Scream Powered Microwave

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Superninja 5910
Superninja 5910 - 2 hours ago
a drawing tablet that constantly messes up your drawing
fruit salad
fruit salad - 7 hours ago
POOTIS BIRB - 7 hours ago
A roomba that detects people, and tazes their ankles, until they scream your entire nordvpn sponsor.
h.pthing - 14 hours ago
Make a robot that automatically autotunse your screams
오엨허 - 16 hours ago
Make a robot that funds people who want to get an abortion if you walk within 3 meters of an anti-abortion fiend
Allstar Andrez
Allstar Andrez - 16 hours ago
Why is the microwave getting so much hate. It is the best idea in the universe
Erin Matthews
Erin Matthews - 16 hours ago
You should make a robot that automatically finds bad robot ideas and deletes the comment
Joey Santagata
Joey Santagata - 17 hours ago
Make a table that gets closer to you every time you move so you always stub your toe:)
Renafoxx - 17 hours ago
Its 100 percent bad and you should feel bad
Madden Gesford
Madden Gesford - 17 hours ago
make a robot that everytime it sees a bad robot idea IT FUCKING SCREECHES
Sirjab Lightning
Sirjab Lightning - 18 hours ago
Make a robot that pushes a button
Mass Games
Mass Games - 20 hours ago
make a robot that makes funny sound
Red Line Together
Red Line Together - 20 hours ago
Make a controller that gets harder to use every time you use the the joy stick
weird_ kid596
weird_ kid596 - 20 hours ago
This is perfect for a abusive household
Arizøna vibəs
Arizøna vibəs - 21 hour ago
The taser's origins
Thomas Fitzgerald
Thomas Fitzgerald - 22 hours ago
Yo fuck target
teeth please
teeth please - 23 hours ago
A robot that photoshops you to be a white man
Amy Pratt
Amy Pratt - Day ago
He saw the comment about tasing people's legs and did it
That is the michaelwave
assassinduke - Day ago
Make a stupid robot that makes me feel bad for sending robots ideas to you
Velociraptor Nine
Velociraptor Nine - Day ago
Every time you put your key in your door it screems
Endy Assassin
Endy Assassin - Day ago
Why the hell didnt you made a fuking door that opens when you get close to it
Lunar - Day ago
Make a robot that commits suicide when they hear a bad pun.
IZack Production
IZack Production - Day ago
Make a watch that tases you everytime is reaches a second/minute/hour and allow it the ability to calibrate the shock of the taser
Lucas Ok
Lucas Ok - Day ago
Make a robot that fucking shoots you when you read a bad robot idea
Chicken McNugget
Chicken McNugget - Day ago
Make a robot that tells people that there ideas are bad. xxx
Alamshah Rahman
Alamshah Rahman - Day ago
i really happy that michael join offline tv now....atleast he can learn how to streaming now😂
Jerald Butternubs
Jerald Butternubs - Day ago
A robot that eats ass
Jaime Salinas
Jaime Salinas - Day ago
Make a bot that hits people and glass for no reason lol.
uberninjajaja - Day ago
This is my first video that I've watched on your channel. I laughed so much 😂 you're my new favorite
priimcry - Day ago
make a robot that throws boomer cards at lily and it has a speaker saying "ok boomer"
Ariel a
Ariel a - Day ago
A robot that trhows you away to wake you up in time
Jerrod - Day ago
You should build a robot to shot whoever looks at you with an airsoft gun.
Elaborate Pit009
Elaborate Pit009 - Day ago
A knife-wielding octopus robot
Me.Cricketbeard - Day ago
you should make a toast to that turns on when you scream at it
Itz Cole
Itz Cole - Day ago
Make a robot that shoots ketchup at u when u get near it
ThatsWhat SheSaid
ThatsWhat SheSaid - Day ago
Can you make a robot that squirts water whenever the temperature reaches a certain degree?
nuke-_-trigerman - Day ago
Here me out okay a chair that detects when someone is sitting on it and calls it obscurities like "GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME" or "DEAR GOD YOU'RE SUFFICATING ME"
Voltic Domo
Voltic Domo - Day ago
Me make a robot :him bruh
Voltic Domo
Voltic Domo - Day ago
Make a robot
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