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Kaitlyn Molina
Kaitlyn Molina - 11 seconds ago
does anyone remember the name of scott’s favorite beauty product? neutrogena something?
Julia Lopez
Julia Lopez - 20 minutes ago
Those lashes😍❤️😍❤️
Julia Lopez
Julia Lopez - 20 minutes ago
Omg! I’m in love!!!! Seriously talented! I need everything he used ❤️😂
B Alivia
B Alivia - 32 minutes ago
Why are there no captions?
WinterFox 28
WinterFox 28 - Hour ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣hes fantastic
Caitlin Brown
Caitlin Brown - 2 hours ago
those lashes are *everything* omg
Lily - 2 hours ago
This is propaganda and im not here for it smh
mozangel - 2 hours ago
Nooooooo! You cut out the part where he blends your nose contour!!!! 😭😭
divellata - 3 hours ago
How did he blend out the nose contour???? I was waiting for that part and it was fast-forwarded.. I NEED TO KNOW! 😭
Mia Gailiunas
Mia Gailiunas - 3 hours ago
this top! is so cute !
Piluttatingeling - 3 hours ago
I love those earrings ! :D Where are they from ?
Patricia Ramirez
Patricia Ramirez - 3 hours ago
No not everyone wants to look like Jlo she’s ok
Spill Tea
Spill Tea - 3 hours ago
7:40 wUt?
Denise Scarpetti
Denise Scarpetti - 3 hours ago
I seriously loved this video! Thank you Scott and Tati!
Jerome Alve
Jerome Alve - 4 hours ago
i KNOW her (tati that is)
Daniella Barratt
Daniella Barratt - 6 hours ago
Wow. He literally just painted her like jlo. Amazing!!
Bi Da
Bi Da - 6 hours ago
This is next level 🔥
WorkIn Progress
WorkIn Progress - 6 hours ago
You became a latina :P
Kiki Truth
Kiki Truth - 7 hours ago
he takes liars and decievers...and paints them so the masses will be so busy looking at their fakeness that they will not see how they are being decieved lol hahahahahaha oh boy sooooooooooo funny
Kiki Truth
Kiki Truth - 7 hours ago
lol..Jlo is a man - a transgender man who has to have his makeup put on sooo heavy so it disguises his transgender identity and you fools lap up this up sheeple...
Mak Lauren
Mak Lauren - 7 hours ago
carolyn g
carolyn g - 8 hours ago
Why do people get a tan? Let the natural skin tone be
Foxiepaws ACAnderson
Foxiepaws ACAnderson - 9 hours ago
You look gorgeous...nobody can deny that.... I think this really makes you look like your best self.... which is lovely regardless of anything else I have thought about you, you look truly beautiful here and you can't make just anyone look all that, you are the beautiful person who has been enhanced.
The Queen
The Queen - 10 hours ago
A M A Z I N G!
*Tati looked like catriona gray btw
Rachel Taylor Beauty
Rachel Taylor Beauty - 10 hours ago
Wow just like wow
Girly Girl
Girly Girl - 10 hours ago
This was incredible to watch that Neutrogena SPF body misting spray OMG I would wear this look to the drugstore just to get some of that LoL 🤩
Ana Ludgero
Ana Ludgero - 10 hours ago
Amber Livingston
Amber Livingston - 10 hours ago
Omg kinda late watching but absolutely love love his work I started with Avon lol
Deshau Shawn
Deshau Shawn - 6 hours ago
Amber Livingston u cute af whats ur snap
Cheryl S
Cheryl S - 11 hours ago
Damn great make up application but I could have done less with her talking so much DAMN
savanah tayler
savanah tayler - 11 hours ago
I am dying at the Bob Ross clip!!!
Maria João Ribeiro
Maria João Ribeiro - 11 hours ago
Off to buy everything from Scott Barnes :D
boone effie
boone effie - 11 hours ago
Scott wear a bit much make up. Thi isn't sun kissed version:-D
Choua Thao
Choua Thao - 11 hours ago
How long is shipping for Scott’s Barnes brushes?? I’ve been waiting for almost one month for just one brush.....
Milk and Cookies
Milk and Cookies - 12 hours ago
Scott should definately start a youtube channel, he's got such a great personality and is like so good at makeup
Sameena Arr
Sameena Arr - 12 hours ago
“Do you have haters? I don’t!” 😂😂😂😂
Elisa Tambunga
Elisa Tambunga - 13 hours ago
Omg 😲 ! You’re Jlos twin Tati !!!! Scott is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! Holy dang he is a true artist!
