Can You Beat Skyrim With Only A Fork?

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Mitten Squad
Mitten Squad - 3 months ago
To all the people who are asking why the thumbnail says "Without Only A Fork", it doesn't, at least not on my end ( The first thumbnail I uploaded did say "Without Only A Fork", but I fixed it within 20 minutes of when the video was released. YouTube is just being a gigantic cunt, as usual, and seems to not want to update it for anyone besides me.
ACER_BIOHAZARD - 15 days ago
So the knife is a man whore
Jeff King
Jeff King - 15 days ago
Skyrim torch only run?
Forsaken Blood
Forsaken Blood - 16 days ago
Hey what is the painted shield mod that you have that you bought from lucas?
Adam Arroyo
Adam Arroyo - 21 day ago
@Humongous What? lol its a city in PR
Humongous What?
Humongous What? - 21 day ago
@Adam Arroyo ur last name is dope. The name of the players tribal home when he starts the game in fallout 2
CrEeD Harp560
CrEeD Harp560 - Hour ago
Isn’t a bowl just a shallow bucket
Justin Stick
Justin Stick - 3 hours ago
thx for the wallpaper
Chris Schoenthaler
Chris Schoenthaler - 8 hours ago
It was a little weird to hear you say that your armor slowed you down. I always use the steed stone, so I sometimes forget that’s a feature.
Luke Jansick
Luke Jansick - 9 hours ago
List of mods?
Mabra - 16 hours ago
Dwemer ruins are the best kind of dungeons tho.
Mabra - 17 hours ago
How did you do that weird cart bug?
Marcus Huggins
Marcus Huggins - Day ago
Beat Skyrim with only buckets
DomHyrule - Day ago
Could you use Slow Time?
Damon Strembiski
Damon Strembiski - Day ago
Skyrim vr, starts to barrel role..
gunner - Day ago
Can you beat Skyrim with only buckets
DeathMinion11 - Day ago
i got launched like that by a giant. i tried to recreate it in vr, for obv reasons. also, im scared of heights. i failed in my attempts.
ThePhoenix LP
ThePhoenix LP - Day ago
AaTLas Games
AaTLas Games - 2 days ago
can you beat skyrim with only a bucket?
xXKatanaXLordXx - 2 days ago
dude shut the fuck up and get to business. like holy fuck bro your jokes are terrible
Dixie - 2 days ago
Beat Skyrim with only a bucket
Lil M00
Lil M00 - 2 days ago
You should have called your character “F O R C”
Foxcatgaming 2
Foxcatgaming 2 - 2 days ago
2:13 looks at fork

few seconds later

"and my search for a fork begins"
Cake Master
Cake Master - 3 days ago
Wait... Is someone RIDING a dragon at 11:07, or am I crazy???
Tawny Cat
Tawny Cat - 3 days ago
On a side note, the cart freaked out because your frame rate was over 60 fps. Cap it, and a lot of things fix themselves.
Tue_hoodini gaming
Tue_hoodini gaming - 3 days ago
That's why I gave Lydia a cult mask not only cuz she ugly cuz she looks dumb
Im your daddy
Im your daddy - 3 days ago
Already did it.
ZombifiedKilla - 3 days ago
Use the fork with damage cheat mod and executions mod. Instant decapitation lol.
Rigat Vealam
Rigat Vealam - 3 days ago
You cant use a fork just like that!
There would be too much of collateral damage.
Austin Politte
Austin Politte - 4 days ago
Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith - 4 days ago
Rafael Sendejas
Rafael Sendejas - 4 days ago
This is not a joke you can also find a weapon fork + a knife in red water den
Mystic Forest789
Mystic Forest789 - 4 days ago
I just tryed to pick up the fork and i cant. But the knive sure.
michael mcknight
michael mcknight - 5 days ago
No, because shouts are required to progress the game.
TJ Proven
TJ Proven - 5 days ago
No one man should have all that power. Times ticking I just mix the flour.
TJ Proven
TJ Proven - 5 days ago
Aye man wouldn't be the first time I've forked a red bitch
Tobias Hand
Tobias Hand - 5 days ago
cruZy - 5 days ago
just had to leave a like just for the prequalmeme
MadHatt3r - 5 days ago
Thats a cool fork, you can eat raw meat and it cooks itself before you put it in your mouth 😁
Homeless Delinquents
Homeless Delinquents - 5 days ago
15:34 "i reloaded a fork"
Elf Loved
Elf Loved - 5 days ago
“Somewhere, there is a befuddled knight fighting with his dinner fork” ~Dragon Age Origins
goodyjoe - 5 days ago
What mods is he using?
