Waking Up At 5am For a Week.

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Hardcore Waffle iron 1965
Hardcore Waffle iron 1965 - 19 minutes ago
I always wake up at 5.....(゜-゜)
Freya O'Rourke
Freya O'Rourke - 2 hours ago
Who’s watching this waiting for Garrett to upload again?
Carred Skinner
Carred Skinner - 2 hours ago
I wake up at 5 for school EVERYDAY 😕😐
Liepa Morkunaite
Liepa Morkunaite - 11 hours ago
How have i not seen a comment for his 19 HOURS sleep? Like omfggg im so fucking jealous you can just hibernate like that??!!!
Skep Halo
Skep Halo - 12 hours ago
I wake up at 6:40 for School but 8:12 is on weekends lol
Melissa missing Chris Cornell
I am an insomniac...but fuck it. I am tired of labels. I am notoriously nocturnal & sticking to it😉
Dwi Azizah Saffanah
Dwi Azizah Saffanah - 17 hours ago
He's a sweetheart imma cry oml😭
thespeedingsnail - 21 hour ago
I just noticed I have more videos than Garret but only 45 subs
Ambers没啊我 - 22 hours ago
I wake up at 5 am every morning #sportdedicated
Kathleen Julie Herbert-Harris
I am nocturnal but I hate it!
Kenn Parrish
Kenn Parrish - Day ago
garrett please come back buddy i need you
Sara Abdallah
Sara Abdallah - Day ago
26:10 garret putting a whole piece of soil in his pocket is a mooood
Inari Li
Inari Li - Day ago
I am such a nocturnal night owl (as if there’s any other kind of owl,, haha!). I honestly feel more awake and just more alive then, even though my brother—who’s a surgeon—told me that’s not healthy as we’re meant to be diurnal creatures? 🤷🏻‍♀️ I say, why fight what’s in my nature? 😁 I’m also a big introvert so maybe that’s why I prefer the night, with less people around, it’s more peaceful, etc. At any rate, just wanted to say hi and I like your channel! Thanks for always making me smile. My two bunnies and I say hi, fellow night owl!
Madison Reyna
Madison Reyna - Day ago
23:14 "4 months " ahaha try five y e a r s. Ahaha yeah,I have problems😅
Elissa Alimonte
Elissa Alimonte - 2 days ago
you are the most adorable man
xChrisy _Gachax
xChrisy _Gachax - 2 days ago
It’s 42... 7x6 is 42
Sophie likesramen
Sophie likesramen - 2 days ago
I love u
PoundingTheStone: TruGrit
How do u have money If u don’t have a job ? I mean I know YouTube pays - but can u afford to live off making one video a month ? Not judging just wondering how u do this lol
Like do u ever wonder about the billions of people who work 14 hour days 6 days a week and wonder how they function ? Did your parents ever make u do anything as a child that u had to be up early ? I love your videos/ your super funny and it’s refreshing to see how naive you are - but I just have so many questions how u afford to live like this lol
Mrs. Mina
Mrs. Mina - 2 days ago
Why did I laugh soo much because of the sparkling water 💀💀
He was choking or even dying and im just laughing...💀 sorry Garret
Pork Cupine
Pork Cupine - 2 days ago
Joema Joe
Joema Joe - 2 days ago
Love you
ashleigh giles
ashleigh giles - 2 days ago
my cheeks hurt so bad from laughing so much LOL
Kelly Lutz
Kelly Lutz - 3 days ago
Try wakeing up at 5am the whole school year
Kami Paige
Kami Paige - 3 days ago
JFC the editing and his chaotic personality is wonderful 😂😂😂❤❤❤
Karyn Marie
Karyn Marie - 3 days ago
Aww we use to have Big Boy.
Exvy Hunt
Exvy Hunt - 3 days ago
Garrett I miss you so muuucchhh
Music Meister
Music Meister - 3 days ago
I am noctorunal You're my favorite human garrett even if you post a little or alot I always feel I can relate to you.
Sophie rihance
Sophie rihance - 3 days ago
im suffocating because of the beginning im dying love u
StinkyButton - 3 days ago
I have the same circadian rhythm. My friends joke that I’m a vampire. There’s a theory that our nocturnal habits were formed when we were born. I fought it for years. Then I decided to listen to my body. I’m a veterinarian who works the graveyard shift at an emergency vet clinic. I’m happy now that I’m not fighting my natural sleep schedule. Give in to Mother Nature, Garrett.
