi".
They has created an artificial war that makes no sense. Car makers don't have to create EVs to fight Tesla, they have to create them to survive themselves or become irrelevant.
Joe Stacks
Joe Stacks - 8 days ago
what? the car industry has always been going against other brands. there is even a movie coming out about a war. Ford vs Ferrari. what rock have you been living under?
JD - 10 days ago
it looks ugly, why cant Americans make something that looks good ? the lights look like shiiiiiiiiiiiite
frankenpope - 10 days ago
we are all waiting to see what the price is going to be at release and later the pre-owned prices, if it's to expensive ill stick with petrol, thank you.
I will not buy an electric vehicle with an AI in it like suri to spy even more on me!
W G - 10 days ago
Hammer tech
aqualane1 - 10 days ago
Meanwhile their truck isn’t even on the market. Try to buy one. Tesla for the win.
Tasty Terps
Tasty Terps - 11 days ago
Tesla isn’t running short on orders!💯
Rocky Pingale
Rocky Pingale - 11 days ago
This video is paid for by Amazon and Ford. Cough ... cough... The investors of Rivian
T B - 11 days ago
How much did Rivian pay for this ad? Because I think Tesla will not be having any nightmares as long as Rivian isn't delivering any vehicles.
Rocky Pingale
Rocky Pingale - 11 days ago
I don't think Elon Musk cares. He only wanted the EV market to grow and find alternatives to fossil fuel automobiles.
Bruce Bramblett
Bruce Bramblett - 11 days ago
Front end reminds me of a soviet cold war auto...fugly
Martin is god
Martin is god - 11 days ago
Stellarspace - 11 days ago
In hindsight:
"In 2013, Jeff Bezos led an effort to raise $5 million for Business Insider Inc. through his investment company Bezos Expeditions."
"In February 2019, Amazon announced it would be leading an investment round of $700 million into Rivian. The round included participation from existing shareholders as well."
David Sharette
David Sharette - 11 days ago
The click bait is annoying. “Let’s hop on the band wagon of trashing Tesla to get clicks” (Tesla - the only mass market EV producer with an actual car you can buy that has a reasonable range and superchargers everywhere).
Tea from the Sea
Tea from the Sea - 11 days ago
You better hope that these camping grounds and ski resort areas start installing a ton of fast charge charging stations. My main issue with using my model S to go snowboarding is the range. How do you expect people to drive from suburban areas to their camping grounds, then enjoy the car at the camp ground and also drive home? It better have a fast charger installed somewhere at the camp ground or else this is stupid.
Cliente Promedio
Cliente Promedio - 11 days ago
Media: this is Tesla's NIGHTMARE!!
Elon Musk: more competition? More EV in the market? Less pollution for the planet?? HELL YEAH...!!!
kevin moore
kevin moore - 11 days ago
strange talk .... appealing to people that are obsessed with electric vehicles ... so wanting clean vehicles is an obsession ...
einfach kels
einfach kels - 11 days ago
ive never seen an ugly car yet so beautiful at the same time
creative Canadian name
creative Canadian name - 11 days ago
making a pickup truck
Checkmate025 - 11 days ago
Nothing new in this video. Click bait all through.. hey BI, repackaging what everyone already knew doesnt mean you have something to say
cp361 - 11 days ago
What are they doing that Tesla isn’t? Actually producing a vehicle for one
NPC J - 11 days ago
These are the men that need real trucks? Everything about this vehicle screams rich. How much did ford invest? Bet they'll modify the first EV-F150.
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