Why this black hole photo is such a big deal

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Vox - 8 months ago
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Jimbob - 8 days ago
Kushman 420 TV
Kushman 420 TV - 25 days ago
@BlqckMailed ohhhh my bad but yeah it's a portal a black hole has to have a end point to be able to bend light all that energy must go somewhere or it would go critical very quickly and just collapse on itself and fade into the fabric of space
BlqckMailed - 26 days ago
@Kushman 420 TV i was replying to the original comment by vox weeb
Kushman 420 TV
Kushman 420 TV - 26 days ago
@BlqckMailed yes there is have you ever done the Mathmatics for a black hole
BlqckMailed - 26 days ago
Billy - Day ago
Why is nobody talking about the diagram at 2:40
Marc T.
Marc T. - Day ago
Hubble did not capture any pics of a blaxkhole?
Mr B
Mr B - Day ago
What region is it in?
fortnite black hole
fortnite black hole - 3 days ago
They were warning us about me
Disposable Hero
Disposable Hero - 3 days ago
nothing is faster than light But Lord GOD is just so easy to do it
Erik Eriks
Erik Eriks - 5 days ago
People: light is the fastest thing
The future: LOL
Erik Eriks
Erik Eriks - Day ago
@Bianca Almonte idk I try to troll people in the future that actually discover thisXD
Bianca Almonte
Bianca Almonte - Day ago
Erik Eriks wait so what is the fastest thing😂
Bird lover Gabi
Bird lover Gabi - 6 days ago
That’s amazing
The BlackCat
The BlackCat - 6 days ago
Why am i watching a Vox vid
billybob - 7 days ago
If VOX said it, it's a lie.
Yeff - Day ago
Almost every news souce said it, and it happened months ago
Tay Dayne
Tay Dayne - 7 days ago
What if a black hole is just the highway to another galaxy?
Jake Blaze
Jake Blaze - 7 days ago
2:43 is that a dck?
I have no since of humoor
Remember this was millions of light years away. It took that long for the light to reach us, Which means the black hole is millions of light years old.
Depressed Trashcan
Depressed Trashcan - 8 days ago
And meme happened

And i cant take this seriously im sorry
Gaming Champ
Gaming Champ - 8 days ago
Ah yes the black hole memes
Noris aldian
Noris aldian - 9 days ago
Education is beautiful.
-Franku sensei.
ツSchyteFX - 9 days ago
0:59 Yes there are! Minato can😉😉
Thomas Shelby
Thomas Shelby - 9 days ago
5:20 black hall
Yah_ Yeet
Yah_ Yeet - 10 days ago
Turn up the resolution
MalcomeFamily - 10 days ago
Black hole: vibe checks light
exospace man
exospace man - 10 days ago
I remember seeing this like months ago
I was amazed of the picture
But annoyed by the memes.
Once again I see this picture again
Its amazing
I love space
Its awesome.
William Van Parys
William Van Parys - 11 days ago
That's great I, knew it was only a matter of time!!!
Anton Dereke
Anton Dereke - 13 days ago
but I hope to see the time, when Milky way and Andromeda collide and so on
BTF beats
BTF beats - 15 days ago
So they dont know in wich time that 'event' on image has happened?
Matthew Morrissey
Matthew Morrissey - 22 days ago
Wow it's so clear the picture omg how much did this picture cost lol
Mafiosos mexicanos
Mafiosos mexicanos - 29 days ago
Good explanations but not convinced because how are the minds of astronomers able to guess light years away but cant figure out how we can live in piece on our home earth ect. And everyone be be equal no rich person no poor person 👎
Habib Sopoye
Habib Sopoye - 29 days ago
I don't understand any of this whatsoever.
Live Bright
Live Bright - Month ago
So we pretty much took a picture of a black hole 54 million years ago, and we are looking at what it was 54 million years ago. It makes me wonder if there are pictures of us somewhere far away, where there are pictures of our past/future..
QUIO NARIO - Month ago
just like the hole that took my grandmother spirit away only that it was green light in ring shape after which it evaporate my grandmother passed away smiling.
Gabriela Yeet
Gabriela Yeet - Month ago
Why is it so important?
Me: cause its a meme
Gonorrhea Breath
Gonorrhea Breath - Month ago
Can you guys and gals please use your geniuses to map the sea floor? I get tired of hearing "We've only mapped 5% of our oceans". How about using those highly damaging trowelers and charge them with the mission of maping the oceans. 🤔🗺️🌏🌍📏📐
threegon - Month ago
Gonorrhea Breath mapping the seafloor makes cetacians stressed sadly 😔 we have to keep looking upwards
Kushman 420 TV
Kushman 420 TV - Month ago
Black holes are nothing any of you primordial Neanderthals can comprehend they are the a public form of interstellar transportation from galaxy to galaxy they are when advanced civilizations collapse a star destroy va galaxy to open a method of transportation to distant galaxy's they are wrips in space and time so that means they continue a reconstruction point and a end point a destination this is Known as the Kushman theory or The Michael Jackson theory
Remy D
Remy D - Month ago
What about Thanos?
e w
e w - Month ago
Remy D yes
buster buster
buster buster - Month ago
How do you take a photo of something that eats light headass.
Decomposed Corpse
Decomposed Corpse - Month ago
They took a picture of the plasma orbiting around it.
Chanchala Kumari
Chanchala Kumari - Month ago
What if our universe is inside in a black hole?
Naga Naga
Naga Naga - Month ago
Just WOW! Keep it up
Ruben Amaro
Ruben Amaro - Month ago
Nah the black holes are creating a map in fortnite.
incog - Month ago
seems familiar, I was studying one for 48hrs+ if you look close enough, numbers start appearing
CMatY29 - 2 months ago
Why are you saying CENTURIES ?
Are you guys trying to manipulate your viewers ?
Did the Ancient Greeks discover black holes or something ?
The actual time period is not even A CENTURY
Yeff - Day ago
Yeah, its not centuries, its millions of years.
Mercy On the Track
Mercy On the Track - 2 months ago
“Nothing moves faster than light”
We don’t know ANYTHING compared to the existence of this universe. For all we know, there is a speed that goes 10-100 times the speed of light. And we just can’t see it. The fact that our lovely earth is spinning at a casual 1,000 miles per hour or 460 meters per second and we don’t even feel it makes me think. What if our entire universe is flying at a speed unknown in our multiverse. There are many unknown things to discover
MassLLamaSnipeZ - 2 months ago
technically shadows are faster than the speed of light because if you shine a light on a wall and you make a shadow with your finger your finger is moveing a couple cm a second so if your shadow is big enough your shadow is going faster than the speed of light, so if the universe is darkness then maby your right we could going amazingly fast, for instance we could be going at the speed of light * 10 to the power of infinity
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