JEFFREE STAR Jawbreaker Collection Review | NikkieTutorials

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NikkieTutorials - 3 months ago
emily artsy lover
emily artsy lover - 10 days ago
Coke Lily
Coke Lily - 14 days ago
Yes I loved them
karla fraijo
karla fraijo - 26 days ago
Nop i was not a fan of jawbreakers
Sequoia Melanson
Sequoia Melanson - 12 hours ago
4:46 hello with out moving lips
Angela Koch
Angela Koch - 14 hours ago
So pretty
Green Tea Sandwich
Green Tea Sandwich - 14 hours ago
You look amazing, holy crap you look like candy.
Diamond Ortiz
Diamond Ortiz - Day ago
"𝐅-𝐮-𝐜-𝐤 𝐢𝐬𝐧𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐢𝐞𝐬𝐭"

Well u dont say? Such a perfect name for a complex eye shadow. 😂
Gen Rose
Gen Rose - 5 days ago
I love this look so much, your outfit, accessories, the makeup and matching mirror !!
Adanma Emmanuel
Adanma Emmanuel - 6 days ago
TheTallGirlWTattoos - 8 days ago
Why do you remind me of princess peach from super Mario bros. 🤣😍😍♥️
Corrupt Disk
Corrupt Disk - 9 days ago
I wanna see someone use the yellow one grrrrrrr
Charity Johnson
Charity Johnson - 9 days ago
Nikkie you are giving me early Beyonce Check up on it vibes!!! Yass girl
Imani Gitau
Imani Gitau - 10 days ago
Don’t like the lip color
Ashley White
Ashley White - 10 days ago
Does anyone know what brush she’s using to apply bronzer??
Ella-quent - 12 days ago
Forget talented; my dear you are GIFTED!!❤
Christian Warner
Christian Warner - 13 days ago
Who’s here after Shane and jeffrees new series 🙋🏼‍♂️
Coke Lily
Coke Lily - 14 days ago
Nikki: F U C K
Florencia Ojeda
Florencia Ojeda - 15 days ago
i love your voice :3
Ghoste girl
Ghoste girl - 20 days ago
I'm calling out nikkie

