What EV Start-Up Rivian Is Doing That Tesla Isn't

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Please youtube Unban my account :c
So they are technically parters with ford? Which is why it kind of looks like a ford?
Liberal Larry
Liberal Larry - 7 hours ago
The point of electric vehicles is not to be a Tesla killer. It's to be a fossil fuel killer. Calling yourself a Tesla killer shows you don't understand what in large part motivates EV buyers: to join Tesla in fighting fossil fuels. Not replace them. It pisses EV buyers and Tesla fans off. Of which there are millions.
Vu Tran
Vu Tran - 20 hours ago
House hold name ? Lol the 2 vehicles they have are only prototypes!! they haven't sold one vehicle, in fact they haven't even completed one production vehicle, you guys talking like they're Honda or Toyota. 😂
Bughatii - Day ago
Competition is good healthy competition that’s
Mihad Alzayat
Mihad Alzayat - Day ago
Oh I know what they’re doing that Tesla isn’t. They’re taking forever to produce a production car.
sandesh shrestha
sandesh shrestha - Day ago
Tesla = Biggest Star of Solar system ( EV )
You can’t compete with Tesla util Elon officiates the company he’s the pioneer of EV.
walter trejo
walter trejo - Day ago
The only problem I see is if that vehicle was in Australia and you wanted to go out in the bush for weeks, you won't be able to charge your batteries in the middle of nowhere.
Jeffrey Twoey
Jeffrey Twoey - Day ago
I actually want Tesla to fail... hopefully something goes wrong in China. 😉
easyox77 - 2 days ago
Atlis has a better insurance policy. So I hear.
Michael Humphrey
Michael Humphrey - 2 days ago
no autopilot .....Good-BUH
Eduardo L
Eduardo L - 2 days ago
Kill Tesla ??? Full of crap video !!!
Alex Stark Official
Alex Stark Official - 3 days ago
Why does rivian logo look like Corridor Digital?
Doug Garet
Doug Garet - 3 days ago
What is Rivian doing that Tesla isn’t? Not making cars. Get it. Amazon ordered 100K delivery vans. Rivian has not produced a single production vehicle yet.
Cody Evans
Cody Evans - 4 days ago
Unless the answer is "having no actual customers driving their vehicles around" then its wrong
wilson3851 - 4 days ago
The primary source here says it all in one phrase “Tessslaaah (overemphasized pronunciation)flipped the bird to the auto industry.... and Rivian (standard pronunciation) cozied up to the industry” Big Auto doesn’t like to be dissed, apparently. So the short and distractor machine is set up to cause Tesla to falter. Business Insider has clearly taken money to be part of the detractor machine to lend credence to the short machine... meanwhile big auto retools to go ‘all in’ on the electric wave.
sss - 4 days ago
Nnamdi Okorafor
Nnamdi Okorafor - 4 days ago
10 years and a billion dollars and they still haven't delivered a product to the market? Whatever.
Another commercial :(
Isaiah Lali
Isaiah Lali - 4 days ago
Actually truth be told, Rivian CEO is actually Superman.
Smith - 4 days ago
Rivian is smart in design. but, they need to produce and prove ..
Farid Gadimov
Farid Gadimov - 5 days ago
To early to buy Tesla right now because parts and warranty not on point!rivian even way earlier.only way I buy one of those trucks is after 3 4 years on market
Nathan Rodriguez
Nathan Rodriguez - 5 days ago
Yah how is this thing going to do in big streams
Tu Tr
Tu Tr - 5 days ago
all that money invested and they came up with an ugly ass design truck. WTf these people thinking?.?. I wouldn't buy that ugly sht for 15K........
Notiamfaith - 6 days ago
Paying for advertising...
Thelones - 6 days ago
How is this innovative? The top 5 automotive manufacturers are also planning to move to EV too. The time to make and deliver EV is now not a plan to make 2 test cars in 2 years. They have to establish a presence in market now not down the line when the market is saturated.
James Lowery
James Lowery - 6 days ago
Rivian downside s they use chademo to charge with and chademo chargers are slow and not widely available.
Sleepy Bacon
Sleepy Bacon - 6 days ago
Dont gate them more competiton means better shit for everyone. I cant wait to see these on the road. They got more than enough investment to last them till the vehicles start rolling off the line
Dolfo Boynas
Dolfo Boynas - 6 days ago
Rivian ; Deal with it...You’re NEVER going to beat a company, run by a man (or Alien?) that shoots amazing rockets up into space...
Game Film HUB
Game Film HUB - 6 days ago
What Tesla are doing that Rivian are Not is producing and Selling Cars.
Greek Sun
Greek Sun - 7 days ago
Why are EV designs so ugly? Lol
mark schuette
mark schuette - 7 days ago
i don't think these fantastic/high tech elec. cars/trucks are going to cut our CO2 emissions. the supply chain and product embedded energy is too high.
