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Ashley Ortega
Ashley Ortega - Hour ago
This is literally my favorite video of all time and I can not stop watching it. OMG. Tati and Scott, work!!
Little Mimine
Little Mimine - Hour ago
evet poll
evet poll - 3 hours ago
Omg beautiful 💕💕💕💕
Monica Quiroga
Monica Quiroga - 7 hours ago
The code isnt working for me .. does it not work anymore?
kat kovtunova
kat kovtunova - 11 hours ago
This video is just wow!! I don't wear make up. But this made me want to buy all of his products.
Emelia Jane
Emelia Jane - 16 hours ago
How professional he is. He did very good job bcz i am fell in love
Britney Miranda
Britney Miranda - 17 hours ago
Michele M
Michele M - 21 hour ago
Rebecca Darmanin
Rebecca Darmanin - 23 hours ago
It's crazy comparing YouTube MUAs and actual PROFESSIONAL MUAs. It's so classy and elegant and just WOW
Rebecca Darmanin
Rebecca Darmanin - 23 hours ago
I thought tati was Kim kardashian at the beginning 😂😂😂
Letty P
Letty P - Day ago
Omg!!! Thank you for doing this!!! I loved all of it!!! Love the tips!!
La perche
La perche - Day ago
Amazing ❣️
Max Gio
Max Gio - Day ago
Definitely buying his stuff.... hes soo humble cant wait to play with his makeup
Keshia Williams
Keshia Williams - Day ago
I so want him to do my makeup. Tati u look gorgeous
Juanita Rios
Juanita Rios - Day ago
Omg what did he put on her chest is to die for!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Miah Lessner
Miah Lessner - Day ago
Who else was laughing at 13:00
Ciara Diamond
Ciara Diamond - Day ago
I can tell he has a fine arts background... he’s incredible! He’s literally painting her like a portrait. Amazing talent
Michelle White
Michelle White - Day ago
He is amazing and a true artist!
Thúy Vân Trần Ngọc
tati. What do you recommend about contour on drugstore?
Danila Damaris
Danila Damaris - 3 days ago
Incredible work!
Stephanie Pencil
Stephanie Pencil - 3 days ago
The code didn’t work on the website for the 20% off his products 😔 I must have missed the window!
Fedelita Obena
Fedelita Obena - 3 days ago
Lol when he says "AAAAHHH NO"
maria gkialpis
maria gkialpis - 3 days ago
Scott Barnes is an ICON
tracie taylor
tracie taylor - 3 days ago
He is amazing her look is beautiful, will be looking for his make up line, can't wait.
Malwina Biel
Malwina Biel - 3 days ago
He is a real artist. He is like a painter, creating in impressionism. Btw he absolutelly change my way of thinking about make up. Kisses from Poland ❤️
Jenna Rose
Jenna Rose - 3 days ago
I bet he is the sweetest man I've ever seen
Nevy Sanz
Nevy Sanz - 3 days ago
TATI: can you come over every day? 😄
Kimmy Kipgen
Kimmy Kipgen - 3 days ago
He's biting his straw flat 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dallas Tausch
Dallas Tausch - 4 days ago
Just went to a JLo concert and did this makeup look on myself. Got so many compliments! It was also an Amazing concert!
Sammie Hightower
Sammie Hightower - 4 days ago
This video is literally perfect. LOVE TATI. LOVE SCOTT BARNES. 😍
Jael Verdugo
Jael Verdugo - 4 days ago
Me encantó el videoooo 😍😍😍😍
pam edwards
pam edwards - 4 days ago
It would be great to see Scott line a hooded eye
Good Boy
Good Boy - 4 days ago
Wondering where Kim K got her body foundation idea from hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
christilfn - 4 days ago
Omg! This is absolutly stunning! Another thing is is Scott is my spirit twin lol. I am realizing I do so many things similar as a makeup artist that he does that I've always thought was unique to myself. So inspiring!
smsararosy86 - 4 days ago
I want jlo on ur channel! Love both of you!!!!!