Nikkie I love your makeup so much❤️ If you ever stopped making Makeup tutorials I would go insane ngl anyways have a good day,night,afternoon,morning
Amy Ruiz Perez
Amy Ruiz Perez - 22 days ago
I am loving all of this pink🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗GORG🤤 and that pink lipstick 😱😍😍😍
Lizzy Sounik
Lizzy Sounik - 23 days ago
That pigmenttttttttt
las aventuras de orty & kimby vlogs
Me has oily nose and puts powder
Nikki over does it with highlighter
Vivian Sanchez
Vivian Sanchez - 24 days ago
Ellie Louise
Ellie Louise - 28 days ago
I got mine today and I was left heartbroken to see that the shade ‘delicious’ had been smashed and completely ruined the entire palette and then when I tried to get in touch with beauty bay to get a new one they offered me 35% back of my money back and I got to keep my palette. I’m so disappointed. I’ve lost £54 and got a palette that was broken.
Olivia Beach
Olivia Beach - 29 days ago
I love the little moment of realization "I AM COSMO AND WANDA! My nails are Cosmo and I am Wanda!"
Christina Probst
Christina Probst - 29 days ago
Cosmo and Wanda are from the 90$ GF.😍
Camilla Lundgren
Camilla Lundgren - Month ago
That lip. I live!
RoseWolf - Month ago
I never got to finish my first and only jawbreaker because I think ants got to it😢
beaun - Month ago
you looked pretty
cesudenaz - Month ago
hi y‘all need someone to talk to
instagram: @cesudenaz
cesudenaz - Month ago
i used to eat them a lot and my entire face was white until i showered lol
NoahAnimates - Month ago
Did she bleach her face or is it a reaction?
Stephanie Kohout
Stephanie Kohout - Month ago
Nikkie: look at your wallet
Me: why are you trying to make me cry like that
Danika Buttron
Danika Buttron - Month ago
I loaf how you wore the blazer for this video!! ♥️😂
luoaR ogaitnaS
luoaR ogaitnaS - Month ago
Okay... I caved. I ended up buying the Jaw breaker palette today lol. Someone gifted me the mini breaker and I loved it... then I realized that I definitely needed the full palette. Done. ❤️
Ale Graph
Ale Graph - Month ago
Okay I hate pink as a colour but this look is absolutely amazing
Loretta Humphries
Loretta Humphries - Month ago
Funny YouTubers
Funny YouTubers - Month ago
On Wednesday we wear pink
Connor Allison
Connor Allison - Month ago
This is probably one of my favorite palettes from Jeffree. I do have a lot of fall out in pan but i might just be pressing a bit to hard! Amazing colors and can’t wait to try this look
e, j, s xøx
e, j, s xøx - Month ago
why does she never do her brows on camera?
kây kây
kây kây - Month ago
Gorgeous 🌹
Kristina Haden
Kristina Haden - Month ago
I friggin love this!!!! The 80s comment was great as you continue applying more... I'd sooooo keep applying ... Satellites could catch that highlighter Nik Nik!! You gave sublime advice in purchasing these pallets. Although beautiful they look and feel more of a luxury item. Jeffree has proven time after time by being very involved and conscious of his brand that he truly loves and has ALWAYS brought us his best and proven hes found his niche in life. I applauds Nikkie as being a friend, showing love and voicing her opinion. She has set the bar so high yet has always stayed true to her fan base first when doing product reviews even if it's a friend and fellow beauty guru. I have wicked insomnia and I bounce back and forth on Jeffrees channel and Nikkies and I love the content!!!
Elizabeth Ward
Elizabeth Ward - Month ago
It looks like the 80s and I’m lovin’ it so much. I’m OBSESSED with this look
Mundo Magico
Mundo Magico - Month ago
Hafssa Boumeraze
Hafssa Boumeraze - Month ago
I feel like a gradient kbeauty lip would’ve suited a bit more. Dunno just me
Rosiane Pacheco
Rosiane Pacheco - Month ago
what a GORGEOUS skin my god!
Emma M
Emma M - Month ago
please stop using his products! I love supporting you but JS is just not a good human being
ProActif Fitness
ProActif Fitness - Month ago
love this
Tamara B.
Tamara B. - Month ago
you look like a barbie
Tamara B.
Tamara B. - Month ago
nikkie make a tutorial with sugar pill makeup, please
florence osullivan
florence osullivan - Month ago
In the UK they r x
Malley R
Malley R - Month ago
Paige Pagano
Paige Pagano - 2 months ago
Verbs describe us
Verbs describe us - 2 months ago
those shades are insane :)
Skyler Lea
Skyler Lea - 2 months ago
this is literally one of my favorite looks ever oh my god
Kylie cargile
Kylie cargile - 2 months ago
₲₳₵Ⱨ₳ VłⱤɄ₴
I hate the color pink but still love this video 😅
its_kiaraxx - yt ROBLOX
its_kiaraxx - yt ROBLOX - 2 months ago
‘Me watching this thinking’: oh jeez I look a mess.
*Goes and washed face and hair*
*Try’s makeup*
*looks a mess again*
TheShn1999 - 2 months ago
I mean... Holy glorious pink😍 looked away for .2 seconds and BAMM... Full on "on Wednesdays, we wear pink" - vibes!
Elizabeth Shaw
Elizabeth Shaw - 2 months ago
in the eighties we didn't even have highlighter bronzer or Contour products. We put on blush in the exact correct area but we didn't have the rest of that falderal. All the rest of this came out when drag queens became popular and a lot of the techniques that we learned in makeup came directly from drag queens.
Elizabeth Shaw
Elizabeth Shaw - 2 months ago
I had a jawbreaker as a kid and I have seen them for sale a few places today and I am probably old enough to be your mother so they've had a long history and it's still going! We have too many nude palettes and I am happy to see palettes of color! This palette almost Blends itself on your eyes. I wish I could afford it. I entered when one but I never win anything. :-)
Marlen Rueda
Marlen Rueda - 2 months ago
How Did You Apply The Stars?
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