Nate Diaz reflects on win vs. Anthony Pettis | UFC 241 Post Show | ESPN MMA

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Daniel Waters
Daniel Waters - 27 minutes ago
Someone pass Henry a box
Michael Morales
Michael Morales - Hour ago
"It's not really like that, it's not like some weird feeling to me"
Bryan Pinto
Bryan Pinto - 2 hours ago
War Phucking Diaz
Wes Yates
Wes Yates - 3 hours ago
Sometimes when I think about what I love about UFC Fighters, sometimes I get a little sidestepped, I love Nate Diaz but genuinely does he have a brain injury or is it just excitement?
MR - 3 hours ago
I think most people like Nate because they are punks and they like punk behavior. So of course they love Diaz. Difference between the Diaz Bros. and them. Nate and Nick back it up. Same reason people loved McGregor then turned their back on him in an instant. That's why they are the BMF's around.
Sherief Elsayad
Sherief Elsayad - 4 hours ago
He sounds so fucking high n funny lol
Carlos Granados
Carlos Granados - 8 hours ago
Nate is a real motherfucker. He appreciates the real fighters who are in it to throw down relentlessly.
The Line
The Line - 14 hours ago
How can you not like Nate Diaz? Lol this was friggin hilarious
NeilCarr - 16 hours ago
I could listen to Nate talk all day.
krispyloko - Day ago
nate diaz sounds punch drunk af
david hawa
david hawa - Day ago
Nate so stoned right now
jtan163 - Day ago
Nate is totally worthy of respect but he is not a martial artist in the true sense of the phrase. A true modern martial arts life style is service life.
ten4 - Day ago
nates brain is pretty slow when processing speech, too many knocks?
Tanner Holmes
Tanner Holmes - Day ago
The Diaz brothers are absolute legends. So dont get me wrong when I say I am worried about Nates mental well being.
Six Million
Six Million - Day ago
Prince Ironborn
Prince Ironborn - Day ago
Nate vs Khabib
SharkBait_ - Day ago
Nate always sounds like a drunk when he talks 😂 hands down top three favorite fighters
Karmen Agakhanyan
Karmen Agakhanyan - 2 days ago
Cejudo gave an awkward look when Diaz sad " Let me see where these champs are in 3 years "
contantg - 2 days ago
he looks and speaks like the average drug addict
Christian Hip
Christian Hip - 2 days ago
D1 Wrestlers everyday, Joe Rogan by night.
Joshua Howard
Joshua Howard - 2 days ago
The Diaz’s are my favorite 🤣🤣
Notsofast L
Notsofast L - 2 days ago
Plot twist:
Nate is actually an English professor that spends his weekends correcting college essays.
He wanted a break from the cerebral circle of friends he has to experience a simpler life and slips into this persona.
Andy Winds
Andy Winds - 2 days ago
Dear men,
If you’re lucky enough to have a woman by your side who gives you the same 👀 that Cejudo was looking at Diaz; you’d better put a ring on her bro. Cause she’s a keeper for sure! 😅
Brayan Galvan
Brayan Galvan - 3 days ago
Nate diza fy
Bill Fred
Bill Fred - 3 days ago
This guy is what the family dog would sound like if he could talk.
gina gay
gina gay - 3 days ago
started at the bottom now he's here!!!
sean9115 - 3 days ago
The look on cejudo face when nate said he didn't even know what D1 wrestlers was and sonnen laughing in the back.
POOTIE TANG - 3 days ago
4:35 😂😭 look at Cejudo
Isauro Dominguez
Isauro Dominguez - 3 days ago
We love you Nate
Please give us 3-4 years of fights
Isauro Dominguez
Isauro Dominguez - 3 days ago
You have to love him
“I don’t even know what month it is but yea”
Arturo Lopez
Arturo Lopez - 4 days ago
5:15 truth!!
John Doe
John Doe - 4 days ago
Triple C Is A Fan As Well As Nervous..
Jim Bo
Jim Bo - 4 days ago
Look at this brain dead pot head.Weird how fight fans like brain dead fighters.Punchy people are kind of sad ,You hav to admit
Rollo Lamont
Rollo Lamont - 5 days ago
"Boy, I Got Wrestling On Accident" - Nate Diaz [The Quote Of The Century]
Jacob Brown
Jacob Brown - 5 days ago
“D100 baby” 😂
Terry Martin 9
Terry Martin 9 - 5 days ago
Chaels reaction to nate wrestle “on accident” brilliant 😂
calbo555 - Day ago
He respects he's respecting in his own words Haha... I totally like the guys who are champions and they have taken me to acute angles on, blah blah who cares... lol nates on top :)
Aaron Filip
Aaron Filip - 6 days ago
The dudes brain is trying to recover and your slapping him with serious questions man leave that dude alone
Now The End Begins
Now The End Begins - 6 days ago
Nate is the reason why I still watch MMA....always real and always satisfying to watch him fight.
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar - 6 days ago
Connor mcgregor is the goat
Daniel Faust
Daniel Faust - 8 days ago
Cejudo looked pissed when Nate said all these 3 year champs let’s see where they are in 3 more years I bet they’ll all be gone and I’ll still be here 😂😂
E K - 8 days ago
Diaz bros are future UFC hall of famers for sure
TALON - 8 days ago
Cejudo looking wide-eyed while Nate talks lol
Kuey_ v
Kuey_ v - 8 days ago
diaz is such a g! lol
Tushar Anand
Tushar Anand - 8 days ago
Oh they know what you're saying!
cnniz fakenewz
cnniz fakenewz - 8 days ago
He has taken to many shots..
Jeremy Conner
Jeremy Conner - 9 days ago
Damm Needs to check your brain. Alice n chains
Vinny - 9 days ago
Wow this fucking high level warriot retard doesn't even know what month it is. U and me both
Abraham deleon
Abraham deleon - 9 days ago
I got it! Nate vs masvidal main event co main nick vs gsp
haHAA LUL - 11 hours ago
Don't think Nate would ever want to main event, when nick is supposed to be co-main. Absolutely impossible actually :D
GregZ123 - 9 days ago
I hate it when active fighters commentate. If you want to commentate, retire first. Just a wired look
Paul Daley
Paul Daley - 9 days ago
If nate wont be a hall of fame’r ill sue them
BenbanksTV - 9 days ago
need subtitles
David Peasel
David Peasel - 9 days ago
Henry looked uncomfortable when Nate said let's see if these new champions are here in 3 years.
David Peasel
David Peasel - 9 days ago
Nate needs to fight Khabib. Nate fights D1 without even knowing it and puts them against the wall in practice.!
Fearless PlayzFortnite
Fearless PlayzFortnite - 10 days ago
Diaz V.S khabib
I feel like Diaz can shock the world again
Lemme know🤔
Tony Lao
Tony Lao - 8 days ago
Khabib would eat him alive.
froggy Dineen
froggy Dineen - 10 days ago
O G - 10 days ago
Mike Tyson and Nate Diaz are sitting in a bar...

Help finish the joke
lando hoth
lando hoth - 10 days ago
I love chael hahaha
tubesockets120v - 10 days ago
So what is a D1 wrestler?
E K - 8 days ago
NCAA Division 1 collegiate wrestling, cream of the crop wrestlers that are usually gunning for the olympics
zook nut
zook nut - 10 days ago
F'ck you how bout that..
Ya know what I'm sayin
Nate f'ckn Diaz represent!
Emil Antonsson
Emil Antonsson - 11 days ago
You can tell Chael is such a huge fan of Nate haha, I love it.
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