Tfue & Cloakzy React To The *NEW* YOUNGEST FAZE MEMBER EVER! (FaZe H1ghSky) Fortnite EPIC Moments

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Fortnite Funny
Fortnite Funny - Month ago
This Kid is DEFINITELY going Places! And if you didn't already know H1ghSky, be prepared to see A LOT more of him in the Fortnite Community! Congrats Little Guy!
exc Vybz ツ
exc Vybz ツ - 21 day ago
Fortnite Funny he’s 13 not 9 years old
Speranza - 25 days ago
BroncosCards18 he’s 13
Ethxn M
Ethxn M - 26 days ago
Fortnite Funny apparently he’s 10
Salvador Duran
Salvador Duran - 26 days ago
Fortnite Funny hi I am a big fan
Gami Landeros
Gami Landeros - 26 days ago
Fortnite Funny lil peep :)))
RMG_ Reaxtion
RMG_ Reaxtion - 14 hours ago
Why does he say mama like that in 2:13
Dagger Agger
Dagger Agger - Day ago
He is so cute😮😣😊😉
mechahougui faycal
mechahougui faycal - 3 days ago
2.53 one of them says he is literally 12
NottsNinja - 3 days ago
Lol he’s so cute 😂
Benjamin Warren
Benjamin Warren - 4 days ago
He’s 11
Daddyio oo
Daddyio oo - 4 days ago
Aw he’s a lil tear up when his brother said 😭😂
lolis pizza
lolis pizza - 5 days ago
thumbnail: he's only 9!
actual video: in today's video, a very talented *13* year old fortnite streamer was sent a letter from faze clan and decided to read it on stream
shinobi of hope
shinobi of hope - 6 days ago
Hussein Khalil
Hussein Khalil - 7 days ago
Wer deutsch ist soll liken
Cloakatious - 8 days ago
“He’s 9 years old!” literally these channels give me aids
Elijah De La Cruz
Elijah De La Cruz - 10 days ago
He looks like he's 5 ^-^
Alvaro y jesika Centeno
Alvaro y jesika Centeno - 11 days ago
Lol he 13 get the thumbnail right
81eastie - 11 days ago
*11 years old
100,000 Subs No Vidsヅ
100,000 Subs No Vidsヅ - 12 days ago
Pls tell me the outro music
Hayden & Ryan vlogs
Hayden & Ryan vlogs - 13 days ago
Use me as mongrasal is a bot button
Central Intelligence Agency
So hes only allowed to play rated E games competitively?😂
PvPbeasT :l
PvPbeasT :l - 17 days ago
Thiss squeeker ir overrated
NRG Rylee
NRG Rylee - 17 days ago
FaZe h1ghsky1: I’m the youngest FaZe member.
FaZe baby: hold my cupcake 🧁
Gaming Donkaaay
Gaming Donkaaay - 18 days ago
Faze clan: h1ghsk1 is the youngest faze members
Faze baby: am I a joke to you 🤨
Jeremized - 18 days ago
You Lin pro club penguin player
lIlICupsIlIl - 18 days ago
what’s the outdo song
Mr Zippy
Mr Zippy - 18 days ago
He talks like he’s 8
SIDI MOHAMED - 19 days ago
mikey lane
mikey lane - 19 days ago
Tony Pepperoni
Tony Pepperoni - 19 days ago
he does not look like a 13 years old
Devin Stone
Devin Stone - 20 days ago
Lol Cristians laugh in the background, know this lil dude since he was in diapers and know he can beat me in video games. Crazy.
Nick The Man
Nick The Man - 20 days ago
It’s a shame he is getting dropped because he was exposed to only be 11 yrs old
Haki Kasapi
Haki Kasapi - 21 day ago
He is 13 years old
i am replying cause i am a faggot and
Does he know ricegum is also kind of a part of faze and he is imitating iddubz in his disstrack LMAO
Gamer Idronplayz
Gamer Idronplayz - 22 days ago
Wait, he is 13, but in the thumbnail it shows cloak very clearly saying "He's 9!". Explain yourself
ツGravity - 20 days ago
Gamer Idronplayz the thumbnail guy messed up
ZRAX 55 - 22 days ago
Wtf that kid is so cute
MOAB Plays
MOAB Plays - 22 days ago
apex is still the shortest faze members
Maybe somebody broke his ball with a heavy snipe I dunno
Too Ez4U
Too Ez4U - 22 days ago
ERROR乡 SINAN - 22 days ago
pRo TiPs crouch to stop flint knock kickback
He Vapes
He Vapes - 22 days ago
2:09 *tries to be funny*

Nah but fr talk good nob to this kid
He Vapes
He Vapes - 22 days ago
Bruh i like this kid bht his voice gets a bit annoying after a while
Big booty Judy
Big booty Judy - 23 days ago
I feel like there using this poor kid for content
StressedTB - 23 days ago
He can barely read lol
Odinyoda channel
Odinyoda channel - 23 days ago
Ninja says theres no prove that he was saying stuff. theres none when you supposaly get stream snipe lol
Adrian Garcia
Adrian Garcia - 23 days ago
I hate highsky
Shahir - 23 days ago
I love how the thumbnail of tfue has 2 different reactions to it
SOCCERboy12330 hi
SOCCERboy12330 hi - 23 days ago
Imagine showing up at school when your in faze
CruzCatz - 23 days ago
36 kills ? 4:00
MySTiC_cLaNcY H1ghSky1’s #1 Fan
I love H1ghSky1!
xD xD
xD xD - 23 days ago
He is 13
Wyatt Hendy-Smith
Wyatt Hendy-Smith - 24 days ago
Feels good to be in the faze clan.