Marinars - 14 hours ago
wow he is a genius
Elena Pana
Elena Pana - 14 hours ago
So inspiring this video makes me wna do makeup more and again ❤️❤️
Abby Cedano
Abby Cedano - 15 hours ago
lets get crazy
BlazerGirl16 - 15 hours ago
I feel like Tati cried when she had to finally remove her makeup
JWM - 15 hours ago
Love this❤
Yaman Maani
Yaman Maani - 16 hours ago
Can anyone tell me please what is the brush he used to lay down the concealer??
Phoebe Adalid
Phoebe Adalid - 17 hours ago
Gorge!!! 😍😍😍
I love your technique Scott B. You are the master of make up OMG !! 🤗😍
Sharmina Islam
Sharmina Islam - 18 hours ago
I really wanted to see how he blends the contour on her nose 😏😭
Europeanskies - 18 hours ago
his voice reminds of the honeybagder dont care video
Artemis and Kitsune
Artemis and Kitsune - 19 hours ago
He kinda reminds me of my art teacher tbh. Idk it might just be the painter background, but he explained things like an artist and kept stepping back/checking the monitor to see how everything looked. Also using the same brush for fifty different things is totally a painter move lol.
Tia Edmonds
Tia Edmonds - 20 hours ago
im sure his name isn't jlos makeup artist sis.
rebeca cruz
rebeca cruz - 20 hours ago
Loooooove this❤️ best video on YouTube
Miranda Warner
Miranda Warner - 20 hours ago
I love him, he’s down to earth and funny unlike most celebrity makeup artist
Shante Bryant
Shante Bryant - 20 hours ago
I really enjoyed this video. Scott did an amazing job
Abbey Norton
Abbey Norton - 20 hours ago
WOW. He has rocked my world. Amazing artist and funny, real person it seems to boot!
Meet Them Mondays
Meet Them Mondays - 21 hour ago
AChickNamedSteve Smith
AChickNamedSteve Smith - 21 hour ago
I love this video. You're not just watching him do a girl's makeup, you're watching him paint his canvas.
VENICE RAMOS - 21 hour ago
"sometimes you see really bad nose contour and it looks like they're behind bars." lol
OMG 👍👍👍
Chantel Wensley
Chantel Wensley - 21 hour ago
I agree, I’ve always contoured under foundation... when I wear make up ( which is rarely) and I’m an esthetician...anyways I am also a painter, so funny connection there !
Jacey Metchewais
Jacey Metchewais - 21 hour ago
Also....... she has a very Kate Beckinsale look.
Jacey Metchewais
Jacey Metchewais - 21 hour ago
I’m so ashamed that this is my first time watching one of her videos. Omg. She’s amazing. Is she always like this? Ima go find out and watch more of her videos and see if I’m right. I kinda love her after this. She doesn’t seem as phoney as the other beauty gurus that do videos with celebrity make up people.... ya I’m shading Jaclyn Hill 👀👀👀
Sunmeet Kaur
Sunmeet Kaur - 22 hours ago
He is a great makeup artist. I have never seen anyone do makeup so effortlessly. Its like he is painting on a canvas. He knows how to utilize his brushes because of his background in fine arts
Keira Jones
Keira Jones - 22 hours ago
Did he seem stuck up to anyone else or was it just me lol. It felt like he was constantly bragging about something. Like ok we get it.
dragonlovesmakeup - 23 hours ago
I really love this video and Scott is fun, kind, amazing, and extremely artistic, full of knowledge in make up artistry. I learned so.much, and thanks Tati for bringing him in your Channel.
shannn - 23 hours ago
that foundation shade range tho...
Chantal Chantal
Chantal Chantal - 23 hours ago
Recreate this with Sephora brand makeup before the VIB sale!
Renata Thompson
Renata Thompson - Day ago
He’s amazing!!!
Katie Katelyn
Katie Katelyn - Day ago
Daddy 😍
A.G. Degollado
A.G. Degollado - Day ago
Damn he's amazing. Damn tati has like perfect skin.