Cason Chandler
Cason Chandler - 5 days ago
This dry sense of humor kills me, "I poked a giant with my fork and watched him launch a wolf to the fucking moon."
Miguel Ramos
Miguel Ramos - 5 days ago
Missed opportunity to name your fork wielding orc... Forc
Joseph Postlethwait
Joseph Postlethwait - 5 days ago
11:09 does anyone else notice the man riding the dragon
Erurehtië the NerdyBirdy
A spoon would have better
Wesley Rigg
Wesley Rigg - 6 days ago
10:07 is that a person......riding a dragon?
Wesley Rigg
Wesley Rigg - 6 days ago
11 not 10
Gabriel Gandi Goesantoso
Lavender - 6 days ago
Praise the fire fork
Lucas Hawkins
Lucas Hawkins - 6 days ago
I have 2 forks 3 knives and a lot of plates. I don't collect buckets
Mr. Meme
Mr. Meme - 6 days ago
But You did put tits in the thumbnail you put a cartoon man titty
Jason Inman
Jason Inman - 6 days ago
7:54 Very good Strategy. I killed these Cultists at level 11 and they're bodys are still laying at there when i was level 81, and was still there when i was level 232. Apparently they don't rot.
Giga Bowser
Giga Bowser - 6 days ago
Omg dude do u sound that way all the time or do you have a cold.
Hyperion - 6 days ago
Could you give a mod list for Skyrim that you use to make it look so good
Villainous Cosplay
Villainous Cosplay - 6 days ago
I’ve watched a few of your vids but subbed after “from now on no shield ... only fork” I laughed my ass off
James Crady
James Crady - 7 days ago
just wanted to say that The Spiffing Brit took your idea and did not even shout you out, and he is probably going to profit from it when his viewers don't know the truth.
xxXXRAPXXxx - 7 days ago
Can you beat skyrim with over a 1000 *BUCKETS* ?
J J - 7 days ago
How do you tank so much? Armor been manually increased or?
J J - 4 days ago
@far horizons oh right. I didn't realise you could absorb the boss spiders hits like 300x on this difficuilty. Seems ridiculously overly easy
far horizons
far horizons - 4 days ago
This is novice difficulty
sdfsfdsgfdgfdfdh - 7 days ago
Dude I am cracking up at the bucket shtick. Hilarious
55DIAMOND55 Official
55DIAMOND55 Official - 7 days ago
And they say forks are useless
Magos Explorator Andrukas
*Spiffing would like to know your location.*
James Crady
James Crady - 7 days ago
@Magos Explorator Andrukas yea I was debating if you were or not
Magos Explorator Andrukas
@James Crady Yep, I'm joking my man.
James Crady
James Crady - 7 days ago
you know that spiffing copied mitten right?
3nuldrie - 8 days ago
lol @ 4.30
Cam Miles
Cam Miles - 8 days ago
Try to beat skyrim sneaking the entire time while undetected
Samur/Aye - 5 days ago
@Cam Miles doubt that's possible either tbh... some bosses will just not be possible regardless of sneak skill level, not to mention the dragons which will not land unless they spot you... they also tend to spot you after you hit them with just one arrow.
Cam Miles
Cam Miles - 5 days ago
@Samur/Aye only while in combat
Samur/Aye - 5 days ago
not possible, you need to talk to people which requires coming out of stealth
Steven Miller
Steven Miller - 8 days ago
You could quote anything from this dude and its fucking hilarious..
DragonRage40X - 9 days ago
But can you eat Skyrim with only a fork?
Uglycrawfish - 9 days ago
Skyrim without carrying any weight?
Grayson - 9 days ago
“He killed a man with a fork
mxt mxt
mxt mxt - 9 days ago
Can you beat it with a wooden sword
Lord Drakon Master
Lord Drakon Master - 10 days ago
why does the description say that you're playing Fallout 76?
Nellsism - 10 days ago
John Wick: kills 3 men with a pencil
Dovakiin: hold my buckets
jahnukainen _89
jahnukainen _89 - 10 days ago
"it could be worse.Actually it couldn't" yes it could, you could be playing this run on apprentice
jahnukainen _89
jahnukainen _89 - 9 days ago
@Lost Halo hey im just saying it could be more interesting to see same run on higher difficulty, of course it dosent matter at the end because this video was made to be comical rather than a intriguing challenge run and im fine with that
Lost Halo
Lost Halo - 10 days ago
yeah also he could play it on legendary, abuse smithing alchemy enchanting loop, enchant fork for over 3k chaotic+electro damage and get 100% magic absorption, I bet that would be even funnier to watch for you you dumb fuck
NovaBearBear - 11 days ago
Can we Beat Skyrim with only buckets?