Agent Milton
Agent Milton - 24 days ago
It’s says in the thumbnail he is 9 but in the video he is 13 wtf??
Zakiya Begum
Zakiya Begum - 24 days ago
He’s not 9 he is 13 he said in a YouTube video
Jimatron15 - 18 days ago
He is 11 but they have to say 13 for legal purposes
Exotiic Papa
Exotiic Papa - 24 days ago
Nickmercs is bald lol
TheCrackGames :v
TheCrackGames :v - 24 days ago
Dawn Redmond
Dawn Redmond - 24 days ago
It says he is 9 on the thumbnail lol he is 13
Bawz - 24 days ago
He’s definetly not 13
Parallel GxIc3y
Parallel GxIc3y - 24 days ago
Slappie: *punches cheese it box 69 times*
ToxicAyo - 24 days ago
Parallel GxIc3y Hey! I’m just gonna be honest, I’m very underrated and would like some subs ❤️ Help Would Be Appreciated 😁
Hayaam irfan
Hayaam irfan - 24 days ago
Congratulations goin into the faze clan
Romaric Guilbert
Romaric Guilbert - 24 days ago
He is 11
Clashers Of Glory
Clashers Of Glory - 24 days ago
If he’s nine he can’t join faze and be paid on twitch
Jason Guzman
Jason Guzman - 24 days ago
What the hell is the intro 🤮
Propaganda Boi
Propaganda Boi - 24 days ago
Good for him
Nicky Burns
Nicky Burns - 24 days ago
Gg dude
Gael Garcia
Gael Garcia - 24 days ago
I'm 13 this kid looks 8
The World
The World - 24 days ago
Lol i hope i get there i am 10 tho, Lol😂🤧
sniper 97
sniper 97 - 24 days ago
How sweet from the faze clan!!!😍😉👍💪
Andrew Joyce
Andrew Joyce - 24 days ago
8:16 “Drake all summer 18’” 😂
Heheheo Lol
Heheheo Lol - 25 days ago
This kid is 13? He looks and sounds 6
JustSipping MyTea
JustSipping MyTea - 25 days ago
He's 13?
Doushi Turner
Doushi Turner - 25 days ago
Maybe if our parents were supportive we could do that 😔
FallDeAdShOt1 dream
FallDeAdShOt1 dream - 25 days ago
yo true u wanna join faze i’m a good controller player plz i be grinding
Keegan Parris
Keegan Parris - 25 days ago
Kid should be outside 😪
Nicky - 25 days ago
How come when tfue was asked about highsky he goes “Oh it’s dope” but when he was asked about Sway joining he said “Idc lol I don’t know who he is”
Don’t Worry
Don’t Worry - 21 day ago
Nicky ikr it’s actually sad and I feel kind of bad for away
Roccompany - 25 days ago
Faze baby anyone
mobile gameplays709
mobile gameplays709 - 25 days ago
He’s actually 11
Dulce Pacheco
Dulce Pacheco - 25 days ago
Highskigh is 13
Aziqo - 25 days ago
He’s 13 and can’t pronounce los angelos
Aiden Loesch
Aiden Loesch - 25 days ago
Ninja is the Cringeist person alive
Sejiboi 2
Sejiboi 2 - 25 days ago
Can I get a rip for his grades now that he will just play fortnite
Marah Masri
Marah Masri - 25 days ago
I mean HXTZ
Marah Masri
Marah Masri - 25 days ago
I am confused too HZTX
Swift Frost
Swift Frost - 25 days ago
this guy 10-12 for SURE
Henry Yt
Henry Yt - 25 days ago
Sorry I have not been making any videos
Henry Yt
Henry Yt - 25 days ago
CadenTheKiller - 25 days ago
So is he 9 or 13 or 10 like every video is different
Jimatron15 - 18 days ago
He is actually 11
PremeBooy - 25 days ago
Hes 13 ???
He Looks Like 9
EliteAssasin_ 08
EliteAssasin_ 08 - 25 days ago
Love you H1GHSKY
ya Bro Gaming
ya Bro Gaming - 25 days ago
I’m 13 there’s no way people like this are 13 just saying no hate
PCguyBen - 25 days ago
He is not 13 people! Stop lying to yourselves...
some_onesout -
some_onesout - - 25 days ago
Highsky is trash
WTF Videos
WTF Videos - 25 days ago
He just became the most popular kid in school!
ᴡᴀᴢᴇᴇツ - 25 days ago
He's 11
boosty1976 - 25 days ago
Anyone notice that on the thumbnail it said 9year old but he’s 13
The Last Scout [TLS]
The Last Scout [TLS] - 24 days ago
He is 9 years old, he can’t say it or else he will get banned from twitch
Ross Hewitt
Ross Hewitt - 25 days ago
Btw he is 13
Dj_4lpha 711
Dj_4lpha 711 - 25 days ago
Bruh what is it bruh is it really 9 or 13 or what he looks like hes 8 he sounds like hes 8 hes not even having voice cracks yet
Dalen Matney
Dalen Matney - 25 days ago
Is he still in schools
MONST3R 35 - 25 days ago
What about faze baby
White_Wolf - 25 days ago
This is actually sick
Kudo GrandMasterSniegz
Kudo GrandMasterSniegz - 25 days ago
He sounds so much younger than 13
piccd - 25 days ago
13 with that voice 😭😭🤣 he’s sick at the game but wtf he sounds 11
Jimatron15 - 18 days ago
He is 11 but they have to say 13 for legal purposes
Night Slayer
Night Slayer - 25 days ago
He is so cute
Dylan Lord
Dylan Lord - 25 days ago
Where is he from?
Kole Poncho
Kole Poncho - 25 days ago
This kid is definitely stupid just like the rest of these kids who do nothing but video games get a life people
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