What Does SPENDING $500 On NBA 2K19 Packs Get You?

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JSR - 6 months ago
Hey! Its Jesser if you want to see more content from me i also uploaded on my second channel JSR today - Worlds hottest wings challenge click me to check it out! :p
Lucas R
Lucas R - 7 days ago
NOMORE OF - 19 days ago
Jesse can you plz add me and give me a Anthony Davis in 2k20plz
Nakesha High
Nakesha High - 22 days ago
Jesser is a shoter in 2hype
DR. Pineapple
DR. Pineapple - 4 months ago
# I heart humphrey
Zeyzey C
Zeyzey C - Day ago
Ur got trash at the start cause ur on ps4
Dank Memer69
Dank Memer69 - 4 days ago
“Kevin porter jr” ok buddy
Lucas R
Lucas R - 7 days ago
Can i have de'aren fox
NOMORE OF - 19 days ago
Jesse plz can you add me and give me a Anthony Davis plz
HOOD RATZ - 25 days ago
Jesser: pulls 4 galaxy opals
Also Jesser: Do you think it was worth it?
Me: happy about pulling 78 trae young
Gabriel Clark
Gabriel Clark - Month ago
That’s nothing compared to troydan
Evan Provo
Evan Provo - Month ago
KEVIN PORTER JR. lolololololololol🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nero Nathaniel Urbano
Nero Nathaniel Urbano - Month ago
whats the song in 14:44
Avery Wilson-Hannah
Avery Wilson-Hannah - Month ago
You shook up the dog bruh
Dhilan Gaming Channel
Dhilan Gaming Channel - Month ago
I’m the time that it is I played the old game which was the one your playing now and pulled opal luka first pack and it was a generation next
Danny Adam
Danny Adam - Month ago
No that’s the fuking problem y’all too retarded and stupid sheep are littered destroying gaming this game is FUCKING 3 and UP and kids are gonna get addicted to gambling but y’all too stupid and are dumb corporate sheep!
Julian Roszka
Julian Roszka - 2 months ago
Images saying you love your dog because he pulled a good pack in a video game
Josh Johnson
Josh Johnson - 2 months ago
Everyone knows that Kevin Porter Jr. Is otto porter jr's cousin.
Ya Boy Hobbs
Ya Boy Hobbs - 2 months ago
I have opened 2 of these packs, got lonzo and d Fox pink diamond
Tillmann FTW
Tillmann FTW - 2 months ago
Humphrey a better pack opener than u jesser
Trev Buckley
Trev Buckley - 2 months ago
Could’ve just bought Michael porter jr lol
Moosoe Wah x
Moosoe Wah x - 2 months ago
Humphrey and your mom is good luck
josh ThisIsStupid
josh ThisIsStupid - 2 months ago
Ok dude... I stopped your video at the 5 second mark to tell you that if you spent 500 dollars on 2k19 then you're a fucking idiot and a true cancer to the gaming community!!! Get the fuck out of the gaming world!!!
Omer Osman
Omer Osman - 2 months ago
i put my sound to 0 and i could STILL hear him screaming
Rhyan GonzaleZ
Rhyan GonzaleZ - 3 months ago
Troydan spends 10,000 dollars on the game
A2O_RYaN - 3 months ago
Only OGs Remember Orange Headband
Nimtron900 Gaming
Nimtron900 Gaming - 3 months ago
Mommy’s boy 🤣
Sb Clan
Sb Clan - 3 months ago
Shut up you scream to much
Raheem Hussain
Raheem Hussain - 3 months ago
You spend 500 pfffttt Troy spends about 2K a week
THuncho - 3 months ago
5000 subscribers with no Videos
If you want to now what you get watch a troydan pack opening
The Bench
The Bench - 3 months ago
2:56 is my favorite part
Jesser: Is that Luka.
Me: Scratch butt
Me: Who else could it be Jesse.
Giraffe Gang
Giraffe Gang - 3 months ago
Jesse had a boner when he first pulled luka
SpartaGio - 3 months ago
Kevin porter jr
Atomic 322
Atomic 322 - 3 months ago
Did anyone else here that rocket league song in there
Missy Williams
Missy Williams - 3 months ago
I got him with 25 dollars
Cooper Lehman
Cooper Lehman - 3 months ago
How can it be slippery on a carpet?
Sebastian Ramirez
Sebastian Ramirez - 3 months ago
do no money spent
Color TV
Color TV - 3 months ago
Micheal porter jr is the only generation next
Only1Nicole - 3 months ago
Sorry for headphone users🤣
J. Swizzle 808
J. Swizzle 808 - 3 months ago
Jesser: Spending $500 on packs

Troydan: *hold my beer*
westbrick - 3 months ago
It gets you the feeling of stupidity cause you’re giving 2k what they want
Shifty.skittels - 3 months ago
If I had 500 I will spend it on chick-fil-A and more clothes
Brenden Darrah
Brenden Darrah - 3 months ago
Best vid ever
Owen Steck
Owen Steck - 3 months ago
A cow with no legs is called steak
Cod for life Sage Dah
Cod for life Sage Dah - 3 months ago
After seeing Troydan struggle so much on this and he gets two...I honestly feel bad for troy.
Yoru - 3 months ago
When you realize his card was actually good when you pulled and played with his card
boxing king
boxing king - 3 months ago
kevin porter jr. LMAO
Cody Crawford
Cody Crawford - 3 months ago
Probably Kevin porter Jr isnt reall
Chittaranjan Vinayak
Chittaranjan Vinayak - 3 months ago
you are an idiotic freak
jaba nanac
jaba nanac - 3 months ago
Amethyst marvin bagley lowkey play like a pd
Haley Nicole
Haley Nicole - 3 months ago
its so cute that he had to tell his mom who he got!
Landon Owen
Landon Owen - 3 months ago
i live at 4515 ohio
Landon Owen
Landon Owen - 3 months ago
i am a big fan
Landon Owen
Landon Owen - 3 months ago
can you give me one of your 2 hype jersys
Delson Droog
Delson Droog - 3 months ago
Literally he said Kevin porter jr the whole time
BISCUITtheDOG - 3 months ago
Now trae young is so expensive
Lil KB
Lil KB - 3 months ago
Jesser: packs open so fast
2k servers one week later: so about that
Trash Can Man
Trash Can Man - 4 months ago
Troydan is the test rat
Yadiel xd
Yadiel xd - 4 months ago
Hydro Smiley
Hydro Smiley - 4 months ago
At this moment he knew he pulled the rarest card in the game which is trae you g
Flite Boi
Flite Boi - 4 months ago
Do spending 1k on 2k packs
Darrius Allison
Darrius Allison - 4 months ago
Everyone go look at 6:12 to 6:18 on the video
Joshua Argo
Joshua Argo - 4 months ago
You mean Michael Porter Jr.?
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