LeBron James Trade From Lakers - Leaving Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma & Brandon Ingram?

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Kid U trash
Kid U trash - 27 days ago
He ain’t leaving he is going to retire soon and he is going to be a movie star and la is the best to be a moviestar
Ted,Theo Mrtnz
Ted,Theo Mrtnz - 2 months ago
James wants to go to Denver.
HueTubeR - 2 months ago
Please. Bron ain't goin' nowhere.
speaker lavar videos
speaker lavar videos - 3 months ago
James going to China, that's my 5 cousin on my step uncle side we was at Easter dinner together
Beboy Laguna
Beboy Laguna - 3 months ago
april fools
Lance Gregory
Lance Gregory - 3 months ago
So this man dominates the league for years went to 8 straight finals injured his groan and now he isn't the best player in the league dam tough break 😂
Arnold Carino
Arnold Carino - 3 months ago
Lebron still the best in the nba...look at his team
tree safe
tree safe - 3 months ago
I would rather go on James go to the Miami Heat
Louis - 3 months ago
He should go back to Miami
SidudeDaGamer - 3 months ago
Kenneth Petovic
Kenneth Petovic - 3 months ago
Alessio Rovny
Alessio Rovny - 3 months ago
I want lebron with the bucks
gabriel moody
gabriel moody - 3 months ago
If kyree and Lebrun we’re back together it would be a god team on the Celtics
SSJBeastlyGaming - 3 months ago
My name is kyree lol
David Vallely
David Vallely - 3 months ago
Whyyy doooo youuu talkkkk likeeeee thissssssssss
Benjamin bryceson
Benjamin bryceson - 4 months ago
I think lebron James could be the best for San Antonio Spurs.
so if he will be traded to this team he will make the perfect task at all times and he could be the Goat 🐐
Ansen Baelo
Ansen Baelo - 4 months ago
I think its a good move to trade lebron
Jerry Rice
Jerry Rice - 4 months ago
Trade him to Cleveland
Romel Batoon
Romel Batoon - 4 months ago
Michael Siquig
Michael Siquig - 4 months ago
laos kana mr lebron james
Deus Aldeguer
Deus Aldeguer - 4 months ago
Bka ikw ang laos
Prince Jeff Umali
Prince Jeff Umali - 4 months ago
hindi totooyan
The HomieBandit
The HomieBandit - 4 months ago
If draymond leave i wouldnt put it pass golden state to pursue him
Dallas Love
Dallas Love - 4 months ago
My dog should’ve went to Houston
LuisCamp G
LuisCamp G - 4 months ago
Lebron should return to cavs. Retire as a cavs that's the best legacy he can leave.
Luis Lim
Luis Lim - 4 months ago
Next video :Kobe Bryant trade to Celtics!
NessaryShot_YT - 4 months ago
Is wilt chamberlain coming back to the nba next 🙄 exactly why I stopped watching him
Alb Bauti
Alb Bauti - 4 months ago
He is going to destroy kerr.
Sam Boyd
Sam Boyd - 4 months ago
Trade him now.
Bibiana Remedio
Bibiana Remedio - 4 months ago
Lebron you go back to miami heat, nowwwwwww.
EdrealMan049 - 4 months ago
I like if carmelo,leonard,davis,lebron will go with warriors with the player of warriors
T bone Steak
T bone Steak - 4 months ago
M.J. is joining the Warriors too...🏀
ERIC SMITH - 4 months ago
Bwai shet up talk too much
Jade Tropa
Jade Tropa - 4 months ago
Another talking sh*t👍💩
Rizalina Jamin
Rizalina Jamin - 4 months ago
what nationality u have. i just asking bro
Fred Garvin
Fred Garvin - 4 months ago
The dude is poison.
Fred Garvin
Fred Garvin - 4 months ago
Bron and Kyrie to Warriors?
marrues ham
marrues ham - 4 months ago
Bye LeFelicia
angelito de amor jr.
angelito de amor jr. - 4 months ago
SolidDuckling 27
SolidDuckling 27 - 3 months ago
angelito de amor jr. are you saying that green is going to be traded or a bench player??😂
ThePlayer 11
ThePlayer 11 - 4 months ago
Lebron has a 2 year contract
Martial Etame
Martial Etame - 4 months ago
lakers would get klay thimpsom
Fredarrius Jackson
Fredarrius Jackson - 4 months ago
It crazy because lebron surpassed two of the best legend in the nba and they want to trade him
Angel Sanchez
Angel Sanchez - 4 months ago
Put lebron back in the east
D Rosado
D Rosado - 4 months ago
Don't trade him he's done just get rid of him.
paul solana
paul solana - 4 months ago
King 👑 James "HARDEN"
Zuh_Tha_GoaT 29
Zuh_Tha_GoaT 29 - 4 months ago
Will choke in the playoffs as usual 😴 and won’t be winning any rings ever.
LTU zjbs
LTU zjbs - 4 months ago
please leave this doodoo team
London Johnson
London Johnson - 4 months ago
If he go to GS KD leaving guarantee it
Edwin Gaskin
Edwin Gaskin - 4 months ago
LeBron ...goatman goatman
Ziel18 Logronio
Ziel18 Logronio - 4 months ago
Masisira lang yang team work ng warriors pag na trade c james jan
Tobby Narra
Tobby Narra - 4 months ago
just go back to east king (😒)
albert fancubit
albert fancubit - 4 months ago
hahaha ptawa ang puta ngayon laglag nah isusuot jersey ng warriors ng ng upload nah to npaka assuming
Sharon Suleman
Sharon Suleman - 4 months ago
you are so cool
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