Kalnafein - 11 days ago
3:19 I see what you did there.
alex - 11 days ago
what mods are you using?
you know
you know - 11 days ago
"I also left a broom up there so my bucket wouldn't be lonely" lmao
WarTaco - 11 days ago
The spanking machine... will never see those traps the same way again
Raska The Slaanesh
Raska The Slaanesh - 11 days ago
Hmmmmmmmmmm...... Can you enchant fork ? If so.... Make it do DAMAGEEE by using the bug
DANtheMANofSIPA - 11 days ago
I thought this was a playthrough where he could only pick up forks
Shadow Fan is Back Again
Shadow Fan is Back Again - 11 days ago
Can you beat Skyrim with just using spells
__ - 11 days ago
every time you said "buckets" my bixby turned on...that was a lot of times lol
Ignorancy The 2nd
Ignorancy The 2nd - 11 days ago
Can you beat skyrim only using a shield as armor and a weapon
Plan B
Plan B - 10 days ago
yes not even that bad
Saltwater Slam Fishing
Saltwater Slam Fishing - 11 days ago
Your freaking hilarious 😂😂😂
Ajbc 28
Ajbc 28 - 11 days ago
"So many ways that you could play"
And you chose to play with a fork lol
The finest Creations
The finest Creations - 11 days ago
You should make a video where you get every bucket in Skyrim
Kamran Latifov
Kamran Latifov - 11 days ago
"The only way is if they set up a trap and damage themselves and I cant do anything about it"... Wrong... You usually can but u would rather lure them into one than killem )
CookiesRDelishus - 12 days ago
Nice, but can you beat skyrim while over-encumbered
Malainor - 12 days ago
The epic adventure of the Legendary fork!
Michael Yap
Michael Yap - 12 days ago
That MxR reference though lmaoo
the pro's of pigs
the pro's of pigs - 12 days ago
Your exact definition of a legendary gamer
flamingrubys11 - 12 days ago
Jesse Stinson
Jesse Stinson - 12 days ago
No one:
Not a single fucking soul
YouTube recommendations: can you beat skyrim with only a fork??
Royale G4m1ng
Royale G4m1ng - 12 days ago
"The game crashed when I took out my fork...Too much power I suppose."😎😏
The Dutch Empire
The Dutch Empire - 12 days ago
You should've given your knife to lydia
C H E E K I B R I K I.
C H E E K I B R I K I. - 12 days ago
I play on the Ps3, i have became a practical god umong you mortals
Drewbie UnderFire
Drewbie UnderFire - 12 days ago
I gave you a like bc I saw the PS2 emulator in the background. I see you are also a man of culture
Michael Carter
Michael Carter - 12 days ago
Should used the alchemy glitch to make it super overpowered
Random Enjoyment
Random Enjoyment - 12 days ago
Can you beat fallout new Vegas with only a pistol and no armor
Kakashi Sensei
Kakashi Sensei - 12 days ago
My favorite video so far😂
Valtiel Redfang
Valtiel Redfang - 12 days ago
Can I just bring up that he purposely used traps to kill enemies.
*in a different run*
*Falls on an enemy and that kills them. Restarts.*
*Purposely uses traps to kill enemies*
*Continues run*
Run Disqualified.
Kabub Kline
Kabub Kline - 12 days ago
8:31, watched a giant launch a wolf to the fu**ing moon
Kabub Kline
Kabub Kline - 12 days ago
1:03, don’t like it, tough sh*t
Colshot Lp
Colshot Lp - 12 days ago
Didn't know I could use a fork as A dagger in this game
Mike - 12 days ago
My GOD this game is 10000% better if you just pretend the main quest doesn't exist and never speak to the yarl of whiterun. You don't have to deal with fucking dragons every 2 minutes , and you don't have to speak to the boringbeards on top of mount killmyself. This game is just far more enjoyable picking a totally new path each time you come out of the tutorial. immerse yourself and roleplay the shit out of it. try using only food and cooking for heals and buffs, no potions and no pausing during combat.
Ayan - 12 days ago
Hell yeah, stab that fuck with air!
よしの - 13 days ago
ah. I knew the knife was the brother.
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