Can You Beat Skyrim With Only A Fork?

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Mitten Squad
Mitten Squad - 29 days ago
To all the people who are asking why the thumbnail says "Without Only A Fork", it doesn't, at least not on my end ( The first thumbnail I uploaded did say "Without Only A Fork", but I fixed it within 20 minutes of when the video was released. YouTube is just being a gigantic cunt, as usual, and seems to not want to update it for anyone besides me.
Adam Arroyo
Adam Arroyo - 6 days ago
+Mitten Squad u only profit 1.24? your the one being ripped off dafuck
Robert Valentin
Robert Valentin - 9 days ago
Np it b like that sometimes anyways love the episode
Ridge Franklin
Ridge Franklin - 18 days ago
Tod Howard would be proud to know what you did sir, you deserve a damn medal
shamanic - 22 days ago
11:08 bandit riding a dragon?
Paul Tubbs
Paul Tubbs - 22 days ago
Woo I'm 500.... btw did you use shouts to fight?
Dacdariel Dac
Dacdariel Dac - Hour ago
"No one man should have all this power. But I am no mortal man, because I sexually identify as a big rock being throuwn into the ocean. And that's a fact."
Mitten Squad, 9:24
Ryan "Raucous Hearthstone"
Glad to see someone else obsessively collects buckets in skyrim.
Collecting and hording is the best way to revisit skyrim. I've done buckets, tankards, books, plates, and a few other misc objects. But bucket hoarding wins by far.
Plates are good too, there are so many different kinds!
So yes
Esteban Aguayo
Esteban Aguayo - 4 hours ago
Everything's cool until you realize he's on easy difficulty.
Esteban Aguayo
Esteban Aguayo - 4 hours ago
Long live Porky Forky.
CursedByFate666 - 8 hours ago
I love that you named your orc Porky Forky
Manifen - 8 hours ago
Wtf did i just watch? And where did the 20 minutes go
Alec Hutcherson
Alec Hutcherson - 9 hours ago
2:27 the 17 steps? Wow I guess I was hallucinating the other 6,983 😂
Scull - 12 hours ago
Hope the character was named F-Orc
nath9920 nath9920
nath9920 nath9920 - 13 hours ago
Now beat the game with a knife
Ziemniak 123
Ziemniak 123 - 17 hours ago
i am not gonna watch this shit, why are you asking a question if you already know the answer ? many youtubers did it so what you have to do it aswell ? fuckin copy cat
Cat siko
Cat siko - 17 hours ago
hahahahaha horse cant fly
Cat siko
Cat siko - 17 hours ago
he is so good and funny i love this channel
slhickey512 - 17 hours ago
Someone give this guy a Claritin.
TheRelaxing Death
TheRelaxing Death - 19 hours ago
Lord Clarke
Lord Clarke - 20 hours ago
Why the fuck did I watch this lmao
Michael Galster
Michael Galster - 20 hours ago
“Actually it couldn’t cause the fork does 1 fuckin damage” dead lmao
Bodaddie - 21 hour ago
I love this. Subscribed.
Anthony Bermudez
Anthony Bermudez - Day ago
“And watched him launch a wolf to THE FUCKIN MOON”
Phoenix Fusion
Phoenix Fusion - Day ago
he should do one where he kills everything
Rob Fuzzy
Rob Fuzzy - Day ago
can you talk through you nose any more?
matyviola - Day ago
Climbing to the greybears without a horse. Really¿
Kamikaze lookin Heads
Just amazing
jjarven - Day ago
I'm not sure why I dig these tedious grinds :-D How many real hours went into this?
James Ng
James Ng - Day ago
Why are you still making skyrim content? Its 2019 fuck off
alfazeroneko - Day ago
"Allowed me to test my shout on a couple of TSERIES fans.."
Krogg Fashe
Krogg Fashe - Day ago
You think just maybe you have a little too much free time?
The Dave Show
The Dave Show - Day ago
That was fun to watch :)
Banamek Tv
Banamek Tv - Day ago
I love this run , subbed . Can you beat skyrim without attacking anyone besides you having to shoot parthanax with fire breath, or getting the old men Randy 😂
Fox Of Shadilay
Fox Of Shadilay - Day ago
I have played Skyrim countless times with countless mods...and never knew there was an equippable fork in the game.
