Waking Up At 5am For a Week.

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ppspssx - 3 minutes ago
The only thing that I learn with this video is that Garrett is a gigantic man and that he almost doesn’t fit in his car 😂😂😂
Yuka Mochida
Yuka Mochida - 19 minutes ago
Andrew has been hanging out with Shane way too much, he's so sassy now! I love it
Zayra Vega
Zayra Vega - 53 minutes ago
Him explaining his sleep schedule perfectly describes how I spend my summer
Melina Edwards
Melina Edwards - 53 minutes ago
Did this video curse me or something?? I have tHiS problem right now and as late as I have stayed up before... It’s never been this bad oh mY GOD
Valerie Lynn
Valerie Lynn - 54 minutes ago
You’ve already posted your next video but I just wanna say as an early morning person I like it specifically because I wake up, get ready and work out for 40-ish minutes and by doing that I’m super energized for the rest of the day.
Kat Cosplays
Kat Cosplays - 59 minutes ago
I’m absolutely nocturnal. I’m literally watching this at 3:00 AM 😂
cantaloupe -
cantaloupe - - Hour ago
I am nocturnal - most of my friends are. I have a regular job, and I work usually around 3pm to 11pm (at FRISCHS big boy) but I still don’t go to sleep until like 8 am lmfao
Shy's weird gacha
Shy's weird gacha - Hour ago
Thats a nightmare waking up that early, 5am is when i sleep!!! Or 4am depends
Ana Reyes
Ana Reyes - Hour ago
I want his phone’s wallpaper
Ruth Gonzalez
Ruth Gonzalez - Hour ago
I have my passport. And $100, which I stole from Benjamin
Ella Lundgren
Ella Lundgren - Hour ago
this made me wanna fix my sleep schedule so much
April Dancer
April Dancer - Hour ago
Ok but can we realize that he filmed this in APRIL! Legit Coachella is in April...... this was put up in june
seika - Hour ago
definitely nocturnal!!! i love the galaxy and learning about space etc and seeing the stars at night just makes me feel so calm and its so pretty. also this might be weird but i love the paranormal and ghosts and stuff but the thing is i never watch videos related to these things in the daytime because i for some reason dont feel scared??? when i watch it at nights its much more comforting and i can focus more on it bc im scared. im weird :D
Alexander Rondolet
Alexander Rondolet - Hour ago
i really love the mornings bc it’s so bright but quiet. night is too long yAknow? no u probably don’t actually 😣
cantaloupe -
cantaloupe - - Hour ago

- a frisch’s big boy employee
Big Kitty
Big Kitty - Hour ago
I go to bed at six in the morning I wake up at 11 in the afternoon.
dumb bitch chazza
dumb bitch chazza - Hour ago
your packing style makes me anxious
Alex Wynne
Alex Wynne - Hour ago
One small step at a time!!
Morgan:D - Hour ago
Meredith G.H
Meredith G.H - 2 hours ago
Garrett can I be honest this video gave me so much anxiety idk if I can watch anymore videos like this how did you survive in Japan with only one pair of pants
I don’t want to be here
Okay but Garret being a good father to Benjamin after they killed someone is honestly the most twisted yet wholesome thing I’ve ever witnessed
J.C.M’s World
J.C.M’s World - 2 hours ago
him watching infinity war for the 13th time
*me watching this video for the 13th time*
Becca F
Becca F - 2 hours ago
I am basically a nocturnal person. I love how calm the night is. And going to the store at 2 am when there is absolutely no one there lol.
Jess C
Jess C - 2 hours ago
Omg I need to try this :( I sleep so much
Jess C
Jess C - 2 hours ago
I like that your bf is a superhero that can't look at you directly 😬😄😂😂👍
Megan Johnson
Megan Johnson - 2 hours ago
26:12 And you just know he forgot about it and found it while he was in Japan and had no idea what it was doing in there or where it came from
😂😂❤️ Ily Garrett
Side note:
Their laughs give me life.
Sogonrei ***
Sogonrei *** - 2 hours ago
This is so relatable. I worked up to 2013 at one of my jobs as Funeral Director on call 24/7 for 5 years. I have always been a night owl and still have a messed up sleep schedule. Part of it is I'm chronically ill, and sleep 4 hours a day, because of pain, but it's also just my clock. I've tried the alarms like Garrett for appointments and it's a mess. I was laughing so hard. I need all those. 🤣💓
Chey Poof
Chey Poof - 2 hours ago
I stay up until one or two watching YouTube mostly because I like how everyone else is asleep and I can be left alone. I wake up from as early as 10 to 12:30 🥑 I actually hate it but idk tea sis 😐
Kysondra Winchell
Kysondra Winchell - 2 hours ago
😂🤣😂🤣😁😁 I fucking love Garrett
Alyssa Cavazos
Alyssa Cavazos - 2 hours ago
Unknown_FoxyXO - 3 hours ago
I hope you went to Akihabura while you were in Japan.
Cal/Parker/Jeremy Gibson
Cal/Parker/Jeremy Gibson - 3 hours ago
It’s peaceful at night
shamoo loo
shamoo loo - 3 hours ago
Hey Gareth, I really enjoy your content. It's honesty so relatable. As someone who is 25, there is a lot of shit life doesn't teach us, and healthy self care habits is something we are just expected to automatically know once we turn into a so called adult. I'm also struggling with a bad sleep schedule and feeling like I'm useless because of it. Which I'm not but it makes it more challenging to fit in with the day go-ers. I'm going to now try your task of doing one thing a day and see how I go. Lots of Love and Laughter from New Zealand! keep being you!
Michella Fuller
Michella Fuller - 3 hours ago
I don’t go to sleep until 6 am
Alyssa Brooke
Alyssa Brooke - 3 hours ago
if you thumbs down a Garrett Watts video you don't have a heart
Gia Irene
Gia Irene - 3 hours ago
You’re killin me with the gauntlet intro Garrett 😂😂
Samantha Dietrich
Samantha Dietrich - 4 hours ago
Hey came to check u out from shane and Rylands channels and ur really funny
Avery Rose
Avery Rose - 4 hours ago
When you said that waking up at 9:00 in the morning isn’t good I was like oh well that’s good because I wake up at 10:30 and go to bed at 1:00 at night!!! Lol 😂
David Roy
David Roy - 4 hours ago
Teisha Hudson
Teisha Hudson - 4 hours ago
Nocturnal Squad
giant dre
giant dre - 4 hours ago
I'm obsessed with you
Mitchy Bonez
Mitchy Bonez - 4 hours ago
I fucking love infinity wars
Pixelated - 4 hours ago
I literally wake up at 4:00 am everyday lol😂😂😂
Manuel Seda
Manuel Seda - 4 hours ago
Yeah Endgame is bæp
SomeOne LikeNoOne
SomeOne LikeNoOne - 4 hours ago
I feel most comfortable when nobody is on the road..I guess that's a huge problem huh? 😹😹😹😹😹😹
Chow PlaysYT
Chow PlaysYT - 4 hours ago
Slept 19 hours and still looks tired
SomeOne LikeNoOne
SomeOne LikeNoOne - 5 hours ago
I love you 😂😂😂😂😂💖
Jonathon Baldwin-Hansen
Jonathon Baldwin-Hansen - 5 hours ago
You need a rock garden!
And if you start walking everyday for exercise you can pick up a rock for your rock garden ;)
Just an idea for a video id like to see💡😎
le ah
le ah - 5 hours ago
Ariel Hicks
Ariel Hicks - 5 hours ago
I’m being completely serious the past week I went to bed at 3am-8am and woke up 7am-3pm
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