Ната Принцесса
The coolest cool ever. Love Love Love
Tammy Meads
Tammy Meads - 4 days ago
Could I do this for prom or is this just tv makeipV
bee freee
bee freee - 5 days ago
Looks so gorgeous 😀
Daisy Sims
Daisy Sims - 5 days ago
You look like Vanessa Williams
APRIL LENTZ - 5 days ago
I now want ALL his brushes! And will be trying some of his new tricks I learned! So esSiTed!
Brynn Walters
Brynn Walters - 5 days ago
OMG!!! I heard all the hype on this video and had to see what was up. TATI!! You're gorgeous 😍 love you so much 😘
Alexz - 5 days ago
Whats the blue brush brand in 13:35
Stacy Caffarella
Stacy Caffarella - 5 days ago
So funny...he’s referring to the mid to late 90s in Hawaii. Bronzed Coin was my staple lipstick back in those days then it was discontinued around 99-2000.
司聖 - 5 days ago
Какое же у неё декольте!
Arthur_Rezi - 5 days ago
I really wanted one of the lashes to be named Tati
TraceyOfficial - 5 days ago
I have Tati's voice on in the background while i work, its the best kind of easy listening.
Pia Hellgren
Pia Hellgren - 5 days ago
Tati looks younger as well with this makeup.
Dutch-ess Jess
Dutch-ess Jess - 5 days ago
I keep coming back to these Scott videos, they’re so amazing 💕
Nastasha B
Nastasha B - 5 days ago
the amount of times I said "wow" throughout the video.......


TINA 114
TINA 114 - 5 days ago
Regine Lopez
Regine Lopez - 5 days ago
this is my favorite make up tutorial of all time like I cannot even explain how shook I am
zoraya ll
zoraya ll - 5 days ago
S P - 6 days ago
You still are a painter, the only difference is the canvas.
Deisy Favela
Deisy Favela - 6 days ago
Neutrogena should pay him just bc of him I’m going to go buy the sunscreen
Jocelyn Rodriguez
Jocelyn Rodriguez - 6 days ago
This was amazing! Totally different than what we’re used to seeing on here. I wonder if real makeup artists laugh at how you tubers apply their makeup.
degust sweets
degust sweets - 6 days ago
In love
Marc Zapanta
Marc Zapanta - 6 days ago
You legit look like j lo, omg 🥰🥰😍😍😍😍
Gordy Stanfield
Gordy Stanfield - 6 days ago
you both are gorgeous
Urban Wire Media Network
Sexy daddy bear 😍😍😛😛🤤🤤🤤
Victoria R
Victoria R - 6 days ago
I keep watching this video. Just love it.
Eve Louise
Eve Louise - 7 days ago
So I had to look how much he charges to do someone’s makeup and it’s only $500. I would 💯 save up $500 so I could see how he would transform me! 😍
Safina Adam
Safina Adam - 4 days ago
Eve Louise I did the exact same thing🙈I’d fly him over here cos damnnnn that man has talent
Amanda Lopez
Amanda Lopez - 7 days ago
He is so amazing I love himmmmm he did your makeup so beautiful!!! You guys have good on screen chemistry!!
Hope411 - 7 days ago
Months later and I’m still watching this video OVER AND OVER!!!
Amanda Lopez
Amanda Lopez - 7 days ago
Omg Scott barns is a handsome hunk of a man !!!!! Omg 😮
Nissa Boo
Nissa Boo - 7 days ago
On pointtt definitely going to be using some of these products for my kit
annnnawhite - 7 days ago
I would murder a man for Tatis collarbone
daisy stamps
daisy stamps - 7 days ago
Clavicle clavicle give me clavicle 😂🙌🏻
Gen bélisle
Gen bélisle - 7 days ago
Scott... Scott.... SCOOTTTTTT PLEASE DO MY MAKE UP!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Life of Liv
Life of Liv - 7 days ago
this video is going to make me broke...i want every product!
travis skot
travis skot - 7 days ago
Scott should do a makeup on catherine paiz, who aggrees?