Ali Amirdivan
Ali Amirdivan - Day ago
"Observed adrians Interesting Smithing Technique" , that was gold
Nero - Day ago
Oh my god its the dragonborn! what adventures have you been up to lately?

the unrelenting search for a fork!!
Bob Will
Bob Will - 2 days ago
8:50 "and just like that I became a mod reviewer. Id put tits in this videos thumbnail but I actually have some self respect" lmao
RobzterGames - 2 days ago
so in 40k terms, you are leading WAAAGH! FORKSTABBA (say in bad australian accent)
The Bukkakian From The Planet Dillhole
doesn't count. mods = cheats
Sion Dragos
Sion Dragos - 2 days ago
most brilliant Youtube content out there
Paper and Plastic
Paper and Plastic - 2 days ago
“Some red bitch started whacking me with a hammer” 😂
wavion2 - 2 days ago
Adding this to my bucket list.
Mvce - 2 days ago
We just gonna ignore the guy on the dragon at 11:08.
Designated Drinker Pinch Smoker
beat it with a spork n then ill be impressed ^^
xxxWyliExx - 2 days ago
The buckets 🤣🤣🤣👌
The answer is: You can complete Skyrim with just a fork
Eddie LZA
Eddie LZA - 2 days ago
I thought you would go for the double enchant.... make the fork even better XD
Riley Johnson
Riley Johnson - 2 days ago
0:15 am i mishearing?
some guy named Merick
some guy named Merick - 2 days ago
This orc was such a badass he also ate soup with a fork.
Zone Gaming
Zone Gaming - 2 days ago
Not all hero’s have capes. Some have forks.
Paolo Flores
Paolo Flores - 2 days ago
Jesus christ can you not talk nasally
NPC#165882 3
NPC#165882 3 - 2 days ago
The real question is if you can do it on Legendary.
He could, but should he? No.
Emmett Cutter
Emmett Cutter - 2 days ago
I don’t get why people keep complaining about about bugs in these games while they are using mods Iv had this game on ps3 and 4 vr and switch and never encountered any bugs on any of the copies after literally hundreds of hours of play
El Millin
El Millin - 2 days ago
Why do you sound like gopher? lol
Fred Krazé
Fred Krazé - 3 days ago
this video should be titled "so heres how playing Skyrim with a fork can be the most entertaining thing ever"
afterburn2600 - 3 days ago
12:47 That was a long time just for that letdown 😜
mhamid Sobh
mhamid Sobh - 3 days ago
Already done it... But my fork did a lot more damage ... a It was legendary fork with 2 enchantments
Edenfall - 3 days ago
Seen two of your videos so far. Having a blast :D
Great storytelling!
Joe - 3 days ago
Find you someone who feels for you the way this guy feels for buckets
biggus dickus
biggus dickus - 3 days ago
buckets are for plebs real men collect kettles
Dom the Bomb
Dom the Bomb - 3 days ago
Is the fork basically the rolling pin of skyrim?
mason ruggerio
mason ruggerio - 3 days ago
Wouldn't it be invalid because you use the fork to set off the trap and you said only they can set off their own traps not you can so it would be invalid right?
ЯΞNΞGADΞ - 3 days ago
19:40 Paarthunax looking like "Dude, what the fk..."
Runner Five
Runner Five - 3 days ago
but can you beat the game with a bucket?
larz anthony
larz anthony - 3 days ago
8:50 throwing some shade on MxR mods hahahaha
cam mciver
cam mciver - 3 days ago
fork of horripilation
Rex Au
Rex Au - 3 days ago
i appreciate the effort
im glad im not the only one who considered
Tazmen Roach
Tazmen Roach - 3 days ago
Saw the title of the video and was instantly intrigued, then saw the length and figured I probably wouldn't watch the full video but this was hilarious and easy to get through. Instant subscription from me, keep it up.
HUPYABOIA - 4 days ago
“And look at that! I’m a mod reviewer! I would put tits in the thumbnail but I have some self respect”
Holy shit. Savage.
Frank Tidepod
Frank Tidepod - 4 days ago
Who would win? A world full of wonders both deadly and amazing... or one stabby boi?