Kayley Meredith
Kayley Meredith - Day ago
That Neutrogena spray is all I use, but mine is spf70+ because I'm pale in a way that usually only comes shortly before death.
alyxskyler - Hour ago
Kayley Meredith 💕
Kayley Meredith
Kayley Meredith - Hour ago
+alyxskyler the SPF, mostly...since I only go out in full sun every other year during my beach vacation lest I burst into flames. I feel the shocking paleness of my skin is glow enough seeing as you can literally see my skin in the dark. Even the spf70+ isn't always enough though. Summer of 2017 I ended up with severe 2nd degree burns and blisters more than an inch high that required hospitalization because I stayed an extra hour in the ocean on the last day without reapplying. It's hard having the pigmentation of a medium skinned albino.
alyxskyler - Hour ago
This made me chuckle 😂. Do you use it for the “glow” or just for the spf?
Kayley Meredith
Kayley Meredith - Day ago
But how do you get your neck and chest AND back of the neck the same color??
Angelica Calderon
Angelica Calderon - Day ago
I literally used to contour first before foundation. I don’t know why I changed it.!
Cosmic kitty
Cosmic kitty - Day ago
This guy just made me rethink everything i thought i knew about makeup
yolo hernandez
yolo hernandez - Day ago
Well my oh my he is the Greatest ALLmightYYY!!!!!!💜🤩
Jessie Martin
Jessie Martin - Day ago
Cute, funny video, he is good and you look awesome Tati!
Missy Rogers
Missy Rogers - Day ago
omg it's Tati's actual skin tone
Tara Jade Brown
Tara Jade Brown - Day ago
It's amazing what Scott does, really, it is, but - Tati has a perfect, most symmetrical face. How can you go wrong there? I think every makeup would look stunning on her...
abby weaver
abby weaver - Day ago
You have haters? Yep sure do. Oh I don’t 🤣🤣🤣
Spongie 113
Spongie 113 - Day ago
You look so shocked I love it and gurl he is killing u rite now u look amazing...
abby weaver
abby weaver - Day ago
Are we gonna talk about how perfect Scott’s skin is and how he literally used Tati’s face as an actual canvas🙌🏼🙌🏼
unicornenthusiast - Day ago
So damned pretty 😍
Mematheone - Day ago
How tf did he blend out that nose contour I NEED to know
Angela Todd
Angela Todd - Day ago
"I thought you had gas." Scott is literally be whenever someone makes a weird noise.
Mj Ghahary
Mj Ghahary - Day ago
i just threw up in my mouth watching this
Darkness Inside
Darkness Inside - Day ago
I need him in my life omg
w.w.w w.w.w
w.w.w w.w.w - Day ago
Pola Lobitan
Pola Lobitan - Day ago
I have rewatched it over and over 👌
Jill Ruben
Jill Ruben - Day ago
OMG Tati you have never looked so glam! Great canvas though. WOW. A movie star.
I can NOT stop watching this man at work!!! Mastery!!!!!!
Zh Merr
Zh Merr - Day ago
I want to see Tati's is there makeup there???
Bibi Somar
Bibi Somar - Day ago
Saw the video last night. Clicked on today just to comment that this makeup is a masterpiece!! Perfect combo of natural beauty + incredible talent!!
jenna bean
jenna bean - Day ago
The color range in his foundation is crazy. Where's the rest ? You would think for 22 years of makeup he would have some knowlege of today world.
Dayana Bracho
Dayana Bracho - Day ago
Sienna Joena
Sienna Joena - Day ago
Okay but can we talk about how he spent unedited at least 30 minutes on skin alone. Wow this man is literal God
Amanda Girvan
Amanda Girvan - Day ago
What a talent, so impressive
Ester Romero
Ester Romero - Day ago
lilacfla - Day ago
Tati skin is so clear and beautifulll
Freak Treat
Freak Treat - Day ago
why don’t you do a full face of avon ???
Shareena Nog Iets
Shareena Nog Iets - Day ago
Wow. He’s sexy.
Rosalind - Day ago
JffY PL048
JffY PL048 - Day ago
he is a Turk
Amy Fischer
Amy Fischer - Day ago
I mean WOW....that really is the JLO glow!!! Stunning. Really did make the beautiful from within come out. Truly stunning.
Sinahi Lagunas
Sinahi Lagunas - Day ago
Omg when I first started doing my makeup at 15 I would contour exactly like him!! I thought I was crazy 😂
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