Victoria R
Victoria R - 7 days ago
His site does not recognize the TATI20 discount.
Garn Walker
Garn Walker - 7 days ago
So over Tati.
Melisa Espinosa
Melisa Espinosa - 7 days ago
I looove Scott!!!
M P - 7 days ago
I wish that 20% off code still worked!
Nikki George
Nikki George - 7 days ago
Thank God that I'm not the only one that hates the ombre brows!! This whole look is so flipping gorgeous!!!
Frida Kotur
Frida Kotur - 7 days ago
Emily Rose
Emily Rose - 7 days ago
0:01 and 0:10 look at the skin difference😂
Isabel - 7 days ago
He did Tati make-up look FLAWLESS... he did her make-up & it looked like a professional photo shoot session was about to take place for some make-up brand ..,. He really is a true artist 👨🏻‍🎨 What he does is Art 🖼 & people are his canvases ... wow
Vered Hellenbrand
Vered Hellenbrand - 7 days ago
That was Amazing! Such a beautiful makeup!
vindab06 - 7 days ago
He is AMAZING and you look beautiful!!!!!!!
ShortyCares48 - 7 days ago
.... is it just me or does scotts glasses look broke at some angles?
Rabiah Rasul
Rabiah Rasul - 7 days ago
I came back just to find out what that neutrogena spray was
jiwonB0BBY kim
jiwonB0BBY kim - 7 days ago
i really need another unboxing i love you tati
piiia c
piiia c - 7 days ago
i like how he did the brows... not on fleek like thick and dark and just bam! it is gorgeeeeous!!!!!
piiia c
piiia c - 7 days ago
i like how he did the brows... not on fleek like thick and dark and just bam! it is gorgeeeeous!!!!!
miss thickthighs
miss thickthighs - 8 days ago
I looooooove him!!! I'm buying everything here!!
thank you Scott Barnes!
Ali Sneed
Ali Sneed - 8 days ago
I want to see Scott actually paint !! I’ve watched this video multiple times bc I love just watching how he applies makeup and watching his hands !!!!
Babe Willis
Babe Willis - 8 days ago
Wait But When Did We Do The Nose
LeahMorin - 8 days ago
This is so instructive!! It is really interesting listening to his tips and seeing his techniques. I NEED more videos like this!!!
Esther A.
Esther A. - 8 days ago
I love Scott as a guest! Please keep bringing him back!! :) Learned so much and already ordered my brushes.
MakeupwithPreet - 8 days ago
I’m so sad😔 I was waiting for the SB brushes to be in stock so I can use the code but it’s saying invalid code😭 Please Tati, tell me I can still get those beautiful brushes with the code!! BTW LOVE your guys vidoes together and you are so beautiful
MakeupwithPreet - 8 days ago
Ok, just realized I was reaaallly late on watching this video😬😬
Nidhi B
Nidhi B - 8 days ago
Never have I seen a man who's the combination of dad and daddy😂😂🙌❤❤
Dalia Hussain
Dalia Hussain - 8 days ago
He is literally drawing tati😍😍😍
arli chal
arli chal - 8 days ago
I should have watched this before I tryed to turn my light skinned classmate into Jimi Hendrix
miranda heath
miranda heath - 9 days ago
The discount code doesn’t work anymore. :(
Mimi Meyers
Mimi Meyers - 9 days ago
I have noticed your more noticeably 🍊!!!
Luisa Estrada
Luisa Estrada - 9 days ago
I went to Mexico and I missed this video thank God lol I'm able to see it now lol love the look and I love the makeup artist jlo had God bless both of hu ou
MakeupByCovi - 9 days ago
Omg this guy is so funny
Liza Ali Makeup Artist
Liza Ali Makeup Artist - 9 days ago
great video ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Five Lying Bitches
Five Lying Bitches - 9 days ago
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