Cherry Sheeran
Cherry Sheeran - 3 days ago
I play Hedwigs Theme to wake up! Harry Potter fans like this comment.
Maddie Berry
Maddie Berry - 3 days ago
Me for 12 years tho
Pastel Spines
Pastel Spines - 3 days ago
what went down the right tube
Hailey Kennedy
Hailey Kennedy - 4 days ago
_moodi jane_
_moodi jane_ - 4 days ago
Garret are you a vampire??
_moodi jane_
_moodi jane_ - 4 days ago
1 like-a Boyfriend for garret
_moodi jane_
_moodi jane_ - 4 days ago
You are 👍🏻
Sarah .G
Sarah .G - 4 days ago
It’s 6pm, I just woke up and I am watching this because I knew you would win over the challenge and that’s a hopeful message
MaelowPi - 4 days ago
Wow, the Fry's of my childhood. Used to creep me out as a kid, now I love it.
camilla di gravina
camilla di gravina - 4 days ago
I know that was FOREVER ago but what about the harry potter theme song? I used to wake up to that and it made me so happy every morning!
Emily Mayeaux
Emily Mayeaux - 4 days ago
Soooooo is Garret alive? I haven’t seen him in awhile and this was posted in June..... 😓
Ashley Vegas
Ashley Vegas - 4 days ago
This is me to a T 😭 life would be so much easier as a morning person
Krystle Starbrooks
Krystle Starbrooks - 4 days ago
Where are you Garrett?😶
Megan Raven
Megan Raven - 4 days ago
Sleep schedule??? Can’t relate
Molly Jackson
Molly Jackson - 5 days ago
I miss you so much.
Aurora Jones
Aurora Jones - 5 days ago
i wake up at half five and i am thirteen
Selina Chan
Selina Chan - 5 days ago
But... did the garden survive???
C.M. Leigh
C.M. Leigh - 5 days ago
I work in a behavioral health center with small kids, and I work evenings/nights and I am nocturnal, so that works out pretty great. But then when I get home I have so much to do that I don't go to bed until 3-4 hours before my shift. So...don't feel too bad about your horrible sleep schedule
Destiny Games
Destiny Games - 5 days ago
The way i wake up is me seting an alarm for 3 min 2 times than one for 2 min 8 times than 1 min 10 times so thats how i get up in the morning
Jam Sesh
Jam Sesh - 5 days ago
I’m in love
Corina Wohlfert
Corina Wohlfert - 5 days ago
this was fun. it is currently 1:11am, i need to fix my sleep schedule too. I am such a night person. MOrnings are hard.
Lexi Finnegan
Lexi Finnegan - 5 days ago
My schedule consists of both. More often than not I have to work 16+ hour shifts so sometimes I’m a night owl and sometimes I’m an early bird 🤷🏻‍♀️ which has honestly just made me hate everything about each, it just makes me want to sleep at all, whether it’s in the morning or at night. Honestly wish I could have a consistent sleep/work schedule though, that would be nice. Also, great effort on your goals! Even when you failed the second day, you got up and still kept trying for the next day and you did so well!! 👍🏻👏🏻 Great job!
Makayla Shue
Makayla Shue - 5 days ago
did anyone think of gmm at the beginning at this intro? just me? okay...
Big Nubs
Big Nubs - 5 days ago
I want to go to that store bro 😂
Saylerjesse - 5 days ago
fucking insane editinghahah
Kyla Brooks
Kyla Brooks - 5 days ago
The Benjamin part at the end, I was dead.
Jobas Bowlcut
Jobas Bowlcut - 6 days ago
Garrett: *sings Sweeney Todd in the shower*

Me and my girlfriend: F-word yes *starts screaming the lyrics with him*
Raven Hex
Raven Hex - 6 days ago
When he started doing math I screamed because it's honestly me anytime i do simple math. I feel so unalone lmfaoo
Bep bep Rochi
Bep bep Rochi - 6 days ago
Hi Garrett! My favorite thing about night is the fear of people watching me. ♥️
greasy thick foreskin
greasy thick foreskin - 6 days ago
* sees title *
Asking Alaska
Asking Alaska - 2 days ago
*sees comment* Useless 🤷‍♀️
Mimi Samat
Mimi Samat - 6 days ago
You and i are literally the same omg
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