Stijn de Heus
Stijn de Heus - 7 days ago
Making cars only for the US market, cuz that helped Detroit out massively... Cough cough
DANIMALjjmn Hj - 7 days ago
The truck is gay. The SUV looks dope
Jason Coomer
Jason Coomer - 7 days ago
Big 3 trying to throw shade on Tesla by "Trying" to accomplish what he did...10 yrs ago...by buying up other peoples products and using a media that hates Musk to do so.
Cringe at its very best...
Bob Nguyen
Bob Nguyen - 7 days ago
I’m not sure there are many markets that actually desire SUVs and trucks like America does. Tesla is still very safe with their current EV lineup. What Tesla is doing for sure is delivering upon their promises
robert hodge
robert hodge - 5 days ago
Australia loves them
Billy Bob JR
Billy Bob JR - 7 days ago
My general Opinion is that Tesla Will Survive against Rivian (That’s my Opnion please don’t take personal)
ŠQÛ!DƜȀRT T. - 5 days ago
Billy Bob JR i agree
Ettore Fieramosca
Ettore Fieramosca - 8 days ago
I'm curious to know how many americans would buy an ev truck. I don't think will cost less than $60k. Probably the target is not the owner of truck but of Tesla x
L Smith
L Smith - 8 days ago
"With Tesla's stronghold on the..." The word you are looking for is: "stranglehold" FYI.
charlie cheeseface
charlie cheeseface - 9 days ago
If the rt1 has a range of 400 miles
What is the range if you're pulling 3tonne? I want one if the range is good on that number..
Tom - 9 days ago
So when is it going to be released
richystar2001 - 9 days ago
I can tell you Rivian is ripping off investors and not selling cars... But Tesla is selling cars and Rivian is not. More vaporware EV dreams by a startup company.
Abdirazak Ahmed
Abdirazak Ahmed - 9 days ago
What they're aren't doing is have their own battery infrastructure like Tesla, or a charging network.
Gyrah Gunther
Gyrah Gunther - 9 days ago
Rivian is not competition tesla wants competitors people to compete with.
W. - 10 days ago
They have great design
De Ava
De Ava - 10 days ago
under promise and overdeliver? i think is otherwise... this car should be already in production...
Rylan S.
Rylan S. - 10 days ago
What is Tesla not doing making a pick up truck
Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo - 11 days ago
maybe I am getting too brain washed from youtube, but it seems people will be jumping straight over EVs to Hydrogens, as soon as the threshold hydrogen filling station level is reached, which is probably as we are speaking.
ŠQÛ!DƜȀRT T. - 5 days ago
Victor Hugo or EV’s get better batteries and get less charging times. I think that’s gonna happen.
The Goose
The Goose - 12 days ago
I want to see both trucks and then probably buy the Tesla model B
Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo - 13 days ago
well, they got in with Amazon, and regarding tesla didn´t they just buy Maxwell, so this means new battery tech only actually applied from like 2022 or so, and rather buy a used Leaf now as a Beater, then take the jump to EVs in 2023 when battery tech is ready, even Nissan has bought some Ricer battery companies to get proper batteries for 2020 or 2021, the Tokyo show this month we will see some nice updates, also Williams has awesome battery tech right now, there are like dozens of asian ev companies being born as well, so rather wait ... Rivian with 800hp truck is interesting, can they put that powertrain in a small sedan as well?
Anthony de Rosa
Anthony de Rosa - 14 days ago
So they are going to make a veihical in a v neiche market segmant that tesla isnt in but may get into one day. What a scoop.
MuHaMmEd ZeEsHaN Ali ArIfI
And yet nothing in.the market until now 🤣🤣🤣
Don Kanis
Don Kanis - 15 days ago
TESLA KILLER ALERT....... TESLA KILLER ALERT : Rivian is still several years from actually selling a car but when they do watch out Tesla !!! (this video brought to you by amazon/ford) LMAO
Matthew Brooker
Matthew Brooker - 15 days ago
But where will Rivian source its batteries at modest cost? There is a worldwide shortage, which is why Tesla's investment into Gigafactories will solidify its market position for years. Until Rivian or it's investors do likewise, Rivian will not boom...
Chris Marshall
Chris Marshall - 15 days ago
Business Insider, anybody with eyes can see you’re just a puppet for traditional car and oil companies. You are blatantly the most obvious shorters of Tesla, if you think you’re convincing anybody of your rubbish claims, you obviously can’t see the truth that gen Y sees through the bullshit of your antiquated diversion tactics
KinXSvlog - 16 days ago
Well that shit needs a bigger bed
YaKU2z alpha
YaKU2z alpha - 17 days ago
What ? its 2019 dammit. roadster is no more.
Bryan Knox, Child of God
Bryan Knox, Child of God - 18 days ago
10 years to make a truck... Sounds like it's first customers will be paying for all of vacations and sleeping on the job.
Aiden McManus
Aiden McManus - 18 days ago
Rivian and Tesla will Co-exist just like all the current car companies do
Abhishek Dev
Abhishek Dev - 18 days ago
Ford wouldn't have done what it did if there was no GM breathing down their neck.
EGELIN1976 - 18 days ago
I don’t like the design but I can’t wait to buy their stocks when they open to the public.
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