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PC Trolling
PC Trolling - 19 hours ago
Even my bloody fetus can make better jokes than these people.
PixelBit420 - 21 hour ago
TBH, the 'Josh Used ASK OUT' post was pretty funny.
Gang Gang
Gang Gang - Day ago
2:04 r/woooosh it was sarcasm and you missed the joke
Pengy 05
Pengy 05 - Day ago
I honestly thought the results would be: 3 worms are drunk. One drowned.
Jason Du
Jason Du - 2 days ago
If “Snoop Dog” would look nice is he a “Hot Dog” then?🤣🤣
Jason Du
Jason Du - 2 days ago
0:44 Is actually quite good. A new way to hit in my crush.
comrade zed
comrade zed - 2 days ago
Some of these joke can be better just if they didn't have minions in them
The amd tech bear
The amd tech bear - 2 days ago
Extra fries
I through you said

I cant come up with someting
Blue Sun
Blue Sun - 2 days ago
Exercise? I thought you said

We found some bodies in your fridge
The Random Channel
The Random Channel - 3 days ago
Exorsise? I thought you said

go on a genosidal rampage!
DogerZ - 3 days ago
i tought u said

u can no longer reply to this conversation
Yeet Creeper
Yeet Creeper - 3 days ago
1:50 it’s some retarded Indian guy who doesn’t know how to make jokes
Truly the future wifeu of Jhope
Not gonna lie the jokes got me in the first half

Plz dont r/comedycemetary me
Nznm Nznm
Nznm Nznm - 3 days ago
A Duck
A Duck - 3 days ago
Why is it sooooo hard to make a funny joke as a 13 year old.................
Milena Temerinac
Milena Temerinac - 3 days ago
The cringe level...
ITS OVER 9000!!!
Woop !
Woop ! - 4 days ago
Why did i laugh at the car one,
bradyaz1 - 4 days ago
i heard [redacted]
Tsu Spoup
Tsu Spoup - 4 days ago
ManBat is a fucken villain..
Bridget McGuire
Bridget McGuire - 4 days ago

😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑-_- 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
Find the difference...
UncleLarry - 4 days ago
im only laughing because of how bad the jokes are
Ryan - 4 days ago
Hitler breathed.
By breathing you are following him.
Therefore you may be a Nazi.

This is an example of something that would go in that Reddit.
Nemanja Nisic
Nemanja Nisic - 4 days ago
Soo.. i often watch your videos with a smile but now i -_-
Karen Left And Took The Kids
Well, then the ‘memes’ not being funny were on purpose It said that at the beginning
Nemanja Nisic
Nemanja Nisic - 4 days ago
@Karen Left And Took The Kids jokes but he is a cool guy
Karen Left And Took The Kids
Nemanja Nisic is it him or the jokes in the vid
lui gi
lui gi - 4 days ago
I like pizza
Edit:thanks for 1k likes
Karen Left And Took The Kids
lui gi I don’t know if this is a joke or not
Sam Ellis
Sam Ellis - 5 days ago
2:06 Is it just me who thinks that this is a wooosh
Shaggy - 5 days ago
Ive always use minions they didnt deserve this
Mihai Laurentiu
Mihai Laurentiu - 5 days ago
Is it bad that my parents would literally die of laughter from any of these..... f*** my life
Fr ida
Fr ida - 5 days ago
3:32 and they all clapped
Steve the Red Pikmin
Steve the Red Pikmin - 5 days ago
Ah yes, enslaved laughter.
Danielle Woods
Danielle Woods - 5 days ago
Supersonicfan 1
Supersonicfan 1 - 6 days ago
You reused that oxygen one
Oi - 6 days ago
Why did i laugh at the first joke? I need help
Mr Red
Mr Red - 6 days ago
why are these 90% made in india?
Astumpy Moose
Astumpy Moose - 7 days ago
2:10 every 60 seconds in Africa a minute passes
Faith Brosier
Faith Brosier - 7 days ago
Okay, the ManBat joke was kind of funny. 😂
Lycanroc Accelarock
Lycanroc Accelarock - 7 days ago
3:05 is the only moment where I’m not listening to what is my life
THeSuMmErOf2001 - 7 days ago
6:20 lmao. My friend has this framed in their bathroom
Dog Queen
Dog Queen - 8 days ago
*There's rain without thunder*
Human - 8 days ago
Hahahahaha! Those minion jokes are sooo funny!
D estrada
D estrada - 8 days ago
They may not be funny but there funny to me 😂, I Probably have weird sense of humor
Its yin jin
Its yin jin - 8 days ago
3:40 was atually pretty funny ngl
Its yin jin
Its yin jin - 8 days ago
Lots of these memes also make fun of women in the stupidest way
BlocksAndMines 507
BlocksAndMines 507 - 9 days ago
Jackson Roberts
Jackson Roberts - 9 days ago
At first I wondered why the minions were bad... I now know
•leo• - 10 days ago
Catarina Azevedo
Catarina Azevedo - 10 days ago
3:17 r/thatreallyhappended 😂
GachaNerdilicious - 10 days ago
what type of teenager marries a 61 year old woman
Kadenstu Hanako
Kadenstu Hanako - 8 days ago
*F•r•i•e•n•d•s has entered the chat*
MONIKA - 10 days ago
Every post on r/comedycemetery:
Me: not funny

