Little Sister Applies for Vlog Squad Internship

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Zane Hijazi
Zane Hijazi - 4 months ago
hidaya what are you skills?

anna ou-
Larissa Blackburn
Larissa Blackburn - Month ago
What are YOU skills Really Zane GET SOME GRAMMAR BABY
Em B
Em B - Month ago
Coral glades high school is 21min away from my house
Itz_yo_gurl_kailey _101
Zane Hijazi and I oop-*
Prof. Gacha
Prof. Gacha - 2 months ago
Aye us Arabs just get married then have kids
tuka 2006
tuka 2006 - 2 months ago
TJ Alkhayyat
TJ Alkhayyat - 4 hours ago
Hidaya is suucchhhh a freaking mood.
Mysz ka
Mysz ka - 8 hours ago
iiloveyouu014 - Day ago
Okay ummmm wow she went to my high school! I graduated 2015!!! What even is life rn!!
Alyson Brooks
Alyson Brooks - Day ago
Adam Alif
Adam Alif - Day ago
so underated
Clara Nieto
Clara Nieto - 3 days ago
i loOooOOve this woman
Jessica21Jones - 5 days ago
“I’m watering right now”
Laura Labus
Laura Labus - 7 days ago
She’s so damn funny I can’t even.
Tamara Jacques
Tamara Jacques - 9 days ago
I can't see Hidaya working for the Vlog Squad lol she's too empowering and will end up running everyone
WI FI - 9 days ago
'you dont even have hair, i dont know why you are risking it'
Charlene Parsons
Charlene Parsons - 11 days ago
Hidaya needs her own YouTube channel!!
Poppy Woodhead
Poppy Woodhead - 14 days ago
I ligit having butter chicken for my dinner xxx
JE Productionz
JE Productionz - 15 days ago
I’m I the only one who thinks she cute😐
Piper Miner
Piper Miner - 16 days ago
i love ten minutes away from her school ahhahahah
Amanda ,
Amanda , - 17 days ago
I love yall together
Celine Chong
Celine Chong - 17 days ago
I bleached my hair four times in one day and sister was fine, it was the fifth that got me
Alivia Barlow
Alivia Barlow - 17 days ago
Bruh the beginning is the biggest mood😂 0:01
Boss Mullis
Boss Mullis - 19 days ago
Omfg I’m a first degree black belt in Japanese martial arts
Ruby White
Ruby White - 22 days ago
the vlog squad needs her tf !! She’s sooooo funny and sassy I love her
Abby Mariscal
Abby Mariscal - 23 days ago
Your sister is too cuteeee 😂😂💖
Deena Kojiem
Deena Kojiem - 24 days ago
the fact that we know their email addresses now. thanks
Sabrina Trinidad
Sabrina Trinidad - 28 days ago
Such a coincidence that Actor/Comedian/Humble is my tinder bio
Namjoon Kim
Namjoon Kim - 29 days ago
Where do I apply to be Zane's sister!?!?😂😂😂😂
Adalid Aranda
Adalid Aranda - 29 days ago
Someone gottaz to go 🤣
Sarah Wade
Sarah Wade - Month ago
I love your sister in videos!!!
Maycen Teshera
Maycen Teshera - Month ago
Lindsay Hart
Lindsay Hart - Month ago
Love herrrrrrrr
Hope Gillion
Hope Gillion - Month ago
Orlando welcomes you both 💙
Hessa Aldereih
Hessa Aldereih - Month ago
If ur a Muslim girl... you’ll understand why Hidaya wasn’t fasting😂😂 ITS SO PERSONAL ANS YES ONLY MÜSLI,S GIRLD UNDERSTAND
Hessa Aldereih
Hessa Aldereih - Month ago
No Sanctuary
No Sanctuary - Month ago
My brother is as old is Hidaya.

*whA T*
Luden's Echo
Luden's Echo - Month ago
Hidaya is the best
Ima dinosaur mom
Ima dinosaur mom - Month ago
Zane:what are you doing?
Hidaya: I’m praying
Zane: praying for what?
Hidaya: for either your life to end or mine, someone’s gotta go
Me: dead 💀😂
Julzz Wilson
Julzz Wilson - Month ago
tell hidaya to go to ucf!!!! i’m going there and i would love to meet her😭
sarah Abu Sitta
sarah Abu Sitta - Month ago
Hidaya is amazing and makes the best jokes 😂😂😂😂
Alena Hernandez
Alena Hernandez - Month ago
So I live in Florida so if you go to like UCF and you work at Universal studios they actually pay 75% of your tuition for college.
Loreta Sopaj
Loreta Sopaj - Month ago
zane: hidaya i love you
hidaya: you do?

Giselle Ibarra
Giselle Ibarra - Month ago
Can she work as a Youtuber? I've been waiting for her youtube like shes outta school, she doesnt need good grades anymore 😔
Dina - Month ago
We should start a gofundme to help Hidaya rum away to la
Logan Rosenthal
Logan Rosenthal - Month ago
Zane can you do a meet and greet next time you come to Florida cuz I live in that area where Hidaya's school is and I'm sure there's a lot of fans around here that would love to meet you. Myself included (duh lol)
Ayush Rathee
Ayush Rathee - Month ago
Hidaya is very strict for her religion but why is Zane not strict as well? He drinks, has sex, kisses men and does other stuff that is forbidden, while Hidaya can't even shake her hands .-.
Brianna Harrison
Brianna Harrison - Month ago
Is it bad that I only know prozac from scotty's song
Kayla Hemmo
Kayla Hemmo - Month ago
hidaya and i are truly relating
Gabby Desrosier
Gabby Desrosier - Month ago
Dude I have a seven head her forehead isn’t even big
Nancy Aguilar
Nancy Aguilar - Month ago
I swear your sister needs to be more in the vlog.
Thuy Cuc Vu
Thuy Cuc Vu - Month ago
I love your sister she's so funny hahaha
Disney Storys
Disney Storys - Month ago
she is the funniest person I ever met
Mina Maras
Mina Maras - Month ago
Zane: I think it needs more colouring
Hidaya: Well it's depression
PotterheadSLC - Month ago
Honestly, if Zane and Hidaya made a vlog channel, that could get them a mansion at the top of a hill in Malibu, because that’s how funny they are together😂❤️
Brooklynn Baum
Brooklynn Baum - Month ago
i love hidaya, she is my kween, always has been always will be
Elena Westley
Elena Westley - Month ago
I love Hidaya. Like if she should have a youtube channel
Abbygail Freeman
Abbygail Freeman - 2 months ago
I love Zane’s sister sm!! What a crack up dude 💖
Alexis Lockamy
Alexis Lockamy - 2 months ago
Hidaya should be your assistant
Teresa Briceno
Teresa Briceno - 2 months ago
She’s FUNny
Katie Truong
Katie Truong - 2 months ago
Rachel Prewitt
Rachel Prewitt - 2 months ago
I love her 😂
Jake N.
Jake N. - 2 months ago
Imagine if Zane had to wear a hijab because of their religion. We got used to women being dressed like this, but men would look hilarious.
Wafa Ali
Wafa Ali - 2 months ago
Miss hidaya want more of her nowwww
leah lorraine
leah lorraine - 2 months ago
zane calling her baby is so sweet, like i know he calls everyone baby but like sweet brother zane jumped out
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