Jayden Polder
Jayden Polder - 4 days ago
What’s with this guy and buckets
Jacob Lee
Jacob Lee - 4 days ago
you have something in your nose
Stacy Bava
Stacy Bava - 4 days ago
MxR disliked that
Hello Me
Hello Me - 4 days ago
Sorry but your video is miss leading on so many levels and just wasted my time...
so you used magic though out the game while carrying a fork.......?
and havnt beat skyrim with only a fork... not even close..
ok play it again and dont use shouts or magic and lets see how long you last against a lesser dragon, giant, wisp mother lol....
iron milk
iron milk - 4 days ago
Now only use a bucket!
Migas Almeida
Migas Almeida - 5 days ago
Only a fork? Why the shield then? Dislike
Ninja Tale
Ninja Tale - 5 days ago
17:35 SAO much lmao
L Town And Friends
L Town And Friends - 5 days ago
im guessing you played this in easy
Designated Feeder
Designated Feeder - 5 days ago
Massively saddened that you didn't get 50 one-handed for decapitations with a fork
Righteous Clam
Righteous Clam - 5 days ago
You failed the challenge. You used a pickaxe; it is not a fork. 7:20
Gargaduk - 13 hours ago
+Righteous Clam Yes, he indeed stated in the beginning that the challenge is to "only do dmg to enemies with a fork". So apart from battles he can do anything he wants. Otherwise he'd also fail if he uses armor, uses his feet to walk, ...
Righteous Clam
Righteous Clam - 15 hours ago
+Gargaduk The challenge is, Can you beat Skyrim with only a fork? It does not matter how he used the pickaxe because the challenge was only using the fork to beat the game. The fact that he used the pickaxe in the first place already proves that he could not complete the challenge. He did not need to use the pickaxe, but he used it anyways. The challenge probably can be completed, but he just didn't this time. In the beginning he specified what was allowed, like spells to heal himself and a shield only for defense, but he said nothing about using a pickaxe or any other thing allowed. He should of stated everything that was acceptable in the very beginning before starting the challenge.
Gargaduk - 3 days ago
He didn't attack an enemy with the pickaxe.
Anon Mason
Anon Mason - 5 days ago
By the gods you people are bored.
lyle unabia
lyle unabia - 5 days ago
help fork
player.additem fork
Ray - 5 days ago
You talk really well ! Seriously, the commentary was really awesome.
Brandon McKinney
Brandon McKinney - 5 days ago
"The fork is a whore" 😂
Haley Mitchell
Haley Mitchell - 5 days ago
And now I want to play skyrim....
Tane Thomas
Tane Thomas - 5 days ago
And a shield
Ndronikus Ri
Ndronikus Ri - 5 days ago
Like ... for the mouse that was pounded!
John Fredrik Rian
John Fredrik Rian - 5 days ago
18:25 "Fuck Steam.PNG"
StrimClocks - 5 days ago
By the way, using fire breath on Partanax isn't breaking the rules because you said enemies, and he isn't your enemy yet.
Ari Finkelman
Ari Finkelman - 6 days ago
A shield is simply a giant's spoon
Christopher Alvarez
Christopher Alvarez - 6 days ago
Me: *Takes almost a year completing Skyrim and 1hr defeating Alduin*
This God: *Conepletes Skyrim with a fork and kills alduin in under an hour*
Daddy Nixon
Daddy Nixon - 6 days ago
“The knife is a whore” lol
Koolkid 662plus4
Koolkid 662plus4 - 6 days ago
Holy crap you sound like psychicpebbles I love you
Leo Landström
Leo Landström - 6 days ago
I cant pick up any fork
Bad Word
Bad Word - 6 days ago
KC LazyGaming
KC LazyGaming - 6 days ago
so the knife is the boy.
Hombre - 6 days ago
You sound like mclovin if his balls dropped
Lucky Turn
Lucky Turn - 6 days ago
Please dont steal my buckets
VANBB - 6 days ago
The incredible adventure to find the forks of the forks
VANBB - 6 days ago
The first bug are awesome, its couse by a skse and some imcompatibilty mod.
skinnygorilla - 6 days ago
why is this shit in my recommended fuck off youtube
GX0245 - 6 days ago
8:36 I see the wolf as been introduced to the Nord space program
Greninja The Ninja
Greninja The Ninja - 6 days ago
Į sexualy identity as a monitor
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