Didnt laugh
SijaaSivakumar 9
SijaaSivakumar 9 - 10 days ago
1:59 that’s not r/comedycemetary

Thar’s r/comedyheaven
BlazingBlace - 10 days ago
How to *NOT* make a bad joke:
don't laugh to your own joke 😂😂😂
Ang HooiEng
Ang HooiEng - 11 days ago
Is it only me or 1:57 is actually funny
KillerShark Animations
KillerShark Animations - 11 days ago
3:12 r/thathappened
video maker miller
video maker miller - 11 days ago
I HATE it when people make fun of jokes
Victoria Plascencia
Victoria Plascencia - 11 days ago
2:18 wow this is exactly my mom and I when I’m in the middle of a Salmon Run shift on Splatoon 2
Ovais - 11 days ago
5:06 Logan and jake
JeffTheNick - 11 days ago
My friend's nickname is "HotDog" lol
Obis Van Ainobis
Obis Van Ainobis - 12 days ago
I kept a straight face through the whole video
Bts Is trash
Bts Is trash - 12 days ago
Bro all the kids trying to be funny on the youtube comments have kpop profile pictures. Seriously actually go to any dog channel or a vine compilation and you will see tons
Jasmine Butera
Jasmine Butera - 12 days ago
2:45 should be on r/imnotlikeothergirls
Hot Cocoa Howls
Hot Cocoa Howls - 12 days ago
I’m lucky that most of my family doesn’t find minions funny
Some random Woomy
Some random Woomy - 12 days ago
7:03 But... That's not how Encore works at all.
TheBlueDerp8 - 12 days ago
Am I the only one who laughs because of how stupid the jokes are?
Deciduous Decidueye
Deciduous Decidueye - 12 days ago
Elves use shortbread to make sandwiches
CCGamer9 - 12 days ago
ccgamer9.exe Has stopped working 0:50
ItzJosephRoth - 12 days ago
Maybe people can't write cuz they hate school so they skip it every day so they don't learn.
•sleepy Cactus•
•sleepy Cactus• - 12 days ago
The first one was okay
Warplane 334
Warplane 334 - 12 days ago
8:13 change the diaper idiot!
Noobmaster 420
Noobmaster 420 - 13 days ago
They can’t die if they where never funny. Stillborn memes.
Mega Charizard X
Mega Charizard X - 13 days ago
6:54 Hehehehehe........ Help I'm too much of a Pokemon fan
Denver Bajio
Denver Bajio - 14 days ago
_I actually chuckled_
Dylan Straghan
Dylan Straghan - 14 days ago
Car sad
Rainy Dayz
Rainy Dayz - 15 days ago
What did the drummer call his twin daughters?
Anna one, Anna two!

I bought a ceiling fan the other day.
Complete waste of money. He just stands there applauding and saying “Ooh, I love how smooth it is.”
just commenting
just commenting - 15 days ago
SᴜɴFʟøᴡᴇʀ - 15 days ago
Son: Dad? Can I watch these?
Me: Hm? Oh sure! What are they called?
Son: “Furry War I” and “Furry War II”.
Me: ...
Son: ...
Me: ...
Son: ...So yes or no?
Me: Son, go get your sister and brother. I need to explain something to you all.
Amiel Singo
Amiel Singo - 15 days ago
m i n i o n s
Darwin42 Official Channel
0:27 Technically it wouldn’t be a year ago it would be 5 minutes ago.
But it would still make sense to say “I ordered this last year” but not a year ago
Just a little nit pick that kinda bugged me
Burdie OwO
Burdie OwO - 16 days ago
2:08 that's not really false, since everyone does die at the end 🙁
Blake Badblazilla
Blake Badblazilla - 16 days ago
I’m sry but on the Robby part i was drinking water and then i
laughed and spat all my water out then all hell broke loose
sauveur suicidaire
sauveur suicidaire - 17 days ago
8:47 My name is Michael and I'm a trans guy who loves the office, i feel personally attacked right now
Samuel Anneken
Samuel Anneken - 17 days ago
I got impaled by a thorn have to get a tetanus shot
Gamen Snootdroop
Gamen Snootdroop - 17 days ago
To that worms one I would have responded: "Wow, they died! But we won't die outright. It's almost as if worms and humans have wildly different anatomy! Oh, and that worm is gonna drown."
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